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Accessories Legends Makarov Ultra: Part 3

Legends Makarov Ultra: Part 3

by Tom Gaylord, a.k.a. B.B. Pelletier

Part 1
Part 2

Umarex Legends Makarov Ultra BB pistol
Umarex Legends Makarov Ultra is very realistic!

This report covers:

• Loading
• Winchester Target Cube
• Rested position
• Accuracy
• Overall evaluation

Today is accuracy day for the Legends Makarov Ultra BB pistol and the big question is: How does it hold up against its non-recoiling brother that we all know is very accurate? I think you’re going to be pleased with the results.

Load up
I installed a fresh CO2 cartridge, which — thanks to yesterday’s report on CO2 — reminded me to put a drop of Crosman Pellgunoil on the tip of the cartridge before piercing. As before, the piercing was nearly instantaneous with no loss of gas. I looked at the face seal with a jeweler’s loupe and saw that it’s a thick (relatively) clear synthetic that looks like it will do its job for a long time to come.

Next, I loaded some BBs into the front of the magazine. Here’s a tip for this. Lock down the mag follower at the bottom of its slot and elevate the bottom of the mag. This way, the BBs will easily fall into the enlarged hole in the front of the magazine. If one overshoots the mark, it remains in a trough and can be rolled back to the hole very easily.

Umarex Legends Makarov Ultra BB pistol loading magazine
Elevate the bottom of the Makarov magazine, and the BBs will roll right in.

Winchester Target Cube
Once again, the Winchester Airgun Target Cube was pressed into service for a target holder and backstop. I taped the targets to the cube that now has thick cardboard on both sides. No more styrofoam comes out because of the cardboard; and the targets tear better, even when the BBs are shot at lower velocities.

The Target Cube keeps the BBs from bouncing back. That keeps the shooting area cleaner; and since I shoot BBs in my bedroom, that’s a good thing. If you shoot a lot of BBs in the house, I recommend the Target Cube.

Rested position
I then sat on a chair at 5 meters from the target and put a large pillow on my lap. When doubled over, the pillow allowed me to rest my arms so I could achieve a very steady 2-hand hold. It’s the gun we want to test — not the shooter.

The sights on the Makarov are very fine, but also sharp. I had no problem getting the same sight picture, shot after shot.

First group
The first target I shot was a 50-foot smallbore bull. Those are just slightly larger than 10-meter air rifle bulls. I had no idea where the pistol was shooting, nor how accurate it might be; but at 16 feet, I felt this target was large enough to keep all the shots on paper. I used a 6 o’clock hold, like I always do with handgun sights like these.

The shots landed about 3/4-inch below the point of aim. While the first 3 shots seemed to scatter, the next 7 stayed inside them, resulting in a fine-looking 10-shot group. In measures 0.916 inches between centers and looks even better. The bulk of the shots landed inside a half inch!

Umarex Legends Makarov Ultra BB pistol target 1
Ten BBs in 0.916 inches, with 7 of them well under a half inch! The 3 shots on the right were the first 3 shots. This gun can shoot!

Second group
The second target looks even better.  I called that shot that went to the left because of the very hard trigger pull we’ve already discussed. Actually, the trigger isn’t that hard for a double-action pull (which it isn’t), but for target shooting it’s way more than you want. This time, 10 shots went into 1.189 inches, with 9 of them in 0.727 inches.

Umarex Legends Makarov Ultra BB pistol target 2
Ten BBs in 1.189 inches, with 9 in 0.727 inches. That shot on the left is a called pull.

I was really impressed with the way this pistol wants to lay them in the same hole at 5 meters. That trigger pull, though, takes discipline to overcome. The tendency is to try to overpower it, which will result in shots thrown wide to the left in my case.

