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Shooting Chrony Alpha Chronograph, Red

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Shooting Chrony Alpha

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Shooting Chrony chronographs measure the velocity of almost any projectile, including pellets, steel BBs, plastic and metal airsoft BBs, bullets, shotgun pellets and slugs, arrows, bolts, darts, paintballs and just about any other projectile. Shooting Chrony chronographs measure speed (feet per second and meters per second) from 30 fps to 7,000 fps with more than 99.5% accuracy.

Now you can test your airgun's velocity yourself!

All Chrony models are powered by a single 9V battery and can be easily attached to a 1/4"-20 tpi camera tripod for fast, easy set up. The Chrony is simple to use, just unfold the box, set the diffusers in place if needed, turn on the switch and start shooting.

Gives numbered shot velocities

Velocity stays on display until you shoot again

ONE String, from 2 to 32 shot memory (Numbered) Measures High, Low and Average Velocities, Extreme Spread and Standard Deviations.

Retrieval of individual shot velocity measurements

Delete individual shots from memory (with automatic adjustment of Statistics)

Item Code: SC8ALRED [PY-A-838]
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5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Terri from USA on 2018-09-24
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Things I liked: I like this item because it helped mendial my gun in and it shoots much better now and can hit the target everytime now


4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

By Brandon from USA on 2017-06-04
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Things I liked: The chronograph is very easy to setup and use. All you need to make it functional is a single 9v battery. The guide rods and diffusers are easy to put together and into the chronograph.

Things I would have changed: Make the fps/mps show to the same placement, instead of tenths and hundredths. Would also suggest putting a cord cover over the wire between the sensors so it is not easy to close it in the case when you fold it up, not a huge deal but a simple detail that would make it a little nicer.

What others should know: One thing to note is that the fps and average are shown down to the tenths place but when you pull up extreme spread and deviation it shows the numbers down to the hundredths place so if you re-run the fps through another ballistics program you will get different numbers for extreme spread and deviation. The diffusers snap/click together or apart fairly hard and at times so it feels like the little tabs might eventually wear off or break.


4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

By sparks from USA on 2016-08-22
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Things I liked: Easy to set up and use, fairly intuitive. Shot string data is useful for gauging consistency. Works well with both .22 and .177 pellets.

Things I would have changed: Design the enclosure so that all the rods and screens will store in side the enclosure when folded. Nice folding package, but you still have to tote around a cardboard box to carry the accessories. This makes no sense. Also, make the screens out of a more flexible and durable material.

What others should know: Sky screens appear to be made of too hard and brittle a plastic. After only two uses, the flexing is starting to stress the joints where the rods connect.


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  • Robert from USA asked:

    Is there any way to protect the wire that runs between the sensors over the top edge of the box? Looks like a serious short coming if you accidently hit the ribbon cable and damaged it. Is it replaceable via a plug or have to be soldered to make a replacement? TIA for any answers... Wheelchair Bob

    • Jerry from USA:

      Unfortunately it's just something that you need to be careful with

  • Daniel from USA asked:

    What is the difference between the Alpha and the F1?

    • Tyler from USA:

      The Alpha records up to 32 shots while the F1 does not record at all. You can also see your standard deviation, average velocities, extreme spreads and high and low velocities for a given shot string.