Walther LGV Challenger: Part 3

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Walther LGV breakbarrel air rifle
Walther’s LGV Challenger breakbarrel was a short-run success in 2013.

Part 1
Part 2

History of airguns

This report covers:

  • The test
  • Firing behavior
  • Sight in
  • Air Arms Falcon
  • JSB Exact RS
  • RWS Superdomes
  • Discussion

Today we start looking at the accuracy of the Walther LGV pellet rifle. We know from past reports that this rifle is stunningly accurate. And this isn’t the last we will test the rifle. There is more to come.

The test

As I said in Part 2 I knew this rifle was accurate, so I started today’s test at 25 yards. I shot with open sights. I didn’t remember that last time I struggled with vertical groups when open sights were used. It would have been better to mount a scope right up front, so that’s what I’ll do for next time

I shot off a sandbag rest, but I used an artillery hold, because in 2013 it worked best. The rifle floated on my off hand with the heel of the palm touching the triggerguard.

Firing behavior

The rifle is now shooting dead calm — no vibration that I can detect. The trigger has two spots of creep and then it’s ready to break.

Sight in

I had no idea of where the open sights were adjusted so I took it slow. One shot at 12 feet and another at 10 meters. I sighted in with Falcon pellets from Air Arms, so they were the first I shot for accuracy. It took 6 shots in total to get into the center of the bull at 25 yards.

Air Arms Falcon

Ten Falcon pellets went into 2.214-inches at 25 yards. Yuk! The group is very vertical, so I went back to the 2013 test and discovered that these open sights have that tendency when I shoot them.

Falcon group
The LGV Challenger put 10 Falcon pellets into 2.214-inches at 25 yards when fired with open sights.

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JSB Exact RS

Would JSB Exact RS pellets do any better? I sure hoped so! They did do better but still not good. Ten pellets went into 1.207-inches at 25 yards. As before the group is vertical.

RS group
The LGV shot 10 JSB Exact RS pellets into 1.207-inches at 25 yards.

RWS Superdomes

Ten RWS Superdomes went into 1.261-inches at 25 yards. It’s a strange U-shaped group with a lot of verticality in it.

Superdome group
Ten RWS Superdomes went into 1.261-inches at 25 yards.


It’s obvious that I need to mount a scope on this LGV. I think a small one will be perfect.

I have to do another 25-yard test with these same pellets.

The powerplant is now entirely stable. And I am assembling my grease gun though the job on the LGV to apply Tune in a Tube more precisely is done.

36 thoughts on “Walther LGV Challenger: Part 3”

  1. B.B.,

    Could the tendency for vertical stringing be due to the design of the front sight?


    PS: Section The test 1st paragraph 4th sentence: “It would have been better to mount a scope right up front, so that’s what I’ll dso (do) for next time.
    Section Firing behavior 1st sentence: “The rifle is now shootingcdead (shooting dead) calm — no vibration that I can detect.
    Section Sight in 1st sentence: “I had no idea of where the open sights were adjusted so I too (took?) it slow.”
    Section Discussion 3rd paragraph Last sentence: “And I am assembling my grease gun though the job on the LGV is done to apply Tune in a Tube more precisely, though the LGV is done. (And I am assembling my grease gun, although the job on the LGV is done, to apply Tune in a Tube more precisely.)

    • These U-shaped (almost y-shaped) groups look strangely familiar to me. I think I got these kinds of groups when I shot my FWB LP80 and Diana LP5G from a rest to see what kind of accuracy I can get.

      Apparently, I am not terribly good at shooting pistols from a rest, and also I haven’t yet found a position that the LP5 likes.

      If I remember correctly, I got a y-shaped group from the LP80 and an inverted, larger y-shaped group from the LP5.

      Of course, with me behind the trigger, there could be a number or reasons for this… Poor trigger technique, inconsistent hold, sight errors…

  2. Gday BB,
    Off Topic

    Just found my FX has lost all air over 3 months for the first time in years.
    Do I dry fire it around 20 times at full power and or add a few drops of Bars Leaks?

    BTW that office chair with Balistol on the strut seal is still going great after how many years!!!!

    Cheers Bob

    • Bob,

      NO BARS LEAKS! That is probably a petroleum product.

      As BB said, silicone chamber oil. Put a few drops in your fill hose/adapter and refill your air reservoir. Any leaks will cause the silicone chamber oil to migrate to them where they will help recondition the seals and stop the leakage.

      If one or two applications like that does not work, the seals are too far gone and need replacing.

  3. BB,

    That thing has the dreaded “glowy thingy” sights. Just to make matters worse, the rear sight has rounded corners also does it not? Is the front sight rounded also? Any one of those will give you accuracy issues. Put them all together and that spells “ug”.

    The “new” LGV is really quite a disappointment, most especially if you are familiar with its heritage. They should have just copied the “old” design and put it in a new stock. At least everything worked right.

  4. B.B. and Everyone,

    I do not wish to hijack today’s report, so I will keep this brief.

    My mother died late Saturday afternoon of COVID-19, essentially organ failure from hypoxia. She woke early in the morning with extreme difficulty breathing, but after being taken to the ER by ambulance and put on oxygen, she improved for a few hours. But then she worsened. Her blood pressure and heart rate continually decreased for a number of hours until, as my wife and I were at her side, her heart finally stopped.

    My wife and I seem to be over our COVID-19, but this disease is completely unpredictable and can be relentless.

    All of you have my heartfelt thanks for your uplifting words, thoughts, and prayers of support during this time. Even though I have so far not met any of you face-to-face, over the years I have come to feel you are good friends.


  5. BB,

    So what happened? Have you become more picky in your “old age”? I read part of your two previous reports on the “new” LGV’s and you were praising them for being the TX200 of the break barrels.

  6. B.B.,

    In part 1 of this series you said you intended to adjust the trigger.

    According to the Walther manual the two screws on the trigger adjust for travel and weight. Did you adjust the trigger and it still has “two spots of creep”?

  7. Sorry for your loss Michael. There’s allot of that going around. Get your flu shot as soon as it becomes available.
    My P1 carbine shoots JSB rs at 605 fps, a little slower than this rifle, but its a perfect couch companion, awesome trigger, super light weight, hi power scope. Plus, I can use non springer rated optics on account of the reverse recoil, but the barrel lock up maybe isn’t as nice as the LGV.

  8. B.B.,

    Is EVERYTHING that could loosen properly snugged?
    Does the barrel lock function the same every time? It would be my guess as the cause for vertical stringing beside poorly designed sights.

    The odd shaped groups cry out for videos of the shot sequence!


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