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Education / Training IZH MP-656K or TT33 BB pistol – Part 4

IZH MP-656K or TT33 BB pistol – Part 4

by B.B. Pelletier
Testing and photos by Earl “Mac” McDonald

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Today, I’ll cover the accuracy of the TT33 Tokarev BB pistol. I spent a little more time describing this gun for you in Parts 1 and 2 because of the exceptional realism it brings to the sport. However, as a shooter, the TT33 is very deliberate. The hammer must be cocked manually for every shot.

The sights
As I mentioned in Part 2, the sights on this pistol appear to have been specially milled lower to adjust the point of impact with BBs. Today’s report will show how well that worked.

The sights on the pistol have been milled lower than the firearm sight specifications. The point seems to be to get the BB pistol shooting to the point of aim.

BB guns are usually sighted to hit the point of aim between 15 and 25 feet. Today’s test was done by Mac at 15 feet. The pistol was aimed with a six o’clock hold in traditional target style (one-hand). He used Daisy zinc-plated BBs.

The pistol’s trigger is stiff and somewhat creepy. Mac said the trigger started to break in as he shot more, so perhaps you can expect a drop in pull weight over time.

The pistol shot exactly to the point of aim. Accuracy was acceptable.

As you can clearly see, the pistol shoots to the point of aim at 15 feet. Not many BB pistols do, so this is a happy discovery. The sights are not very adjustable, so this is a real blessing for those who shoot the gun.

The bottom line
What an airgun! For those who love realism, it doesn’t get any better than this. You can own what was once a firearm and disassemble it in the same way. You get the real Russian dated and marked parts from a pistol that is now quite expensive and collectible in its firearm form.

On the other hand, this is a not an action pistol. The single-action-only operation will slow you down and make you very deliberate. You must decide if it is for you.

My advice is to act fast before anyone changes their mind about the gun coming into the U.S.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

72 thoughts on “IZH MP-656K or TT33 BB pistol – Part 4”

  1. What a bizarre air pistol. Thanks for reviewing it.

    Are the Russians not allowed to export “real” Tokarevs? Is that why they are making these?

    I’m really excited about the Umarex Steel Storm and EBOS. Do you think we might see a review of either of those anytime soon?

    • Graphgear

      It’s not Russians who don’t export, it’s Americans, who ban military arms import from Russia 🙂 Believe me, Russian depots have enough TTs to start WWIII, but they just keep staying there.


  2. This gun seems like a great replica, but as a airgun, I think it isn’t the best for the money. I know its a very nice replica, but there are some nice looking guns that do similar stuff, for less. Great for those of you that collect these things.

    No word from PA in regards of me finding a bug that saved them money. I would love to feel like they care in the least. As of yet I haven’t had that impression. Edith, I sent you an email. Maybe you should get with Patrick so he can work out a reasonable solution. Thank you.


  3. B.B.,

    Rear sight on some MP-656 seems to be not milled down, but just changed, to fit with BB’s ballistics (or just lost being processed :)). Grouping that Mac achieved is quite typical for 656 @ 10m. My friend, however, noticed, that pressed (not cast, as pressed is highly uniform and of clean shape) lead 00 buckshot (I guess Russian 00 is equal to US BB shot) gives even better results. I guess it’s because it is slightly bigger and much softer than BB – no “cue-ball” effect inside the barrel, some twist and better obturation. Of course tighter groups come at the expense of a bit lower POI due to lead buckshot weight, but one can just aim a tad higher 🙂


      • B.B.

        Yes, that is sad truth. Lead balls, e.g. Gamo Rounds are all of a different size and shape. I myself once had a Gamo Round stuck in my MP-651 barrel. However quality lead 00 buckshot is ok, and as far as I remember some German companies make very good sorted lead BBs.
        Well, if Mac will have a chance – he must try good lead BBs, in my experience they have much better grouping.
        On the other hand, here many guys just remove the original barrel and install custom-made 4.45 mm hardened smoothbore barrel, that is very close to a steel BB diameter. It gives a significant increase in accuracy an better ballistics.


