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Types of Pellets

Pellets come in many forms and calibers.

  • Wadcutter - flat-topped for clean cuts through paper targets.
  • Pointed - for deeper penetration in hunting.
  • Domed - for straight flight and hard hits in hunting.
  • Cylindrical - for better ballistic coefficients and energy transfer.
  • Hollowpoint - for better expansion on target.
  • Slug - for better ballistic coefficients, expansion, and energy transfer.
  • Roundball - for straight flight and hard hits in hunting.

Popular calibers are: .177, .20, .22, .25, .30, .357, .45, and .50.

What is the difference between cal vs caliber?

Cal is short for "caliber", however, all air gunners already know this. Caliber is a term used in all shooting markets and means the size of the projectile or bullet, and it is typically used to describe the size of ammunition for all guns. The term caliber sizes refers to all pellets, bullets, and other ammunition and it is a term used by all shooting enthusiasts. Pyramyd AIR has virtually all calibers to choose from including .177, .20, .22, .25, .357/9mm, .45 and.50.

What size of caliber pellets are best for shooting?

Since all pellet air guns require a type of pellet as their projectile/bullet source, any pellet ammunition can be used as long as the caliber of the ammunition matches the size of your airgun. However, the best calibers, in terms of effectiveness and accuracy for hunting and target shooting are larger calibers, such as .177, .22, and .25. All three calibers have great accuracy, and all are very popular for both target shooting and hunting. The difference between .22, .25, or .177 is the "caliber" size of the pellet (.177 being the smallest sized pellet).

Pellets come in a variety of materials, including steel, lead, and eco-friendly material that dissolves into the ground after a few months. Also, you can get cleaning pellets that clean the inside of the barrel of your air gun.

A few things to note about these calibers:

  • All three pellets have lead and are considered "traditional."
  • All three shoot at velocities of 800-1200 fps, which provide great accuracy and work best for hunting.
  • All can be used for target shooting.

The .177 caliber, the smallest pellet, is best used on small game as a single shot deterrent, like keeping pests out of your garden. The .22 caliber, the middle-sized pellet, is best used on mid-size game, since you can shoot multiple shots with accuracy before having to reload. The .25 caliber, can be used on all game and in all shooting applications where accuracy is crucial. You can shoot multiple shots before having to reload this caliber, depending on the air gun you have.

Regardless of what caliber pellet you use, you'll find a huge selection of pellet ammo at Pyramyd AIR.

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