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Accessories Beretta model 92A1 full-auto BB pistol: Part 3

Beretta model 92A1 full-auto BB pistol: Part 3

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Beretta Model 92A!
Beretta model 92A1 full- and semiauto BB pistol from Umarex.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • The range
  • Full auto first/li>
  • Hornady Black Diamond BBs
  • Umarex Steel BBs
  • Smart Shot lead BBs
  • Overall evaluation

Today is accuracy day. Today’s the day we find out if the Beretta model 92A1 is worth it.

The range

I shot the pistol from 5 meters, using the UTG Monopod Rest on which to rest the forward portion of the frame. The light rasil on the underside of the frame was a good place to rest the pistol. Just make sure your fingers stay away from the slide because it comes back hard when the gun fires.

Full-auto first

I thought I would try a full-auto burst for the first target. Ha-ha! Actually, I forgot this gun has a full auto function and squeezed off a burst by accident. The 6-8 shots stayed in about a 3-inch circle, but I wouldn’t do it again. It’s good for rolling a can, but not so much for punching paper.

Hornady Black Diamond BBs

First up were Hornady Black Diamond BBs. At 5 meters they struck the target about one inch below tyhe aim point. Ten BBs made a group that measures 2.152-inches between centers, which isn’t so good.

Beretta Model 92A! Hornady group
Ten Hornady Black Diamond BBs made this 2.152-inch group at 5 meters. I hoped for better.

Because the BBs were hitting the paper below the aim point, I pasted two bulls on the backstop, one above the other, and shot at the top one to group on the bottom. That worked pretty well.

Umarex Steel BBs

Next up were some Umarex Steel BBs. They also shot low, but now I was sighting on the upper bull, so they landed at the top of the lower bull. Ten BBs went into 1.811-inches at 5 meters, though 8 of them are in 1.035-inches. I felt this BB has more potential in the Beretta than the Hornady BBs.

Beretta Model 92A! Umarex group
Ten Umarex steel BBs went into 1.811-inches, but 8 of them are just over one inch — at 1.035-inches. This is better.

H&N Smart Shot BBs

The last BB I tried was the copper-plated lead BB from H&N. The Smart Shot BBs. These performed differently that I have ever seen before. They made a group that measures 1.698-inches between centers overall, but 5 of the 10 shots landed in a single hole that measures 0.128-inches between centers. I don’t know what to make of it.

Beretta Model 92A! Smart Shot group
Ten H&N Smart Shot lead BBs went into 1.698-inches, but the 5 in the large hole at the lower left are in 0.128-inches. I can tell better from the back side of the target how many BBs went through. A strange distribution.

Overall evaluation

Buy this pistol for the full-auto function. It’s controllable and the best full auto BB pistol I have ever tested. As a semiautomatic, the Beretta 92A1 isn’t up to the same standards of some other top BB pistols these days. The sights aren’t quite on and the accuracy is just average. Twenty years ago this would have been a wor;d-beater, but today it’s just average.

50 thoughts on “Beretta model 92A1 full-auto BB pistol: Part 3”

  1. I have to think on that smart shot group, very strange…
    Bringing part of yesterday’s blog into today’s blog.
    I have worked on many m9’s, and owned a couple of 92’s over the years.
    I have shot them in competition, and carried them as a sidearm.
    But I just never liked the FEEL of the Beretta.
    A 1911 series pistol just feels better in the hand, in my opinion.
    And I am not just old school, I like the feel of a glock too.

    My signature on all the forums is this:
    I make 2 predictions;
    1. The US Soldier will have on his person a version of the Colt 1911.
    2. He will be aiming the NEW Weapon at someone carrying an AK47.

  2. Best full auto pistol ? Well, as a collector, it’s a variant of the Beretta I don’t have and obviously need to !

    You know BB you need some perfectly machined flawless ‘testing’ bb’s and pellets to be able to tell us if it’s the gun or the bb that prevents all ten shots from going into one hole. Much like that highly calibrated 1962 dime you obviously keep on your work bench for an accurate reference 😉

    Here is a challenging objective…Come up with a bipod that functions well with a springer’s recoil and would eliminate part of the need for an artillery hold… Possible?
    Bob M

  3. B.B.,

    Did you check the magazine to be sure 10 shots left it? There is a lot of popping and banging going on, so maybe a miss-feed situation could have been happening. ( the gun fully cycled, but nothing left the barrel). Just an idea.


      • B.B.,

        Well, if you loaded 10, and the slide stayed open at the end,….. that is about as good as it gets.

