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Competition Testing the HW50S – Part 3

Testing the HW50S – Part 3

by B.B. Pelletier

Testing and photos by Earl “Mac” McDonald

Part 1
Part 2


Today is accuracy day, and the way I figure it, you guys are waiting for this report and the Beeman P3 accuracy report with about equal interest. The HW50S has delighted Mac, reminding him that great airguns are still being made. And, as Kevin pointed out days ago, the power of the new larger powerplant is approximately equal to the old Beeman R8, whose accuracy report I still have to do. So, if you lamented the passing of that great rifle, it’s still here by another name.

Mac mounted a Leapers Accushot 4-16x56AO SWAT scope. It has a 30mm tube and was mounted in Leapers Space Age 30mm high rings. The globe front sight and the rear sight were left in position and caused no problems with the scope.

The Accushot Space Age rings have a vertical scope stop screw to adjust down into one of the three scope stop holes on the rifle.

Put the vertical stop screw into one of these three scope stop holes on the rifle’s receiver.

Looking at the underside of the Accushot scope ring base you can see the hole through which the scope stop pin passes.

The Accushot SWAT scope Mac used has side-focus parallax adjustments and an EZ-Tap red/green illuminated reticle control for low-light hunting.

RWS Hobby
The lightweight RWS Hobby pellet turned in the worst performance at 30 yards. Ten shots went into a group measuring 1.04″ across.

Hobbys shot the worst overall in the rifle. Group measures 1.04″ between the widest centers.

Crosman Premier heavies
10.5-grain Premiers turned in the second-worst performance.

Premier heavies were about as bad as Hobbys in the HW 50S. Group measures 0.98″ across.

So things don’t look that good at this point. But this is where they turned around. Remember, these are all 10-shot groups at 30 yards.

JSB Exact Match 8.4 grains
The next pellet Mac tried was the JSB Exact Match 8.4-grain pellet. It put 10 shots into a group that measured 0.75″ across. This is pretty good performance for any springer at 30 yards. Not the best, but pretty good. For you newer shooters a 10-shot group will be about 40 percent larger than a 5-shot group from the same gun, so please take that into account.

Ten shots into 0.75″ at 30 yards is good work.

Crosman Premier 7.9 grains
The Crosman Premier 7.9-grain lite pellet proved to be the best of the test. Not by a narrow margin, either! Mac’s first group measured 0.68″ across, but he noticed that the front sight was loose. When he tightened it, the group shrank to a phenomenal 0.49″ across for TEN shots! And, he didn’t do it just one time. He did it repeatedly!

Best pellet of all was the Crosman Premier 7.9-grain pellet. Several groups like this 0.49″ group were shot.

In fact, Mac shot numerous groups with all the pellets. What you’re seeing today is representative of what his rifle can do.

Mac did so much testing that I can’t get it all in today. So, we aren’t finished with this report just yet.

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    • C-S:
      I did a bit of research and the Titan XS TS001 No1 spring is recommended for your 34.
      It did specify however’STD'(standard) and not ‘FAC'(firearms certificated)so I would guess it will be on our 12ftIb limit.
      I am not sure how UK dealers are fixed for exporting FAC rated gun parts.

      • No you are not confused. The gun he tested was very sub par for accuracy.

        Especially if you want to use it for hunting. What you going to do? Carry a bench and a sand bag around all day in case you get a 30 yd shot at a squirrel?

        Based on his test I would not buy one. There are many pellet rifles available in that price range as well as other price ranges which will do much better than that at 30 yds and some as good or better at 50 yds.

        I would need to see test from two or three other cfx which showed that one to be a fluke before I would invest my hard earned money!

        • pcp4me thank you i will not buy it -maybe it is just not good enough for target shooting,here in Croatia for some reason there is law against hunting with airguns it is beyond ne but what can i do 🙂

        • C-S,

          I agree with PCP4me all the way. For the money there are more accurate and better quality built springers. Especially with the new plastic triggers Gamo is using and they don’t upgrade like the older guns with metal triggers.

