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Education / Training Colt Single Action Army BB gun: Part 2

Colt Single Action Army BB gun: Part 2

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Part 1

Colt Single Action Army BB revolver
The new Colt Single Action Army BB revolver is gorgeous!

This report covers:

• The gun has a rear sight
• Kitchen-sink velocity test
• Daisy Premium Grade BBs
• Loading and unloading
• Umarex Precision Steel BBs
• Crosman Copperhead BBs
• Avanti Precision Ground Shot
• Lead balls
• Shot count

Well, it’s official. The Colt Single Action Army BB revolver I’m testing for you is a production model. The photos Pyramyd AIR originally posted on their site were photos that Umarex sent them of a pre-production gun. All the blued guns will look like the one I’m testing. If you were concerned how your blued gun would look, it should look just like mine. By the time you read this blog, the images on Pyramyd Air’s site will have been updated.

The gun has a rear sight
I also want to clear up something. There was a question about whether this revolver has a rear sight. Initially it was listed as not having one, but it does have a rear sight. The rear sight on an authentic Single Action Army revolver is a notch cut at the rear of the frame — same as on most double-action revolvers that don’t have adjustable sights. The earliest single actions had a narrow v-notch. Later, Colt milled this into a square channel. The BB gun we’re looking at has the earlier v-shaped notch. It can only be seen when the hammer is cocked back.

Colt Single Action Army BB revolver rear sight
Yes, the revolver has a rear sight. It’s cut into the top rear of the frame. The hammer is cocked and out of the way in this photo.

Kitchen-sink velocity test
We have lots of new readers who want me to test BB guns with everything from standard BBs to lead balls. I’ll do it only if the larger lead balls will not harm the gun. In this case, I proceeded slowly from the BBs that I knew were good, and managed to test it with just about everything.

I tested the revolver with 6 shots instead of 10, because that’s what a cylinder holds. Let’s get started.

Daisy Premium Grade BBs
I began the test using Daisy Premium Grade BBs. The initial average velocity for 6 shots was 395 f.p.s. with a spread from 379 to 405 f.p.s. This seemed right, until I saw the velocities start to rise with other BBs after the second cylinderful. After 36 shots had been fired, I retested the Daisys, again. This time, the average was 408 f.p.s., with a spread from 397 to 424 f.p.s. That represents the real average, I believe. I think the plastic bases of the cartridges into which the BBs are pressed had to be broken in with a few shots before they started releasing their BBs right. Keep that in mind if you buy extra cartridges.

I did notice the velocity dropping steadily as each shot was fired. I allowed no less than 10 seconds between shots, and sometimes more than that; but this revolver does seem to cool off fast. Of course, I could only shoot each shot single action because that’s the only way this revolver operates.

Loading and unloading
To load the revolver, thumb back the hammer to the first click, which would be half-cock on a firearm. Be very careful not to go too far back with the hammer or the bolt will drop and stop the cylinder from turning. Open the loading gate on the right side of the frame and load each cartridge into its chamber — one at a time. There’s no possibility for a speedloader with a single-action.

With this revolver, you have to turn the cylinder by hand for each cartridge you load. The part that’s called the “hand” in the revolver mechanism (the part that advances the cylinder when the gun is cocked) puts so much pressure on the cylinder that it won’t quite align with the chamber until you manually turn it past where the hand stops it. In this respect, this revolver is vastly different than a Colt firearm, whose cylinder spins freer.

To unload the gun, pull the hammer back to half-cock, open the loading gate and rotate the cylinder with the muzzle elevated. The cartridges just fall out. You never have to use the ejector rod.

Umarex Precision Steel BBs
Next, I loaded Umarex Precision Steel BBs. This was the second BB I tried, and the cartridges were still a little tight. So, the first 6 gave an average velocity of 393 f.p.s., with a spread from 386 to 407 f.p.s., but when I returned to them after 42 shots had been fired, I got an average of 409 f.p.s., with a spread from 399 to 416 f.p.s.

