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Air Guns Air Venturi Seneca Eagle Claw lever action repeater: Part 3

Air Venturi Seneca Eagle Claw lever action repeater: Part 3

Eagle Claw
Eagle Claw lever action repeater.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • BB is taking holidays
  • Today
  • Adjust the trigger
  • Velocity test — lowest power
  • Velocity one click up from the bottom
  • Discharge sound
  • Discussion
  • Power at two clicks up from the bottom
  • Back to one click up
  • Shot count
  • Summary

BB is taking holidays

Friends, BB has never taken a holiday since this blog began in 2005. This year I decided to change that. Sure, I have fun when I’m in Las Vegas for the SHOT Show and stuff like that, but it’s all work, if you know what I mean. I can’t even see any roses, let alone take the time to smell them.

So I cleared it with Pyramyd AIR to take 4 holidays each year. I’ll take the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s day.

Now, the 4th of July is on Sunday this year, so what I’ll do is take the next day off. I will have written a blog, but it won’t be published on that Monday. If a holiday comes on a Saturday, like next Christmas and New Years, I’ll take the Friday before off. I will still monitor the comments on those days, but there won’t be a blog published.

I’ll remind you about this as those days approach. I hope you’ll understand that old BB needs some time off, too.


Today we return to the .22-caliber Seneca Eagle Claw lever action repeater. Several of you readers indicated an interest in this PCP, so today should be enlightening. As you know, this Eagle Claw I’m testing has 11 power settings. I tested the highest setting last time and also a setting that was two clicks down from the highest. That setting actually was slightly faster, on average, than the highest setting — 955 compared to 952 f.p.s.

Today I’ll take the same pellet and test it at the lowest power setting. That will show us how much adjustability there is in the power wheel, as well as how stable the rifle is at that setting.

Adjust the trigger

I also said I would adjust the trigger in today’s report. Let’s do that first. The Eagle Claw trigger was tested as single-stage with a let-off of 3 lbs. 10 ounces in Part Two. It felt a little on the heavy side to me. So I looked in the manual to see what could be done. Yes, I know reading any manual invalidates my man-card for a week.

First, I noted that the trigger is supposed to be two-stage. Maybe adjustment will make that more apparent? Before I did anything I checked the trigger again, and it is indeed a single-stage trigger at this point.

There is but one adjustment screw and it is turned counter-clockwise to lighten the pull. You open the lever and there it is. It proved hard to turn, but I was eventually able to lighten the pull to 3 lbs. 1 ounce. It is pretty crisp. It remains a single-stage trigger, though, with no way of being mistaken for a two-stage.

Velocity test — lowest power

I filled the rifle to 200 bar (2,900 psi) and tested it with the same H&N Baracuda Match pellets that were used in the high-power test.

I dialed the power wheel down as far as it would go and then shot a string. The first string of Baracuda Match pellets averaged 273 f.p.s. The spread was 6 f.p.s., from 269 to 275 f.p.s. I found that surprising because usually real powerful PCPs don’t play well at their lowest power settings.

I started the string at 200 bar indicated on the onboard pressure gauge. At the end of 10 shots the gauge still read 200 bar.

I will note that the rifle was very quiet, but I don’t consider this setting very realistic. So, for the second string I dialed the power up one click from the bottom.

Hunting Guide

Velocity one click up from the bottom

The average for the second string was 500 f.p.s. The spread ranged from 488 to 503 f.p.s. — a difference of 15 f.p.s. I consider that velocity to be a reasonable low-power setting. At the average velocity the 21.14-grain pellet generated 11.74 foot-pounds. The pressure gauge read 195 bar at the end of this string.

Discharge sound

At this power setting the rifle produced 69.2 decibels of sound. That’s a little louder than talking and certainly backyard friendly, unless the neighbors have a telescope trained on your yard.

discharge 1
One click up from the bottom is quiet! Sorry about the message that blocks part of the screen. When I picked up my phone to save the image I accidentally hit a button, and there is no going back.