        I had the LGU put the first 3 shots into the same hole,… on 3 different 10 shot groups,… in a row. At the end of each 3 string, I had to walk down to the target at 30 yds. and see for myself. Of course,.. the other 7 of each group blew the streak,…. but man,…. that was an awesome day! Dropped jaw, still can’t believe it,.. might be more accurate. 😉


  4. Was late to the party on yesterday’s blog, but this one gives me a chance to say what makes me happy: More and more, a gun that hits what you aim it at. This one will sell for its full auto function, not its accuracy. That’s why I don’t own more BB pistols, but there are some pretty cool replicas around (which would be an additional reason to buy one). I do have my eye on a 1911 eventually (45Bravo your first blog comment made me laugh!)

    • If you stop to think of the numbers of ak variants made all across the globe and the widespread distribution, and the lifespan of the weapon, the second one is entirely likely.

  5. Kind of strange how the smart shot did.

    Do you think maybe that the blow back is inconsistent? And possibly the heavier weight and maybe the drag in the barrel keeps it in the barrel long enough to affect the smart shots poi.?

    Could the pistol need gripped different for the smart shot bb’s? Maybe looser like a artilary hold. Or even just the opposite. Gripped real tight to hold on target just a little longer for the smart shot to get out of the barrel before the recoil might affect its flight.

  6. B.B.

    I bought and tested the 92A1 last week and saw very similar results. Groups were about 2 inches in size and about 2 inches low at 18 feet from a bench rest position. I put a laser on mine to help bring the point of impact up to point of aim.

  7. B.B.,

    It would be interesting to see a report on the more promising Crosman PFAM9B, which is also a full auto 92 style but with the Beretta style trigger guard and a slightly higher capacity. Its velocities are supposed to be much higher than this one, too.

    Also intriguing is the Crosman PDM9B, which is not full auto but is nevertheless what is still uncommon — a blow-back pellet pistol. And it does NOT use the end-for-end clip that the others (except for the Desert Eagle) use.

    It is an exciting time to be a CO2 airgunner.


  8. *Off topic emerging airgunner*
    I have been reading for a couple years really learning a lot from this blog and the comments. This has been a great resource.
    I just found a Diana 36 for sale used and couldn’t pass on it. I’m 29 years old and turned 12 yrs old with my crosman Pumper 2 years ago and turned 14 last year with my Benjamin 392. I kill cans humanely at 25-45 yards and some closer paperwork trying to capture a childhood I wasn’t allowed.
    Ill get to the point. I found a few guns for sale and want the best advice I can find. U guys! The info is limited on these tags and the firearm guys couldn’t be bothered for anything than letting me alone with the open case!! Ill list the ones that caught my eye. A couple might be older than me?
    Nortica target .177 $100
    Rws 45 .177 $180
    Rws Mendoza .177 $130
    Rws gamo. Thought it might be junk haha.

    The top two are the ones I’m interested in and maybe the Mendoza.

    I’m looking for training rifles. I have 0 shooting friends and I am teaching myself the best I can. The two break barrels I have are cheap from the sporting goods store. Maybe they can shoot but I must get better fundamentals. I’m trying to master shooting with both eyes open. My young eyes were very happy that my young brain took some good advice from the pros. Finally I am finding solace on my lonely island. Haha. Keep up the good convo! P.S. the 36 and I are getting along well already….

    • Punchin Holes,

      Welcome to the blog.

      I’d say the RWS 45 is worth the money. That’s a rifle I spent some time rebuilding for a friend. Read about it here:


      The Norica is made in Spain and is of good quality, The Mendoza is made in Mexico and the quality depends on both the model and when it was made. I think the price is a little high on that one.

      The Gamo is another one whose value depends on both the model and when it was made. Gamos are all over the place for quality, but they can be quite good.


      • B.B.
        Thank you I figured the Diana 45 would be a safe move. I was intrigued by the two bladed trigger by the Mendoza but I figured I can’t afford a chance at this moment. The norica was a blocky underlever that really jumped at me. The gamo was pretty but that doesnt interest me. Tom I appreciate your precious time. I appreciate the link to convey info quickly. Im reading the blog in reverse now. Maybe one day I’ll even be able to weigh in on a topic from my perspective and experience.

    • Good to hear from you, and I can identify exactly with your situation. I had to teach myself to shoot from scratch, but you could hardly do better for shooting friends than the blog.

