Date: 22/10/2017 6:54

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Air Rifles

There are many advantages to using .177-caliber air rifles, beyond the simple fact that .177 is one of the most common calibers of ammunition, making it easy to find in stores. .177-caliber air rifles are used in most competitions. Those who think they may enter competitions down the road will be best served by learning how to shoot with an air rifle that meets regulations. These air rifles are also advantageous for field target shooting. In this sport, the target lies behind a small hole in a metal plate. To knock the target down, pellets must be shot through the hole. Since .177 pellets are smaller than other calibers, like the .22 that is commonly used for hunting, participants have a better chance of hitting the target cleanly.

Air Rifles From Crosman

Crosman is among the manufacturers that offer a large selection of air rifles. Some of the models the company carries are powered by small CO2 cartridges. The Crosman 1077 and the 1077 AS use 12- and 88-gram cartridges, respectively. Other models, like the 2100B, are multi-pump pneumatic rifles. The 2100B can fire either .177 pellets or BBs. While some models include sights that are built into the rifles, owners can add scopes to others, so they can shoot more accurately.

At Pyramyd Air, those who are interested in learning how to shoot air guns will find a variety of models to consider. In addition to models intended for plinking and target shooting, we also carry air guns intended for hunting and pest control.