String two at this power setting (which is the third string since we began) averaged 501 f.p.s. The spread ranged from 499 to 504 f.p.s. — a difference of just 5 f.p.s. Like I said, this is great performance for an adjustable precharged rifle at a low power setting. The average energy was 11.70 foot-pounds. The reservoir had 185 bar at the end of this string.

The third string at this power setting produced an average velocity of 507 f.p.s., with a spread from 501 to 509 f.p.s. That’s an 8 f.p.s. difference. The velocity crept up a little this time. The energy averaged 12.07 foot-pounds. At the end of this string the onboard gauge read 180 bar.

The fourth string at this power setting, which is the fifth since we began, averaged 502 f.p.s. The low was 499 and the high was 504 f.p.s. That’s a difference of 5 f.p.s. The average energy was 11.93 foot-pounds. And the pressure gauge read 175 bar after the string.


It should be obvious that there are a LOT of shots at this power setting. Too many for BB to waste expensive and difficult-to-find pellets to find out. So I now wanted to see what had to be done to get the rifle up to around 800-850 f.p.s. with this same pellet. That is where I would like the rifle to be. I dialed the power wheel up one more notch, which is two notches up from the lowest possible setting.

Power at two clicks up from the bottom

The average velocity for this string was 795 f.p.s. The low was 786 and the high was 804 f.p.s. That nails what I was looking for. At the average velocity the rifle with this pellet produces 29.68 foot-pounds of energy. That is a lot of power, and yet the Eagle Claw skimps on air. It was also louder. I started this string with 175 bar and ended with 165 bar.

discharge 2
Two clicks up from the bottom is a lot more powerful and also a lot louder. It’s not for a suburban backyard.

Back to one click up

What happens when I return to one click up from the bottom? Before I give you the breakdown, let’s look at all the shots


I showed you this entire string so you could see the first two shots. See how the velocity climbs back up to the 490s? What you are seeing is that the Eagle Claw is still shooting close to where it was before on one click up from the bottom. In other words, it’s very stable at this low power setting. That makes me curious.

If two clicks up from the bottom is 795 f.p.s. and two clicks down from the top is in the 960s with the same pellet, what is in-between? Take 4 clicks from 11 (the total possible) and there are 7 clicks remaining that I haven’t examined. At what setting on the power wheel would the Eagle Claw shoot the Baracuda Match at about 875 f.p.s., and about how many shots would you get at that speed?

What I’m saying is I am finding the Seneca Eagle Claw to be a very stable PCP. Hunters could use that to their advantage. I think I need to do at least one more velocity test before we move on.

Shot count

I’m not giving you a shot count today, but from what I have given you can figure it out fairly close. At the slower setting there are at least 60 good shots, if not 70 or more. At the faster setting we probably have 45-50 good shots.


The .22-caliber Seneca Eagle Claw lever action rifle is a stable PCP that gets lots of shots at high power. You don’t need to go for broke, wasting a lot of air uselessly, to get a lot of powerful hunting shots from this rifle.

I’ve only tested the rifle with a few pellets so far, but the tests I have done have shown me more about its performance than just shooting a bunch of different pellets at different power settings.

If I find a heavier pellet that is also very accurate, this would be the way I would develop a performance chart for the rifle and forget testing with lightweight pellets. In other words, I would determine how many clicks up for low power; how many down for high power and where is a good setting in-between. Speed means very little compared to accuracy.

The trigger is single-stage but it breaks crisply. It’s fine for a hunting rifle. We are learning a lot about this PCP repeater and there is a lot more to come

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

99 thoughts on “Air Venturi Seneca Eagle Claw lever action repeater: Part 3”

    • Tom I hope you will plan to come to Seths airgun show in Malvern Ar Oct8th & 9th
      its been a long dry spell I cant believe they canceled the texas show we had the big wannamacher show here in Tulsa with over 50,000 attendance in April

      • Paw, opening things back up while the pandemic is starting to reside is according to individual state, business and group timelines. We do the Texas Airgun Show for fun, not for monetary reasons. The club members and I just didn’t feel like we were ready to welcome a large number of uncontrolled public members into our private facility at this time. I hope that you can respect that.

