Date: 21/9/2017 8:31

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Find A Large Selection Of RWS Air Guns

RWS manufactures a large selection of air guns. In addition to the Diana RWS 5G Magnum P5 pistol that carries a limited lifetime warranty, the company offers a large number of high-quality air rifles. Buyers will find both CO2 air guns and spring-piston rifles in the company's selection, giving them the opportunity to find a comfortable style that is suited to their particular interests.

Popular Models of RWS Air Guns

Those who plan to use an air gun for plinking or target practice may find that the RWS Hammerli 850 AirMagnum suits their needs. This CO2-powered rifle can fire up to 200 pellets before the cartridge needs to be replaced. In addition, shooters can opt for either a .177 or .22 caliber model. The RWS 34 Breakbarrel Rifle is another popular choice for the value that it offers. This spring-piston air gun comes standard with a rifled barrel and a two-stage adjustable trigger. The air gun can also be cocked with ease, so that shooters will not tire as quickly while they are shooting. Like many other air guns, such as the Schultze and the 52 Luxus available from RWS, the Breakbarrel Rifle comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Those who are searching for pellet air guns on a budget can compare models from manufacturers like RWS and Crosman.

At Pyramyd Air, you'll find many models to meet your needs. You'll also find pellets, scopes and other accessories that are made for models from Crosman, Daisy and many other respected manufacturers.