          If you still NEED to have the CFX, maybe I will sell you mine. 🙂


      • BTW CS,

        I hope you were talking about the CFX review and not the review for the HW 50S. Ten shot groups of .49 ” ctc is extremely good for the HW 50S. Especially when they are repeatable.

        And it is not unusual for a gun to prefer one brand or even one specific pellet. I have found the Crosman Premier lite to be extremely accurate in most of my guns. Usually the H & N Finale Match will beat them out by a smidgen.

        But the H & N pellets are mighty expensive at around $33 per tin of 500, so I would rarely use them as a pellet of choice unless they are the only pellet my gun will shoot like my Drulov DU 10. That gun has a pellet reservoir which is an extension of the breech. So you have five pellets lined up in a row with a spring follower exerting pressure on them. The head of the first pellet is engraved very slightly in the rifling. If the heads of the pellets are not exactly .450″ and the skirts are not exceptionally uniform the gun fires multiple rounds per trigger pull. Like any where from 2 to 5 rounds! Drulov sends a pellet sizer which is supposed to size each pellet to exactly .450″, but I never found it to work with cheaper pellets and it is not needed with the H&N’s.

  1. I rather thought this should have been part 4. Trouble with the blog interface, what what?

    …Just practicing my arrogant English gent accent. 😉


  2. rikib,
    Crosman used to sell both a long and a short steel breech. The longer breech has more dovetail, hence more scope mounting flexibility. The short breech is lighter. In theory, the longer breech offers more barrel support as the barrel seats deeper. It should be better with a longer barrel, but the breech attachment to the gas tube is just barely adequate. FWIW, I think any barrel longer than about 10″ should have a barrel band for added security.

    Right now, it appears that Crosman is only offering the long breech for aftermarket sale. The short breech is still an option if you order a Custom Shop 2300 gun.

    If you did want a short breech today, it would be straightforward to simply shorten a long breech and touch up the cut.

    • derrick,
      So I should assume that since the steel breech I installed was longer than what came originally on the pistol it is the long steel breech. I plan to eventually move up to a 14.5 or 18″ barrel. Haven’t come across “FWIW” can you enlighten me 🙂 .


  3. Everyone,

    Guess I need to apologize for adding to the confusion of the old HW50 vs. the current version called the HW50.

    There’s no disputing that these two guns from different periods in time that are labeled the same are similar. Nonetheless, they have enough differences to dramatically affect their behavior.

    It’s my understanding that the current production HW50 (subject of todays article)is the same powerplant as the R6 (which was formerly called the HW99). The older version of the HW50 was also known as the R8.

    The differences between the old HW50 (R8) and the new HW50 (R6) are:
    Old one: threaded end plug like on the R1
    New one: press in end plug like on the R9
    The piston and chamber are different diameters, The old 50S used the same 25mm piston and seal that the R-8 did. The newer HW50 (aka HW-99 until recently) uses a 26mm piston diameter and seal. The tube sizes are identical in these two guns it’s the id that differs. The newer HW50 tube is thinner. The new HW50 also has much shorter transfer port.

    In today’s article B.B. said, “So, if you lamented the passing of that great rifle (R8 aka old HW50), it’s still here by another name.” I’ve owned and shot both and respectfully disagree.

    Although published and real world velocities in .177 caliber on the two different HW50’s only vary by 100-120fps the firing behavior outta the box is very different. The best analogy I can offer is to compare the R1 (HW80) to the R9 (HW95). They look similar, published and real world velocities in .177 caliber only vary by 100-120fps the firing behavior outta the box is very different.

    Sorry for the confusion I may have added to this mess that was created by Weihrauch making two very different guns and calling both of them the HW50.


