Date: 23/11/2017 4:39

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Compare Prices And Save On 177 Air Guns

.177 air guns are among the most common on the market, in part because they are used in many competitions. In addition to being used in target shooting, .177 air guns are also used in field-target shooting. In such competitions, the participant must shoot a pellet through the hole in a metal target to knock down the paddle that is behind it. While the opening may be up to 2 inches wide, the pellet may not knock down the paddle if it hits the side of the opening. Ultimately, .177 air guns are better suited for field-target shooting than models that accept larger pellets, such as .22 or .25 models.

Increasing Precision With .177 Air Guns

The low weight of .177 pellets compared to others allows them to travel faster than other options. As the speed of the pellets increases, however, the precision of air guns suffers, so users should select the heaviest pellets that are suitable for their purposes. It is important to note that not all .177 air guns are made to fire BBs. While a BB is smaller than a .177 pellet and will technically fit in the pistol or rifle, it may rattle through the barrel as it is fired. This can damage a .177 air gun that is designed to fire pellets, causing its precision to suffer with repeated use.

At Pyramyd Air, we offer a large selection of .177 air guns as well as .22 models and soft airguns. Among the soft airguns available in the store are gas-powered and electric airguns as well as cost-efficient packages.