  1. B.B.

    You deserve some time to stop and smell the roses along your way. Hmm with the stability of the Seneca, it should be possible to 1) find the accurate power level for the desired pellet and 2) turn the power knob up to compensate for the decreased remaining air pressure to keep velocity from dropping too much and allow more shots. Would that work?


  2. B.B.,

    Considering the time you have put into the Pyramyd AIR Blog, you should have at least 5 weeks of vacation on hand.

    But I guess because you are not actually an employee but a gig worker you cannot get actual vacation time.

    I would not mind if you took 2 weeks off and then posted your vacation fun with us, could be a good blog.


  3. B.B.,
    Echo Yogi’s thoughts. Enjoy.

    This is a nice gun, I have been a bit skeptical of the Eagle Claw but this seems to be a good gun.. let’s hope the accuracy is good with a few pellets..

    I am ordering three barrels for my low pressure pellet gun from Lothar Walther, .177, .22, and .25 caliber. I think I can set my gun up to shoot all three calibers with the same valve as all the barrels will have the same outside diameter.

    To compare the three calibers I will develop a family of curves based on pellet weight vs foot pounds of energy. Still hoping to get 500 fps at 100 psi. with the Falcon pellets.


    Just got back from my cabin, well I took my two neighbors fishing, we had a great time. Both are Vietnam veterans with stroke issues one blind. A little forethought and it went OK. Getting in and out of the boat was the biggest obstacle. Both caught fish. We had a fish tritip and shrimp BBQ and invited the other neighbors, good times, Hope for a few more fishing trips this summer.


    • Don
      Glad your getting the different barrels but let’s see some target groups too this time with your other data.

      Remember if you get your desired 500 fps it doesn’t mean anything if you can’t hit what your aiming at.

      Don’t take it wrong. You definitely came a long way with this project but we need some graphs on accuracy too. I know you like graphs. 😉

      Keep it up. Rooting for ya. 🙂

      • I was supposed to go fishing tomorrow but it will be around 110 deg so I am going to stay home. I will give you some accuracy tests. I have been using a 2260 barrel instead of the Maximus barrel I thought I was using so the accuracy may be a little below par. From what I remember I was getting less than 1 inch at 25 yards. Remember I have been working on efficiency not accuracy. Once I get my L/W barrels in .177, .22, and .25 I will be finding the most efficient caliber from those three. After that the accuracy tune will be top priority. I want to develop a symmetrical cam latch for the barrels and eliminate my probe transfer port so the transfer port will be at least the bore diameter.

        So I will try some 25 yard accuracy tests tomorrow and let you know. The valve is very stable at less than 10 fps spread for most all tests so far.


        • Don
          Suppose to be 104 tomorrow where I’m at. Got out and got the grass cut today so I don’t have to do it tomorrow.

          But yep will be waiting for some more accuracy tests from your low psi air gun.

  4. BB,

    What an inconsiderate boob I am. Part of my me time is this blog. I and others do not think of what it takes you to do this every day. For us, fooling around with airguns is part of our holiday from the world. Only those of us who have attempted to write guest blogs have any clue as to what you do every day. Of course you need me time. You probably need more me time than you are getting. We will just have to grit our teeth and find something else to do at those times. Our families will probably appreciate our presence anyway.

    Now as for this Eagle Claw, if it can consistently hit the side of a barn from the inside, it is going to be a real winner. The Koreans have put together one nice air rifle here. It has velocity spreads that many regulators would be jealous of. You can go from hunting feral soda cans to some right serious small game with just a dial up. If this thing will hold sub 2 MOA out past 50 yards, I am afraid one may be invited to come live at RRHFWA.

  5. BB,

    Vacation is good! We all need some downtime to recharge.

    I’m surprised you don’t take a week straight and do something completely different – like taking you Hog for a tour somewhere far away from computers. We would miss the blog (and probably suffer withdrawals) but we would survive LOL!

    The Seneca is looking like a capable rifle, looking forward to the accuracy tests.