Third group
I decided to try a larger aim point for the third group, so I substituted a 10-meter pistol target instead. The bull is twice the size of the others, and I wondered what it might do. Oddly, it pulled my shots closer together, though I did get a very vertical shot string. This time, 10 shots went into 1.334 inches, with 9 in 0.683 inches. Look at this group, and you’ll see the pedigree of the non-recoiling Makarov showing through.

Umarex Legends Makarov Ultra BB pistol target 3
Ten BBs in 1.189 inches, with 9 in 0.727 inches.

Yes, I think this Makarov is just as accurate as its non-recoiling brother. What separates them is the stiffer trigger on this one. It makes you really hold tight, and any distraction will cause you to throw a shot.

Overall evaluation
I like the Makarov Ultra BB pistol. In fact, I think I’m going to buy this one for my growing collection. This is what inexpensive BB pistols should be.

55 thoughts on “Legends Makarov Ultra: Part 3”

  1. Matt61,

    Yesterday you mentioned someone shooting at over 200 yards with a S410. Please do not get me wrong, that is impressive. I myself have not yet reached that range. However, on another airgun forum there is an ongoing competition called the Pepsi Challenge. The object is to see how far away you can bust open a can of Pepsi with an air rifle. Here are some links to videos of the latest record holder. Enjoy!




          • B.B.,

            It is ironic, however, that the non-blowback, fully DA Makarov BB pistol has a significantly lighter, smoother pull.

            Obviously, this blowback Mak has a trigger that is doing some sort of mechanical work beyond simply releasing the sear. the BBs are spring-loaded. The blowback cocks the pistol. What’s left for the trigger to do but release the sear?

            I get how the Legends P.08 has a stiff trigger because it does all the work of the mechanism. My Legends C96 has a medium trigger that is pretty crisp and has a very short travel, but it has BBs loaded by spring and a hammer cocked by blowback.

            Obviously this blowback Mak has considerable value to those who own the firearm and wish to get in practice in their basements and backyards and for disassembly/assembly practice. Might the strange, heavy trigger actually help them, discipline-wise, for when they do indeed shoot their firearm versions?

            Here’s a question: What is the trigger pull of the firearm Makarov like?


              • B.B.,

                Years ago you convinced me through this blog that an air gunner really ought to own a chrony, so I got one, and you were right, big time.

                Now, without meaning to, you are persuading me to get a trigger pull gauge. I want to really KNOW the trigger pull weight(s) of each gun I have. The difference between actually KNOWING something and just making a guess is like the difference between shooting a bullet and merely throwing it.


            • Michael,
              The fact that the trigger on this model may more closely mimic the first round’s double action pull of the firearm from standby is something that I actually considered an asset coupled with an actual kick from the slide moving back & forth, it’s gonna make this gun an award winner.
              I wanna shoot one!

          • BB
            Well I say that is some good shoot’n with a trigger that heavy.

            And that’s what kind of turns me off a bit on pistols. They ain’t like a rifle where you can change out a trigger assembly. I guess the only thing you can do is shoot it as is. Or get inside and do a little trigger work. Well I guess there is probably aftermarket stuff out there for certain pistols though.

            But I’ll tell you what that trigger that is on that Crosman 1720T is killer. And it is the same trigger that is on the Marauder pistol from what I can tell. But the 1720T trigger kicks the Marauders pistols you know what. I’m talking the way they came set from the factory. The 1720T trigger is so light its almost scary. I left it alone though. The pistol just shot way to good.

  2. Off Topic here – the coffee guy at the train station gave me the latest copy of Field and Stream. They had an article on air rifles and guess who was quoted right at the beginning? No one other than our very own T. Gaylord. The rifles reviewed were the Bronco, Crossman NP, RWS 48 and the Marauder as all fine air rifles from inexpensive to expensive. The author, Bill Heavey discussed the “artillery hold” and the need to try several different brands of pellets to see which the rifles liked best. I guess you are now officially considered the air gun guy, BB!

    Fred DPRoNJ

  3. B.B.,

    Off-topic, but a while ago I suggested a pellet-shooting CO2 M1 Carbine.