Crosman Copperhead BBs
Next, I shot 6 Crosman Copperhead BBs through the chronograph. They averaged 409 f.p.s., so I knew the gun was now shooting to its maximum capability. The spread went from 403 to 416 f.p.s.

Avanti Precision Ground Shot
Next up was the Avanti Precision Ground Shot that you’ve come to know from recent BB gun tests. These BBs (they’re really something more than just BBs, but I don’t know what else to call them) cost 2-3 times what the other premium brands do, so they aren’t for casual plinking. But inquiring minds want to know, so I tested them anyway.

They averaged 410 f.p.s. in the Single Action Army. The velocity spread went from 396 to 417 f.p.s., with one dud shot, where the BB just rolled out the barrel after a weak-sounding shot. Something wasn’t aligned on that one.

Hornady Black Diamond
The next BB I tried was the new Hornady Black Diamond that I’m now testing in many guns. They averaged 408 f.p.s. in the Colt, with a spread from 402 to 416 f.p.s.

Lead balls
That finishes the steel BBs, but I knew that many of our readers would ask if I tested round lead balls, too. Since the Colt is designed to accept and shoot them without damage to the gun, I gave them a go. The first balls I shot were some precision copper-coated 4.4mm balls I bought years ago to feed my East German Haenel 310 bolt-action rifle. Because they’re larger than steel BBs and also made of lead, these weigh more than the typical 5.1-grain BB. These balls weigh between 7.5 and 7.8 grains, and averaged 350 f.p.s. The spread went from 342 to 358 f.p.s.

Lastly, I tested Gamo round lead balls, which are sized 4.5mm. They’re very uniform, weighing 8.7 grains. The Pyramyd AIR website lists them at 8.2 grains, so no doubt that’s what you’ll get if you order them today, but mine are heavier. They averaged 335 f.p.s., with a spread from 304 to 357 f.p.s.

First, I don’t think the 4.5mm lead balls are suited to this revolver. I say that because of the large velocity spread and lower velocity. The 4.4mm balls had the tightest velocity spead of the test. Although they’re slower, they might do well. Of course, they do cost more than 10 times what regular BBs cost, and I doubt they’ll be on anyone’s wish list. Pyramyd AIR doesn’t stock them, and I bought 30,000 when they were available 18 years ago. They won’t be easy to find today.

Next, Umarex lists the velocity for this revolver at 410 f.p.s., which I find is spot-on. And that velocity is also on the high side for a BB gun, so I was interested in the shot count.

Shot count
After testing all the BBs discussed here there were 54 shots on this CO2 cartridge. I continued shooting with Daisy BBs to see how many total shots there might be. I continued to allow a minimum of 10 seconds between each shot. Shot number 60 went 414 f.p.s. and shot 70 went 378 f.p.s. By shot 70 the velocity was definitely trailing off, and the gun never topped 400 f.p.s. again. Shot 80 went 319 f.p.s. and shot 82 went 317. Because of 4 test shots I fired during the test, shot 82 marked the final shot from the 13th cylinder of cartridges. All on a single CO2 cartridge! That’s great gas economy for a CO2 pistol — but remember how conservatively I was shooting.

Next up, we’ll test the gun for accuracy, but that’s going to have to wait, because next week I’m at the SHOT Show. My blogs next week will be focused on the show.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

86 thoughts on “Colt Single Action Army BB gun: Part 2”

  1. Looking at the first picture I am a little concerned regarding the are showing wear from the hammer strike. Will it get worse or the markings happen during inital use? I realized you only have one barrel length available to you right now. Although I don’t believe that the longer barrels will have any added benefit in regard to velocity I am interested if the Buntline version will be significantly faster.

    • Can’t seem to find a way to post something without using a reply to a already posted post. My though is there are some long life small lithium batteries out there, why can’t a “heater” be made to help heat up the co2 cartridge after each shot to help keep the speed up yet still shoot faster? Think of a rear window defroster as a small, curved around the CO2 cartridge kind of thing. Just a thought………..

