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    By Jeff from USA on 2008-07-30
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    Things I liked: Works just like a real revolver! After loading the airsoft BB's into the shells, you load the shells into the cylinder, close it up and you're ready to fire in either single action or double action.

    Things I would have changed: Maybe the weight, feels a little light, and maybe better grips. Also would add a hop up, it tends to shoot a little low at 7 yards out of the box. The spring that's supposed to let you adjust the sights up is pretty weak and requires you to use some paper shims to adjust the rear sights upwards. Don't forget to loosen the front screw for the rear sights if you're going to adjust it, makes doing so alot easier.

    What others should know: I had a few jamming problems with three different types of .20g BB's that I tried, the biodegradable ones seeming to jam most often. I thought maybe the cylinder wasn't seating right, but I kept having problems with jamming. I also tried .12g BB's and they were better, but also jammed once in awhile. I had a few .25g BB's lying around the house from another gun I had bought and they worked way better. Fired about 60 rounds of .25g BB's and only got one that jammed. Even with the jamming, at 7 yards I still got a few six inch groups out of the box, after sighting it in of course. Overall it's a fun gun for the price! Oh, get some extra shells, I did!