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Best Long Range Pellet Guns

Most of the people who own pellet guns shoot them at relatively short ranges, from a few feet out to a few yards. Sometimes they will try their hand at a target at a longer range say 25 or 50 yards just to see if they can hit it.

The accuracy of an airgun is largely dependent upon many factors, but it mostly boils down to the quality of the pellet being used, the ability of the barrel to stabilize the pellet, and the ability of the powerplant to give a consistent supply of air to the gun. shot after shot.

With firearms, the most commonly used benchmark for accuracy is a 1-inch or smaller shot group (called MOA or minute of angle) at 100 yards or 100 meters, depending on where you live. Firearms are shot out to as far as 1000 yards or more in standard competition, where wind deflection and bullet drop become hurdles to overcome just to hit the target, much less holding a good group.

The same applies to air rifles, just on a smaller scale. With an air rifle, 10 or 20 yards or meters are probably the most commonly shot distances (about 1/10th the distance most people shoot a firearm). Holding a 1-inch or less group at 100 yards with a pellet gun is a difficult task, on par with shooting a firearm at 1000 yards. With a pellet rifle, your 25-yard and 50-yard point of impact will be about the same depending on the velocity and pellet weight, but your pellet will drop 18 inches or more when your target is at 100 yards. A lot of things can happen to the pellet over those last 50 yards.

Until very recently, you had to have a custom-built air rifle, or perform many modifications yourself, to get sub MOA accuracy from an airgun at 100 yards and beyond. But modern air rifles that are capable of that level of accuracy out of the box with no modifications, are becoming more and more common, and lower in price.

With this list, we will explore what we consider to be the Top 10 best long-range air rifles.

Common features of long-range rifles:

  • Long barrels: airguns need long barrels to efficiently use what limited air pressure they have.
  • Optics: A high magnification scope will let you see your precise aim point on the target and will help you judge the wind conditions between you and the target.
  • A good trigger: having a crisp trigger that releases cleanly will greatly aid in accuracy.
  • Adequate velocity/power: A slower pellet will have more drop at longer ranges than a faster pellet.

With many options to choose from it's difficult to narrow down our top picks, but here is where we would start.

Table of Contents
  1. Top 10
    1. FX Impact M3
    2. RAW HM1000x Chassis
    3. FX Crown MKII
    4. Air Arms S510 XS
    5. Ataman M2 Carbine
    6. FX Maverick Sniper
    7. RAW HM1000x LRT
    8. FX Wildcat MKIII Sniper
    9. Hatsan NeutronStar
    10. Air Venturi Avenger
  2. Common Questions
    1. How far will pellet guns shoot?
    2. What is the effective range of a .177 air rifle?
    3. Which air rifle has the best range?
  3. How to Buy

Top 10 Best Long Range Air Rifles

1. FX Impact M3

Number # 1 Top 10 Best Long Range Pellet Guns- FX Impact M3]
Product Details

The FX Impact M3 has set the standard of what shooters consider a modern precharged long-range pellet gun should be. It is completely adjustable and tuneable, it has dual regulators that help the gun precisely meter the correct amount of air being used to drive the pellet.

But it does not stop there, FX has left the M3 open to future upgrades as they become available, both in the barrel department and in its air management department. In early 2022, FX released the power plenum to give the rifle a boost in power with little more than an add-on part.

Out of the box, the FX M3 is capable of sub-MOA accuracy with the right pellet, but like all guns, to make the gun more consistent for your shooting style requires tuning and FX makes that easy.

The M3 offers the option of changing barrels and calibers, while the base gun stays the same. As new barrel technology becomes available, you can upgrade the M3 to the newer barrel and liners. FX offers harmonic barrel tuners that allow you to adjust the harmonic vibrations of the barrel, you will find "nodes" where a particular projectile/velocity combination is supremely accurate and will take your accuracy to the next level.

There are numerous accounts online of FX Impact M3 owners using their rifles to shoot accurately well beyond the 100-yard benchmark.

