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Compare Prices And Save On Pellet Guns

Whether a user is interested in a pellet gun for plinking, target shooting or keeping pests out of the yard, there are many models that may be suitable. There are many factors that will help determine the model that will ultimately be the best investment. For example, if the pellet gun will be used in competition or for target practice, a .177-caliber pellet gun may be the most appropriate. If the user will be hunting small game, on the other hand, a .22-caliber pellet gun may be a better option, as it will deliver more energy upon impact. These can also be used for pest control.

Styles of Pellet Guns

While all pellet guns use compressed air, the source of the air may vary. Many pellet guns must be pumped to build up the pressure that will propel the projectile. Some rifles can only be pumped once while others can be pumped many times to give users more control. Pistols like the Walther CP Sport employ CO2 cartridges, which can add to the cost of using the pistol for target practice. Some rifles, like the Walther Lever Action, also use these cartridges. Those who play paintball may opt for models that allow them to use their CO2 reservoirs.

At Pyramyd Air, you'll find a large inventory of air guns from manufacturers like Crosman, Daisy and Walter. The store also carries ammunition for pellet and BB guns as well as accessories like scopes, shooting glasses and cases.