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Big Game Hunting Ataman AP16 Standard air pistol: Part 2

Ataman AP16 Standard air pistol: Part 2

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Ataman AP16 Standard
Ataman AP16 Standard PCP air pistol.

Part 1

This report covers:

JSB Jumbo Heavy
Firing behavior
Trigger pull
More velocity tests
Air Arms Falcons
H&N Baracudas

Today we look at the power/velocity of the Ataman AP16 precharged pneumatic air pistol. In Part 1 I linked to Tyler Patner’s test of the Compact model. The one I’m testing is the standard model. It has a longer barrel so it gets higher velocity and the reservoir is larger so it also get more shots. As I recall, Tyler got 23 good shots from the Compact model.

JSB Jumbo Heavy

I’ll start with the 18.13-grain JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy that Tyler recommended for best accuracy. And I will show the entire shot string so you can see the shot-to-shot consistency.

30…………..613 135 bar left in reservoir
32…………..616 average 612 f.p.s. to this point
35…………..did not register
36…………..DNR (blank shot)
47…………..597 average 612 f.p.s. from shot 33 to this point
48…………..588 90 bar remains


I will call the average velocity for this pellet as 612 f.p.s. and that produces an average 15.08 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle.

I call it 46 good shots from a fill. That’s exactly twice what Tyler saw with the Compact. The high was 617 f.p.s. and the low was 602 f.p.s. That’s a 15 f.p.s. spread for the string. That regulator is doing a fine job!

Wow! I wasn’t expecting so many shot from a fill! And wow, again! I fired the first shot with no hearing protection. Man! The AP16 is a solid 5 on the Pyramyd AIR sound scale! After that the electronic earmuffs went on.

I did shoot a blank shot (shot 36), so the pistol doesn’t stop shooting when the pellets run out. You have to keep track of where you are.

Firing behavior

When the pistol fires you feel it in your hand. It’s not so much a recoil as it is a power pulse.


When I filled the pistol before the start of the first test, it filled instantly. Watch your tank’s valve and try to open it as slowly as you can. I did that the second time and still it filled too rapidly.

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Trigger pull

Stage one of the two-stage trigger stops at 12 ounces and stage two broke at 15 ounces as the pistol came from the factory. If it remains that light I would have to be careful when shooting for accuracy or I’d put one into the wall. I adjusted the second stage pull up to 22 ounces and it seemed okay. But the second stage is not crisp and I have no idea of where it is. So I have to be on target before touching the trigger.

More velocity tests

I refilled the reservoir and, as mentioned, once more it went too fast. Then I shot two other pellets for velocity. Falcons were first to see what the higher velocity looks like. I only shot 7 shots because that’s how many the circular clip holds.

Air Arms Falcons

Twenty-two caliber Falcon pellets that weigh  13.43 grains averaged 680 f.p.s. At that speed they generate 13.79 foot pounds at the muzzle. The low was 674 and the high was 684 for a 10 f.p.s. spread.

H&N Baracudas

To see how powerful the pistol is I shot 21.14-grain H&N Baracudas next. They averaged 584 f.p.s. over 7 shots and that generates 16.01 foot pounds at the muzzle. The low was 581 and the high was 588, for a 7 f.p.s. difference.


What we have in this pistol is a lot of shots on a fill, and good power for the shots there are. The trigger is light and, if the pistol proves accurate, the AP16 could be a very good airgun to hunt with.

You know what I don’t see in this test? A slow-filling regulator. I waited no special time between any of the shots in today’s tests.

The AP16 has open sights, so I will try them first. And I will show you how to adjust them, which the manual doesn’t cover. That will be next. After that I’ll mount a dot sight and go again.


The Ataman AP16 PCP pistol is not inexpensive. So it’s important that it stacks up well in the categories of the power, accuracy, reliability and looks. So far, it does.

41 thoughts on “Ataman AP16 Standard air pistol: Part 2”

  1. B.B.,

    That small reservoir is to blame with that fast fill from a tank. It just might be possible to fill this with a lever assisted hand pump.


