Date: 18/11/2018 6:3

Airsoft Spring Rifles

Accuracy counts in Airsoft competition, as in all things, and that means it can pay tremendous dividends to have the finest weapons on the market. Generally, rifles are considered superior to machine guns and pistols in this regard, as their longer muzzles and greater range give you an edge over the competition. Here at Pyramyd Air, we are proud to offer some of the finest Airsoft spring rifles on the market.

Spring action tends to be more affordable than gas-powered rifles or AEGs for the simple reason that you can eliminate many of the moving parts. When you cock the gun yourself, you do not ever need to rely on batteries or exhaustible pressurized gas to get the job done for you. Needless to say, the satisfaction that comes with hitting your target through such comparatively rustic means is without equal.

These products tend to span the range from very basic through highly advanced. You can opt for low muzzle speed and a lightweight package or invest in a substantive, powerfully constructed weapon like the G36C Elite Sniper by NeonFire-UHC that offers 300 fps muzzle speed and outlandish precision. The best of the breed even come with countless features such as 20-round magazines, collapsible stock, and hop-up design.

If you want to try the classic mechanism that started the trend, invest in a powerful Airsoft spring rifle today. As always, we are available to address any concerns you may have before purchase and throughout your ownership.

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