by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

This report covers:

  • B.B. needs help!
  • What about my Diana 27?
  • Ten yards
  • We have lost 95 percent of shooters!
  • Blue Streak
  • Spoiled?

B.B. needs help!

Before we begin today’s report, I need to ask for some help. In fact, today’s report drove this request. I was going to write about the Rockin’ Rat target, Part 2, and I wanted to show you a short video of how it works. The main thing about this target is the way it works, and trying to tell you about it is like trying to describe the taste of salt.

I can film the video, but I’m not yet familiar enough with the editing software to edit it efficiently. Pyramyd Air can’t help because they are working full time on their projects.

What I need is someone who can edit short videos for me. If I could find someone to do that there could be a lot more videos on this blog. The person should be familiar with the requirements of You Tube, because that’s where the videos are hosted.

Okay, on to today’s report! What’s with the title? Because the cobbler is so busy making and repairing shoes, like walking on concrete all day, for others that he has no time to make them for his own family. I needed to shoot the Rockin’ Rat target with a pellet gun and realized — I don’t have a gun that’s sighted in for something close!

Sure, I can sight in a rifle for a 50-yard target. But after I shoot it and get the results, the scope comes off and I move on to another airgun. There are no airguns in my closet that are sighted-in for just hitting targets at 10-15 feet. That’s an ideal video distance, by the way. If I want to pick off a wasp sitting on the fence 15 feet away, I don’t have a gun for it. Back up to 50 yards, give me a couple hours and I’ll be good to go. Just get the wasp to park awhile. Do you see anything wrong with this?

What about my Diana 27?

The one airgun that comes closest to meeting this requirement is my Diana 27. So I took it out to the garage to see where it’s sighted-in. At 10 feet it was right on the money. As long as the target is large enough to hit with open sights offhand at 10-15 feet, that will be my go-to air rifle for targets at that distance. But what about that armadillo in the back yard, ten yards from my back door?

Ten yards

Here we go again! Shooters who shoot a .22 rimfire simply do not understand what I am talking about. They hold on target and squeeze the trigger. If their 40-grain lead bullet misses where they aimed by 3/4-inch, what do they care? Their bullet is packing 100 foot pounds of energy at the target, so a miss of less than an inch is trivial. On the other hand, my 14-grain pellet is carrying maybe 8 foot pounds of energy at the target and a miss of 3/4-inch can put me out of the game.

My Diana 27 is sighted for 10 feet, so it’s going to be off at 10 yards, or 20 yards or any other distance I care to use it beyond about 15 feet. Go ahead and ask why that is if you want, but my veteran readers already know what I’m going to say. It has to do with the trajectory of the pellet and also with adjusting the sights to hit things that are very close.

We have lost 95 percent of shooters!

By this point in the report we have lost most of the shooters. Either they are rimfire guys who haven’t a clue what I am taking about (the trajectory and low power of a pellet rifle) or they do most of their shooting in their heads, while sitting in front of the tube. Until you try to nail a half-inch target at 40 feet with a pellet rifle, every shot seems possible. Jason Bourne can do it with a pistol while falling down a stairwell!

So, poor me! I’m the guy with a hundred nice airguns and not one to shoot. Do I need a golf bag filled with rifles of different calibers, sighted-in at different distances?

Blue Streak

Or, maybe you figured it out for me. If I just shoot my Blue Streak that you all saw was incredibly accurate, I could vary the number of pumps and meet any challenge. And you would be right except for one thing. The Blue Streak takes time to cock, load and pump. When I want to shoot three aimed shots in 20 seconds for a video, it’s not the best gun to choose. Sure it’s possible, but you have to move at a frightening pace! So, for some things the Blue Streak works, but not for all things.


The Brits have a phrase that covers this problem — spoiled for choice! It’s the antithesis of the man who owns just one gun and has to do everything with it. Laugh if you must — this is a real problem. I’m like a guy in the pits at a NASCAR race whose group has asked him to go get pizza! He’s surrounded by several 200+ mph cars and no real transportation!

And I still do need some help on those videos. As a reward I will offer a free lifetime subscription to this blog — or as long as it lasts! (insert smiling emoji here)