        • Just got some toe warmers by hot hands. When they tell ya not to use them in open air it means they’ll get so hot ya gotta toss ’em like a hand-grenade if you do.


            • From Wikipedia: A flameless ration heater, or FRH, is a water-activated exothermic chemical heater included with Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MREs), used to heat the food. US military specifications for the heater required that it be capable of raising the temperature of an 8 ounces (226.8 g) entree by 100 °F (56 °C) in twelve minutes, and that it has no visible flame.

              The ration heater contains finely powdered magnesium metal, alloyed with a small amount of iron, and table salt. To activate the reaction, a small amount of water is added, and the boiling point of water is quickly reached as the reaction proceeds.

              • My point is, we were ordered not to use them and they(the heaters) were confiscated in the field due to excessive Hydrogen released during use but one May burn your chicken breast while the next would barely warm pudding. These air activated ones have been much more consistent.

      • John,

        Go all the way to the bottom of the page for any day’s blog post to find a COMMENT box. That way, you can originate a comment instead of just replying to someone else’s comment. For today’s blog, here’s a link:

        Let me know if you don’t see a comment box.


  2. Hmm, to my mind those lead balls running at 350 fps are actually giving more than twice the muzzle energy of the lightweight BB’s at 415 fps, surely extending the effective tin can hunting range significantly?

    • Thank you for that vision of dancing cans! Since receiving a few tins of .22 round balls in a private transaction I’ve striven to be a leading advocate of their testing.Not so good so far with the .177’s but I’ve got an Airmaster I need to test so I’ll be ordering some before long.

  3. B.B., To say I’m excited is vast understatement! I just downloaded the gun’s operating manual. I’ve taken your image and placed it on my desktop, so I can admire it while I compute. (I really love the reddish line that runs reflected down the length of the barrel.)

    Still awaiting the case-hardened 4.75″ version and, personally, I’d love to have it with the dark ebonite handles that were on my .22lr Scout. With the rampant colt embossed on them would be icing on the cake.

    I’d also love if someone offered this pistol with a reasonably-inexpensive gunfighter’s holster (rawhide leg tie-down, hammer loop, 45-degree metal piece at the bottom to deflect bbs that go off in the holster to make the lawyers happy).

    Oh yes… could I get the above model in .22 caliber, like the Crosman Single Action Six was, and with a rifled barrel for lead pellets?

    Surely asking all this is not asking too much? :^)

    Have fun at the SHOT show; bring us many photographs and lots of news from the airgunning world, please.

    • Joe,

      I think I might wait for the 4.75 incher in blued finish for this one, as I’ve decided to buy only one of this replica, and that is my favorite version by far. I have to scale back on my Airgun Acquisition Addiction (AAA). This sure does look sweet, though!


    • How dare you bring politics into this blog! And to top it off you give undue credit! You need to get back up above the Mason-Dixon line where you belong! Down here we prefer facts! The only thanks he deserves is for increasing my health insurance costs by about fifteen percent this year alone! He and his gang also want to take away your airguns!

          • I actually had to call the 1-800 # because it said it had just departed Casper Wyoming and they said it had been delivered to box or door. Just still wondering where that other $20 went. Hope it’s in your posession now!

            • Reb my phone and computer has been giving me a fit.

              Hmm even my tv and stereo have been acting funny. I wonder if carrying my cell phone all these years is making me electromagnetic or something.

              Heres a question. Does anybody that sets their phone on vibrate and carry’s it in their pocket ever get the ghost ring or vibration in their pocket when the phone is setting over on a table?

              I’m saying these cell phones got some kind of strange power flowing through them.

              And yep Reb I did email you.

      • I believe he was making a joke. The format is part 1 something that no single person can be responsible for part two thanks Obama. It is mocking those who blame any single person for something he cod not possibility have done.

        Not to be political but for a guy who did not even bother to try to extend the assault weapons ban he sure does get a lot of undue blame on those kinds of issues. Also your health care costs are impacted by thousands of factors not just one law. My healthcare this year is going down, 4 years ago it went up over 20% because two employees were diagnosed with cancer. We have group coverage so that happens.

