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Ammo Testing three new JTS .177 pellets

Testing three new JTS .177 pellets

JTS pellets
Three new JTS .177-caliber pellets. Left to right — 7.87-grain wadcutter, 8.7-grain dome, 10.4-grain dome.

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This report covers:

  • Why the Avenge-X
  • Fill the Avenge-X
  • The test
  • Three JTS .177-caliber pellets
  • |7.87-grain Wadcutter
  • 8.7-grain dome
  • 10.4-grain dome
  • The takeaway?

Today we’re looking at three new JTS pellet offerings in .177 caliber. I used the .177-caliber Air Venturi Avenge-X rifle as my testbed, which is why I linked to all six past reports for that rifle.

Why the Avenge-X

I’m using the .177-caliber Avenge-X to test these pellets because it is the most accurate .177 precharged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle I own. At 25 yards it is the equal of my TX200 Mark III that was tuned for accuracy. Beyond 25 yards it has no equal.

Fill the Avenge-X

Before the test I filled the Avenge-X using the RovAir compressor. I told you in that report that I would give you periodic reports on how the compressor is doing, and it’s doing fine. Now that I understand its operation the RovAir is a plug-and-play compressor.

I filled the rifle to 4350 psi, which is where it tops out. It took about three minutes to fill to the top. At that pressure, and with the Avenge-X regulator set at 2100 psi, there are way more than the 30 shots I needed for today’s test.

The test

Today’s test was from 25 yards. There was no sight-in because I’ve shot the rifle at 25 yards many times already. I shot 10-shot groups with the rifle bench-rested on a sandbag. I used the single-shot tray to eliminate the magazine as a possible  factor.

Three JTS .177-caliber pellets

Today’s test was to see the accuracy potential of three new .177-caliber JTS pellets. The 8.7-grain and 10.4 grain pellets  are domes. The 7.87-grain pellet  is a wadcutter — and one that looks odd enough for me to show it to you.

JTS wadcutter
The 7.87-grain .177-caliber JTS pellet is a wadcutter with a strange tooling mark on its nose. I also see a piece of swarf (lead chip) on the base.

Build a Custom Airgun

7.87-grain Wadcutter

First up was the 7.87-grain wadcutter. They didn’t do very well, with ten in 0.762-inches between centers at 25 yards. The group is open and generally poor for this rifle. I noticed they grouped to the left of my aim point. but I didn’t adjust the scope at all this day.

JTS wadcutter group
JTS 7.87-grain wadcutters were not good pellets in the Avenge-X. Ten are in 0.762-inches at 25 yards.

8.7-grain dome

The second pellet I tested was the new 8.7-grain dome. Ten of these went into 0.597-inches at 25 yards. That was MUCH better! This pellet is a lot closer to what I expected from the Avenge-X!

JTS 87 dome group
Ten of the JTS 8.7-grain domes made a 0.597-inch group at 25 yards.

10.4-grain dome

Ten of the new JTS 10.4-grain domes went into 0.337-inches at 25 yards. That is exactly what I expected. This is the pellet for the Avenge-X and it’s also a very high quality pellet all around. The 8.7-grain dome is probably also high quality, but the Avenge-X isn’t the right rifle for it. The wadcutter will need further critical testing..

JTS 104 dome group
Now we’re cookin’! Ten JTS 10.4 domes made a nice round 0.337-inch group at 25 yards.

This pellet also hit the target closer to the aim point, though it is still to the left.

The takeaway?

I think the new JTS 10.4-grain domes are right for the Avenge-X. I also think the new 8.7-grain domes need to be tested in other accurate air rifles and pistols. The wadcutters need a test in a target rifle of known pedigree. I’m hoping to do that soon — perhaps in my FWB 300S.

I have been waiting for these new pellets since the SHOT Show. I am sorry they haven’t come in to Pyramyd AIR yet, but they will be here soon!

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

37 thoughts on “Testing three new JTS .177 pellets”

  1. Tom,

    At 25 yards that is really pushing the envelope for wadcutters! Agree that they ought to be retested preferably at 10 meters with the FWB 300s. Maybe the 8.7 grain pellets should be tested with the Tony Leach Tx200 MkIII? Is the odd tooling mark present in all the wadcutters?

    I pity the Air Arms S510XS Ultimate Sporter languishing in the corner.