  6. BB,
    Are there any thermal sights for back yard pesting?Thats the only way to see dark, shadowy objects at night. I have a wood rat that is avoiding me. At 30 yds, the .177 Bandit goes through a 3/4″ pine board, but it has no light, but enough accuracy. These are hard to stalk, but I know where it lives,(in the garage)and the hole it uses, they’re just impossible to spot at night. This Savage like rifle has really good performance, I hope its just as accurate. 4 days off!? I hope its fun, thanks for all you do!

    • Rob,

      You can mount a green light or an expensive night vision scope but since you know the path the wood rat takes to get home a live trap is your best solution.

      • Kevin, I know, a live trap is best, and I need to get the urine smell out of the walls. Its personal now. Besides, I find I often have a few hours to kill in the wee A.M these days it seems. Shame to waste all this airgun equipment I have…

    • 1stblue,
      You might try a red filter on a flashlight. It may be enough to help you see the rat without disturbing it. Or, hang a light source back there and see if the critter has gotten used to it after a few days.

      • R.G., I’m intrigued by the infra red scope solution, but I saw a small handheld thermal monocular in an add the other day. For spotting, it might be a solution
        less obvious than a light source. Low frequency infra red is another one.I have a back light now. And, something ate all the peanut butter, so a little luck with timing too. Once I have found my target, I would need surprise to bag him I think. The eyeballs glowing back is a dead giveaway. I think it would bolt, I see its runs it makes, and droppings. This one is smarter than the others were.

    • Rob,

      This LINK should help you understand what the rat can see nd what you can do to see them that is going to be cheaper than Night Vision or Thermal Sights:
      Every animal (almost) has (good) information on what they can see day and/or night on the Internet that wasn’t written by hunters some whom post plain WRONG information.

      Hope you get that rat soon!


      • Thanks Shootski. They have, it is thought, good ultraviolet sensitivity, hence their increased activity in the dawn, and eve, but hunker down in daylight. Very sensitive to light contrast, so, some ambient light will help desensitize them. They like peanut butter allot I hope.

        • Rob,

          Everyone likes PB… don’t they? I have used cheese balls and other cheese snacks to good effect on rodents and especially the flying (pigeons/Eurasian Doves/Crows) ones.
          Dim Red light but over wide area looks like your best artificial light. Also will help keep your eyes dark adapted…no white or blue lights for you at night. If you stay out of direct Sunlight or wear 98+% photo gray sunglasses during the day that will help preserve your night vision. We always went on 100% Oxygen at night before approach and landing; that really works!


  7. B.B. it certainly shows just how much you love this blog and your friends here. Enjoy your time off. Perhaps tech support could provide you with a list of the top ten most viewed blogs or something along those lines that can be posted on your days off. That, or simply a link to one of your favorite past blogs. Sometimes I catch “Car Talk” on public radio on the weekends and you can always tell when Click and Clack (the tappit brothers) are taking time off because they do a rerun of a prior show without the call-in number. Alternatively, perhaps someone can write a guest blog that can be kept “in the can” as they say in show biz, for such occasions.
    P. S. I received my Father’s Day present to myself the other day, a pristine, used Beeman R7, and it is a sweet shooter! I’ve been paying close attention to your reports on the HW 30S, and also going back to your prior reports on the R7. Pellets ordered for it should be arriving today, but I fed it a variety that I had on hand, and it seems to like everything, except the least expensive pellets (RWS Hobby, Daisy PrecisionMax wadcutters, Crosman Premier 7.9 gr. Wadcutters). I also received a supply of Predator GTO wadcutters for the kids’ Embark, which are the same as the Journey pellets used in the SAR program. Free shipping, and no credit card fees = best deal on the internet.
    Anyway, enjoy your well-deserved days off! We’ll all miss you those days, for sure!

  8. BB,
    Let me add my support for your plan, except that I would add a bit more time. We all need a break from work – no matter how much we love what we do – to keep things in perspective.

    As an ex-biker (at least for now) I would say that the window for nice riding time in Texas is closing down fast. My unrequested advice: schedule something for the fall, carry rain gear in the saddleback, and go explore the countryside. Avoid highways, be safe, and enjoy the local food.