        The current low fuel costs are the direct result of Saudi Arabia attempting to drive competitors out of the market. Once other producers are forced to shut down due to the prices not being profitable, the Saudis will simply raise the price.

        If you are happy about low prices now, remember that when they go back up and American producers have been driven out of business. You are cheering for the death of our energy independence.

        • StevenG,

          I’ve heard so many people give their opinions about why gas is cheap and who’s manipulating things. I thought I’d get the scoop from an insider. My brother is an oil and gas exploration geologist. Here’s what he says about the low cost of gas:

          As far as I know, the price of oil is a commodity determined by supply and demand. Just like soybeans, corn and pork bellies. The actual price is not determined by any oil company or refinery but by what contracts trade for on the NYMEX commodity exchange. Many companies hedge their bets by selling their commodity (oil, corn, cattle, silver, gold, etc.) at a future price. The seller protects himself from future price fluctuations and the buyer hopes to sell the contract at a later date at a higher price. Every producer has a so-called “market share” that they protect and obviously want to increase the percentage. Examples are car manufacturers or PC makers. Previously, Saudi Arabia raised the price of oil by lessening the supply. Then, other producers stepped in and increased their market share at the Saudi’s expense. The Saudis learned from their previous mistakes. Of course, oil is also involved in politics as it affects people’s budgets. Too high a price, and the consumer yells “conspiracy.” Too low a price, and oilfield workers lose their jobs. I guess the bottom line is that the oil companies have been too good at their jobs and have found more hydrocarbons than the demand can consume. Supply and demand is out of balance. It is just basic economics.


    • I believe we are currently being brainwashed into thinking we’re getting a good deal on fuel. I left working in Austin when gas was $2, around 2002 prior to that I rode 2 different motorcycles for my commute to adjust my commute cost which helped considerably, even the one that required a 50/50 mix of 112 octane due to excessive compression, stopped driving my El Camino and bought a ’97 Probe instead when the Winter started getting to be too much for riding in, all in an attempt to keep my cost of living at a comfortable rate. I can’t really see blaming all this on any single individual but I can say it put me outta the job market and stressed me to the max! Now my brain has literally exploded and I am outta the race, now a burden on the system, with working again only a dream and if I wanna watch TV I gotta buy cable. I could keep going but deem it unnecessary as I believe you get the gist.

      One PO’d American!

      • Reb
        We most certainly are being brain washed.

        Look at all the stuff they keep flashing up on your browser home page. They want us to see a certain thing for that new day. We have to work at seeing what we want to see. They just pop it out at us in a blink of a eye.

    • Enjoy it while you can. It will last for a while and then head back up. The price of oil is being kept low by Saudi Arabia and the your (USA) Gov’t in an attempt to starve ISIS of funding. Once they have them against the ropes and blast them out of existence it will shoot back up to $100/ barrel.


  4. Be sure and bring us news of a new factory Benjamin Bullpup based on the Marauder. I held off buying any airguns this year waiting for one. The Magpul Benji is cool looking, but just a set of new threads for an old ride. I’m looking for a shorter sport chassis, lol. I may just have to save my pennies and buy the Kaliber if Benjamin doesn’t do that this year.

  5. I want to hear about that Hatsan BT65QE that comes in .30 caliber.

    Not to interested in the .35 cal. or 9 mm. Or whatever they are calling that one.

    I think that .30 caliber model will be a winner.

  6. I guess I’m just not a BB gunner–please fill me in on why lead balls might not be safe to use in a BB gun? Larger diameter and possible jamming? I would think the malleability of lead would offset this tendency unless it was a very hard alloy. I’ve always read the reverse, that lead is fine but steel BBs might damage some barrels. And of course I realize that any BB feed mechanism that relies on magnetism to load or hold the BB would not work with lead. Thanks!

      • Also, the 499 and many repeating BB guns use magnets to hold the BB in place (499) or to advance them through the action to the breech. No ferrite, no magnetic attraction.