      • tdung,

        You’ve already identified the major design differences which result in the difference in power. Both the HW30 and newer version HW50 are very streamlined in their outer appearance. No frills. Differences in weight and length. The HW50 is a full size rifle. In my opinion, the newer HW50 is hard to cock for the power it delivers. Don’t misconstrue what I just said…the HW50 is easier to cock than a magnum springer.

        Don’t overlook the HW35 in your research.


  4. Too bad about the RWS Hobbys but you never know what works for a particular gun, and I guess the Hobbys are a little light for 30 yards.

    I think that the Leapers scope stop is a great idea. There is no scope stop hole built into my Anschutz rifle, but maybe this is not a concern for rimfires.

    I think that Duskwight might be on to something with bear defense. But instead of smearing pepper spray on your shotgun projectiles, you load the spray inside them. With sufficiently thick casing of cardboard or plastic, you would have something like smoke grenades that would burst on impact. That way you would have range to keep you safe but still have the effect of pepper spray. This would raise another question. If you are carrying a longarm anyway, is your love of bears so much that you would load up with pepper spray cartridges instead of slugs? What if the bear popped up right in front of you? One reason I lean toward pepper spray is, as Duskwight pointed out, that most bears are not looking for trouble and would rather avoid humans. So, it seems a shame to shoot them because of an encounter that nobody wants. On the other hand, with a bear charging, there is no question that I would be looking out for number one. Incidentally, on the subject of bear temperaments, I’m fairly convinced that black bears do not pose much of a threat because they are so shy and retiring. Grizzlies, on the other hand, took a different evolutionary path with more aggressive instincts. While they probably would prefer to avoid contact, they are less inhibited about mixing it up.

    Pete Zimmerman, the Norwegian advice about polar bears makes sense except for the last comment about saving the last round for yourself. It sounds like the polar bears want to take you prisoner. I think I would fire off my last shot at the charging bear and hope for the best. In the Hemmingway story, “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber,” the title character is facing a charging Cape Buffalo in Hemmingway style armed with a Springfield 1903. He manages to get off several shots (impressive with a bolt-action) shooting a bit high each time, but the last one is on target just as the buffalo is about to pounce. Unfortunately, at this moment, his wife (with whom he has a troubled relationship) decides there is nothing to be lost in taking shot of her own, and plugs Francis in the back of the head with her Mannlicher rifle. All the more reason to have back-up who knows what they’re doing.


    • I only know the advice I was given: don’t waste all your shots trying to scare the bear, and if you aren’t a good enough marksman to hit him while he’s charging, you want to have a last round left to fire at the bear at close range. And if that fails you want one for yourself before you’re torn apart.

      Actually, the guide said all this with a straight face. We didn’t see any polar bears; a friend of mine in another group did, but parts of her story {I petted the cub while the mama bear looked on happily} don’t quite compute. It is the only time in my years of living and traveling in Europe where the law demanded you carry a gun in public as against prohibiting that action.

  5. BB&Mac:
    A beautiful rifle that does the business and a good price as well.
    Thanks for keeping my dreams alive 🙂

    I have heard that Grisly and Polar bears like to play with their food…Gulp 🙁

  6. DaveUK, so they do take prisoners. Maybe that’s where the final bullet comes into play.

    Bear lovers will want to research the Short-faced bear, now extinct, that stood 6 feet at the shoulder, reached a standing height of 13 feet and weighed 2000 pounds.

    On the subject of mathematics, I was reading about Les Baer’s new sniper rifle that is guaranteed to put 10 shots into a half inch at 100 yards. That’s the same accuracy standard as an Anschutz. The testers claimed to put 5 shots into .3 inches at 100 yards which they said was “mathematically equivalent” to less than a half inch for 10 shots. Our earlier discussion came up with one model that put the ratio of 3/5 shot groups at .8, so the report is consistent with our results. It would have been nice if they detailed what mathematics they were using, but in the absence of new information, our models hold good.