Why We Like It

The FX Smooth Twist X Superior (STX) barrel system is currently state-of-the-art in long-range pellet gun accuracy technology, and the M3 makes the most of the new emerging technology. The ability to change the barrel length and caliber in just a few minutes.

The dual AMP (Adjustable Match Precision ) regulators meter the air for more consistent shots.

The rifle is backed by the FX 3-year factory warranty.

Things to Consider

FX quality doesn't come cheap, but you are getting the flagship of the FX brand.

It is a precharged air rifle, so you will need a way to fill the rifle to the 3625psi (250 bar) fill pressure.

2. RAW HM1000x Chassis

Number #2 Top 10 Best Long Range Pellet Guns - RAW HM1000x Chassis
Product Details

The name Rapid Air Weapons is legendary in the airgun industry for good reason: they are supremely accurate with the very best of Made-in-America build quality. Built with carbon fiber wrapped top-of-the-line Lothar Walther polygonal barrels, and an extremely consistent regulator, what really sets their guns apart from everyone else is their truly match-grade trigger. This is a recipe for competition-winning accuracy, and in fact, RAW long-range pellet guns have taken top spots in more shooting competitions than we can keep track of!

It features a very smooth side-lever action and a two-piece shroud that knocks the report down to manageable levels.

The HM1000X Chassis rifle integrates the proven HM1000X action into a tactically-styled chassis with M-LOK interfaces on three sides, doing this keeps the weight down and the profile slim.

The grip and stock are fully AR-15 compatible so you can switch them out for your preferred furniture, but most shooters will appreciate the adjustability and fit of the A-B Arms buttstock, which will accommodate virtually any length of pull from 11.75 inches all the way to 16 inches.

Experience the quality of an American Made precision long-range air rifle, get a RAW!

Why We Like It

For starters, it's Made in the USA, and it uses state-of-the-art Lothar Walther polygonal barrels.

The rifle is available in left or right-handed models, and its furniture is AR-15 compatible and is available in .22, .25, and .30 caliber.

The rifle is regulated for better accuracy and has a world-class trigger and easily adjustable hammer tension for fine-tuning. They not only look good on paper, but RAW also has a proven track record of winning competitions.

Things to Consider

The rifle ships with only one magazine, and only has a 1-year warranty. The RAW fills to 3335 psi, (230 bar), while it is capable of being filled by a hand pump, a small high-pressure compressor is suggested to get the maximum enjoyment from this rifle.

This model RAW is the tactical version with the aluminum chassis; that aesthetic may not appeal to everyone, but RAW does make wood stock models as well.

3. FX Crown MKII

Number #3 Top 10 Best Long Range Pellet Guns - FX Crown MKII
Product Details

The FX Crown MKII is aptly named, since its inception it has sat on the throne overlooking the airgun world. The rifle was originally marketed as a sporting rifle, but has proven itself time and again in the arena of competition, and long-range air rifle shooting.

There are many stock options you can choose for this platform, but the ambidextrous synthetic thumbhole stock is probably the most durable and stable of all the ones available.

The Crown ships with the latest production Superior Smooth Twist X (STX) barrel system, which allows the user to choose what caliber and twist rate option for their desired ammo and level of performance.

The user-adjustable regulator, transfer port, and hammer spring make the FX Crown MKII one of the most tuneable long-range pellet guns on the market. The 480cc carbon fiber bottle fills to 3625psi (250bar) and feeds the regulator for long, consistent, match-winning shot strings.

Why We Like It

The scope rail has 20 MOA of angle built into it to help with shooting at longer ranges than normal, while the fully shrouded barrel quiets the report of the shot.

The STX barrel system is currently state of the art, and FX is leading the way with upgrades and new technology of the platform as it is developed.

The rifle has a 3-year factory warranty that is transferable, and the Crown is made to the exacting level of quality, fit, and finish FX is known for.

Things to Consider

No scope is included with the rifle, so you can choose the one you like. The rifle fills to 3625psi, (250bar) while it can be hand-pumped, a small portable high-pressure compressor is suggested.