  7. If the blued gun is shiny instead of the flat black dirst shown in the pics does that mean that the nickel version will also be shiny like chrome instead of the satin finish shown in the pics ?


      • Tom,

        As of 7:00 PM Central the pics of the Blued version are still black. But I believe!

        The picture of the shells disturbs me, however. Please tell me that the shells will not come with a big greasy thumbprint of a guy named Helmut.


    • Yeah like the colt Python? That would be interesting to know.

      I have been watching The Lone Ranger on Hulu just to get a glimpse of the
      Peacemaker in action. Keemosabe’s (sp?) guns are shiny chrome!
      I loved that show when I was a kid. I find it pretty corny now.
      Same goes with Rat Patrol.

        • Reb, if you head on over to YouTube you will find many episodes posted there as wells some other real oldies like Highway Patrol starring Broderick Crawford. 🙂 Enjoy

        • I loved Rat Patrol too! I was just surprised at how they would be driving along side the tanks and half tracks with 50 calibers blazing and hitting nothing then a covered truck gets hit and explodes. Just the back cargo area. Plus everyone has long 1970s haircuts. Things I didn’t notice when I was a kid. Might be wise to not watch it again if you want to keep those fond memories.

          • One show that still stands up to old man time pretty well is Peter Gunn, given that Film Noir is timeless and classic. In one episode Peter’s best friend, Detective Lieutenant Jacoby (played by the brilliant character actor Herschel Bernardi) shows at the indoor Police pistol range that he can put six .38 Special slugs into one little ragged hole at 25 yards every time! And that with a snub nose!

            Good times,


  8. Oh boy, here we go again!! this gun KINDA reminds me of a bb sixgun a neighbor had when I was a kid, I do believe it was a daisy. It looked a lot like a colt .45 peacemaker but if memory serves it fired the bb’s very weakly and it did not have a rotating cylinder

  9. That was the one!! When I read the article and saw the “spitting’ image” term pop up it reminded me of my very first BB gun, it was the Daisy 1894 rifle. Holy cow.. I remember that it had a unique (for the time) cocking system that kind of split the cocking effort between the down and upstrokes of the lever. This allowed all of us erstwhile cowboys of the day to cock the gun without removing it from your shoulder, just like our heroes on the big and small screens did when shooting it out with the bad guys. 🙂

  10. As of yesterday I’ve had to get physical help working on my guns the last 2 times I’ve done anything substantial to one. I helped install the rings I ordered from PA and the 50mm scope I got from Gunfun. I need a workstation/rest. I feel like my effort only contributed to about 10% of the finished product and it was my buddy’s first scope install. I put a MTM Predator on my wishlist for both working on them and shooting support although I’m not fond of plastic. Can anyone suggest a better option for someone who only has one hand to work with?
    Thanks for any suggestions!


    • Reb,

      I’ve tried a few gun vises for working on long guns and for the money the hyskore works well. I like that it’s very adjustable for length and height and has 3 points of contact with 2 of them being vises to secure the gun. I don’t like all the sharp corners but I dipped all the sharp areas in plasticoat (same stuff you use to dip tool handles in to coat them in a rubberized material) and I use a hande towel between the rear, round vise that grips the stock.

      Contrary to their marketing this is a tool for working on guns not a shooting platform. It doesn’t work well to shoot from. Get a heavy front bag and a heavy rear rabbit ears bag for shooting.



        • Reb,

          Do a search for Hyskore shooting rests. They make lots of different models. The one that I linked for you is an entry level rest/vise. I’m sure you can find a Hyskore rest/vise that can serve all of your needs but it will cost more.


        • Just watched a video of it’s big brother starring centerfires! I was confused because I couldn’t find it through PA. If they had it I would probably go ahead and order it right now as well as some other stuff I’m saving for an order next after the 1st. It’ll be time to do some business with Crosman then too.Time to get that 2400 coming for the summer.