    PS. The Seneca is looking better that what I would have anticipated. Those low spreads at reasonable power levels are promising. Not sure about a 3-pound single stage, but if crisp it should be manageable.

    • Henry,

      Thanks, but this sportster is hard on my behind and my back. It may look like a cruiser, but it’s really for short trips. I’m toast after 30 minutes in the saddle.

      Now, the extra time off I am contemplating.


      • B.B.,

        Side, Low, and High Planks are one the key exercises to keep our bacs strong and Pain FREE as we age. You can start on you knees instead of toes as a modification in the beginning. Three Reps of 30 seconds with one minute rest is perfect to start volume. Do those everyday and you will soon be riding for one hour plus with no pain. Your CORE will get STRONGER fast and that helps keep that Bad Boy upright!

        I’m enjoying the eagle claw series and looking forward to the Full picture.

        If you have the data easily available could you always pair SD (Standard Deviation) and ES (Extreme Spread) data?


      • I understand, and it is good that you started slow. The more you ride your endurance will grow.
        The pic is in the Hill Country. The silver one was mine, the black my buddy’s.

    • Shootski
      They would of looked good on a Marauder pistol or 1720T or 2300.

      And heck even a 1322/77. But then a nice matching wood pump handle would need to be made. And we all know who could do that. Hint – V2 if you know who I mean.

  9. Gunfun1,

    Thanks for getting back to me! The reason I’m asking is a long story, here goes. Have several acres of horse pasture that is bordered on one one side by a 12ft ditch with a spring run in it. ” A mini hollow ” I timbered it a few years back and it’s now full of nothing but greenbriar, wild grape, multiflower rose, and pokeberry. A groundhogs version of a super highway.For years I’ve been getting rid of them with a 22 LR, The last two times I have pulled the trigger, the local constabulary has shown up and wanted to know what is going on. They have built so many new houses around me it’s getting a little crowded now. Unfortunately my new CITYFOLK neighbors don’t understand it’s better to shoot a few groundhogs with the 22 than to have to use the 45 on the horse after it has broken a leg in a den hole.

    I have learned two things from these encounters, 1. I need something quieter than a 22 LR but around the same power level.” Head shots from 20 to 50 YDS” 2. I think it’s time for this boy to talk his better half into ” GETTIN THE HELL OUT OF DODGE ” while the getting is good!

    Thanks for any suggestions as you probably deal with this all the time while pesting!


    • Bob,

      Please don’t leave Dodge just yet. Let old BB have a go at your problem.

      GunFun1 did answer your question quite well. I just hope to come at it from a different direction.


    • BobF

      A .22 cal Marauder set for max power with a heavy for caliber weight pellet should easily dispatch a Woodchuck at 20-50 without your pita neighbors calling LEO! Almost any quiet .25 PCP will do it with ease at the same range; reach for an accurate slug and it will be even more certain.

      Of course you can always “salt” the burrow entrances with chewing gum (in the wrapper) and they will expire in 6-8 days if they take the bait. I am not trying to talk you out of a new airgun just providing an alternative method!


        • Chris USA,

          Keep the wrapper on because it keeps Ants and other bugs off and the Woodchucks will push the wrapper back out of the burrow entrance letting you know they are ingesting the gum.


    • Bob
      The .25 caliber Condor SS is pretty quiet. More quiet than the CCI quiets. Mine is shooting a 34 grain pellet at around 970 or so fps so it’s pretty quiet actually because the pellet is subsonic still. Also the frame of the Condor SS is the sound suppressor along with thier baffle system so alot of sound suppression.

      And you will have the power also. My Condor SS is making about double the fpe compared to my old Winchester 190 with the 40 grain CCI long rifle quiets. The Condor SS is also way more accurate even all the way out to a hundred yards compared to the rimfire shooter.

      From what I have experienced you will be very happy with the .25 Condor SS if you get one.