    Incidentally, perhaps B.B. can enlighten us to something about gun writers. I read of tests where writers expend unheard amounts of ammo on torture tests–hundreds of rounds and in one case 1500 rounds. For me to run even 50 rounds through four of my firearms at the range costs a fortune. Even with reloading, the amounts that gun writers shoot is still enormous and often they test factory ammo. So, how do gun writers afford this? Do the magazines that provide test guns also provide test ammo? Are gun writers made of money?


    • matt…Iv’e got a friend who always amazes me.
      He constantly claims he has next to no money…is always bemoaning the fact that he can barely afford to feed and cloth his young daughter.
      Yet every Tuesday…without fail…he heads to the range and puts at least 250 rounds through his 9mm. Factory loads at that.
      And I figure I’v got to cut back when I go through a couple of tins of pellets in a month 😉

    • Matt,

      Gun writers seldom spend money on ammunition. When I did a special on a .22 Magnum, Hornady sent me two bricks. They sent a third brick about six months later.

      They want their name in print, and free ammo to the writers is a great way to get it done.


  7. Matt 61, ……….”but the last one is on target just as the buffalo is about to pounce. Unfortunately, at this moment, his wife (with whom he has a troubled
    past decides there is nothing to be lost in taking shot of her own, and plugs Francis in the back of the head with her Mannlicher rifle.” Hmm……I think she saw her chance and took it! That was no mistake.

    As to the bears, carry a 12 ga pump or auto with slugs. Great as close range, as good as a heavy rifle, less expensive, and easier to shoot. When necessary, shoot them in the face and chest. Repeat as necessary!


  8. Hi yall,
    I just received my first crosman 600, something I’ve been looking forward to for a while now (and it works great!). I know that I have a 3rd variant, with the push button piercing cap, but I would like to know what year it was made in. Does the serial number inform you of the production date?
    Thanks for any help you guys can give me. And BB, feel better and keep up the great work, you’ve taught me just about everything I know (at least in reference to airguns)


  9. I saw a picture of a sign in Vancouver B.C. at woods entry point.It reccomended pinning noisy little bells to your clothing and carrying pepper spray….further warned to be aware of signs of recent bear activity.Then it explained that black bear scat[poo] is mostly berrie seeds and squirrel fur.Grizzly bear poo can be Identified by the little bells and the smell of pepper!

      • Frank B

        I was trying to infer that Humans might taste better to Grizzlies with a pinch of red pepper. When I reread my comment, I realized it was ambiguous to the point of possibly inferring that bear poop might make a good meal if prepared correctly, which it wouldn’t. Sorry for the confusion.

        Enjoy your new airgun.

  10. I rarely get the opportunity (usually the evil-eye from the other half) to shoot my 2240. Is there anything I should do as far as lubrication/maintenance to insure it will fire when I get the time/chance?


  11. It has been quite some time since I posted a quote on here. I know how much you miss them 😉 😉 . This actually goes along with my last post. 🙂

    “As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.”


      • C-S,
        Here is a rather mind twisting quote sort of related to yours:

        “That man is a creature who needs order yet yearns for change is the creative contradiction at the heart of the laws which structure his conformity and define his deviancy.”
        Freda Adler

        Sounds confusing to me. 🙂


          • C-S,
            That one I put there still has me a little confused 🙂 ! If you like quotes I get most of mine from Brainyquotes.com it is unending the things you can find 🙂 .


              • Laconica brevitas means -short said -couse spartans were grate soldgers but well they were bad tallkers so greek word for their habbit “not to speak much ” were laconica brevitas-couse you now Sparta was city-state but the right name for the state was Laconia -by their founder Lacademnon

              • C-S,
                One for you to ponder:

                “Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for.”


                • In translation this is something like this-learn on other s people mistakes(and from their wisdom),another translation is purely for me “gotta read english (and write )and i will pick up something from you guys native english speakers,today i will cheat (a little bit) but i will learn in process 😉 “

          • C-S,
            A couple Aristotle’s I found for you:

            “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

            “The most perfect political community is one in which the middle class is in control, and out numbers both of the other classes.”

