Date: 15/12/2018 14:39

Airsoft Spring Guns

Spring guns hold a long and cherished tradition within the world of Airsoft, and today some hard-core skirmishers still prefer the manual action and distinctive sound these handsome guns produce. Muzzle speeds tend to lag behind later firing technologies such as gas-powered and AEGs, but what they lack in speed these classic guns often make up for in style.

These days, spring guns too have undergone a renaissance of sorts, finding their way back into both casual recreation and serious competition. One of the principal reasons is the reliability and longevity of these guns--with few moving parts and no batteries required, a good Airsoft spring gun can last for years without maintenance. Added power and improved accuracy has made them contenders as well.

The mechanism that operates such guns isn't so different from what you find in more advanced models, but it is still renowned for its elegant sophistication. Cock the gun and the spring is compressed and locked, setting you up for a release in which the sear sets a piston free. The spring drives it forward and the resultant blast of air can send a BB sailing as far as you wish.

With a little practice and a good weapon like the 300 fps HFC L85 A1 by NeonFire-UHC, good Airsoft spring guns can be trusted recreational forces on the battlefield. If you want to get better prices on outstanding products such as these, browse our full catalog for a closer look. Be sure to get in touch if you have questions about any of the guns you see here.

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