Date: 4/12/2020 13:0

Custom Ace-In-The-Hole

Custom CO2 Pellet Revolver

Flip the Gun

Base model: $99.99
Customization: $0.00

Custom Build Test Drive: $0.00

Total: $99.99

Estimated build completion date 02-05-2021

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  • Base

  • Hammer

    GoldNickelWeatheredFanning GoldFanning NickelFanning Weathered
  • Pellet Barrel

    3.5" Gold3.5" Nickel7.5" Gold7.5" Nickel7.5" Weathered3.5" Ace-In-The-Hole
  • Cylinder

  • Grip

    Matte BlackIvory w/ EmblemFaux WoodAce-In-The-Hole
  • Trigger

    Gold Weathered
Customize the Perfect Ace-In-The-Hole Revolver

A custom Legends Ace-In-The-Hole Pellet Revolver adds a touch of panache to the historical six-shooter lineup. Featuring astounding authenticity with fidelity to the original feel and operation, this airgun focuses on quick shooting realism and uses metal cartridges shaped like actual firearm cartridges to fire pellets. Simply load a pellet in the bottom of the shell, load the shell through the loading gate, and rotate the cylinder.

  • Get started by picking the color and style of hammer you want: the quick-draw fanning hammer featuring a thumb spur to fire by hitting the hammer while holding the trigger, or a standard hammer for a more traditional look.
  • Then, pick the color and length of your pellet barrel: the standard Ace-In-The-Hole 3.5", or a longer 7.5" barrel, with the additional length generating higher velocities.
  • To finish, pick your favorite combination of colors for your cylinder, grip, and trigger. The special grip for this Legends gun has a stylized ace of spades stamped on both sides, and other grips feature the Peacemaker stamp.

The Legends Ace-In-The-Hole Pellet Revolver brings the flair of the old West saloon home to you with gaming-themed styling which shows you still have some tricks up your sleeve. Each custom model air pistol gets our included Test Drive service to confirm dependable operation, at no additional cost. Even if you're out of cards, nothing trumps the style and features of this custom revolver, so pick your favorite design, share it with others, and buy it today at Pyramyd Air!