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Find Low Prices On Daisy Air Guns

Daisy offers a wide array of air guns, including pistols, rifles and soft airguns. The pistols available from Daisy employ CO2 cartridges to fire BBs and pellets. If you want to practice your shooting, you may find it useful to add a sight to a model that doesn't have one built into the air gun. One of the advantages offered by pistols over most rifles is that they do not have to be pumped. Daisy air pistols, however, are unlikely to have the power needed to tend to rodents and other pests. For hunting and pest control, Daisy air rifles may be the better choice.

Models of Daisy Air Guns

There are many air rifles made by Daisy, including styles that accommodate .177-caliber and .22-caliber pellets. Shooters who plan on hunting will likely need the power offered by .22-caliber pellets. Those who are just learning to shoot or planning to participate in competitions, on the other hand, will likely prefer the .177-caliber pellets. Among the Daisy models from which they can choose are:

  • The 1938 Red Ryder, which is designed for BBs
  • The 5880 Shadow, which lets shooters control the power of each shot by pumping the rifle up to 10 times
  • The Powerline 901, which can be used to hunt small game or for target practice

In addition to the air guns available from Daisy, there are many models available from AirForce here at Pyramyd Air. The store offers a large selection of air guns from manufacturers like RWS, Daisy and AirForce as well as soft airguns from Crosman and Aftermath.