Beretta model 92A1 full-auto BB pistol: Part 2

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Beretta Model 92A!
Beretta model 92A1 full- and semiauto BB pistol from Umarex.

Part 1

This report covers:

  • Ooops!
  • Umarex steel BBs
  • Hornady Black Diamond BBs
  • Air Venturi Steel BBs
  • Smart Shot lead BBs
  • Trigger pull
  • Shot count
  • Let ‘er rip!
  • General observations

Today we look at the velocity of the new Beretta model 92A1. This pistol is both semiauto and a full-auto, and is powered by CO2. Therefore, we must ask the question, how much velocity is lost when shooting full-auto? I will try to test this for you.


In fact, I didn’t have to dream up a fancy test for full-auto. I had left the selector switch on Rock-and-Roll, and when I touched off the first shot of the test I got a burst of 5 instead. The next shot after the burst was fired a few seconds later and registered 324 f.p.s. That was with Umarex Steel BBs. I figured it was their pistol, so why not use their BBs first?

Umarex steel BBs

Then I fired 10 in semiauto, leaving about 10 seconds between shots. That average for this BB was 322 f.p.s. and the shots ranged from a low of 318 to a high of 327 f.p.s. They advertise 330 f.p.s., so the pistol is right on the money. And it still has good velocity after a 5-shot burst. Now let’s look at the velocity with other BBs.

Hornady Black Diamond BBs

Next I loaded 10 Hornady Black Diamond BBs into the magazine, which loads easily by the way. Just pull down the follower with the tip of a ballpoint pen and it locks in place at the bottom. There is a groove in the front of the magazine that aligns the BBs with the hole they will drop through when loaded.

Hornady BBs were not as stable as the Umarex BBs had been. They averaged 314 f.p.s., but the spread went from a low of 305 f.p.s to a high of 321 f.p.s. While that’s just 16 f.p.s., it’s more than the 9 f.p.s. of the Umarex BBs.

Air Venturi Steel BBs

Next I loaded ten Air Venturi Steel BBs into the mag and shot them. They averaged 319 f.p.s. with a low of 313 and a high of 322 f.p.s. So, another BB with a 9 f.p.s. spread.

The verdict to this point is that this pistol is very stable, indeed. And, we are up to 41 shots, thus far. Now let’s try it with a lead BB.

Smart Shot lead BBs

Smart Shot lead BBs are heavier than steel BBs, so we know they will go slower. How much slower we are about to discover. Ten Smart Shot BBs averaged 265 f.p.s. in the Beretta model 92A1. The low was 253 and the high was 270, so the spread was 17 f.p.s.

Trigger pull

The double action trigger pull (pulling the trigger both cocks and releases the hammer) was 8 lbs. 11 ozs. That’s very light for a double action pistol. The single action pull (the trigger just releases the hammer) that you will experience most of the time you shoot this pistol is 4 lbs. 3 oz. I would have put it at under 3 lbs. if I hadn’t measured it. The pull is long and very smooth with very little stacking (increase in the pull) toward the end.

Shot count

I shot the pistol 53 times on test day. I had planned to return to it the next day, which is when I am writing this, and get a complete shot count, but the gas was completely gone. So my best guess for the nuber of shots you get on a cartridge is anywhere from 60-80. Does it decrease with full-auto fire? Probably not, from what I can see, but you will certainly get to the end of the cartridge faster.

Let ‘er rip!

I know you guys are dying to hear what it’s like to shoot full-auto. Well, it’s a lot of fun and the magazine empties fast. The pistol is very controlable — moreso than you might expect. And a fresh CO2 cartridge gave me 4 full mags (72 shots) plus 6 shots from the sixth mag. That’s a total of 78 shots — all on Rock and Roll!


General observations

This Beretta shoots like all the other Beretta air pistols I have tested. It holds the same and is just as stable in your hand, which is to say very stable, indeed.

26 thoughts on “Beretta model 92A1 full-auto BB pistol: Part 2”

  1. The GSG 92, the Swiss Arms 92 are convertible to select fire / full-auto co2 bb guns. Those are actually Taurus PT 92 replicas with frame mounted selector switches. On the real Taurus pistols, the full-auto position on the safety lever is actually the hammer drop position.

