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Find Affordable Air Rifle Targets

Those who are shooting air rifles can choose from among a plethora of targets, ranging from traditional ring types to metal versions. Some of the metal targets are designed especially for those who are practicing field target shooting with air rifles. In competitions, participants take aim at targets that sit behind a metal plate that features a small opening through which shots can pass. Selections like the Gamo Squirrel Field Target give shooters the ability to manipulate the size of the kill zone. As their skill and accuracy improves, they can limit the size of the kill zone, which will require that they shoot more precisely to knock down the target.

Recreational Targets for Air Rifles

While some marksmen participate in competitions, others shoot recreationally. When shooting with air guns, they may want to place their targets in front of pellet traps. These devices make it easy for individuals to clean up after they have finished shooting. The pellets pass through paper and are collected by the trap, so shooters do not have to worry about covering their yards with pellets. For additional safety, another option for shooters is to set up a shooting range in their yards, using paper or metal targets. Whether they are shooting with an RWS rifle or a Walther pistol, this can provide additional safety for neighbors.

At Pyramyd Air, you'll find many designs of targets and air guns made by manufacturers like Crosman, Daisy and RWS. In addition, you can find accessories and scopes for your air rifles.