    Now I have another suggestion for the Umarex: An old-school replica of a wood-stocked, wood-forearmed AK-47 with all metal and wood, using the 88-90 gram CO2 cartridge and Umarex’ 8 shot metal revolving magazine. Blow-back or not. The large false magazine would be metal, removable, and foam lined. It could be used for storing the CO2 cart wrench, extra 8 round magazines, and even a slender pellet tin. I personally would also slip my little Kalishnikov-branded pocket knife in there.

    To be clear, I am envisioning the 1950s / 1960s non-folding stock versions as the basis for this Legends model.

    Hey, the Makarov needs its bigger brother in the line!


  4. This is a off topic but related to air guns and shooting ranges.

    The one guy at work that is into PCP guns told me he went to a shooting range over the Holiday weekend. He lives over in Missouri and that’s where the machine shop is we both work at.

    But he took his kids to a range over in Missouri that I have been wanting to go to. The only reason I haven’t yet is because I live in Illinois and the range is even farther away than where we work. But now I think I will have to check it out from what he told me.

    Its called Bush Wildlife and its outside and the targets can be placed out to a hundred yards or less. I’m not quite sure but I guess they have predetermined locations for the distances you want to shoot at. And here is what I thought was cool. Its only 3 dollars a hour to shoot. No membership required. But you cant reserve a spot and if there is people waiting you can only do a hour at a time.

    And here is the cool part about the story. He said there were a bunch of kids and parents out there and they were shooting mostly .22 cal. rimfire guns. No airguns. But he has a .177 cal. Talon SS and a .25 cal. Marauder rifle that they had with them.

    And here is what happened after they got through shooting. The range master and some of the kids and parents came over to talk to them. They were shooting at 50 yards and holding the 1 inch and under groups. Oh and the .22 rimfire shooters weren’t quite doing that well. And he didn’t know what kind of .22’s they were shooting. But they wanted to know what kind of guns they were shooting and where they got them from.

    So him and his kids got to maybe influence some kids and parents towards airgun shooting. And he did some Pyramid Air advertising while he was at. He told them you don’t get these kind of air guns at Wal Mart we got them on the internet at PA.

    But I figured I would say something about it. I thought it was cool that they were so interested in the air guns. Hmm just thought of something also. Maybe accuracy does sell. 🙂

      • BB
        No problem.

        I just thought it was odd that there was no other people there with air guns.

        I’ll betcha if more people got a chance to see a air gun shoot or even better yet shoot one. There would be more people involved in air guns these days.

        I hope this aint no double post. I see they are outside working on cable.

        • Gunfun1,

          I have not gone to a shooting range yet and don’t know if I will ever do that. (It’s enough of a challenge for me to hit the bull at my maximum 40 feet in my basement and 20 yards in my backyard!)

          However, I did show a few of my targets to a criminal justice colleague of mine, a lifelong police officer and firearm shooter. I showed him an Olympic 10 meter air rifle target that I had put 60 shots into in 60 minutes, with my FWB 601, from a bench at 10 meters, and I showed him a similar target I had put ten shots into with my Daisy/Avanti 747 pistol, rested, at the same 10 meters. (I didn’t time my pistol shooting.)

          At first he didn’t know whether or not he should be impressed. So I went into my office and got my tape measure and measured out 36 feet, 4 inches in the hallway and held up the targets. THEN he was impressed, even if I had shot both rested at a table. The rifle target in particular is what got him. Sixty shots produced one hole. It was a ragged and kinda large hole, but still, you could have maybe covered it with a 50 cent piece, certainly a silver dollar.

          Then I had to convince him that he should not be impressed. He thought I was being modest. I had to convince him that no, a good shooter should have been able to, from a rest, put 60 shots into a dime-sized hole. He didn’t really believe me, I think, until I told him that in men’s competition in the Olympics they do the same but standing, off-hand, and make a hole smaller (often MUCH smaller) than a dime.