      I’m afraid that I don’t know anything about the models you mention, but I can pass along some other advice that I found helpful. You really want to invest in quality over quantity. I say that as someone who was obsessed with good deals at the start. I understand the desire to save money, especially if you’re starting out and not sure how much you want to invest. But it sounds like you have a number of good guns already that are giving you satisfaction. I’m jealous of the Benjamin 392 which I’ve always wanted. That rifle alone should allow you to keep improving. So, I would focus on sharpening your skills with what you have. If you want more, Pyramidair has a huge range of offerings and information to back it up, so I wouldn’t worry about attractive deals at your local gun store whose staff doesn’t know what they are doing. I’ve encountered them.

      Regarding price, the ammunition you use over any significant period of serious practice is going to make the difference in price between guns to be insignificant. Another reason to go with the best gun you can buy. And to gain further value from your shooting, I would focus on shooting technique for which there is a lot of advice on the blog.


      • Matt61
        You were definitely on my mental list of bloggers that I had hoped to hear from. It is comforting to hear that I am more or less on the right track. I have substantially invested in higher quality pellets but.like most AGers I could always use more.

        The benji is very dear to me. I bought the last one at a big box store with a ripped box and red tag. it worried me… until I shot it haha
        My wife knocked it over in the gravel and stePped on it and another time and it has also fallen 3.5ft to the ground when I wasn’t around… This rifle is the best thing I have ever had and I love it now more that it is ugly haha. I have a Williams peep for it and filed the front post to .050″ with a strip of hot pink fingernail polish. I would like to make a few inserts. .022-.029″? For target and maybe .09ish For plinking and dusk targeting.
        I have tried to reach out to firearm shooters with 0 luck. The benjiman has had the last word with these dday shooters a couple times wondering why their skss and aks can’t group at 40yards. I am exposed to the worst of the shooting community and it’s nice to leave in silence when I have done easily what they struggled to do. I am only better because of my willingness to learn. I won’t give up yet tho.

        O I almost forgot. My busy schedule means I shoot at dusk and in the dark with halogen lights. I need 8 pumps most of the time due to the range and wind. so I’m racing the clock. Thats a different training all together! Sometimes I pump as fast as I know I can just to get the blood pressure up! Thats said that’s why a Springer appeals to me so much.

        • Punchin’,

          It is exciting to welcome a (somewhat) new member to this hobby, as others have already written. You are very welcome here, and please feel that no question you have might be a “dumb” question. There are no such things. As you are new to springers, I have a few bits of advice. Please do forgive me if you already know these things.

          First, if you scope a springer, purchase a springer-rated scope specifically for air rifles. Springers recoil both backward AND forward quite violently and have the ability to turn the innards of non-airgun scopes to mush. (And search this blog for reports teaching how to mount and zero-in a scope.)

          Second, search this blog for reports teaching what is called the “Artillery Hold.” It was developed by our fearless leader B.B./Tom Gaylord many years ago and is the method best suited for developing accuracy with a spring-powered air rifle.

          Finally, with the exception of tap loaders such as the Diana/RWS/’Original’/Gecado Model 50 and the Hakim trainer, continue to firmly hold the cocked barrel or cocking lever with one hand as you load the pellet into the breech with the other hand. This is especially important with underlevers and side-cockers. Failure to do so can, although this is rare with modern air rifles, reduce the number of thumbs you possess by one.

          Welcome and happy plinking and paper-punching,


  9. B. B. – this is off topic but there is a new BB rifle you should really take a look at. It is the Gletcher Mosin Nagant M1944 Russian Legend rifle. As there are only 200 for sale in North America a review is needed before they are all sold. I managed to get one here in Canada last January and on an indoor range at 10M I was able to get 5/8 inch (10 shots, off hand) groups with Avanti Premium Ground Shot. Not bad eh’ and it might be able to give the Daisy Avanti 499 a run for the money.
    I’ve yet to chrony or shoot the gun at 5M but in the last few days I have been shooting it on my outdoor range and found it to be tin can accurate up to 40 yards.
    As I said before B.B. this BB gun needs to be reviewed.


  10. Full-auto sounds cool except that the firearm version is not full-auto so all the detail in the realistic reproduction goes out the window. Besides, my experience with full auto air guns is that they are a great way to use up ammunition. Too bad about the accuracy because among the criticisms I’ve heard of the firearm, accuracy is not one. It is supposed to be a very accurate pistol.