  4. Hello BB:
    I checked out about a dozen UK airgun dealers and could not find the TT33 BB pistol anywhere.
    We have broadly the same purpose built Co2 pistols as the USA and a wide variety of de activated pistols as well.
    I guess a combined de activated Co2 BB pistol was too much for our ‘Home Office’ to take and will no doubt be in the list of banned items.
    I however did find a fully de activated TT33 for £200.About $300 give or take in your money.
    That is why I think the TT33 pistol featured is good value you see.
    It looks good AND it will shoot BBs. Nice 🙂

  5. Dave,

    I couldn’t agree more! The AK 74 that is called the Junker was imported here for a shot time years ago. Now owners want twice as much for one. Will the TT 33 go the same way?

    By the way, Dave, how are your laws going concerning knives? I was following the press, but I lost track when tableware came into discussion.

    What I’m asking is what can you own and what are the restrictions, if any?


    • BB:
      The laws on knives in the UK are basically the age of which a person can legally buy one and the carrying of a knife in public by any individual.
      Any person below 18 can’t seem to buy a sharp implement of any description let alone knives these days.
      This may be explained partly by retail outlets covering their own backs as much as any actual legal definition though.
      The carrying of any knife by anyone in a public place would require a lot of explanation to the Police should they get stopped and searched.
      The old rule of thumb about being able to carry a blade of 4″ or less does not apply now.
      If you have got a knife however small,you had better have a good reason for having it otherwise you could be charged with carrying an offensive weapon.
      However an average guy can still buy and own knives of any description,although the Law has jumped on the sale of Samurai Swords a bit.

      • That’s awful. Even my Swiss Army Knife and the little bitty SA Knife I use as a key fob sometimes would be illegal. Are they legal to sell?

        It wasn’t so bad when I lived there (until 2007).

        And it would seem from the website amateurphotographer.co.uk that carrying a camera, or at least taking a picture with one, is a quick invitation to police harassment under the “anti-terror” laws. And you’ve lost rights against self-incrimination and double jeopardy. Does the government still consider Magna Carta to be a high point, or has it been superseded?

      • DaveUK,

        According to UK laws, I appear to be armed to the teeth! I carry a knife and Swiss Army knife in my purse. You just never know when you’ll need these!


      • Dave,

        As I always said – lawmakers invaded us from Mars or some parallel world.
        A simple hammer can be much more harmful even in uskilled hands than any knife, because knife requires skill to be effectively used against human body. And frankly, a determined person can use anything to stop another’s life: a stone, a stick, an iron rod, a bottle etc.
        Considering any knife-carrying citizen as a potential assailant.. phew… where is the faith in Good Man? Maniacs are an exception, not the rule!
        Maybe it’s better to work with human heads – education, parenting, social policy and so on than to ban knifes or handguns? Oh, I forgot – that stuff requires money and skill and time and doesn’t bring up quick political scores 😉


        • duskwhight:
          I do hope as a small consolation for all the financial pain to come,our new government backs off and repeals some of these dumb laws.
          People will only put up with so much.
          They made a start by scrapping the proposed national ID scheme.
          Even the useless politicians have worked out we can no longer afford to indulge in this garbage.

        • duskwight,

          Yes, there are many ways to assault people without knives & guns. And they work equally well for protecting yourself.

          When I visited Tom in the hospital, I was unable to carry my gun because state law forbids it. So, I would thread my keys through my fingers & make a fist to hold them in place. I did that until I was in the locked car & had my gun back. I could have used that key-laced fist on a number of body parts of I had been accosted while unarmed.

          A non-retractable pen is a good stabbing tool. As is a letter opener. An edge doesn’t necessarily have to be sharp to be effective against an attacker.

          Not being a victim is important to me 🙂


          • Edith,

            Precisely my point of view 😉
            However I must add – one’s head is your most lethal weapon. Be aware, be ready to get ready and know that life has another, ugly side. And, of course, in anything you do – be determined, be it defence or needed offence.


