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Air Guns Turning my HW 50 into a 10-meter target rifle

Turning my HW 50 into a 10-meter target rifle

Today reader Yogi tells us about turning his HW 50 breakbarrel rifle into a 10-meter target rifle.
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Take it away, Yogi

Turning my HW 50 into a 10-meter target rifle

 by Yogi

This report covers:

  • I love target airguns
  • The tune
  • New stock
  • Bling
  • Sights
  • Targets

I love target airguns

Today I will tell you how I turned my HW 50 breakbarrel air rifle into a 10-meter target rifle.

My first airgun was a 10M target pistol, a Diana 5G.  I love target guns. I love breakbarrels. I wanted a 10M breakbarrel rifle. I considered looking for a Diana 75, an HW 55 and even a Walther. I was even in touch with a Walther seller. However, I decided that I wanted a shooter not a heirloom collector piece. I will leave that to Ridge Runner. I love the HW 50/99 platform!  I think it is the ideal size, weight, balance.  It is also very adaptable. So I decided to have a 10M target HW 50 made.

HW 50 target rifle
My custom 10-meter target rifle made from an HW 50.

The tune

It started with a TinBum Tuning short stroke piston addition. That shortens the piston stroke and makes the rifle less hold-sensitive.

I then sent the rifle to a noted east coast tuner. Most 10M target rifles, even the PCP ones, seem to shoot in the low 500 fps, so I instructed the tuner that I wanted my rifle to shoot 8 grain wadcutters at 525 fps. I assumed he would install an Indoor Plinker’s kit from Air Rifle Headquarters (ARH).

Instead, he took a ARH Tarantula spring and cut 9 coils off of it. My rifle now is no resistance for the first 20-30 degrees of the cocking stroke. This is the gun that I enjoy shooting the most because of the shot cycle. Sometimes I even close my eyes before I pull the trigger just to really appreciate the mechanism.

New stock

Ten meter target rifles need a different stock. You want a pretty vertical pistol grip and a beefy front end to dampen a springer’s vibrations. Yes a place to lay your head is nice too. The stock was custom made by Airgunstocks.com. He has lots of very useful information there. I went there several times to be measured and custom fit.  It’s like buying a suit in the olden days.

HW 50 grip detail
Pistol grip detail.


What is the benefit of a nice stock without some bling?  So I order a Rowan Setback trigger (every Weihrauch should have one).  I do not remember where I ordered the oversized brass safety button from.  I wish I did because I want a few more for my other HW 50’s.

HE 50 target rifle trigger detail
I installed a Rowan Setback trigger.

HW 50 target rifle oversized safety
Oversized safety button. Sorry for the blur.

Stock up on Air Gun Ammo


Originally, I had a Williams peep sight on the rifle.  It worked fine, BUT it just was not right.  A few years ago, while attending the airgun show in Placerville (Hangtown). Somebody there was selling old Weihrauch target sights. Fortunately he had one for a 11mm dovetail, because they also were made for 13mm dovetails.

Over the years, the markings on the rear sight have worn off. I would greatly appreciate if somebody could explain which knobs do what.

HW 50 target rifle sight 1
View of the rear sight.

HW 50 target rifle sight 2
The rear sight from another viewpoint.


Since my indoor apartment range is limited to 23 ½ feet, I took the rifle to the airgun range 40 miles away to shoot some 5 shot 10 meter groups. I must admit that after the first 25 shots or so, my cataract-filled eyes elongated the bulls eye in to an ellipse.

HW 50 target rifle targets
Some of my targets.

Well, I hope I have showed a good example of the HW 50’s versatility?  They really are the best all around breakbarrel spring guns.



author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

41 thoughts on “Turning my HW 50 into a 10-meter target rifle”

  1. Yogi,

    first of all, thanks so much for sharing your HW50 and your journey with it. What a unique hole puncher! 🙂

    As for those peep screws, having already attached the sight to your gun, only leaves the windage and elevation adjusters:
    Elevation: rotating the top screw clockwise, looking down on my Weihrauch peep sight, pulls the block closer or up, anticlockwise pushes it away or down.
    Windage: same – rotating the screw on the right, pulls the block with the peep closer or to my rifle’s right, anticlockwise pushes the block away or to the left.

    I tried to illustrate the windage adjustment by scribbling over one of your pictures.

  2. Am I the only one who is unable to “Click to edit” their post?

    The attached picture shows the added word ‘clockwise’ circled in red just before I tapped “Save” and it wasn’t. I tried and failed multiple times. 🙁

    Then I accidentally discovered a workaround: using my ‘back’ button got me back to the original page on which I first composed my comment and editing this was accepted. 🙂

    • RG,

      I used one of the HW insert that come in the envelope attached to the trigger guard. I remember that the first one I installed was to small. I saw no white around the black bullseye. Hard to know where you are on the target! Fortunately Weihrauch puts several of different sizes in the envelope.


      • You might want to go on the ‘net to the Merit Disc Website.

        They make an adjustable disc that is an adjustable iris.

        I love mine, and they fit the standard Williams Peep threading.