    Reading more on my Navy SEAL philosopher, I see that he has addressed ultimate happiness. This guy has quite a command of the ancient philosophers. You don’t want to count out the Navy SEALs except maybe in their acting abilities. Some actual SEALs were in a movie about fighting drug criminals and the acting was a little wooden. Anyway, ultimate happiness according to ancient philosophers is based on the idea of “flourishing.” This means something like the exercise of all your powers in the pursuit of excellence. It is a formula for success, but it’s more about process. Why this should lead to happiness is a speculative discussion, but it does explain a few things. It would explain why B.B. could spend hours taking apart the K-31 trainer with the two ball bearings or why Bulldawg enjoys driving 95 mph at night or hunting boars in swamps with a knife–all activities that would drive me around the bend. I just don’t have any powers to exercise in that direction. But it does explain why I’ve enjoyed shooting 100,000 odd shots through my IZH 61. So, it’s all about finding something you like to do and immersing yourself. The door to the class on happiness apparently leads back to airguns…


  11. Just a continuation of yesterday’s blog. I emailed and called and talked to a Crosman customer representative about a multi-pumper made up of various 1377, Discover, and Marauder parts ala Gunfun’s suggestions. She said that she’s had quite a few inquiries along the same line. I suggested they make it one of the Custom Shop options, since they already have all the available parts and that they could make it a production gun if they have enough demand. If you are as interested in this concept gun as me, let your voice be heard. There’s strength in numbers!


    • Brent
      I would say very much so let them know.

      They sent me a reply today wanting to see some of my pictures of the gun. Sent them this morning. So I will say something when and if they get back with me.

      I will say this. I was shooting it some this morning. I have one of the Hawke 2.5-10 magnification 1/2 mildot reticle sidewinder scopes on it. Was using the JSB 10.34’s with 5 pumps and hitting my steel spinners out at 50 yards every shot. And that was with a 8 mph crosswind. The gun loves the Discovery barrel.

      And one thing I failed to mention is the gun is light. If it weighs 5 pounds that would be pushing it. I haven’t weighed it but I bet it’s at 4 pounds with the scope on it. So it’s not a bad gun to be out in the woods carrying around for a day of shooting.

      Oh and enough power to take starlings out to 50 yards at 10 pumps. And that’s even with the pellet passing through the bird. I seen the dirt fly after the birds got hit. And confirmed pass through when I checked the birds.

      Definitely a fun little gun. And I bet Crosman could sell it all day long for a $110 and still make a profit on it.

      • GF1,

        Let’s just hope you get a piece of that $ pie. After all,…. you did the “homework”.

        In fact, take that concept and carry it to the next step,…. let the end users and modders lead the way to the next step. Reward them for it. Ideas would come flooding in. (this would be the opposite of mfgr’s. trolling web sites for ideas on “the next big thing” or trending “want”. Dream on,… huh?

        • Chris USA
          Not really worried about the peice of the pie.

          A custom shop gun like Brent suggested would be cool. But I would like to see a production gun made.

          Right now Crosman has the Bengamin 392 and 397 pumpers. But they are a little complicated to scope. And they are on the higher end of the money scale. Then on the other end of the scale you got the plastic smooth bore 760. A production 1377/ Discovery conversion would probably fall right in the middle of the other guns cost wise. But you would have a 95% all metal and wood gun with the 1377/Discovery conversion. And it would be easy to scope or put whatever sight you would like on it with the dove tailed steel breech.

          It would be a solid old school traditional pump gun if they made it. If it was on a Walmart shelf I would spend the extra dollars and get it over a 760 any day. Plus if Pyramyd AIR would carry it. I bet it would end up having one of BB’s logo’s beside it as a best value for the money guns. That is if Crosman makes it and BB tests it. 🙂

          • Gunfun1,

            I’d even buy a prototype (for a reasonable price of course) and thoroughly wring it out for them, with the stipulation that I could return it to get any problems that I found ironed out. I’d really like to see a quality American Multi pump with Crosman on the top of it all once again.

            • Brent
              Buy you a 1377 and 1399 stock combo from Pyramyd AIR. Like this.

              And a steel breech like this.

              Then get a Discovery barrel from Crosman for around $20 or so.

              Then you would have the same gun minus a Discovery or Marauder trigger and the Discovery wood stock. Then put you a scope on it. Then you can basically see what the guns all about. But it is a much nicer gun with the wood Discovery stock adapted to it.

              And with you a 100%. Would love to see the gun happen.

              • That is a very nice pumper. I hope that they offer it even as a custom job from their shop. It will surely haunt my dreams for many nights since even the parts are not available to me.

              • Did you take the breach and the pump to it out of the pistol body and put it in the woodstock? Does the Discovery barrel fit right into the steel breech for the 1377 or does it take some fittling?

                • Brent
                  I had to cut the Discovery stock in half more or less to make the pump handle. I did have to router out the stock so the cocking mechanism fit in the front half of the stock which is now the pump handle. Then had to drill two holes in the wood to be able to attach the pump handle to the pump arm mechanism.

