Date: 17/10/2017 11:16

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Purchase A Sheridan Air Rifle Today

Shooters looking for versatile air rifles will not be disappointed in the models available from Sheridan. One of the key considerations that buyers must bear in mind when choosing an air rifle is the caliber they want to use. While .177-caliber pellets are the most affordable and ideal for target shooting and plinking, they are not the best choice for those who will be going hunting for small game or trying to rid their properties of pests. In such cases, .22-caliber pellets may be preferable, but they can be more costly. As a result, shooters may not want to use them for casual shooting. The .20-caliber pellet, used in two different Sheridan air rifles, offers a compromise that makes it well suited for a range of purposes.

Popular Sheridan Air Rifles

Among the most popular Sheridan air rifles is the Sheridan Blue Streak CB9. This multi-pump pneumatic air rifle continues to be a popular choice 50 years after being developed. The manufacturer has not rested on past success, though, and has continued to refine the Blue Streak. Sheridan has added features to make it more comfortable to pump the rifle as well as a rear sight that can be adjusted with ease. Those who demand a higher level of accuracy for hunting can add an optional sight. The Silver Streak C9 is another model that is commonly preferred.

At Pyramyd Air, we offer many multi-pump pneumatic air rifles as well as models powered by CO2 for added convenience. Among the manufacturers offering both CO2 and pump models are Walther and AirForce.