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Air Guns Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup: Part 7

Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup: Part 7

Avenger bullpup
Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup.

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This report covers:

The problem
Mag cover
What to do?
Swiss files
Remove the clear cover
Now to test

Today I fix the rotary magazine on the Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup. What a timely report! I had to use several of the tools that I showed in the two tool reports, plus one that several readers recommended but I chose to ignore. A good Friday report!

The problem

I was informed by a reader that a Benjamin Marauder rotary magazine would fit the Avenger. No — it won’t Let me show you why.

Avenger mags
And there is why a Benjamin Marauder magazine (on the right) won’t fit into an Avenger Bullpup receiver. Both the black plastic body AND the clear plastic cover are too thick!

This is why you shouldn’t offer advice when you think something might work but don’t know. I had planned to shoot a group from the magazine today, but this discovery set me on a different path.

Mag cover

Okay, I have to use the Avenger’s magazine. Why doesn’t it feed? A check of the cover where the bolt passes through to push the pellet into the breech revealed why. Tool number one — a jeweler’s loupe.

Avenger cover
And there is the reason the mag doesn’t work! With a magnifier you can see the fault clearly.

What to do?

Well, some material must be removed from the mag cover at the slot the bolt passes through. Not a lot, because that dent has been enlarged many times in the picture and there are also angles in the plastic. Whatever will I do?

I thought to use my Dremel tool, but it’s too aggressive for small work like this. I think I will use my Swiss files! Tool number two!

Swiss files

Yes, I own several dozen Swiss files. I was not sure they were needed for a basic tool set, but guys — you got me! I also own several diamond files and one of them is also very small for work like this.

Avenger Swiss diamond files
That’s a diamond file on top and two small Swiss files below. I used the top one and the bottom one because I didn’t find the middle one until I took this picture.

Stock Up on Shooting Gear

Remove the clear cover

I took the cover off the mag. Then I put on the magnifying hood. That’s tool number three. I used the diamond file to open the hole in the cover where the dent was — but only that far. Then I used the half-round Swiss file to even the slot so the hole wasn’t a hole anymore. A Swiss file is a very small metal file that works like any other metal file. The only difference is its small size.

Avenger mag cover file
Let’s get to work on that cover. I’ll start with the diamond file.

I worked carefully and slowly. Even so I was filing plastic and the work went fast. Once the dent was opened all the way I relieved both sides of the slot so it wasn’t just a small hole, or the edge of one. I used the Swiss half-round file for that.

Avenger mag cover 2
After the work you can see where the dent was, but only just. That’s the way I want to leave it.

Now to test

I put the cover back on the magazine. Then I loaded a single pellet and worked the sidelever. It fed easily with slight resistance. I like that because the bolt will wear that slot open as the mag is used.

Next I loaded eight .25 caliber pellets into the magazine and installed it in the receiver. All eight fed and the last few fed without resistance. Job done!


Okay, BB agrees that small files are good tools for every airgunner to have. But here is my warning — KEEPA YOU HANDS OFFA THE SEAR SURFACES! Most sears in airguns today are made from low carbon steel that can only be case-hardened. Case-hardening is a thin shell of hardness that a file can break through. After that you don’t have a real sear any longer; you have a clutch. And it’s one that can slip!

Number two, and I say this to myself as well as to all you readers — don’t guess what works. If you know for certain that something will interchange with something else, fine — we all learned something. If you don’t know please say that you THINK it might work.

And finally, for all of you who think that because I felt a little resistance when the bolt went forward that the pellet will be damaged and somehow less accurate, let’s remember that the pellet doesn’t have to pass through the magazine cover after it is first loaded. It remains inside the black plastic magazine body until the bolt pushes it into the breech of the barrel. So I don’t anticipate any less accuracy from this repaired magazine. I will say that in past tests of other airguns I have seen them more accurate when loaded singly than from a magazine of any kind, but that is the only difference I anticipate.


Short report. Took some time to do the work and take the pictures. But it is an excellent followup to our reports on the tools an airgunner needs — and why. Readers Alex2no, Peter and Michael, follow my lead at your own risk.

Next up will be an accuracy test using the repaired magazine. We can compare that to the sandbag rest test and to the best group from the first bipod test. I suppose I will have to shoot both from a bipod and from a sandbag, just to make it all as fair as possible.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

35 thoughts on “Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup: Part 7”

  1. BB,
    Is the bolt rubbing on the edge of that hole endangering an o-ring on the probe? I don’t have my Avenger in hand to check the seal arrangement.
    I find that a small handle gives me better control over my smallest files and a trick I learned was to cut off the handles of my used tooth brushes to fill that purpose, once a hole has been drilled into the cut off end. I also keep several sized bamboo skewers and popsicle sticks, to be used with fine sandpaper, when I think a file may be too coarse.
    Is it possible that those who were suggesting the M-Rod mags were thinking about the other calibers? Do you know if they are also too thick?
    I’m looking forward to the next installment. These Avenger guns are the real deal in pricing and innovation.