The rifle only ships with one magazine, having a second one would be nice. Because of the design of the magazine, lower scope mounts may not fit well. The 600mm barrel version is 49 inches long with the moderator attached so it may not fit in some gun cases.

4. Air Arms S510 XS Ultimate Sporter

Number #4 Top 10 Best Long Range Pellet Guns - Air Arms S510 XS]
Product Details

The Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter has been one of the most highly prized long-range pellet guns since it was first released in 2013. With its unique stock and unmatched accuracy, the rifle has become synonymous with serious accurate airgunning.

Now Air Arms has upped the ante with a fully regulated version, the Ultimate Sporter XS, a rifle built to provide the greatest power and shot consistency (which aids in accuracy) of any Air Arms Sporter to date.

Air Arms is one of the most detail-oriented companies, and it shows in every rifle they make. Inside and outside, they use the best of everything. The best Lothar Walther barrels, which give their rifles their world-renowned accuracy, to the fit and finish and styling of the actions, to the custom-designed stocks that are ergonomic, adjustable, and beautiful all at the same time. They manage to put a lot of technology and aesthetically pleasing designs into one extremely accurate package.

Why We Like It

Each S510 XS uses a state-of-the-art Lothar Walther barrel that is matched to their Q-Tec moderator to make this rifle one of the quietest air rifles on the market.

The legendary Air Arms quality and workmanship are backed by a lifetime warranty, and the quality of the fit and finish is second to none.

Everything is adjustable, the power level, the stock fit, and the trigger, you can configure the rifle to the desired level of performance you demand.

It comes with two of the Air Arms magazines, the tools to make adjustments, and a fill adapter.

Things to Consider

The rifle uses a proprietary fill adapter that you need to keep up with instead of an industry-standard Foster fitting.

The air cylinder is only 186cc in volume, so it will get fewer shots per fill than a similarly powered gun with a larger bottle, but the regulator gives you the best efficiency and consistency possible.

5. Ataman M2 Carbine

Number #5 Top 10 Best Long Range Pellet Guns - Ataman M2 Carbine
Product Details

The Ataman M2 platform is well known for its ability to put shot after shot on target. This latest release has taken it to the next level. Made in Russia, Ataman is renowned for its high quality, exceptional reliability, and use of cutting-edge technologies.

The M2 Ergonomic has a wood stock that is covered in a black soft-touch finish that gives a good non-slippery hold. The Ataman M2 is available in all popular calibers from .177 to the big bore .357, and the build quality and long-range accuracy are consistent in all calibers.

That consistent accuracy is part of a trifecta of technologies, the Lothar Walther barrel, the regulated air supply that precisely meters the air pressure into the valve, and the adjustable match-grade trigger.

From mice to medium-sized game, from 10 feet to over 100 yards, the Ataman M2 has the caliber, accuracy, and power to perfectly match your needs.

Why We Like It

The Ataman M2 is available in .177, .22, .25, .30, and .357 calibers, so there are calibers sure to suit your needs.

The rifle is fully regulated for very consistent shots and comes with 2 fill probes, one with a standard Foster fitting, and another with a BSPP threaded connection if your fill source has that connection.

The soft-touch finish over a wood stock dampens a lot of sound and gives you a very good grip on the gun regardless of the weather conditions.

Things to Consider

The fill pressure is 4350psi (300bar) so you will need a fill source that will reach that pressure. The air cylinder is only 250cc, so hand pumping is an option, but a small portable compressor is a better choice.

The Ataman stock is right-handed only, so it is not left-hand friendly. It uses a fill probe system, so you will have to keep track of the small probe, but 2 probes are included with the rifle.

6. FX Maverick Sniper

Number #6 Top 10 Best Long Range Pellet Guns - FX Maverick Sniper
Product Details

The FX Maverick is purpose-built from the ground up for shooting long range with heavier pellets and slugs. The Maverick features the largest power plenum yet on an FX rifle, and with the latest FX innovation, dual adjustable regulators.