  2. If I’m correct the JSB Redesigned Jumbo Monsters have increased diameter, length and weight and are specifically made for powerful PCP Airguns. The thin skirt and oversized head engage the rifling better and the length allows for increased weight and stability. Bullet stuff here?
    The JTS 10.4 seems to be falling in line there but in a different design and much lighter, being 177, then a preferred .22 for high a powered PCP, Will it go the distance?
    Any specific reason given for their increased accuracy claim ( Dead Center ) or specific airgun power range suggestions for optimum performance?

  3. Sorry B.B.

    To properly test pellets first they need to be weighted to verify the uniformity in a tin. Next they need to be measured for head size for the same reason. The wadcutters are very swarfy, are the domed pellets cleaner?
    No mention of head sizes?? Do they come in different sizes?


  4. “Now we’re cookin’! Ten JTS 10.4 domes made a nice round 0.337-inch group at 25 yards.”

    Yes, cooking for sure! These look like pellets I need to try; thank you. 🙂
    Blessings to you,

  5. Everyone,

    I spent yesterday in the emergency room at the hospital. I have a golf-ball-sized kidney stone! It gave me a urinary tract infection I’m at home today but taking morphine pills for the pain, so I’m running slower than normal. Little loopy.


        • B.B. Pelletier,

          WOW – didn’t expect that, and it’s a double whammy too! 🙁

          Morphine based drugs, even the synthetic versions of it, apparently work very well, at least according to Mum. I hope this will allow you to recover without too much discomfort.
          Also including successfully easing off the pain treatment drugs later on – have you seen the possible side effects?!

          I’m not religious but I’ll touch wood for you… 🙂

            • B.B. Pelletier,

              “Baruch haShem!”, ie ‘Blessed be God!’, and you’re not religious, hmm. No matter; the way I see it, knowing that we care about you, might matter.
              Personally, I wish you healthy because then you can be happy, and what more can a plinker want than a happy B.B. Pelletier?! 🙂

              • hihihi,

                He may or may not be religious.
                Religion is certainly a very slippery concept.
                Knowing God or the Trinity is not Religion; that is FAITH.
                There are many different definitions of what Religion is: A particular system of faith and worship is one of the most common. It means your probably in an organized system with rules, catechism, precepts (Someone else telling you how to believe.) instead of personal faith. You may find my second favorite definition even more interesting:
                A pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.
                Sounds like Air gunning could be your, and many of the Readerships, religion!

                Shocking isn’t it!


                • shootski,

                  that there should be different definitions for religion or being religious is a novel idea for me. Thanks.
                  Up until this morning, it was clear in my mind, but now I’m not so sure anymore.

                  So, maybe less shocking and more interesting, as in food for thought… 🙂

      • Been there, done that, done that…20+ times in last 50 years. No golf balls. All came out on their own, some really took their time. Hope they can shake the golf ball down to tiny pieces.

        First docs gave me demerol and it helped. Now I am too old for it because it might cause problems. I thought I already had a problem. Based on my experience, they get easier with practice. Now I take 2 Aleve to start and every 4 hours and AZO after a few hours. I have passed the last few this way. Only had uti’s twice. Not recommended!

        Good luck. Walking helps reduce stress to rest of body.

    • Golf ball sized? Wowser! Can they even reduce that with lithotripsy? Is the stone in the kidney or ureter?

      As an historical curiosity: Martin Luther, toward the end of his life was at Wittenberg(?) and developed what was probably a kidney stone, as the record said that he could not urinate and his lower abdomen distended. He was in total misery and finally told his peers he wanted to go home to Erfurt to die at home. (It may have been the other way around, at Erfurt and wanted to go to Wittenberg – it’s been a while since Church History 101.) So, they loaded up Brother Luther on one of those Medieval Oxcarts with the suspension made of solid oak and headed out on the pot holes that passed for roads. They also forced him to drink a lot of cider – which was thought to be the “cure” in those days. Of course, that simply added more incredible bladder pressure to the poor guy…

      The story goes that on the way Luther finally yelled out to stop the cart. They did, thinking he was quite literally about to die, but he crawled off of the cart and went to the side of the road to urinate more than a gallon or so of liquid, reducing his abdomen and reducing his pain. He was able to urinate again.

      Conjecture, some 500 years later, is that the banging and crashing of the poor man on the hard floor of the ox cart performed lithotripsy without benefit of sonic waves in a water bath or medication. The shock wave was enough to break the stone and let the pieces pass with copious urine.