    The Gletcher BRT 92 and now this Beretta 92A1 plus the upcoming Crosman PFAM9B are Beretta 92 co2 bb gun replicas with frame mounted selector switches separate from the slide mounted safeties.

    But these are all inaccurate as far as I know. No Taurus or Beretta 92 firearms ever had full-auto capability from the factory. The only real full-auto Beretta pattern 9mm pistol, is the single action model 93R, equipped with compensator, folding forward grip, enlarged trigger guard, frame mounted selector switch and supplied with extended magazines. Why don’t they make bb gun versions of that gun instead? They have had airsoft versions out for so many years now! It would be a more honest full-auto Beretta replica bb co2 gun.

    • BB,

      There are plenty of online videos of full auto Beretta 92s. But these are aftermarket conversions and not factory issue like the model 93R. The model 93R was configured specifically to fire 3 round bursts or semi-auto. Beretta knows that a full auto 92 would be hard to control, so the forward grip, the enlarged trigger guard, the recoil compensator and the 3 round burst limitation of the 93R were designed to keep the firearm safely manageable. In contrast, Glock came up with the selective fire full auto compensated 18c. They even sold factory full-auto conversion kits for the compensated 19c that effectively turns it into an 18c. I was able to try one of those converted 19c and it was a scary experience. The Glock is so light and empties a 33 round mag of 9mms in less than 2 seconds that you are hardly in control of what you are actually hitting. And probably that is why Beretta doesn’t make factory full-auto 92s.

      Most any semi-automatic pistol can be converted to full-auto fire. It’s a matter of disabling the trigger disconnector. Bonnie and Clyde had full-auto .45 1911s. But even those were equipped with forward grips to help hold the things down.

  2. B.B.

    By controllable in full-auto mode, do you mean the muzzle kicks up less? I have the M712 full-auto BB pistol which kicks up quite a bit in full-auto mode. Since municipal ordinances prohibit me from shooting in the back yard, I can only shoot indoors in the basement. The M712 in full-auto kicks up the muzzle enough that BBs stop hitting the target/trap and start ricocheting around the room. If I were shooting this Beretta 92A1in full auto, would I see less of that?

      • B.B.

        There may be a business opportunity there for someone entrepreneurial enough. Dandelion weed control by BB gun! Unfortunately there will have to an environmental impact study on all the BBs left in the lawn especially if they are the lead based Smart Shot BBs. LOL.

        • Cstoehr
          That’s like one thing I look forward to. Is dandelion control in the warm months.

          My wife came out one time and I was shooting the dandilions with my Tx. She goes I thought you said you were going out to do yard work! And I said but I am dear. I’m taking care of getting rid of the dandelions in the yard. She just smiled and shook her head. 🙂

              • GF1,

                Done in good taste and in a responsible manner, I think that would be a good idea. The fun aspect is a very good thing!

                And about the last thing that I will ever say on the topic,….. I have visited a lot of firearm sites looking for an adj. butt stock with comb adj. and have yet to see a whoop it up, yeeehah!, type gun video or advertisements. Want that?…… Go to You Tube.

                We are told to treat airguns as firearms. The advertisements should reflect the same.

                IMO,…. Chris

                • Chris USA
                  As I said. I can already see where that could go.

                  And don’t worry. You don’t have to worry about me posting a inappropriate picture our video on the internet. It’s the whole rest of the world is where problems could arise.

                  You just never know what will come up. The internet is a interesting world you know. And what is posted will be forever. So maybe people should think about that also.

                  And it’s not only in the gun world.

                  • GF1,

                    A few guys at work are always talking about the latest bizarre thing they saw on the internet. And yes,…. there is no limits. I have never had the desire to seek out things like that on purpose.

                    Oh well,…. and each to their own liking and taste. That I do believe in. But yea,…. I like to exercise my freedom of speech too,…. in good taste.

                    • Chris USA
                      Yep freedom of speech.

                      I bet that there are some people that don’t really say what they want freely.

                      And maybe that’s a good thing too.

  3. B.B.

    I’ve been told the Beretta 92A1 comes in a foam lined cardboard box. I assume then that the box is like those that other pistols are shipped in. How sturdy is the box? I’m debating whether or not to buy a plastic single pistol case for one.

  4. Recently tried to access this website, but I get an error message: forbidden! You don’t have permission, etc., forbidden 403, ta-da-ta-da. Any idea what’s going on with that?


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