        I have had bilateral cataract surgery and pseudophakia (artificial lenses). Life is now good, AND the adjustable Merit Disc made the transition time between pre and post operative vision tolerable in terms of my basement 10M range.

  3. Fascinating creation, Yogi. The end result looks amazing. Obviously, you could have purchased a HW55 or a Walther LG55, or something similar. What compelled you to use the HW50 as the starting point?

      • Yogi

        Agreed with all the other readers. You have a beautiful rifle there!

        Thank you for sharing its story with us. I too, enjoy the clean simplicity of a breakbarrel springer with traditional sights. Either iron sights, or a peep. I think it was Shootski that encouraged me to try a peep, years ago.

        Seems like a pure form of shooting, to me. You have a fine setup there. Enjoy it!


  4. You might want to search for a “YouTuber” showing the workings of a peep sight such as yours. Thanks for sharing your Weihrauch story; they’ve become FM’s favorite springers – in fact the only of their kind at Casa FM. As for your shooting, pretty decent given your “cataract-filled eyes.” FM knows the challenges of Fawlty eyes.
    Since you mention an airgun show, forgive FM for throwing in a reminder about the NC show in Newton October 13-14 – he aims to be there both days. For members of this tribe attending, please let’s arrange a meet up. Think Starboardrower and Ridge Runner were going to be there? Hit FM up here if interested in doing that – kubelkobold(at)gmail. He can use expert guidance, advice and enabling opinions from those who REALLY know something about airguns.

    • Alas, I can’t make this year’s NC show!

      We have a family trip with the kiddos, instead. While it is on the East Coast, we will be in the wrong state.

      My hope for meeting some of you (and finding a vz.35) will have to wait another year.

      Wishing the rest of you a wonderful time. If you have never been to an airgun show, GO! They are great.


      • StarboardRower – sorry to hear that but, family obligations come first. Do hope you will find that vz.35 sooner than later.

        God willing, FM will be there. It will be a first and it will be good.

  5. Nice transformation Yogi, a casual plinkster to formal target rifle!

    I have a Vortec kit for my HW50 but being a plinker at heart, that’s the extent of the mods I’m planning for that airgun.

    I shoot 10 meter in the basement over the long, cold Canadian winter and over the years been fortunate to aquire a couple of purpose built pistols (FWB Model 100 & P8X) and rifles (FWB 300S & 603). They’re awesome shooters!

    You’ve done a great job on the HW50. If 10 meter rifles is your thing I’d suggest seeing if you could find a FWB 300 springer or one of the FWB 600 series SSPs.


    • Vana2,

      I will leave those fine rifles to you and RR. At the same time I bought my Diana 5G(I really wanted a 10M, but thought the cocking system would break-WRONG. However, Tom’s article on his D10M “enabled” me to finally get one. He told me the cocking system was NOT flimsy. Perhaps at a future date I will write that one up too.). At the same time, group purchase, my brother bought a FWB 65. Older brother, understand why I could not get the same??? After shooting his gun I realized that sidecockers and underlevers are all WRONG.
      Must have been the work of the Devil. Crime against humanity! All wrong…..


  6. Yogi,

    This report is almost as though its subject were tailor-made for me. When I read in your introduction, “I love target guns. I love breakbarrels,” I thought ro myself, “Yesssss! Me, too!”

    The thought of turning a favorite classic air gun into a target model never occurred to me, despite some manufacturers doing just that decades ago. Even non-classics, provided they are good shooters, would be eligible. The Norica Titan has a plastic stock. But how would a nice wood stock raise its appeal? Of course, it would involve more than simply that, but that is where so much of the fun comes in.

    This is a great blog entry. Thank you so much.


  7. Yogi,

    Thank you for sharing your now World Famous Weihrauch HW 50 10 Meter air rifle!
    You deserve to get those Cataracts removed and replaced. You will have such a change to your total quality of life; not to speak of the improvement of your shooting enjoyment.



    • I’m not the one procrastinating! Overseas they wanted to do the surgery 2 years ago. Here they say that they are not “ripe” enough yet. Optometrists here says they are only 4 or 5’s on the scale and that they need to be 7+ until US practice says remove them.


      • Yogi,

        Ouch! I’m sorry you are getting the Insurance/Administrative runaround!
        Any chance of an extended (1.5 month for the procedure and follow-up.) visit with understanding relatives overseas?

        Wishing you a quick resolution of the issue.


        • Ask “them” to put in writing why you cannot have the surgery now…”they” may decide to let you have the procedure done rather than have to explain what sounds like “bullseye.” 😉

  8. B.B.

    Thank you for letting me share my love of HW 50’s. I also have a few set up for my lame attempts at FT.
    And one in .20 as a backyard critter getter.
    Thanks again!


    PS I recommend that every regular reader write a guest blog. Tom needs a break, even though in my case it probable was MORE work that usual…

  9. Yogi,,

    An excellent blog about an equally excellent rifle. It appears that you have a love of that particular model and have even improved on the original. It makes me consider doing something similar, but my tastes are so eclectic that I would have trouble deciding which to alter.

    Likely best I leave them as they are, as I have a tendency to become easily distracted in the middle of complicated projects.


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