          His final observation was that an Olympic air rifle must be the single most accurate gun in the world. I responded that at 10 meters or less, maybe it is.


  5. B.B.
    Thanks for your recommendation of the BugBuster scopes I guess I never did give them a good once-over. As close as 3 feet?!And under$100! I’ll take 2!


  6. Who knows? at some point I might add one of these to my collection. I do have an affinity for Russian guns. I do own more Russian made guns than from any thor country. Some of them were a pain to get.

    Yes I know this was Made in China. I’m not surprised. Everything is made in China now.

  7. Greetings everyone. I wasn’t really sure to pose this question, and apologize if it’s considered off topic. I recently have been rediscovering air guns. The last one I owned was in the 70’s and lasted about a week before my parents heard be firing it in my bedroom.

    Anyway…the moment I set my eyes upon the Bakail Makarov’s, I was hooked. I recently made two purchases, a Generation 5 which I purchased here in the states. And a Generation 4 which I purchased from a well known UK company.

    So here’s my problem. I’ve been popping off some rounds in my gen 4 when I noticed I wasn’t firing the full amount of ammo the clip was able to hold (13). Clearly some shots are ejecting more than one bb at a time, possibly 2-3 at a time. It happens more often than not, and with fresh CO2.

    I was wondering if any suggestions can be offered as to why this is happening, and wht I can do to prevent it.

    Thank you,


  8. The problem is happening with my Bakail Makarov, Gen 4. The authentic import version.

    Could not find a thread devoted to the real versions so I posted here.



    • Steve,

      Okay, I have a Baikal Mak. But it’s not a semiauto, so how does it feed more than a single BB? Something is wrong with the magazine — specifically the top of the mag where the BB is held for the next shot. Check the metal tip at the top of the follower. Is something keepingh it from popping up just a little into the bottom of the BB hole?

      As far as the generations of the gun, I haven’t clue which is which or what changes there might be. But the Russians don’t change very much, as a rule, so it must have been something to do with the magazine. At least that’s what I think.


  9. Hi, I checked and with the magazine empty, the metal pointed tip of the follower does indeed make it’s way up into the BB hole just a bit.

    I’m going to give it another try. I just loaded some fresh CO2 and 13 rounds.

  10. No good. I counted 10 rounds from a 13 round clip. Odd. Maybe different BB’s would work better? I read these guns should use only lead, but I haven’t gotten around to purchasing any yet.

  11. After researching a few sources, they all suggested using lead ammunition to prevent damage to the rifled barrel. So I purchased two types, regular lead BB’s, and steel coated lead BB’s.

    I first tried the regular lead (Gamo) and is was nothing short of terrible. I had multiple jam ups because of the soft lead not being perfectly round. At one point I could not remove the clip and had to force it down and out to clear the jammed BB. Clearly lead isn’t the ammunition to use in this pistol regardless of the information that’s out there.

    I then tried the steel coated lead BB’s (excite). After shooting 6 clips all seems to be well. I’m shooting all 13 rounds without any jamming or firing more than one round at a time. So it seems this pistol is very sensitive to the type of BB’s it uses. And I’m not really concerned about damaging the rifling being I’m not shooting live rounds. I don’t think the riffled barrel serves any purpose while shooting BB’s if I’m correct.

    Thank you for the suggestion as it did cure the problem. I didn’t know there was really a difference between brands of BB’s.


    • Steve,

      I’m not surte what you mean by “steel-coated lead BBs”. H&N (Excits) makes copper-plated lead BBs, but no BB is coated or plated with steel. I don’t even think that is possible.

      Now that you are shooting larger BBs I think your feed problems have ended.


  12. Yes, the copper coated ones, sorry.

    I don’t know if you read my other post, but my Bakial Makarov arrived safe and sound without incident. It was delivered like any other package would be. Frankly, I’m astounded, but not complaining 🙂


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