          • I have taught my daughter that, if she is attacked and must fight, she must fight to kill. Don’t hit with the intent to hurt, but hit with the intent to kill. Chances are you won’t actually kill anybody this way but you will have a better chance of stopping them as a result. Because, if you hit with the intent to only hurt, you’ll be holding back and you won’t be applying enough stopping power.

  6. Pete:
    You can buy a Swiss Army knife but carrying it in your back pocket is a different matter.
    There are dozens of Teenage stabbing and shooting deaths a year in London alone you see.
    This whole knee jerk reaction about knives and guns is an attempt to paper over the cracks of a failing system in my opinion.
    The law against Photographing certain people and places is equally bonkers.
    Not even Orwell could envisage the smoking ban in almost every public place either,which is now the case here as well 🙁

    If you came to the UK,I would worry more about the little Glock than the SA knife 🙂

    • DaveUK, I knew a British exchange student in grad school who told me that one of the practices of street gangs in London was for younger members to walk up to an innocent on the street, slash their face with a razorblade or small knife, and run away. That could bring down some legislation on knife-carrying. Not sure how else one would stop an attack like that except a paranoia against all little kids.

      Edith, a carry knife eh? Fixed or folder?


      • Matt61,

        Folding knife.

        The main thing about self-defense is to be aware of your surroundings. I see people walk in front of moving cars without a thought in their heads. They’re preoccupied with kids, cell phones, fumbling for their keys and other matters. I’m not paranoid (at least not by the strictest meaning of that word 🙂 ), but I do try to be aware of my surroundings. Tom is a master at that!


        • Ah, folding knives are cool and so fast to open that I wonder why they even bother outlawing switchblades since the difference in speed cannot be great. Along with my quickdraw of the Ruger Single Six, I’m working on drawing my Voyager folder, opening the blade, and initiating a cut in a single, “continuous blur of motion” Best targets to practice on are those carboard boxes from PA. 🙂

          Yes, I agree that awareness of surroundings is the key. It’s hard to imagine Jason Bourne getting mugged: “I remember all the license plate numbers in the parking lot, and I know that the guy behind the bar is about 215 and knows how handle himself…”


      • Matt61

        That’s the reason to fight kids’ gangs adult way 🙂 And give other kids good education, good parenting (well, you know my line – social policy, job etc.) and something to do instead of gathering in gangs and terrorising people.
        And, well, one must be drunk, stupid or other way out of one’s mind to let anyone cross their “personal circle” and to be unable to detect an aggressive person or to get in the area where such an event is possible.
        Heh, some razor kids getting acquainted with .45 HydraShok or .38 Special JSP while on assault – that can be VERY educative and mind-opening for other gang members 😉 Impunity means crime IMHO.


        • I agree about “draining the swamp they live in.” However, keeping people out of your personal circle as they talk about in self-defense literature is easier said than done in the populated areas that most people live in. Some examples that come to mind are not promising.

          -There is the suggestion to step back from a suspicious person and call out in a loud voice, “Give me five feet.” This is supposed to be a common practice in jails where people only get close to each other to attack. On the street it’s supposed to show a potential assailant who may have a criminal background that you are tough and not to be messed with.

          -There’s the guy I saw in Sofia, Bulgaria with three large black dogs on a leash, dark glasses and an outfit that I don’t remember except for very loud running shorts with the pattern of either a Union Jack or an American flag. He barked and woofed loudly as he made his way along and people gave him a wide berth.

          -There’s a YouTube video of Grafton Street in Dublin wherein an older, short gentleman in a gray beard walks around kicking people (including women) in the butt. After people figured out what he was doing, they started backing away.

