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Find Affordable 22 Cal Air Rifle

.22-cal air rifles are the most common choice for those who will be hunting. While .177-cal air rifles are more popular for target shooting, the smaller pellets are a poor choice for those who are hunting for small game or trying to eliminate pests. .177-cal pellets travel at higher speeds, as they weigh less than .22-cal pellets. Due to their size, however, they may leave game fatally injured rather than killing it immediately. While this can occur with .22-cal pellets, it is much less likely to happen.

Powerful .22-Cal Air Rifles From Gamo

Among the manufacturers that offer .22-cal air rifles is Gamo. Buyers can choose from models like:

  • The Gamo Viper Express, which is capable of shooting both pellets and shells, making it a versatile choice for those who are hunting
  • The Gamo CFX, which is ideal for those who will be targeting small game
  • The Gamo Whisper, which includes a noise dampener, so that game will not be scared off

These models can be outfitted with scopes to improve accuracy when shooting at targets that are farther away. In addition to the .22-cal air rifles available from Gamo, the company also offers many .177-cal models that are ideal for target shooting and plinking. The company also produces many pistols that fire BBs and .177-cal pellets.

You'll find a number of air rifles for hunting as well as models for plinking and Airsoft at Pyramyd Air. You can also buy accessories like scopes, rings and barrels to upgrade and repair the air guns in your collections.