            Thought you might like them. 🙂


  12. I may be on a roll tonight here’s another:

    “The more laws, the less justice.”
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    I need to close with this one as I know you will all feel it applies to me: 😉

    “Even if you have nothing to write, write and say so.”
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    rikib 🙂

  13. Thank you guys for your advices about buying air rifle ! 🙂 They say that morning is smarter then evening so i have completely changed my mind -i am going for SLAVIA 634 few days ago i wrote to Jason my three rules about buying airgun and seems to not obey them my self -they are : 1.accuracy 2.quality 3.power -i dont need 1000fps -i am not a hunter i am botlle caps shooting-target plinker and 720 fps is just wright for me ,another thing every gunstore here have spare parts for this gun and this gun is at least 40% cheaper than Diana

    • C-S

      I thought you didn’t like scopes! Maybe you can sympathize with some of us old timers who can’t see worth a damn. One of my favorite scopes is the Leapers 4-16X50AO. When I look through a scope my old eyes can actually see my target. Hitting it is a different matter.

  14. B.B.

    I was fooling around with the trigger adjustment on my 48 (TO5).
    I think the screw was dead bottom to start with. Not a very long pull, steady but slightly rough through the whole pull.

    Backed the screw out 2 turns and had nothing that had the feel of takeup. Just pressure then release.

    Backed it out 2 more turns and had the feel of long soft smooth takeup…then without warning BANG.
    Scared the heck out of me.

    Cranked it back in 1 turn and have a little soft clean takeup feel then resistance without travel feel before it goes off.

    Is it spooky or normal ? Several shots were fired with each adjustment.
    Looks like it can be set for a lot of different kinds of feel very easily, but the results look a little unpredictable with fairly small adjustments.


    • Twotalon,

      If I’m following you correctly, it sounds a little spooky to me. The trigger should respond the same as it is moved in the same direction. Of course it was way out of adjustment to begin with, so that may explain why it did what it did.


      • Thanks B.B.
        I’m going to leave it right where it is after the last adjustment.
        It feels good right there. Feels 2 stage, smooth and clean. Short pull then breaks cleanly when the higher resistance is felt.


    • twotalon,

      The TO5 (single screw) is tougher to adjust than a TO1 (two screws) in my experience. An eighth of a turn at the end are all that is needed on the TO5 triggers (only 2) that I’ve messed with.


      • After fooling with it I got the impression that about 1/4 turn at a time would be a good idea to start with. If 1/8 turn at a time is a better place to start, then I may fool with it a little more later on.

        I was out blasting small apples with it this morning. Was shooting RWS hollowpoints and making applesauce. Had a lot of fun and the trigger was a lot better than it started out as. I don’t think I would need or even want to adjust it more than 1/2 turn right now. Possibly no more than 1/4 turn.


          • I shot double set triggers a lot for quite a while. It gets you spoiled for sure.
            That makes a long trigger harder to live with, even if it is clean.
            I even had one rifle set so light that all I had to do was touch the trigger from the side. Fast and deadly on tree rats.

            My TSS is set up so light that I can’t feel the trigger if I wear thin gloves. It’s my starling popper.
            My Talondor is pretty much standard factory pull. Not a problem for hunting when I may need to wear gloves.

            I guess I need to do a couple things in the near future…
            Get a replacement trigger for the Titan and make a spring compressor.

            Have been holding off on some stuff while waiting to see how my ct scan would turn out. The oncologist said it was still clean. He set me up to have my chest port removed too. That thing sucks.


            • twotalon,

              Great to hear about the clean ct scan and upcoming removal of the chest port. Carpe diem!

              Seems like we both appreciate a good trigger. Never owned a dst but have shot a dst on a HW55. It was set at 3 ounces but marshall said it could be set lower! That’s too low for me but my aa s410 is about 6 ounces per his trigger gauge.