          The solutions here are worse than the problem…. But as for the .45, I did actually here about this in action. A Vietnam vet reports that as an MP in Vietnam, he was approached by a young kid in the employ of the VC who offered to sell him something. When he put out his hand, whammo, he received a tendon slashing cut to the hand from a razor blade and the kid was streaking away. However, the narrator did manage to draw his .45 with his left hand…


      • Matt,
        How is legislation against knives going to affect people who would do something like that — not hard to make a knife and the additional illegality will make it more exciting for them? Better to ban people from living on welfare, as they are the sort to have kids in gangs:).

        • Well, you could have x-ray scanners of the kind in the Arnold Schwarzeneggar movie, Total Recall, set out at different spots and make random selections of people walk through them. Then when you discover them packing a knife, you hit them with a big fine.

          Seriously, you’ve got me. I don’t believe anyone has come up with a response to Chairman Mao’s tactic of swimming among the people like the fish in the sea. Regulation of knives would make gun control look trivially easy by comparison.


          • Matt61

            In fact knife can be non-metal and made without any metal parts at all, making its detection by magnetic scanners and Xray harder. Ceramic and “sapphire” (corundum in fact) knives are sold freely, they are devilishly sharp and strong enough to withstand a serious load. So, enough for a good stab, excellent cut and more than enough to slash.
            A determined person can make a stabbing/slashing device out of glass, plastic or hard wood. Human ingenuity you know 😉 So bans and scanners are useless against aggression – it is realy better to “drain their swamp”.

        • DaveUK, I was actually held spellbound by this fellow with his tales of the fiendish ingenuity of British street gangs. He said another ploy was to have one of these young kids attack someone much larger. Then, when the victim pursued the child in righteous wrath, he would round the corner and find 50 of the kid’s fellow gang members with their sticks ready. They would even leave calling cards saying things like: “You have been doffed by the Millwall Boot Boys.” Nothing like a bit of style….


  7. Edith…

    We got us a new VERY TEMPORARY pet.
    I just rescued a turtle from the middle of the road right out front of my wife’s house. Put it in the little water pond in the flower garden for safe keeping….for the moment.
    The dumb blonde wants to keep it, but I think dumping it back in the creek 1/4 mile away would be a better idea.
    Attempting to keep and care for a freaking turtle has to be dumber than her idea of getting a pigmy goat. I don’t know how often I have had to talk her out of that one.


    • twotalon,

      Some people on this blog will object to the “dumb blond” reference. Tom’s sister is blond…in a way 🙂 …and she always refers to herself as dumb blond. I have to assume that your wife refers to herself the same way.

      Regarding turtles as pets. Gary Barnes’ wife, Kelly, rescues box turtles. Apparently, they’re protected. Gary built a very nice pond in their yard. The turtles are nicely sheltered from the winter. The turtles have names, and Kelly & Gary recognize each one by the patterns/colors on their shells. So, not everyone thinks turtles are bad pets.

      Pygmy goat? I love it!


        • TwoTalon,

          A pygmy goat will save you the expense of the lawnmower all summer. But your flower beds and shrubs will be history too. Moreover they make excellent guard animals for your property (almost as good as a dog or a male goose.)


          • So what would we do with a goat in the winter? Bring it in the house? No thanks.
            Squishy hairballs are bad enough to step on. What a goat would leave….


        • AlanL,

          Family comes to our house for Xmas and our Xmas in July. The number of times Tom’s sisters live up to the “dumb blond” stereotype is considerable. One sister prides herself on it and actually refers to her blond brain as being incapable of figuring things out. I could tell you a bunch of blond jokes, but they wouldn’t be made up. They’d be things that really happened.


    • My wife “saved” a tortoise from the pet store. After she got it home I did some research online about the species. It’s a “sulcata” tortoise. They get to be 80 pounds and are the second largest species of tortoise in the world. Only the giant Galapagos tortoise is bigger. Of course, when she brought it home it was only the size of a half dollar coin. It’s almost 2 years old now and weighs about 3 pounds. It’s a good 6 inches long and 4.5 inches wide now.

      I don’t know what we’re going to do with the poor thing when it outgrows our home. All the tortoise rescues are full because pet stores see people like my wife coming a mile away. The tell the customers that they don’t get that big or live that long. (This species can easily outlive it’s first owners.)

