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Purchase Crosman Air Rifles Today

There are numerous manufacturers, such as Crosman, that offer affordable air rifles. With the low prices available on a number of models, those who are new to target shooting and plinking can learn the basics without investing too heavily. Among the models they may consider is the Crosman 1077. This lightweight CO2 air rifle has a 12-shot clip that can be reloaded quickly. Those who find themselves shooting often can add optional scopes or large CO2 tanks, so that they do not need to change cartridges as often. Another option is the Crosman 760, which is a pump-action rifle that does not require CO2 cartridges. It can also shoot both pellets and BBs, making it ideal for plinking, target shooting and pest control.

Alternatives to Crosman Air Rifles

Another option for those looking for affordable air rifles is to look to Chinese manufacturers like BAM. While the air rifles from Chinese manufacturers were previously not at the same level as European and American models, today's rifles from BAM can be compared to the best European models. The BAM B26-2 air rifle has the same look and feel as more costly air rifles. It also measures up to them in terms of performance, firing pellets at high speeds with accuracy.

If you're looking for the best air rifles you can afford to buy, you'll find an extensive selection at Pyramyd Air. In addition to Crosman and BAM, you can browse models from manufacturers like Beeman, Eun Jin and SamYang, choosing the model that is best based on how you plan to use the air rifle.