              • Last time I checked my TSS trigger it was about 8 oz if I remember right.
                I don’t have a trigger guage, so I hung a plastic bag on the trigger and added shotgun pellets until the trigger broke. Then it’s only a matter of weighing the bag and the shotgun pellets.

                That bunghole doctor and his nurses still had to rag on me about losing so much weight. I gave up on counting calories and I eat what I want whenever I want.


              • The only time taking a shower was a problem was when I had a infusion pump for a week at a time during the first 3 chemo sessions. They gave me 2 kinds of stuff in the hospital by IV, then sent me home for 5 days with the pump hooked up for continuous infusion with a third drug. The second 3 sessions were during daily radiation. They gave me only one drug at an increased dose at the hospital, but no more pump.

                The port is implanted under the skin and not exposed. They poke a 90 degree needle into it and tape it down.


  15. Is anyone that uses Safari having problems opening comments page? Everything else is working fine until I try “comments” and it says “Safari is unable to open that page”. Well I guess I’ll try my IE8, but Safari is so much better.


  16. Well, with IE8 I could not even get to the blog don’t know why all my other accounts worked fine. Came back on Safari still could not access comments by just clicking “comments”. Was able to get them thru RSS Feed Button in Address window. Not sure what is going on. Error reports I receive states problem is with RSS Server.


  17. Edith,
    If your Tech team is interested this is the error I’m receiving on Safari:

    Safari can’t open the page /blog//feed/ because the server where this page is located isn’t responding.


    • Problem seems to have corrected itself. May have been due to severe storms on my end, sorry. 🙂 Haven’t tried IE8, I don’t normally bother Safari is so much better.


      • Edith,
        Safari seems okay here for the moment. I just tried IE8 and I can get to PyramydAir, but if I try to get to the blog this is the error I receive:

        Not Acceptable
        An appropriate representation of the requested resource /blog/ could not be found on this server.

        Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

        I don’t know if this is a problem just with me or with others, just thought I’d let you and the Team know.


        • rikib,

          Last Thursday night, we had the same problem. Neither Tom nor I could access the blog or the comments. We couldn’t even get to the Airgun Academy home page. For some reason, we were being lead to the wrong DNS number. There’s a bad DNS server somewhere along the way. Finally, we got things sorted out again. However, on Friday, the problem spread to all of Pyramyd AIR. Now, you have the same issue. If you’re using Safari, please find the link on your Safari browser and click the “RESET SAFARI” button. Actually, mine is listed under the word SAFARI & isn’t a button at all. I left everything checkmarked under that field except for remove all passwords and names. Once Safari was reset, I was able to successfully access all of Airgun Academy and everything was okay again. I don’t know if there’s such a thing for IE8 or Firefox.

          If anyone else has issues with access, please contact me at edith@pyramydair.com. If you’re a regular here and may have withdrawal symptoms if you can’t get to the blog, copy down my address now so you can email me if/when that happens to you.

          I’m going to make a similar announcement on Monday’s blog.


          • Edith,
            Safari seems to back to normal, IE8 still showing same error. IE8 only showing this error for the blog, I can access the site with no problem. Note, this does not bother me as I prefer Safari! 🙂


  18. Watching a movie on syfy.
    A running man gets shot in the back with a high powered hunting rifle with scope.
    So why is there a cocking slot in the front of the stock??


      • No doubt.
        I was not paying much attention until the guy shouldered the rifle and fired. For a moment the camera angle was low from the front and the cocking slot was obvious. I think ‘WHAT????’
        I guess it was a practical movie prop. You get smoke and noise without the need for blanks. Not much of the rifle visible for very long. The guy who was killed had the exploding blood pouch on his back to make it more realistic.

        No idea what the airgun was. Just a brief glimpse. Grey synthetic stock, cocking linkage not visible, scoped, front sight the tall beaded sporter kind.