    • Checked USPS postal rates online and the 7 pound, 1 ounce 12″x12″x24″ carton from 93455,California to 74055,Oklahoma is about $17.70 regular mail, not Priority. Since people cheat thinking the Feds should pay it when the postal service is not supported by our taxes, they want you go to your postal office and ship. So no online label printing. Notice there is no rounding up to the next price of 8 pounds like UPS. Maybe FedEx does also,
      Orcutt, California

  11. B.B., you say during unloading you don’t have to use the ejector rod. It does function though, does it not? I hope so. I don’t know why, but I love that aspect of the single action revolver. Thanks, Bradly

  12. No time to read all the worthy commentary on warming air guns to obtain higher energy…
    But my memories of the sixties had more to do with using hand-warmers to warm…my hands…to warm…the young hearts of almost willing, maybe yes, maybe no, young ladies…in parked cars…
    The heck with air-guns, that wasn’t the issue at hand, there was plenty of energy available in my recollection.

  13. well you don’t have to load one skip one. 6 in the wheel. Wonder why the hammer doesn’t lay flat. May be it would cause a slow gas leak like the older Crossman. Still , looks like a winner , sign me up for a pr in nickel. They should offer nickel shells . Like to have nickel in my cowboy rigs, they look good and don’t tarnish like brass.

  14. Good evening all. I am kinda new to airgunning and have a couple questions if somebody could help. First how can I just go to this blog and ask a question or does it have to be related to something already covered? 2nd question
    I shoot in my basement that is pretty much unheated and I have my co2 stored there also,should I keep it upstairs where it would be at a warmer temperature or am I okay keeping it in basement. The basement is probably 50 to 60 degrees. I have heard a lot of talk about not getting max shots if co2 is cold I am getting about 40 shots using my crosman 2300 kt pistol. Thanks for any help you guys can give me. Have a blessed day.

    • Ellicott,

      welcome to the Blog. I’m sure BB will also get back to you (Tom Gaylord) but let me answer your questions in the meantime. First off, the current blog (published Monday to Friday including holidays) can be reached each day at/blog//.

      There are tens of thousands of enthusiasts reading this blog each day, many if not most, quite knowledgeable, who are more than happy to answer any question you may have. We have no problem with anyone going off topic on any blog so long as it pertains to airguns somehow. We try to maintain a courteous and helpful and friendly atmosphere and feel there is no such thing as a stupid question.

      If you post a question or comment on an older blog (and they go back over 10 years), there are only several of us will see it and comment but also encourage you to post questions or comments on the current blog.

      Depending on how new and knowledgeable you are to airguns, here is a page that will be helpful to you. It is found here:


      Regarding CO2 cartridges, you are right that cold temperatures affect the discharge pressure and you may get higher velocities with a warmer cartridge. However, keep in mind that the cartridge and it’s gas cool the gun with every shot and if you don’t allow the gun to warm up after a shot, you next shots will be slower. As for reduced shots, I just don’t know but why don’t you experiment and let us know?

      I hope this helps and I’ll leave you with this warning. This hobby is extremely habit forming and there is no known cure

      Fred DPRoNJ

      • Fred,
        How nice to hear back from you and your info on the co2 and the blog were most helpful. You are right it is habit forming! I grew up using firearms since a very early age but this is a new kind of animal for me,not just load a few bbs and plink some cans in the back yard anymore I see. I have fashioned a range/backstop in my basement at 30 ish feet that will withstand up to 1200fps and probably a 22lr,instaled lighting in it and all. Now comes the hard part,not purchasing every air gun I see. You,BB and many others on Pyramid’s site have been a great help to say the least. If anyone has ideas on creative targets I would love to hear about them. Thanks to all of you for helping this new guy out. Have a blessed day everyone.


      Welcome to the blog. Fred from the Democratic People’s Republic of New Jersey pretty much told you everything.

      We now have 55,0000+ readers of this blog, though only a few hundred ever comment. The rest just read and enjoy it. Every once in awhile, one decides to comment, and I try to welcome them.