    PS: Caption for the first picture: Umarex Fusion 2 CO2 repeater (Ataman AP16 Standard air pistol)
    Section Discussion, 3rd paragraph 2nd sentence: And I will show you how to adjust them, whiuch (which) trhe (the) manual doesn’t cover.

  2. BB,

    Looking good so far. Hopefully the accuracy is there.

    What did the gauge read at shot 46? (this would also tell what the regulator is set at)

    For those asking for a 2000 or 3000 fill test,… could you watch the gauge on the way down (in relation to what shot number you are on), for an answer to that question?


  3. BB,

    I have been looking at this for quite some time and this is THE pistol for me. Unfortunately, there is just no way I can afford one of these.

    The modularity of this platform is incredible. For those who find the noise bothersome, there is a screw out piece in the muzzle end of the barrel sleeve. You can get an adapter that screws in and mount just about any of the myriad airgun silencers on it. You can quickly make this thing backyard friendly. You can also turn it into a compact pistol or a tacticool carbine.

    The trigger, well… It sounds like the “typical” Ataman trigger. No, it is not crisp but it is usable. perhaps it can be made “crispier”, I do not know. At this price unfortunately I may never know.

    • Same thinking here. I still believe it’s just a very expensive effort to get what the Marauder pistol does more silently and efficiently. No way I can justify buying it. Just for the looks and the grip, if I were rich.

  4. RR
    A grand is way,way out of my league also. If money were not an issue one of these would make a very handy and fun “tacticool carbine”. Shoulder stock,silencer and compact scope would be a sweet set-up.

  5. BB,

    The P-rod list cylinder size as 65cc and this pistol list the cylinder at 108cc. Does that sound right? I would think the P-rod pistol would have the larger cc. Plus, this pistol has a regulator, eating up more cc.


  6. Ridgerunner ,

    Keep an eye on the PA website there is always refurbs available . Last week tech did 4 pistols I believe . On refurbs some are just ” I didn’t like it ” to a problem that needed repaired which are very few . Definitely takes the sting out of it . If I bought everything I liked , I would have to live here !!. Like the Company store song . Ataman guns are every bit the same level of quality as German and English guns.

    Gene Salvino

    • Gene,

      Oh, I am sure of the quality. It is the price I have dealing with. I have seen the price on the refurbs of this and they are still out of my league.

      Now if somebody was to buy my RAW, then I could think about it.

  7. I have a casual interest in pistols that is mostly limited by the Canadian 500 fps rules. 🙁

    Seems that the Ataman AP16 is quite pricy relative to similar PCP pistols. Don’t know how they compare but the Artemis PP750 is a third of price.


    • Hank,

      With your power limitations you should go with the PP750. I think my Izzy may exceed that. Besides, you have an air pistol that will make the AP16 look sick at that power level. 😉

      • RR,

        I’m not much of a pistol guy. I keep on looking at the PCP pistols thinking one in. 22 might scratch the itch I have always had for a rimfire target pistol but I know it won’t. Even at $300 the PP750 is more than. I can justify for the amount of use it would get.

        Happy with my old FWB100. Take it out a couple of times over the summer for plinking and do a bit of 10 meter stuff in the basement in the winter.

        It’s accurate rifles that have my interest.


  8. B.B.,

    Interesting? Is it accurate? Maybe?

    What about a comparison to the HW44 Pistol; i would almost eat my hat if this trigger was better than the HW44! PLUS, for about the same money the HW44 HAS a Silencer!
    I will guess accuracy might be better for the Weihrauch…


    • Shootski,

      The HW44 will likely shoot as good, if not better. This however is more tacticool and has an incredible amount of modularity to it.

      I cannot afford either.

    • Shootski,
      The HW44 looks like it has a lot going for it. Accurate, fully ambidextrous, quiet, great trigger, … One thing I did notice was that, according to its manual, the air cylinder has a 10 year service life. The air cylinder can be sent to the manufacture for test to gain 10 more years, once. This does not seem to be an issue for the Ataman AP16. – Don

      • Don425,

        I think that Weihrauch 10 year service lifeis an EU thing (10 year to hydro testing) requirement. In the USA DOT requires testing of HPA cylinders only if they are over two inches in diameter; and that is every five years with a visual inspection every year.