    • twotalon:
      I saw a low budget British zombie film where the firearm used was an air rifle with dubbed on gun shot sounds.
      Also that most iconic 007 poster of Sean Connery holding a pistol across his chest.
      It’s an air pistol.
      No good cheap skate’s 🙂

          • For some reason it is stuck in my mind that a picture of Bond was shown with him holding the old Daisy BB pistol across his chest. May have been a poster at a movie theater.
            That old Daisy looked really nasty for an airgun at the time.


      • I love scifi movies. Some of them are pretty poor too.
        I think they have ruined the zombie movies a lot by changing from the old classic zombies with the slow staggering walk to running almost as if there is nothing wrong with them.

        Brains! Fresh brains!


        • Oh, and I still see an old scifi movie once in a while that I have never seen before. I think the reason is that no self respecting TV station would show anything that bad.


        • twotalon:
          I agree.
          A Zombie should be slow moving.Their strength is in numbers not speed.
          Just to be a little pedantic.
          In the original ‘Dawn of the Dead’I noticed the M-16 rifles used were the .22lr version with the smaller mag within a full size mag casing.
          You can tell I am just a barrel of laughs at the cinema 🙂
          Still a great film though.

          • Before I retired, the AF did the .22 rimfire mods on the M16’s for qualification firing. They changed distance to 25 yds with scaled down targets.
            Guess it was a lot cheaper than the full fledged .223 ammo.


  19. Bobby Darin was a genius -but he died young 🙁 he always know that he won t live long so he did give 100% of his performance (he had a heart problem 🙁 )….sad …..now about Slavia 634 GREAT GUN powerful enough acuraccy outstanding only stock is little to short for me (i am 1,87)but i will make a new one 😉 but i have time on my side now that i have bought a gun 🙂

  20. I seem to remember more than a year ago someone noticed on a newer sci-fi movie that the laser pistols were actually IZH 46 [m?]…..I guess I could see that.A better choice,although super rare now would be the Co2 FWB match pistol that had a barrel that coiled! once around the reservoir cylinder.And to answer the inevitable question….Yes,it was still very accurate!

    • This is more than a truth ,you see during and after war they(politicians)tried to learn me to hate ,but they have failed because the way i see people can be good or bad and this is what i see nothing to do with the religion or color of the skin ….

  21. Slinging Lead or derrick,
    I believe one of you recommended a scope for my 2240. I saved it but can’t remember where. 🙁 If you could let me know again I’ll just put it on my desktop so I won’t have to bother you again, sorry! 🙂


  22. Why wouldn t you guys make yourself ballistic jelly ,it is simple thing to do,just 1. take 10 teabags of jelly powder -for every bag add 4 soup spoon of water (40 spoons completely) 2. then stear it just enough to desolve it,and yes add conservans just in case 3. then left it to harden for 10 min 4.put it on the stew and melt JUST ENOUGH TO TURN ALL INTO LIQUID 5.take it off from the stew and add more water (DONT ADD TOO MUCH,if you do no harm done later you can always re-melted jello and add more powder to be thicker)-stear —- and if you dont have all this stuff that prevents gello to “superglue” to the mold bowl here is a tip just take plastic cellophane or plastic bag and wrap mold-bowl from inside then when jello harden you can always turn it over and take off cellophane 😉

    • I almost forgot yes if you dont want to wait 24hrs for jello to harden put it in the freezer -about 15 min and then live it into fridge “and this is how the cooky crumble 🙂 😉 “

      • One more thing this is REUSABLE mine was re-melted 20 times now ,all i do is take the pellets out from a jello cut the jello on smaller pieces and slowly melt in the range again just CAREFULLY dont let it scortch on range REPLACE STEW WORD WITH THE RANGE -I AM NEW IN COOKING ON ENGLISH LANGUAGE my bad but all was in a good intention sorry !!!!

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