      As Lutheran, I recommend Luther to the Roman Church as the patron saint of lithotripsy! It fits because Luther kind of urinated over Medievalism in its final throws before the Renaissance and Enlightenment.

      You, hopefully, will see a kidney specialist/urologist and get this clinically resolved. In that case, an oxcart and Medieval series of potholes, otherwise known as a road, won’t be necessary….

      Get better.

      • lFranke,

        My urologist says a 29mm stone cannot be broken with lithotripsy. I had that years ago for a 7mm stone and had to return to the hospital 4 times to clear the particles from my urethra. I only had 2 liters in me the first time, but it did hurt.


        • Just comply, comply, comply with the course of care and, hopefully, the thing can be removed surgically or slowly reduced?

          I have only one kidney now and it is my primary concern to keep this one running for another couple of decades or more.

  6. As is pointed out by FM, these are made in China along with the other JTS products. Some of the Chinese airgun companies have come a long way in providing quality products to the world market. There is a strong possibility that RidgeRunner’s Home For Wayward Airguns may eventually open its doors and allow something made by Wang Po Industries in, most especially given the price of anything coming out of Europe. We’ll see.

  7. B.B.

    I assumed as much. Your blog was not your thorough self.
    Wish you a speedy and comfortable recovery. Never had a Kidney stone, but have had a UTI.
    Hopefully you are also taking something to help dissolve the Kidney stone. They gave me antibiotics for my UTI.
    FWIW-I understand that an over abundance of eating almonds can contribute to KS’s.

    Wishing you the best,


  8. Wow! Posted the “China” comment early AM and a few hours later, came back to FM’s favorite airgun site and what does he see? Sheeeet that hit the fan! Sorry to hear about this, BB! You make sure to drink the right stuff and plenty of it in future though based on family experiences, sometimes stones get formed no matter what one does.

    And FM will put you on his Healing Prayers List. Can’t imagine how you managed to put today’s report together. Take a sick day, no shame in that! More so when you ARE unwell…

  9. BB,
    I’m sure you are well aware of everything there is to know about Kidney Stones on the internet by now. The first thing every medical professional recommends is drink more water and stay hydrated, as well as more specific behaviors.
    For others. I suffered from Chronic Dehydration a while back and became aware of the 13 symptoms it causes but have recently become aware of almost a dozen more that are related to old age and dehydration. From falling and fractures to cognizant disorder, not to mention kidney stones.
    We lose our ability to recognize thirst and retain less water in our body. It’s hard to keep drinking water when you are never really thirsty anymore and a lot of the drugs we need to take don’t help us.
    Probably the most important thing we can do to stay healthy is to stay hydrated.

    Only now I find out micro plastics in bottled water may be killing me. Sometimes you just can’t win. 🙁
    Get well soon and … Stay away from metal urinals to avoid ricochets.

  10. Humor is the best medicine – well, at least it is GOOD medicine if not necessarily best. So will share this true shooting-related tale which, by coincidence happened today, March 13th here in USA. Pray any resulting laughter won’t be painful, BB. Perhaps any resulting guffaws will start shaking that stone to pieces.

    Had not burned powder for a while. FM’s visually-impaired buddy suggested we go shoot our Ruger 10/22s at a local range which was fine because ‘lil ‘ol FM wanted to also re-zero the Pentax scope mounted on his. The range session began; shortly after, the friend in the next lane comes over and says “please see if you can help me with my rifle; it is jamming, not ejecting properly.” Took a look at some of the spent rimfire cartridges, thought they looked odd, about the size of .22 magnum ammo brass with a darkish-looking “neck.” Friend says, “there is something wrong with my scope, can’t see any hits on target.” The target was a splatter or splash type which shows the impacts. Yep, no hits. The target was set for 10-yard shooting.

    Took a look at one of the rotary magazines…weird-looking cartridges were loaded in it. It struck FM the cartridge was a nail gun BLANK! No wonder amigo Magoo – now don’t get upset at FM; his friend is constantly making fun of his visuals or lack thereof – could not see any impacts on target. There were no bullets coming out of that rifle to make a mark. He could not figure out where those blanks came from but all was well, we had real rounds to spare for him to do some REAL shootin’.

    FM was able to zero the scope but in the process found the Ruger had a problem – seems a small spring was trying to come out of the bolt and cartridges were jamming/not ejecting as intended. Troubleshooting will be required. Still, this is the worst problem experienced with this 56-year old rifle to the best of the owner’s recollection. That’s not so bad.

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