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Best CO2 Guns

The world of CO2 air guns has vast options to explore. Each option offers a unique shooting experience. There is something to enjoy for everyone, from seasoned shooters to beginning shooters. We're breaking down the best CO2 guns by type so you'll know which one to add to your collection.

CO2 Guns are perfect for:

  • Recreational Shooting and Target Practice: They offer an affordable and safe way for enthusiasts to hone their skills.
  • Pest Control: They are often used to eliminate pests like rodents, birds, and lizards.
  • Handgun Training: They provide a realistic experience for tactical training to improve tactical skills in various scarios without the danger of live fire.
Table of Contents
  1. Top Picks
    1. Best CO2 BB Gun: SIG Sauer P365
    2. Best CO2 Revolver: Duke Colt, Weathered Peacemaker
    3. Best CO2 Pellet Gun: Diana Chaser Kit
    4. Best CO2 Airsoft Gun: Walther P99
  2. Common Questions
    1. How long does a CO2 cartridge last?
    2. How accurate are CO2 air guns?
    3. What types of projectiles can be used in CO2 air guns?
    4. How do I maintain and store a CO2 air gun?
  3. How to Buy

1. Best CO2 BB Gun: SIG Sauer P365

Number #1 Best CO2 BB Gun - SIG Sauer P365
Product Details

This SIG Sauer P365 replicates the live fire version with remarkable realism and performance. It features a semi-automatic blowback action, giving you a realistic recoil sensation with every shot. With a full metal slide and frame, this air pistol looks the part and feels solid and durable in your hands. Whether practicing your marksmanship or enjoying backyard fun, the SIG Sauer P365 air pistol sets a high standard for CO2 BB guns.

"This little popper is a joy to shoot."
- Gregory

Why We Like It

Its similarity to the 9mm version makes it a perfect training pistol with backyard-friendly convenience. The front and rear sight dots are highly visible. The semi-auto mode allows for rapid follow-up shots, which is ideal for target shooting and training.

Things to Consider

It uses steel BBs, which should not be used with hard targets. Also, semi-auto pistols with blowback tend to use CO2 relatively quickly, so you'll want to keep extra CO2 ready for your shooting sessions.

2. Best CO2 Revolver: Duke Colt, Weathered Peacemaker

Number #2 Best CO2 Revolver - Duke Colt
Product Details

The Duke Colt is a classic gem for those who appreciate the elegance of a revolver. This CO2-powered six-shooter pays homage to the legendary Colt Peacemaker with its authentic design and exceptional craftsmanship. With a realistic single-action trigger, loading gate, and ejector rod, you'll feel like a gunslinger from the Wild West every time you pick it up.

"It's perfect!"
- Stefan

Why We Like It

This air pistol offers a high level of realism, robust metal construction, and a good balance of accuracy and power. It's great for plinking and target practice while serving as a decorative piece for your collection.

Things to Consider

It's a bit heavy with its all-metal construction, and it doesn't have any customization options.

3. Best CO2 Pellet Gun: Diana Chaser Kit

Number #3 Best CO2 Pellet Gun - Diana Chaser Kit
Product Details

The Diana Chaser is a remarkable example of an excellent CO2 pellet gun. This air gun kit combines precision, versatility, and aesthetics to deliver a top-notch experience. Thanks to its modular design, it can be configured as a pistol and a rifle. With its combination of aesthetics, accuracy, and adaptability, it is sure to impress shooters of all levels.

"I am impressed with the fit and finish of the gun kit."
- Charles

Why We Like It

It's a lightweight, accurate, and versatile pellet gun that has a compartment in the grip to store extra CO2 cartridges. The changeability from pistol to carbine and back again is its best feature. And the accuracy is excellent.

Things to Consider

It gets about 50 shots per cartridge. Long shooting sessions will require more than one cartridge.

4.Best CO2 Airsoft Gun: Walther P99

Number #4 Best CO2 Airsoft Gun - Walther P99
Product Details

If you need a CO2 airsoft sidearm, the Walther P99 could be just what you need. Modeled after the iconic Walther P99, this airsoft pistol offers a substantial combination of realism and functionality. The blowback action mimics the recoil of a live fire armament, enhancing your shooting experience. Whether it's for a tournament or backyard skirmish, this pistol provides a thrilling and authentic experience.

"The weight of the gun, the price, and knowing it's CO2 makes it a very good investment."
- Richard

Why We Like It

It has a built-in hop-up system, improving accuracy over models without a hop-up system. The semi-auto blowback action provides realistic mechanics, and the accessory rail provides customization options.

Things to Consider

You'll want to keep extra airsoft BBs and CO2 at the ready to keep the gameplay going as long as possible.

Common Questions

How long does a CO2 cartridge last?

The lifespan of the CO2 cartridge depends on the air gun's design, the rate of fire, and the ambient temperature. Generally, a 12-gram CO2 cartridge may shoot 30 to 100 shots. Stock up on bulk packs and easily swap out spent cartridges to keep the fun going.

How accurate are CO2 air guns?

The accuracy of CO2 air guns varies depending on factors like the quality of the gun, the shooter's skill, and the type of ammo used. Some CO2 air guns are designed for precision shooting and can be highly accurate. CO2 pellet rifles are typically more accurate than CO2 BB rifles. For example, the Beeman QB78 Deluxe is designed for accuracy, while the Heckler & Koch HK416 is made for fun.

What types of projectiles can be used in CO2 air guns?

CO2 air guns can shoot various types of projectiles, including BBs, pellets, and airsoft BBs, depending on what it was manufactured to shoot. Each model is designed for a particular type of ammo. Read the owner's manual that comes with your air gun.

How do I maintain and store a CO2 air gun?

Proper maintenance includes keeping the gun clean and lubricated and storing it in a cool dry place. You should remove the CO2 cartridge after every shooting session. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance and storage.

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