Date: 16/10/2017 20:31

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Purchase And Enjoy Air Rifle Hunting Today

While many may imagine air rifles being used for target shooting and plinking, models can also be used for hunting. Many who use air rifles for plinking and target practice choose to use .177-cal pellets, but .22-cal pellets are more common for those who go hunting. The larger .22-cal pellets carry more energy than .177-cal pellets, making them a better choice for small game hunting and pest control. Those who plan on using air rifles for both hunting and target shooting may consider the .20-cal pellet, which offers a compromise in terms of both size and cost.

Use .22-Cal Air Rifles for Hunting

Shooters can find a range of air rifles that are designed for hunting. Multi-pump pneumatic air rifles like the Benjamin 392 can be pumped up to eight times to shoot at speeds of close to 700 feet per second with 22-cal pellets, without sacrificing accuracy. Other models, like the Benjamin Sheridan Super Streak, are powered by a spring piston and fire at speeds above 1,000 feet per second. Those who do not want to be bothered by cocking or pumping an air rifle when they are hunting may consider CO2-powered models, like the Crosman 2250XT or 2260.

In addition to powerful air rifles that can be used for hunting, we at Pyramyd Air offer a large selection of soft airguns for snipers in Airsoft games. You can also find pistols and electric soft airguns that snipers can use when facing opponents at shorter distances.