      • Gunfun1,

        Thank you! That is the kind of hands on info that an old military type mind understands and can process. You and Shootski had better watch out, or you will be labeled “Great Enablers” just like BB. Now for the bad news—- BobF recently drained his slush fund for a new HPA compressor. No new 25 in the near future but no more hand pumping either.

        Sorry it took awhile to respond but my blueberries are ripening and I was picking, freezing, and vacuum packing tonight. Nothing better than fresh blueberry pancakes made with buttermilk on a cold January morning!!!

        Thanks again!


          • Mike in Atl,

            No earth shattering news here, bought a Nomad 11 from PA. Reasons: 1. warranty from AV. 2. Have had really good customer service from PA. 3. The compressor has the option to run on 12V DC.
            The last one was the most important to me as I have an off grid cabin located somewhere in the mountains of beautiful Virginia! It runs just fine off the solar panels and battery rack, don’t even have to fire up the truck to get air. If I’m not at home , I’ll give you three guesses where I’m at and the first two don’t count.

            Really haven’t run it that much, 27 fills to be exact, I know that because you really need to keep a log book to keep track of running time to know when to lube and do maintenance on the unit. The 02 things I would see as big upgrades would be the addition of a run time / hour gauge and the addition of an onboard oil reservoir with valve that could be adjusted to add silicone lube at a prescribed rate.

            As for filling guns, not even one hiccup so far! hook up the hose, push the right buttons, thuk-thuk-thuk-thuk and gun is topped off. All I have are some smaller PCP’S, Stormrider, P-ROD, Avenger and fill times average 02 -03 min. on average.

            It’s a whole lot better than hand pumping! But do I really like the unit———- ask me that in a year or two.


        • Bob
          Like what Mike asked. What compressor did you get and how you like it?

          Also I can’t remember what pcp you have already or maybe you haven’t mentioned it yet.

          And good ole home made buttermilk pancakes. I use to like to put strawberry preserves on mine that my mom use to can.

          • Gunfun1,

            My fingers and brain are sore from too much typing!
            Check my reply to Mike in Atl about the compressor.
            You may not believe this but over the years I’ve learned how to make a mean strawberry jam! No store bought jams or jellies for this boy


        • BobF,

          Oh yes!
          “…than fresh blueberry pancakes made with buttermilk on…” ANY MORNING!
          Do you use baking powder and baking soda to make that buttermilk POP! NOTHING but real butter and Dark Amber Maple Syrup, please! I’ll be right over, LOL!


          • Shootski,

            Question: What do blueberry pancakes + real butter + Canadian maple syrup add up to ?

            Answer: ” THE HEALTH FOOD OF THE GODS ”


        • BobF,

          Good deal on the Nomad, was giving it some serious consideration but then the refrigerator died, ouch well there goes the spare monies.

          Hope that the compressor serves you well and let us know if any issues pop up on it.


          Check that out, edit is working. Yay this is a response to this comment /blog/2021/06/air-venturi-seneca-eagle-claw-lever-action-repeater-part-3/#comment-476877

          • Mike
            Yep edit is still working.

            But when somebody posts a link then I cant read across thier whole comment.

            Just like you did.

            Mentioned it before to BB. Pretty annoying actually.

        • Bob
          Don’t know if this will post in the right place.

          But yep when the lock down was going on it was great going to work and coming home. Probably 2/3 less traffic than normal.

          Now its ridiculous again.

  10. CCI Quiet .22s might do the pesting job without summoning the local constabulary. By no means is this suggestion meant to discourage finding an airgun-based solution. As FM ages, he becomes less and less fond of urbs, suburbs, and many of the smug types infesting them. Unfortunately Mrs. FM has not yet become convinced of the joys of less crowded, more neighborly places.

    • FM
      Yep know what you mean. GF1 has lost that loving feeling along time ago with having neighbors.

      I’m very happy with my closest neighbor a 1/4 mile away. And then nothing but corn fields and woods for about 2 miles.