    • Half,

      I would think that all Avenger mags are similar, but I really don’t know. I will keep an eye on the two bolt o-rings. Right now they look fine.


    • It may have been me to some extent, as I recall making that statement on more than one occasion.
      So I will stand up and take the blame for it.

      I own 3 Avengers, a .177 bullpup, a .22 bullpup, and a wooden stock Avenger full length rifle also in .22.

      I do not own a .25 caliber gun.

      Because of having possible accuracy issues with the mags in my .22 long rifle, I bought 2 marauder rifle mags in both .177&.22 caliber from .Pyramyd when I ordered my .177 bullpup,

      They do fit and function in .177 & .22 calibers.
      But apparently, the .25’s are different.
      But that is good information for owners to have.

      Tom, I do apologize for the inconvenience and inaccuracies in my statement.

      Banish me if you will, but I may still turn up like a bad penny.


      • Ian,

        No one is getting banished from this blog. We are learning and I am learning, too. Obviously there must be a difference in size of the Marauder .25 cal. mag. Isn’t that good to know?


        • B.B.
          What a comment!!!
          “No one is getting banished from this blog”
          It must go side by side with Tomek’s
          “Denial to the trash”
          Excuse my English but it might has to do with my ancestors who established real democracy along with perfectionism and tolerance for others.
          Thank you for this one also.

    • I wish we had the option to modify, even delete, our comments. The current thirty minutes window of being able to do so, seems inadequate to me.

      Of course, this also means that, afterwards, our comments are no longer ours but belong to someone else.
      I wonder if those who retain the power to edit, become responsible for everything published here in the comments section?

    • Yogi
      And if you read the comments later after your comment that we only know that the Marauder mag does not fit BB’s Avenger pup. But the Marauder mag does fit BBB’s .25 Avenger rifle.

      So now I’m thinking that Air Venturi made the bullpuppy Avenger breech different than the Avenger rifle.

      So much for a standard air gun world. At least now more of the air gun makers are going Foster fittings as a standard. Simpler the better.

      • GF 1
        My .25 Avenger is running with Avenger mags that have worked fine from the beginning. It was my .22 Avenger mags that were bad from the start and were replaced with the Marauder mags. They have worked well in the gun.
        A few months ago I traded my AF Condor SS with .22 and .25 barrels for a Kalibrgun Cricket in.25 caliber. The Cricket is on a whole other level as far as quality of build and function but the accuracy of both calibers of the Avenger is right up there with the Cricket, which is phenomenal! I only wish the Cricket had the externally adjustable regulator like the Avenger. It is a bit of a pain to have to disassemble the air tube to change the regulator setting, but the fit and comfort of the bullpup configuration has made me want to get the Avenger bullpup in .22. Who said you could get sucked into the black hole of pcp’s?!

  2. I purchased a .22 Avenger 2 years ago and had both included mags fail right away (spring issues). Had Marauder mags handy and have been using them all along. My .25 Avenger mags have worked just fine for the last year of use. Looking to get a bullpup Avenger in .22 soon and assume same mags will fit it ok. Will see if that is so

  3. BB
    I remember someone suggesting to “try” a Marauder mag if you had one laying around. Not someone saying the Marauder mag would work. And that someone was me suggesting to try.

    Why would you not try? I would. And I guess Air Venturi wants to make the money on their own mag designs. Well if that’s the case. Now the Marauder and Gauntlet owners won’t have to help Air Venturi get any richer because now they know that mag won’t work in their guns.

    And thinking more. Doesn’t Air Venturi own PA? So now even more funny they didn’t use a Marauder style mag. All in all they collect the bucks but now loose out on some bucks.

    Oh well just another day in the air gun world. And good to know to not waste my money on the Air Venturi mags that fit the gun your reporting on today. But according to BBB’s comment above his .25 Marauder mags fit his .25 Avenger rifle. So maybe the Avenger Bulpup uses different mags then the Avenger rifle. Or maybe BB’s Avenger is a prototype.

    So now. BB, what is the true info now? What fits what? The only thing we know right now is (your) mags are different.

      • BB
        Just when you get something figured out here comes that curve ball.

