by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Beretta Model 92A!
Beretta model 92A1 full- and semiauto BB pistol from Umarex.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • The range
  • Full auto first/li>
  • Hornady Black Diamond BBs
  • Umarex Steel BBs
  • Smart Shot lead BBs
  • Overall evaluation

Today is accuracy day. Today’s the day we find out if the Beretta model 92A1 is worth it.

The range

I shot the pistol from 5 meters, using the UTG Monopod Rest on which to rest the forward portion of the frame. The light rasil on the underside of the frame was a good place to rest the pistol. Just make sure your fingers stay away from the slide because it comes back hard when the gun fires.

Full-auto first

I thought I would try a full-auto burst for the first target. Ha-ha! Actually, I forgot this gun has a full auto function and squeezed off a burst by accident. The 6-8 shots stayed in about a 3-inch circle, but I wouldn’t do it again. It’s good for rolling a can, but not so much for punching paper.

Hornady Black Diamond BBs

First up were Hornady Black Diamond BBs. At 5 meters they struck the target about one inch below tyhe aim point. Ten BBs made a group that measures 2.152-inches between centers, which isn’t so good.

Beretta Model 92A! Hornady group
Ten Hornady Black Diamond BBs made this 2.152-inch group at 5 meters. I hoped for better.

Because the BBs were hitting the paper below the aim point, I pasted two bulls on the backstop, one above the other, and shot at the top one to group on the bottom. That worked pretty well.

Umarex Steel BBs

Next up were some Umarex Steel BBs. They also shot low, but now I was sighting on the upper bull, so they landed at the top of the lower bull. Ten BBs went into 1.811-inches at 5 meters, though 8 of them are in 1.035-inches. I felt this BB has more potential in the Beretta than the Hornady BBs.

Beretta Model 92A! Umarex group
Ten Umarex steel BBs went into 1.811-inches, but 8 of them are just over one inch — at 1.035-inches. This is better.

H&N Smart Shot BBs

The last BB I tried was the copper-plated lead BB from H&N. The Smart Shot BBs. These performed differently that I have ever seen before. They made a group that measures 1.698-inches between centers overall, but 5 of the 10 shots landed in a single hole that measures 0.128-inches between centers. I don’t know what to make of it.

Beretta Model 92A! Smart Shot group
Ten H&N Smart Shot lead BBs went into 1.698-inches, but the 5 in the large hole at the lower left are in 0.128-inches. I can tell better from the back side of the target how many BBs went through. A strange distribution.

Overall evaluation

Buy this pistol for the full-auto function. It’s controllable and the best full auto BB pistol I have ever tested. As a semiautomatic, the Beretta 92A1 isn’t up to the same standards of some other top BB pistols these days. The sights aren’t quite on and the accuracy is just average. Twenty years ago this would have been a wor;d-beater, but today it’s just average.