  8. At my age I should know this, but for the life of me I cannot remember. What was the rifle that was used in the old black & white TV show “Rifleman”. I know I could do a lot of searching on the net, but thought someone here might know off hand.


  9. J-B Non-Embedding Bore Compound really works. Remembering BB’s words on barrel cleaning: my Gamo Recon had fallen off a lot in accuracy and I haven’t shot even 500 pellets through it since I got it. I bought a Dewey cleaning rod and some bronze bore brushes a while back and thought I’d give cleaning a try. It’s never been cleaned before.

    I shot it off the bench, artillery hold, with a 6×32 Bug Buster scope at 10m at a Gamo Resettable Squirrel with the 3/8″ insert and hit 4 out of 5 shots. I think this month I’ll enter it in the eMatch.

    I like the Recon because it is light and easy to cock and, as noted above, fairly accurate. The Bronco is heavier but I’m not sure yet which weight will work the best for me offhand. I hear on this blog a barrel heavy rifle works best for offhand, which the Bronco is and the Recon is not.

    • CJr.,
      Make sure you are supporting your off hand properly by anchoring the elbow either on your ribcage or a hip (that will work for some), i.e., not just holding the rifle up with the strength of your arm, before you make your choice. With the right positioning, I think you’ll almost certainly like the muzzle-heavy rifle better for targets.

  10. Last year after a spate of knifings in Edmonton (where I live) the mayor brought up the idea of a knife ban. I telephoned his office one day and got to speak to him (probably pretty amazing in a city of one million). I asked him if he really thought my Columbia River with it’s 5″ blade was any more lethal than my Henckel 8″ & 10″ chefs knife. If I really wanted to do in my neighbor I’d pick one of them before my handy little folder.
    Not suprisingly he didn’t have an answer for that. After a slew of letters and such in the local paper the whole idea quietly went away.
    The one thing I would like to see addressed is where some of these knives are sold. I’m assuming that in the U.S. dollar stores are just as popular as they are in Canada. I do admit I cringe everytime I’m in a dollar store and they’re in the process of selling some 16 year old a $15 10″ Bowie knockoff. I really can’t imagine they’re using it to go camping with.

  11. For some reason Firefox is refreshing immediately now when I click the refresh button. This is terrific! I wonder why it wasn’t doing that before?

    It still isn’t opening a new window like it did the other day when I went from the comment feed to reply. I wish I could figure out how to make it do that. Neither IE8 nor Firefox open a new window now. It was so convenient.

    Before, I could be replying to a comment in the new window and then click on the feed window to go back to it without losing my place. As is, when I go to reply to a comment, it goes to the bottom of the blog and I lose the feed and the comment I was replying to. Sometimes I need to reread a comment to make sure I’ve addressed what’s in it. If I click the back button to go back to the feed to reread it it wipes out anything I’ve already typed in. Not good. If I just scroll up to look for the comment I’m addressing it takes forever for me to find it, then I have to scroll all the way back down again to finish typing.

    Done complaining.

    • Similar thing happens with Safari 5 (but I am running it on a PC). Annoying to have to scroll back and forth when you are trying to maintain a train of thought. Oh well!


    • Chuck,

      Re Firefox: Go to Tools/Options/Tabs, and uncheck the “Open new windos in a new tab” checkbox. Did that help? Also, I often open the blog in two separate tabs and use one as “pester everybody with my comments” tab and the other as the “refresh and keep up with comments” tab.


        • I think that function is called read, reread, reread before clicking on submit. Not saying I’m perfect. I downloaded a free spell checker, wish I could find a free grammar checker 🙂


        • AlanL,
          Sorry 🙂 Didn’t notice the reference at first. Maybe I’m getting senile. “Hee Haw”, “Where oh where are you tonight …”. Guess my age is starting to show as I watched the originals with Buck Owens & Roy Clark.


