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Get Information On Paintball BB Guns

Paintball aficionados who want to hone their skills when they are not on the field can do so with a range of BB guns. Like paintball markers, BB guns employ compressed air or gas to shoot ammunition. In pistols, CO2 cartridges are commonly used. While these paintball markers may not be particularly accurate over a long range, they can provide a backup should the main marker run out of ammunition or experience a jam that cannot be fixed quickly. Other paintball markers are designed to fire shots across the field. Players can practice by shooting targets using BBs and air guns.

Using BB Guns to Prepare for Paintball Matches

Most paintball markers employ tanks of compressed air or gas, which can be refilled at the field. Players who do not have a charging station at home but want to practice their distance shooting can use BB guns. Models like the Crosman 664SB can be fired without a CO2 cartridge. Owners just need to pump the rifles to fire them. While they will need to adjust their aim based on the paintball marker they use, the same skills apply. Some pistols, like the Walther RAM P99, can shoot both paintballs and rubber balls.

At Pyramyd Air, you'll find many styles of air guns, including pistols, shotguns and rifles. You can also find accessories for paintball matches, including masks, remote bottle kits and elbows.