      I thank Fred for giving you such a thorough answer to your questions. And remember, you can ask anything here. The only rules are this is a family-oriented site and we don’t allow profanity, criticizing other commenters or political discussions. Other than that, you will see that we are very open to your discussions.


  15. Good day everyone. Wow,I was real happy that I found this site to begin with but all you guys have been so helpful and made me feel welcome,I thank you very much. I would not have even started with air guns if the great state of MD had not made it so hard to get 22 lr amo. I am glad I did though,I love it. I think I will love it even more when I get my Colt Peacemaker,since ordering it I feel like I’m watching a pot for the water to boil (patience,patience) I have been checking out some of the past articles that Fred suggested to me,good information! I guess I will be one of the few hundred that comment BB. Have a blessed day everyone.

  16. Average 400 FPS
    Me ….what I want to know is :

    Did this Colt SAA can PIERCE Empty Food Can or not
    I dont mean coke\7up can….but FOOD CAN

    Im sure the colt can pierce them….but what the maximum distance in feet they can pierce them ?

  17. Been searching the web for holsters. Can’t find ones I like that come in both left and right, as I ordered two pistols.And I’m getting impatient for the guns to arrive,guess I’ll just have to go shoot some paper and tough it out!

  18. Hello, I am new to this site. Basically found it while surfing for information on this Peace Maker I ordered it in January when they said the shippinf date was 2/15 and after payment found out it would not ship until at least 3/24. Talk about frustrated!!:( but i am basically responding to The Questions about Holsters.in my excitement after ordering i looked on Ebay and found a nice cross draw holster for around $20 . It is by Big Texas Leather and it appears to be a quality holster ( i received it but I am still waiting on the gun.) I have a full belt and holster for my ruger 22 and this holster seems to be as good a quality on the one I bought 20 yrs ago and spent $40 at that time on just the holster not the belt that was close to $100 back then. so check out ebay you may find something reasonable that you lik.

    • Jim,

      Welcome to the blog.

      The Colt Single Action has been far more popular that anticipated. I know how frustrating it is to wait and to have the due date rescheduled. The supply chain for this revolver stretches from the U.S. to Germany to Taiwan and everything that can be done to speed it up is being done.

      I know when you finally do receive your revolver the wait will be worth it.

      And thanks for the Ebay tip. I will check it out.


      • Thanks B.B. Are they really planning on Comming out with a 4 3/4 Model ? Any possibility of a Sheriffs Model ? I have always been a Fan of western Guns and these models are like Being a kid again as I never got one of the Daisl 179 I always wanted as a Kid.

        • Jim,

          No one has told me specifically that there will be a 4-3/4″ or a Sheriffs model, but look at the facts. The gun is overwhelmingly well-received and these models don’t take any additional tooling to produce.

          They have already made the weathered model I asked for, so I think these others are a given.


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    Get the most out of your equipment when you work with the expert technicians at Pyramyd AIR. With over 25 years of combined experience, we offer a range of comprehensive in-house services tailored to kickstart your next adventure.

    If you're picking up a new air gun, our team can test and tune the equipment before it leaves the warehouse. We can even set up an optic or other equipment so you can get out shooting without the hassle. For bowhunters, our certified master bow technicians provide services such as assembly, optics zeroing, and full equipment setup, which can maximize the potential of your purchase.

    By leveraging our expertise and precision, we ensure that your equipment is finely tuned to meet your specific needs and get you ready for your outdoor pursuits. So look out for our services when shopping for something new, and let our experts help you get the most from your outdoor adventures.

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  • Warranty Info

    Shop and purchase with confidence knowing that all of our air guns (except airsoft) are protected by a minimum 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase unless otherwise noted on the product page.

    A warranty is provided by each manufacturer to ensure that your product is free of defect in both materials and workmanship.

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  • Exchanges / Refunds

    Didn't get what you wanted or have a problem? We understand that sometimes things aren't right and our team is serious about resolving these issues quickly. We can often help you fix small to medium issues over the phone or email.

    If you need to return an item please read our return policy.

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