Like all modern FX Airguns, the Maverick uses the world-class Smooth Twist X (STX) Interchangeable Barrel & Liner System. All FX Mavericks ship with Superior STX Standard liners perfect for shooting pellets, hybrid slugs, and lighter weight slugs.

Additional liners are available separately to tailor performance for different projectiles. The Maverick has a more tactical body which will allow for aftermarket components to be added for further customization.

The Maverick has 20 MOA built into the Picatinny scope rail for longer-range shooting. There are multiple Picatinny accessory rails, it can use standard AR grips and it features the newly designed rear FX buttpad.

The FX Maverick is an innovative customizable platform capable of long-range air rifle shooting with the FX world-class accuracy and adjustability you have come to expect.

Why We Like It

The FX Maverick combines some of the best features from the Wildcat and the Impact, but at a lower price, without compromising the legendary FX quality or accuracy.

Dual regulators for extremely consistent shot-to-shot velocities. The scope rail has 20 MOA of down angle for longer-range shooting.

It is designed for heavier projectiles and slugs, it also has a 3-year warranty, and ships in a protective hard rifle case.

Things to Consider

The tunability of this rifle can be a double-edged sword if you are not careful. Before you start adjusting the regulators, make sure you have read the manual, and understand how the dual regulators work in tandem to control the airflow. Shoot it a while to get to know how it works before you start turning screws. A lot of adjustments can be made with just the rear power adjuster.

It only ships with one magazine, an extra would be nice. Because of the magazine location, the rifle is not suggested for left-handed shooters.

7. RAW HM1000x LRT

Number #7 Top 10 Best Long Range Pellet Guns - RAW HM1000x LRT
Product Details

The RAW HM1000x LRT is bred for Long Range Target work, in fact, that's what the LRT in its name stands for.

Available in .22, .25, and .30 caliber each has proven its mettle in long-range shooting competitions more times than we can count.

The LRT features a blue laminate wood stock that gives an ergonomic, stable shooting platform, for the precision, consistency, and accuracy long-range shooting demands. The fully regulated air supply ensures consistent match-winning performance from the first shot to the last.

The heart and soul of any rifle are its barrel and trigger. Its fully moderated Lothar Walther polygonal rifled barrel is currently the pinnacle of German barrel design, and the adjustable match-grade target trigger makes the RAW HM1000x LRT a long-range match-winning machine.

When you pick up a RAW rifle, you are holding craftsmanship and quality in the palm of your hand. Over 30 years of air rifle-making experience goes into every rifle they make. Over 30 years of passion, expertise, and knowledge to bring you, the shooter, the pinnacle of American-made airgunning experience.

Why We Like It

Each RAW HM1000x LRT is hand-built and individually tested before leaving the factory and is billed by RAW as "the most accurate pre-charged pneumatic air rifle made in the USA, and is capable of sub-1-inch groups out to 100 yards." It's designed for everyone from serious plinkers and hunters to field target and benchrest competitors demanding the highest levels of performance from their air rifles.

It can be ordered with a left-hand action for southpaw shooters. It has an ultra-smooth side lever cocking, and a very comfortable wood stock.

Extra magazines can be purchased that can load from either the left side or right side of the gun, to suit your preferences, not many air rifles offer that option.

Things to Consider

Because of the high demand for these rifles, they are often not in stock at online retailers. The rifle has a 1-year warranty.

The rifle ships with only one magazine and replacement magazines cost over $70 US.

8. FX Wildcat MKIII Sniper

Number #8 Top 10 Best Long Range Pellet Guns - FX Wildcat MKIII Sniper
Product Details

The FX Wildcat MKIII Sniper enhances the Wildcat legacy as it updates this coveted platform for the modern airgunner. The improvements start inside the Wildcat's main block, with increased plenum size, and an improved valve design resulting in more power, and better consistency.

Adjustments to the Wildcat MKIII are accomplished with the new rear power adjuster. This power adjuster is a breakthrough as it allows for both micro and macro adjustments using the same dial to adjust the hammer spring. The rear power adjuster has 7 presets for your hammer, but the actual hammer tension can be adjusted to a higher or lower setting using an Allen wrench through a hole found on the 8th position of the adjuster. This allows the Wildcat hammer to be adjusted in harmony with the AMP regulator to allow for the same range of adjustability found in other FX rifles.