        Reminds me of the muscle car days. Someone would say, no they did not build a car like that from the factory. But dig out that biuld sheet that was usually stuffed under the rear seat bottom cushion and find indeed that was so that car was built. Those were usually special order cars. Those was the ones I was always after when I was into the muscle cars. One of my favorites I owned was a Canadian biult 68 Olds 442. It was built with the 455 Olds engine with a Hurst 4 speed shifter. But it had a bench front seat and the bottom had a U shaped spot for the Hurst floor shifter to go. As most know the 4 speed cars usually had bucket seats. So that was a rare option on that car among having the 455 in it. The GM intermediate cars had a 400 cubic inch limit in the US, but get one from Canada and you got the torque monster 455.

        And yes true. How do you know what you don’t know.

      • BB,

        Do you think that AV changed the .25 mag to accommodate the new trend towards shooting slugs, especially in that caliber? I understand that they can be quite long and would, therefore, require a thicker mag.


  4. Full steam ahead Captain B.B,
    Somewhere, between dinner and reading the blog, I got lost. Anyways, I will trace my steps.

    I have an Diana 6M. Got her for cheap at a garage sale before the pandemic. When I try to cock the barrel, the barrel only goes so far( about half and inch) and then I can not go any further. Have looked on line for the problem and have found other bloggers with the same problem but no solutions. What is the problem? Will not try to fix the gun just want to know what is wrong before I send her off for repairs.

    • Alex2no,

      I don’t know the problem for sure but somebody has been inside the pistol and has messed up the timing of the pistons. That’s my guess. If parts are required other than a piston seal I’m afraid none are available without other donor guns.


  5. I was listening to a TED Hour on Public National Radio. The reason why it is difficult for manufactures to fix products that have stop working is —- manufactures are in the business to sell new products and not fix those that have stopped working. Why is it difficult for someone or a professional to fix a product? Once again, manufacturers, are in the business to sell new products and not the parts needed to fix existing or older products. It is up to state consumer laws (since no federal statues
    exist) to say to companies — if you want to sell in my state, this is what you have to do. Speaker recommended using older technology that has proven to be reliable and not the newest bling that is bound to fail and no parts in the horizon to be found. I agree. My fifty plus year old springers. once refreshed, will function for another fifty years. Might also be the reason why my twelve year old Honda Civic will not be replaced soon. It is reliable and parts are easily found ( not always cheap). I would love a Lexus 350 though. Will keep buying a lottery ticket.

    • Alex2no,

      And the current business plan is for people to buy and keep buying. Until somebody can turn the tide into another economy model that will generate wealth that practice will continue.


  6. “Okay, BB agrees that small files are good tools for every airgunner to have. But here is my warning — KEEPA YOU HANDS OFFA THE SEAR SURFACES!”
    Amen! 🙂

  7. B.B. and Readership (especially those that own or are looking for a SIG ASP20 in.177)

    NO…I am NOT selling mine.
    I had only the Beeman Silver Arrows, a pointed 10.3 or so grain pellet, to try in my ASP20 and I didn’t want to use up any wadcutters up until now. But PA came through with a cats & dogs order of pellets and slugs (bullets) so i grabbed the SIG and set up a 50′ Small Bore Rifle (NRA #A17) target; (the same one I had shot the Silver Arrows on. The JSB Knock Out in 13.43 was all that I received in this order but I really wanted the (N.I.S.) 10.3gr. also for comparison!
    The 5 shots were done with the WHISKEY 3 ASP scope still set for the lighter Beeman pellets. The results are intriguing since 4 of the Knock Outs printed a long way above the aim point. The only fly in the ointment is that it was shot Off Hand, at 50′ (15.24 meters) and therefore in no way definitive.
    I was tight on time but haven’t seen anyone else report on shooting the JSB Knock Out heavy from a Spring Piston of any kind so I thought to share these results.
    I’m really looking forward to seeing the results from a rest, indoor range and at 25, 50, 75 and maybe 100!


  8. I forgot the best of my quick 5 Shot evolution!
    My next door neighbors (these are good folks a Navy veteran and SOG analyst) were going to the library with their 8 year old son and 6 year old daughter and saw me setting up my target. They asked to watch. Both of the kids are now wanting to come over and try!
    WOW! I may get a twofer! I can tell both mom and dad want to try the SIG too. Both are shooters so when i have more time to properly set up i will invite them over for some fun on the backyard range.
    Still no more on a reschedule from my new neighbor who still seems on the fence about shooting in the backyard! I don’t want to push it if all he does is be tolerant I’ll be happy.

    The kids are the future of our sport!


    • Those sound like “keeper” neighbors, Shootski. Knock on wood, so far no one has objected to FM’s backyard airgun range, but most of the neighbors here do some shooting, mostly prompted by the ongoing iguana infestation.

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