GSG 92 CO2 BB pistol: Part 2

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1

The GSG 92 is a very realistic action BB pistol from an airsoft manufacturer.

Today, I’ll report on the velocity of the new GSG 92 CO2 BB pistol. There wasn’t a lot of interest in this pistol, but one reader named Lee was very interested in it. He was comparing several seemingly similar pistols and stated that he was quite interested in the accuracy test. That’s in Part 3, Lee, but I’m also interested. I’ll never forget discovering what an accurate pistol the Umarex Makarov was, and then seeing Crystal Ackley shoot it on camera on the American Airgunner set as the first gun she every shot. We kept backing away from the target but her group never got any larger. Little did I know at the time that she was a natural shooter and would soon be out-shooting Paul Capello and me! Hopefully, this GSG pistol will provide a similar surprise. read more

GSG 92 CO2 BB pistol: Part 1

Rby B.B. Pelletier

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The GSG 92 is a very realistic action BB pistol from the airsoft maker GSG.

Today, I’ll start a look at another CO2 BB pistol. This one is from GSG and features blowback. I bet it’ll be a favorite among the BB pistol crowd, both for its great imitation of the Beretta 92 and the fact that it’s all metal. The last Beretta 92FS I tested came from Umarex and remember how wonderfully heavy and robust that one felt. Well, here’s another one, and this time there’s blowback! read more