The Wildcat MKIII has also upgraded its magazine to allow the use of larger capacity magazines. No longer confined to 8 shots, the Wildcat MKIII now more than doubles its shots using the FX Side-Shot magazine (the same magazine as found on the FX Crown and FX Dreamline).

All Wildcat MKIII rifles ship with the new Superior STX Barrel Liners. The liners are housed in the STX Interchangeable barrel liner system that allows users to change calibers and barrels to suit their preferred projectile weight and type.

Other than the Picatinny scope rail that is now standard on the Wildcat MKIII, the other features of the Wildcat remain intact. The externally adjustable AMP regulator, two-stage adjustable trigger (considered one of the best triggers found on any bullpup), and the smooth side cocking lever that is perfectly positioned above the trigger.

Why We Like It

The Wildcat MKIII Sniper ships with the new Superior STX barrel liner system and a 700mm barrel for long-range accuracy. The newly designed power plenum increases power and consistency.

The 300cc regulated air supply gives more shots per fill than other versions of the Wildcat MKIII. The 3335psi fill (230bar) is hand pump friendly if you are away from other fill sources. The rifle ships in a hard plastic protective case, and is backed by a 3-year factory warranty.

Things to Consider

The rifle is unmoderated, so it is loud, but it does have a standard 1/2x20 threaded adapter so an aftermarket moderator can be attached.

There are no provisions for mounting a sling on the rifle. And for longer-range shooting adjustable scope mounts are suggested.

With the 700mm Sniper barrel, the rifle fits in the included FX case, but if you attach an external moderator, it will have to be removed to store the gun.

9. Hatsan NeutronStar

Number #9 Top 10 Best Long Range Pellet Guns - Hatsan NeutronStar
Product Details

Hatsan's latest version of the Nova platform has numerous upgrades over its predecessor, including lighter weight, higher velocities, and more shots per fill.

In doing so, they created a slug rifle. Airgun slugs perform better at a higher velocity than diabolo pellets, and with the upgrades, its long-range slug capabilities have been improved. Slugs have a better ballistic coefficient (they fly through the air with less drag and hold their velocity longer) than pellets, so they are perfect for long-range air rifle shooting.

Weighing in at 8.4 lbs, the Hatsan NeutronStar is almost a pound and a half lighter than the Nova and sports a beautiful ergonomic thumbhole stock made of high-quality Turkish maple. It also adds a height-adjustable comb, increased muzzle energies and velocities. According to Hatsan, maximum muzzle velocities of 1300 FPS (.177), 1125 FPS (.22), and 1050 FPS (.25) are achievable, alongside maximum muzzle energies of 37 FPE (.177), 47 FPE (.22), and 54 FPE (.25). With numbers like these, it's a suitable long-range target shooter, pest eliminator, and small game hunter.

The Hatsan NeutronStar PCP air rifle also features their acclaimed adjustable Quattro Trigger, fully shrouded barrel, a 480cc carbon fiber air cylinder, and Hatsan's patented Anti-Knock System, which helps prevent venting gas when the rifle is knocked or bounced. It even has a spare magazine storage compartment built into its stock.

Sporting less weight and more features than its older sibling, the Hatsan NeutronStar PCP air rifle provides quality, reliability, and value all in a moderately priced high-performance package.

Why We Like It

The power levels of the NeutronStar make it a perfect long-range slug gun, while the 480cc carbon fiber tank will give you many shots per fill.

The rifle ships with 2 magazines, and a single shot tray, the stock has storage space for the extra magazine. The Turkish maple stock is very ergonomic and visually appealing, and the adjustable cheekpiece aids in ergonomics.

Things to Consider

The NeutronStar will shoot some pellets well, but it really seems to like slugs, so you will get your best performance with them. Slugs will cost a little more than pellets, but the increase in performance is worth the price difference.

