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    By GLENN from USA on 2017-12-30
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    Things I liked: really good accuracy, out past 25 yards. The dual CO2s make it work well.

    Things I would have changed: Wow, where do I start. First, it's too big, very bulky.-I know that the real appeal of this gun is that it's a life size replica of an M14, but functionally, it could be much-much better. Should have been a replica of the Mini-14 instead. Second, the sights are a joke, horrible sight picture-I just removed them all together. Third, sling swivels..?,,, seriously,who needs a sling on a CO2 gun..? And the worst for last: The weaver/picatinny rail included mounts well, just like a real M14. But it's neither weaver or picatinny. It's a bit more narrow than a normal optics rail. Scope rings are too loose even when fully tightened. I think that this is an odd-ball metric rail for use in Asia or something. Because standard scope rings will not attach to it. Fortunately the red dot UTG sight closes down on it. But I would rather use a 2.5 or 4X scope here.

    What others should know: The only real advantage about this M14 CO2 rifle is that it uses 2-CO2 cartridges. Makes it slightly better than a Crosman 1077. But it's big, bulky and has a mis-matched sight rail and horrible open sights. I wish someone would make a light weight,dual CO2, rotary pellet rifle with a solid weaver top rail, it would fit the bill for a lot of shooters. If Crosman would have made their 1077 dual CO2s, it would be their top seller.