      Just like when I was a kid growing up on the farm. 🙂

      • Don’t know if this is true – tried a lookup, could not find it – but according to a good buddy of FM’s – Abraham Lincoln’s father said that if one could see the smoke from a neighbor’s chimney, it was time to move. This same friend said, as he was relocating from Miami FL to much quieter digs in central FL, “the best view I’ve ever had of Miami was on the outside mirror of the U-Haul truck as we were pulling away the day we moved.” That one is accurate – FM was there helping him and his family escape the growing urban madness.

        • FM
          Urban madness. I’m so happy I don’t have to deal with it.

          I’ll be even more happy when I retire and I don’t have to deal with the highway madness anymore either. Just can’t stand it anymore.

          • Gunfun1,

            Was sitting on the back porch steps practicing my favorite redneck yoga moves this morning, errrr, nocking off a few feral soup cans with a Crosman 101. In the time it took to kill or maim about 20 of those little buggers I realized that no less than 03 of the states lifeflight medivac helos went by headed for the local hospital. If that’s not a sign of getting back to normalcy I don’t know what is! Pre pandemic auto carnage as usual. Have also noticed the resurgence of early morning and afternoon traffic noise. Those cagey commuters hopping down the commuter trail I guess?

            Was the ” BIG LOCKDOWN ” really so bad?

            Just my observations for the morning.


  11. Shootski,

    Ah—— the old Wrigleys spearmint in the wrapper routine. Used it on the farm as a kid, it works, only problem is it’s 50/50 if they expire in the den or not. As BobF has two dogs who just love to gorge and or roll in putrid groundhog the Wrigleys is not an option! For some reason they always want to share their good fortune with us. Usually on the rug or the living room couch. That’s the reason I try for the old ” One Shot-One Kill” routine. It’s much easier to plop it in a feed bag and just bury it. I know it makes my wife much happier not having to break out the carpet cleaner!

    Your recommendation for use of a heavy for caliber 22 is spot on. Used to use a RWS 48 with 18 GR JSB’s , but that was when the mini hollow had 80 or 90 ft tulip poplars and gum trees in it. You could walk down in and seal the deal with a follow up shot. I forgot to say that the little 12 ft ditch is also 40 yds wide at places and as thick as it is right now this boy isn’t going to crawl down in there! Don’t know which would be worse, the ticks or the copperheads? I have to wait tell they come out on the pasture edge and in the open.

    All I know is a 40Gr HS 22Lr placed properly between the eyes tends to anchor them on the spot! No tacking involved. I think a 22 pellet is a little on the light side and am leaning toward the 25. Only remaining question is who makes a really quiet, accurate and hard shooting 25?

    Thanks for the info!


    • BobF,

      Crosman Marauder in .25 caliber tuned for power/accuracy will do the trick. Personally i wouldn’t bother with the LW barrel since recent reports are that Crosman barrels are vastly better than in the past. If you don’t get a good one out of the box you have $300.00 delta to buy replacements from Crosman parts until you get a great one by luck of the Draw!


      • Shootski
        I guess you didn’t read the other day that I got a .177 Marauder FT with the optional Lothar Walther barrel. It’s super accurate. I’m shooting .500″ and under groups with it all day long.

        I highly recommend the Lothar Walther barrels over the Crosman barrel.

        The new Crosman barrels are better than the old ones but these Lothar Walther barrels are dynamite.

        • Gunfun1,

          In .177 I would go with the Lothar Walther if I could afford it…which I can. I was thinking about the .25 barrels…i don’t have a great deal of comments about .25 LW that I have found on which to base a decision to spend an extra $200-300; that kind of money will buy a passel of Crosman barrels to play with and to choose from was my thinking. Do you know good info to change my thinking? I’m happy to get it right even with the help of my friends!


          • Shootski
            Only Lothar Walther barrels in .25 caliber and .22 and .177 caliber that I have experienced is with the AirForce guns that I know of. Hmm and maybe others I can’t think of right now. And just like my .177 Lothar Walther barreled Marauder FT they are tack drivers.

            And since you got the money get you some Lothar Walther barrels and give them a try. 😉

  12. GunFun1,

    When you post that you can’t read across an entire comment, you need to post what you are trying to read it with. I know you have a smart phone, but I forget what kind or what age.


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