        • AlanL & everyone else,

          The preview request for the comments is on the spreadsheet for updating this blog. We’re working on things as fast as humanly possible. There are other programming needs that are more pressing, and those have to be done first.

          I would also like to point out that I’ve read the comments when the blog was hosted by Blogger, and I do not see a difference between those comments and the ones posted here. We had a preview window over there, but it did not seem to make a difference 🙂 I’m not trying to be cruel, just honest.

          I’m a writer and an editor. It isn’t easy to proofread your work, and that’s why editors proof other people’s writing. So, even when we have a preview window on this blog, that doesn’t mean we’ll have fewer misspelled words, better grammar or correct punctuation 🙂 This blog is supposed to be fun. Mistakes happen. Stuff happens. That’s life. I seriously doubt that blog readers are judging commenters by the correctness of their writing. Nevertheless, your preview request is on the docket just because you asked for it. Please be patient.


          • Edith,

            I agree with everything you just said. But, I will point out that the preview function is awfully handy when you want to post a link in your comment. Then, it allowed you to check that you got the HTML correct before publishing it to the world.

            I can wait, though 🙂

      • AlanL,
        I did as you suggested but I don’t even get tabs, either. I think there’s something in the blog itself that is overriding the tab options. At one point I was getting a new window and the next day it quit doing it without any intervention from me. I suspect the blogger tech is fixing one problem that sacrifices another. I don’t mean that to be sarcastic or disparaging to the tech. I’ve been in that position myself and it is a nightmare at times.

        • CJr,

          Actually, there’s no work being done on the blog at this time. Tech has a limited amount of manpower, and there are some other tasks that have a higher priority. So, whatever is happening is not related to any work on our end.


  12. Well, the Marauder showed up today.

    It’s REALLY windy outside right now, so there’s a good chance I won’t be able to sight it in today. 🙁

    But the good news is I got the scope mounted, properly torqued, and leveled. And, I’m taking a break from pumping right now to write this.

    I’m happy to report that I’m not disappointed in the least with the quality of the stock. It’s actually the nicest wood stock in my whole collection with one exception. Even my centerfire varmint rifles have laminated stocks that (while not unattractive) are really utilitarian. The Marauder’s stock is smooth and unblemished, and the color reminds me of oxidized tooling leather. It’s a nice blond-brown color. The sling swivels are a nice touch, and I was readily able to mount a bipod I had lying around on the rifle.

    I wound up using the high Leapers Accushot rings to mount the scope. The medium rings were high enough, but I would not be able to use the lens caps with them, so I figured an extra few millimeters of clearance couldn’t hurt..

    If this rifle and scope combination shoots as good as it looks I’ll be thrilled.

    Next on my list of things to get are a few other types of pellets to experiment with, and a chrony to help me tune it to 3000 and adjust it for heavier pellets.

    I’m going to try the JSB Exacts someone suggested here a couple of days ago and if the rifle likes them I might just tune to shoot those and then buy a few thousand of them.

    • Volvo,

      Fire away! Now is a good time. You’ve got my email. Or, should I go to your parallel universe? Going there now. “Mr. Sulu, All ahead, Warp 1!”


  13. I neglected to second RoninUT’s review of the Centerpoint 4-16X40mm scope from yesterday. Wonderful piece of equipment. The folding sticks that came with it are interesting too although I don’t have any use for them. I understand that they take some getting used to.


    • Matt61,

      I’m not so sure I’ll get much use from the sticks either, but they do feel pretty solid as a rest. The only problem is that they are the perfect length for resting the rifle while seated on my couch, but they are too short to shoot from standing. My knees are in pretty bad shape, so kneeling is uncomfortable, and the sticks are too long to shoot from while sitting on the ground. They seem nicely made, though I’d prefer they excluded them from the package and sold the scope for a little less.

  14. Just another update,

    I fired it three times out the back door (my back yard has a hill behind it and no neighbors). It is very quiet except for the characteristic “ping”. I might try the vinyl hose depinger mod later on.

