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Hawke Sport Optics 1x32 Rifle, CQB & Crossbow Scope, Illuminated XB1 SR Reticle, 1/2 MOA, 1" Tube, Weaver Rings reviews - page 1

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    By shaun from USA on 2013-08-11
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    Things I liked: Nice well made little scope..since it is fixed power it is light..bit over 9oz so almost half the weight of huge scopes people seem to like for airguns..due to low power all you do is set the focus and see clear from 3 ft to infinity, no more fuzzy image because the targets to close,,,i always hated that.

    Things I would have changed: Thinner retical but then again this is made for close work with its history being crossbows for deer....also for those who dont know a 1x scope has NO magnification so if you want magnification get at least a 2x....view not totally clear and lack of magnification combined make finding a rabbit thru thick bushes tough...has a bit of edge fuzz/fisheye going on but take into account i own nice firearms with $900 swarovski scopes and use a pair of $2k Swarovski EL bino's so my comparisons dont do this nice little scope the justice it deserves..

    What others should know: I wanted the added durability of a fixed power with the added benifits of lighter weight with fixed power..there is nothing wrong with big fancy variable mag scopes but its just not needed for distances i hunt....i wanted low power fixed to also give max clarity because the honest truth is that you get more for you money with fixed since there are less parts and less complexity in building the scope and less to break or go wrong... As i mentioned do understand there is zero magnification on this scope...the crosshairs are not like a fine wire sniper scope cuz it aint meant to be..this was made for crossbows shooting at a deer at 30yrds...this scope works fine for my 30yrd and less .22 hw97 rabbitgun 30 yrds the crosshair cover most of the rabbits eye area so there is no sniping the eye or rats heads at that range...the scope zeroed quick and easy and has held up thru 100 shots so far but since it was designed for crossbows it shuld be fine...i dont even use the bottom crosshair because even with my .22 it seems to work out to near 50yards so i use the crosshair to 25 and the bottom leg of the cross hair for 35yrds and for upclose to account for scope height...the lighted rectical is nice and works fine but i prefer unlit... One heads comes with scope covers attached and with the focus knob turned down so when you first remove from the package andook thru it everything will actually look smaller..remove the slip-on cover and turn the focus ring out.