                  The back part of the Discovery stock was a direct fit to the 1377 main tube after the Discovery trigger was bolted on. The mounting lug on the trigger assembly and srew to hold the stock on is from the Discovery also.

                  If you want the Marauder trigger on the gun you have to get a generation 1 Marauder trigger assembly and mounting lug and bolt. You won’t have a trigger gaurd with a Marauder trigger though. So you will have to figure that out. Also (do not) use a generation 2 Marauder trigger. They changed the mounting hole locations. So it will not work.

                  And the link I posted above for the steel breech will bolt right on top of the 1377 tube. Then the Discovery barrel is a direct fit. Slip it in tighten the set screw type of deal.

                  If you decide to try to make one with the Discovery stock just post a reply to me on the blog if you need to know something.

                  And if you do the 1377 with the 1399 stock like in the link above and put the steel breech and Discovery barrel on it. It only takes me about a half hour to change the pistol over to a rifle. But I done those types of mods to many times. So I might be a little faster than normal.

                  Let me know if you do something.

                • Brent
                  The first link and last link are the same 3 pictures. The middle link doesn’t work.

                  And the two darker pictures is when I first put it together with the Bugbuster scope. The brighter picture with the pump arm open with the mounting srews showing is with my Hawke sidewinder scope that I recently put on it.

                  • Gunfun1

                    The Crosman Custom Shop has it in stock! The only difference is that they don’t offer it with a wooden stock just plastic.

                    The item is the 1300KT.

                    Importing an airgun from overseas is prohibitively expensive. Not impossible for someone who is willing to pay the price though. The exchange rate and tariffs are a killer though. We expect to pay at least three times the listed market price before it gets into our hands.

                    • Siraniko
                      When I emailed BB pictures of my wood Discovery stocked 1377 he mentioned that Crosman was going to be adding the 1377 to the custom shop guns.

                      And I see the longest barrel they offer is 18″. I have tryed a 18″ barrel in the past. And I have to say the longer 23″ Discovery barrel benefits the gun more performance wise. And then you would have to add the 1399 stock to make it a rifle. And the 1399 stock is not that ergonomic.

                      So I still say the wood stock adds to the gun nostalgia wise and just makes it feel like a more exspensive gun then the plastic 1399 stock and the plastic pump handle.

                      But anyway it’s one step closer to making the 1377 a production pump rifle. Hmm maybe they can add the Discovery modified stock and trigger assembly as a option in the custom shop. They grab a stock cut it and rout it out to specs on a blue print and ship when gun is complete. Then add the Marauder trigger as a option.

                      Well you can see how the gears turn in my brain. Like that movie about baseball. Feild of Dreams.

                      “Biuld it. They will come”

  12. B.B.
    The gun I am referring to is the long gun carbine version of the sawed off 1891 model you have already reviewed. Please don’t let the review of the sawed off version influence the new Gletcher Mosin Nagant M1944 version.
    You can find it on the PyramydAir website at:


    I’ve just walked in the door after a few more hours shooting time on the new M1944 this week, about 700 shots downrange in total so far. I have to say now that I am more than ever impressed by this guns accuracy, range and shot count.
    It really needs a full review !


  13. Why anyone would buy this air gun considering it’s accuracy a measure of worth is beyond me. I bought it for it’s full auto capability period. The replica features, sight mount, overall quality build are a bonus. As far as accuracy, it’s not. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, the slop needed to operate freely emptying the magazine in seconds is going to make for lose groups. The barrel has considerable slop at the muzzle, slide is jiggly as well. My copy’s sights are useless and I need to aim 3”s high @10’ from a bench rest. (3” group @ best) Air guns require the barrel not moving to be consitent &accurate. It’s not happening wih this bb sprayer. I’m happy with this gun. With a laser you can get it on target easier than guessing how high to aim. The firing experience is much like firing a powder driven gun. The full auto is just plain fun. I own a drozd that will shoot a quarter size group in 6rnd. bursts, no recoil, plastic, unrealistic, & 3 times the cost. For the money, umarex serves up more fun for or the dollar.

  14. BB, I know this is an older blog but I was just about to purchase one of these and I pumped the brakes to see what your modern day thoughts here now, 4 years later are on the best Beretta 92 blowback model available currently? The Full auto would be fun on occasion but accuracy seems pretty poor. I know you can’t expect much accuracy with a BB platform, no pun intended there, but my Glock 19 BB gun shoots better than this does but is not blowback.

    I am, looking for a Co2 counterpart to my 92FS for fun and training purposes and want the most accurate, and realistic blowback version that I can find.

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