It uses a fill probe system, so make sure not to lose it. The rifle is not moderated so it will be louder, definitely not backyard friendly.

10. Air Venturi Avenger, Regulated

Number #10 Top 10 Best Long Range Pellet Guns - Air Venturi Avenger
Product Details

Since its introduction, the Air Venturi Avenger has become one of the hottest selling long-range pellet guns ever, it has risen to the top of the entry-level PCP market by offering features that are normally found on rifles costing 3 or 4 times more.

The updated Avenger kept all of the great things of the original Avenger but added a wood stock and some other improvements that were lacking in the original.

The Avenger has an externally adjustable regulator that allows you to set the pressure that you want the gun to operate. The list of premium features continues with a smooth side lever cocking system, it ships with 2 auto-indexing magazines, a single shot tray that is kept in place by magnets, an adjustable 2-stage trigger, an adjustable hammer spring, a shrouded barrel with an internal baffle set to help quieten the rifle, built-in sling attachment points, a Picatinny rail to mount a light or bipod, a combo rail that accepts either 11mm or weaver type scope mounts, a standard foster quick connect filling system, and dual gauges (one for the regulator pressure and one for the gun's fill pressure).

The best thing about the Air Venturi Avenger is its accuracy. It is not pellet picky and shoots many pellets well. With the correct pellet, it is extremely accurate out to 100 yards. Recently owners have been experimenting with airgun slugs, and are tuning their rifles to extend the range of the Avenger to well beyond that.

Whether you are hunting or long-range target shooting, the Air Venturi Avenger has the proven accuracy and power you need.

Why We Like It

The externally adjustable regulator lets you tune the gun to the power level you want for optimum accuracy and air efficiency of pellets or slugs.

The rifle is solid and shoulders easy, while the easy-to-use side lever lets you load follow-up shots without losing your sight picture.

The Avenger is extremely accurate and the baffles inside the shrouded barrel help quiet the report of the rifle.

The metal scope rail fits both 11mm and weaver-type scope rings for more flexibility.

The stock is ambidextrous and can be shot left-handed.

Things to Consider

The rifle fills to 300 bar (4350psi) while it can be hand-pumped, a small portable compressor would make it much easier.

The rifle does not come with a scope, so you will have to buy one.

It can be used left-handed, but the controls are set up for a right-handed shooter.

Common Questions

How far will pellet guns shoot?

Several factors affect how far a pellet will travel, the pellet weight and ballistic coefficient (the amount of air drag on the pellet), the pellet velocity, and the angle it is fired into the air. The air density and other factors could be computed, but for simplicity, we are leaving that out.

The standard diabolo-shaped pellet was designed for use at short ranges, and for safety to not travel far as a bullet would.

The maximum distance a diabolo pellet with a muzzle velocity of about 1000fps, with an upward angle over 30 degrees would be about 600 yards, give or take a few yards because of other environmental variables.

What is the effective range of a .177 air rifle?

A good accurate precharged .177 air rifle can accurately shoot out to 100 yards under ideal conditions and have the power to dispatch small pests. With slugs, that range can be extended somewhat. As pellet gun projectile technology advances, that benchmark is changing constantly.

Which air rifle has the best range?

That's a tough one to answer, the best range for what?

It takes less power to punch a hole in paper than it takes to humanely dispatch an animal, and the size of the animal determines the caliber needed to effectively kill it.

Given sufficient power, and pellet weight 100 yards is considered to be about the maximum hunting range capable with a pellet rifle, the use of slugs has extended that range out past 150 yards easily in some calibers.

The longest air rifle shot recorded on video at the time of this writing is 1,400 yards (1280 meters), with a .22 caliber Altaros rifle.

The Guinness record was set in 2018 at 150 yards, the Guinness records required the shot to be performed with a .177 caliber pellet weighing less than 7.7grains, and shot with iron sights, no scopes allowed.

Read this article to learn more about long-range shooting with airguns. When you're ready to test your skills, consider the power of your gun, the pellet shape and weight, and your sighting ability. Then you can test your accuracy at greater and greater distances.

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