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Kalashnikov AK105 Full Metal AEG Airsoft Rifle reviews - page 1

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  • 5.0 5.0

    5.0 5.0

    5.0 5.0

    By PattyOBrian from Canada on 2013-12-09
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    Things I liked: That this gun is a full metal gun, it is very sturdy, durable and is well thought piece of equipment. This gun is extremely accurate at 450 fps ish with .2g bb's, it punctures a heavy cardboard slab from 25m away and really is a smooth ride.

    Things I would have changed: The only, tiny thing i would change is the plastic mag, that is it, other that that? this gun is my fav gun. for the price its at? and the quality of it? there's no reason to spend $400 dollars on a gun that is made of polymer, with 100fps less. buy this gun and you wont be disappointed.

    What others should know: This gun is amazing in the field! one thing you have to watch, im not sure if its a bad thing, i saw some kid on a review once that said he had this problem but if you are too rough on the hop up chamber handle? then there is a chance of it breaking, mine hasn't broken, cracked or anything because i treat my gun like a baby but i find it really hard to believe that it could break because of how heavy the metal on it is so, treat your gun like its apart of your hand and it'll last forever.