        • Shootski,
          Yes, it could be an EU thing. The manual does say “according to regulations “.
          Just saw this in the manual:” The use of a hand pump with our pcp-air guns will cause damage to air cartridges / cylinders from excess moisture allowed into cylinder. Damages caused by improper filling, excessive pressure, or lubrication to these air guns, or their associated filling devices / charging units, will not be covered by any service contract or policy and is not subject to any declared or implied warranty.”
          Guess I should not read the manuals. 😉 – Don

  9. “not quite an airgun”
    This pistol is pretty cool, with good consistency and plenty of power. Between guns like this, and some of the price point PCPs you have reviewed, I was on the edge of crossing over to the dark side.
    But after talking with Gunfun1 about the accuracy he was getting with the new CCI .22 Quiet rounds, I saw this Savage Mark II .22LR on the used rack in our local gun store. Although not quite an airgun, it is pretty darn quiet with those CCI .22 Quiet rounds, and more importantly, it can keep them in less than an inch at 40 yards; hence, this is my new varmint gun at the farm. So, for $180, I have my new [to me] 40+ fpe quiet pesting rifle, and I don’t really need a PCP for that role. The beauty of that is that it frees up my airguns for the kind of things airguns do best…lots of shooting just for the fun of it. =>
    Take care & thank you for all you do,
    P.S. Here is the Savage shown below my HW30S. While not quite backyard friendly, the 22″ heavy barrel spits out those 40 grain pills quietly enough to not disturb the golfers (as one side of our property shares 100 yards of border with the local golf course).
    But I still shoot at least 10 pellets for every quiet .22 LR round I fire. As always, airguns are awesome.

    • Dave,

      Those subsonic. 22 rimfires and my Browning T-bolt were my go-to for all of my pesting and most of my small game hunting for decades. ..then I discovered the dark-side. Don’t shoot powder burners much at all these days.

      Glad you are enjoying your Savage!


      • ” ..then I discovered the dark-side. Don’t shoot powder burners much at all these days.”
        That’s pretty funny! =>
        When I was a teen, I tried hard to get my Dad to let me get a Browning T-bolt. I saw one at our local gun shop and it was sweet. This Savage isn’t at that level, but it is a sweet little rifle; it was highly recommended to me by one of my ex-military friends who works at the gun store and has the same rifle. After shooting it this past weekend, I made a special trip to the store yesterday just to thank him for his advice. It’s a nice little gun and it does have that adjustable accu-trigger…VERY cool.
        But If I want some fun shooting, I can just break out the Hank special; I’m no expert with it yet, but that slingshot you made me is way cool; thanks again for that. =>

        • Dave,

          Agreed, for just plain fun it is hard to beat a slingshot – the SMACK it makes caving in the side of a can makes me smile every time.

          IMHO, the only other thing better is watching a homemade arrow launched off a homemade bow spinning on axis as it flies downrange – the “live power” of a wooden bow is something special!

          Glad you are using your slingshot!


          • “IMHO, the only other thing better is watching a homemade arrow launched off a homemade bow spinning on axis as it flies downrange”
            Hank, funny you should mention that; that is the next thing on my agenda. =>

            • Going to make a bow? Great stuff!!

              “The Traditional Bowyer’s Bible ” (4 volumes ) is the best source of info and plans available if you are looking for how-to details .


  10. That’s a nice shot string at any price, and you dont have to “get under the hood” to get it. But, it should be for a thousand bucks. I had planned to shoot slugs out of a Prod, but 21 grns @ 940 fps from a12″ barrel is too much to ask without a big enough plenum, and allot of porting etc.. That would be a super maxed out Prod for sure. Besides this Ataman is still a pistol, not a carbine, which is what my pistol turned into. It would be cool if I could ditch the gauge on the gauge port, and just thread in a plenum, but now I think it’s ok. 820 fps @ 2K psi. Maybe could get 850 fps@2.1K output with HN FTT 14.66gr, great accuracy.

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