    After that I got out a laser bore sighting tool I have and wound up having to remove the shroud (tool has to be inserted into muzzle). The scope’s windage was within one turn on the windage knob according to the bore sighter.

    After bore sighting, I shot a couple more pellets at a board in my back yard, using the door frame to steady my shot. The first shot was about 5 or 6 inches low @ 15.5 yards per my range finder, but almost dead center below the spot I was aiming at. I fired another shot, but didn’t get another hole.

    Then it hit me… 😀

    I think this rifle is going to be a real pleasure.

  15. It would be a much better world if we all treated others with kindness. But, since it isn’t always that way……..when you must……..hit hard…….hit fast……..hit with everything.


  16. Ok, this is the last little bit about the Marauder. I hope it’s not too monotonous, but I’m so happy with it I can’t help myself.

    I managed to set up a shooting rest just inside the back door, and a target in the yard at 20 yards (B.B.’s recommended sighting distance. I made a trap out of a cardboard box filled halfway with styrofoam insulation and filled the rest of it with some scrap 2X4 lumber I had lying around. I got 2 layers of 2X4 behind the foam to stop the pellets. The foam should quiet the impacts a bit and help keep any pellets from bouncing out of the trap.

    The target on the right was 8 shots to sight the rifle in, and the target on the left was a 5 shot group. I started sighting in the gun at 2500 on the rifle’s gauge. So far today I have only fired 16 shots from the rifle total.



    This was using Crosman Premier 14.3 grain pellets.

    I like the rifle. I like the scope. I like the fast service and shipping from Pyramyd AIR and the solid packaging job they did.

    And I want to thank you folks for all the suggestions and recommendations over the past few days. I’ve spent a lot of money on airguns in the past week, and your advice has helped me get the most from it.

    • RoninUT,

      Your feedback is not at all monotonous. For those of us who have not yet switched over to the darkside (but feel the steady, beguiling pull) I can virtually guarantee you that we have all considered the Marauder very seriously. One more positive (and current) Marauder review is exactly what will be my driving force when I finally do pull the trigger on the purchase. Thanks for taking the time/effort to share your experiences.

      – Orin

  17. I have a question I don’t believe anyone has ever asked before. What is your favorite snack while posting? Should be some interesting answers. Mine is Red Twizzlers (other than smoking).


  18. I want to work for Pyramydair. I have tried calling their customer assistance today and keep getting a message that due to Memorial Day observation the office is closed. Wow, who else gets 17 days off for Memorial Day?

  19. RoninUT,
    Excellent shooting!!!! I knew you/it/they could do it! Happy shooting!!! BTW, if you can count how many air rifles you have, you don’t have enough.

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    If you're picking up a new air gun, our team can test and tune the equipment before it leaves the warehouse. We can even set up an optic or other equipment so you can get out shooting without the hassle. For bowhunters, our certified master bow technicians provide services such as assembly, optics zeroing, and full equipment setup, which can maximize the potential of your purchase.

    By leveraging our expertise and precision, we ensure that your equipment is finely tuned to meet your specific needs and get you ready for your outdoor pursuits. So look out for our services when shopping for something new, and let our experts help you get the most from your outdoor adventures.

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  • Warranty Info

    Shop and purchase with confidence knowing that all of our air guns (except airsoft) are protected by a minimum 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase unless otherwise noted on the product page.

    A warranty is provided by each manufacturer to ensure that your product is free of defect in both materials and workmanship.

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  • Exchanges / Refunds

    Didn't get what you wanted or have a problem? We understand that sometimes things aren't right and our team is serious about resolving these issues quickly. We can often help you fix small to medium issues over the phone or email.

    If you need to return an item please read our return policy.

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Get FREE shipping on qualifying orders! Any order $150+ with a shipping address in the contiguous US will receive the option for free ground shipping on items sold & shipped by Pyramyd AIR during checkout. Certain restrictions apply.

Free shipping may not be combined with a coupon unless stated otherwise.

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