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Ammo Umarex Fuel air rifle: Part 3

Umarex Fuel air rifle: Part 3

by Tom Gaylord, The Godfather of Airguns™
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Part 1
Part 2

Umarex Fuel air rifle
That’s right! The Umarex Fuel carries its own bipod legs tucked against the forearm until you deploy them.

This report covers:

• A different kind of accuracy test
• Let’s go — the artillery hold!
• Scope setting never changed
• RWS Meisterkugeln pellets
• H&N Baracuda Match pellets
• RWS Superdome pellets
• Bipod rested directly on the table
• Bipod rested on soft surface
• Evaluation so far
• Pyramyd AIR job openings

Today, we’ll begin looking at the accuracy of the Umarex Fuel air rifle. This rifle has good adjustable open sights, plus it comes with a 3-9x scope and mounts. But in the velocity test, the rifle’s muzzle slipped off the scale and broke off the muzzlebrake that contains the front sight. So, I can’t test it with open sights. Therefore, I mounted the scope and tested it at 10 meters with 3 different pellets.

A different kind of accuracy test
But that’s not all. Besides testing the Fuel using the artillery hold, I tested the rifle with the bipod rested on a hard surface and then on a soft surface to see if there’s any difference. I shot 5-shot groups because of all the testing I’m doing today.

When that testing was finished I tested the most accurate pellet with a 10-shot group. And, if the bipod were to shoot as well as the artillery hold, I would shoot a 10-shot group off the bipod. This will be a very different kind of accuracy test.

Scope setting never changed
For this entire test, I did not change the scope setting once the rifle was sighted-in. That gives us the opportunity to see how each method of resting the rifle affects where the shots go.

Let’s go — the artillery hold!
There’s a lot of shooting to do, so let’s get started. This first test is with each of three pellets shot while holding the rifle in the classic artillery hold. My off hand is just forward of the triggerguard. Because of the thumbhole stock, it’s impossible to use a full classic artillery hold, but I’ll hold the rifle as lightly as I can.

RWS Meisterkugeln pellets
The first pellet I tried was the Meisterkugeln Rifle pellet that Umarex sent with the rifle. I assumed they knew this was a good pellet for the Fuel. Six shots went into 1.148 inches at 10 meters. This should have been 5 shots, but I miscounted.

Umarex Fuel air rifle Meisterkugeln artillery group
Six Meisterkugeln made this 1.148-inch group. It’s almost 2 groups.

H&N Baracuda Match pellets
Next, I tried 5 H&N Baracuda Match pellets. They landed higher on the target, and the group measures 0.593 inches between centers at 10 meters. This is so much better than the Meisterkugeln wadcutters that they’re probably out of the running — though I will complete the test with them.

Umarex Fuel air rifle Baracuda Match artillery group
Five H&N Baracuda Match went into 0.593 inches at 10 meters.

RWS Superdome pellets
The last pellet I tried was the RWS Superdome, which is often very accurate in spring guns. Five of them went into 0.507 inches — the tightest group so far.

Umarex Fuel air rifle RWS Superdome artillery group
Five RWS Superdomes went into 0.507 inches at 10 meters with the artillery hold.

Bipod rested directly on the table
It was time to test the rifle rested on the bipod legs that are permanently attached to the stock. For this first test, I rested the legs directly on the table. I was wondering if this might cause problems with harmonics, and we’ll now see.

First, I shot the Meisterkugeln wadcutters. The scope setting remained the same as before, but this time 5 shots went into 0.662 inches — less than half the size of the group when the artillery hold was used. The group stayed pretty much where it was when the rifle was hand held. Interesting!

Umarex Fuel air rifle Meisterkugeln bipod hard group
The bipod on a hard surface tightened the Meisterkugeln to 5 pellets in 0.662 inches.

Next, I shot 5 H&N Baracuda Match pellets. This time, 5 shots went into 0.648 inches. That’s larger than the hand-held group, and the pellets also landed lower on the target.

Umarex Fuel air rifle Baracuda Match bipod hard group
Five Baracuda Match off the bipod went into 0.648 inches at 10 meters.

Finally, I shot 5 RWS Superdomes off the bipod. This time, the group measured 0.659 inches between centers. Again, it landed lower than the hand-held group, and this time it was larger than before.

Umarex Fuel air rifle Superdome bipod hard group
Five Superdomes off the bipod made this 0.659-inch group.

What can I say about the bipod? It seems to work well and may be worth using in the field. Two of the groups were larger, but one was smaller. That may just be because I haven’t shot enough groups yet.

Bipod rested on soft surface
It was time to test the rifle with the bipod resting on a soft surface — similar to resting it on the ground in many places. Same 3 pellets, same sight setting. For a soft surface, I used a heavy military wool blanket folded many times. It was about 3 inches thick and very dense and soft.

Meisterkugeln were first, and 5 went into a vertical group that measured 0.721 inches between centers. This is larger than the group shot with the bipod rested on a hard surface and smaller than when the artillery hold was used.

Umarex Fuel air rifle Meisterkugeln bipod soft group
Off the bipod sitting on a soft rest, 5 Meisterkugeln went into this 0.721-inch group at 10 meters.

H&N Baracuda Match pellets went into 0.565 inches between centers. That makes this the best group shot with this pellet.

Umarex Fuel air rifle Baracuda Match bipod soft group
Five Baracuda Match went into this 0.565-inch group at 10 meters with the bipod resting on a soft surface.

Lastly, I shot the RWS Superdomes with the bipod resting on a soft surface. Five went into 0.633 inches. That’s slightly better than with the bipod rested on a hard surface and worse than when the rifle was hand held. Notice that 4 of the 5 pellets went into 0.335 inches. That lead me to wonder if there isn’t perhaps a knack to shooting the rifle off the bipod — something analogous to the artillery hold.

Umarex Fuel air rifle Superdome  bipod soft group
Five Superdomes went into 0.633 inches off a bipod sitting on a soft surface. Four of those went into 0.335 inches.

I felt the Superdomes had a slight edge on the Baracuda Match pellets, so I decided to shoot a 10-shot group of them with the rifle rested in the artillery hold. Ten pellets went into 0.74 inches at 10 meters.

Umarex Fuel air rifle Superdome 10--shot artillery group
Using the conventional artillery hold, 10 Superdomes made this 0.74-inch group at 10 meters.

I shot 10 Superdomes with the bipod rested on a soft surface. They went into 1.012 inches, but within the main group 7 are in 0.365 inches. It’s this group that leads me to believe there might be a technique to using the bipod. I almost have it right, but not quite.

Umarex Fuel air rifle Superdome 10--shot bipod soft group
While the overall group is larger, at 1.012 inches for 10 shots, 7 of those shots went into just 0.365 inches at 10 meters when the bipod was rested on a soft surface.

Evaluation so far
The Fuel looks like it wants to shoot — especially from the bipod. I may not have the best pellet yet. When I back up to 25 yards, I’ll try both the Baracudas and the Superdomes.

Pyramyd AIR job openings
Pyramyd AIR is looking for an experienced java developer. If you’re interested, the requirements are listed on their website.

Are you an experienced airgunsmith or airgun tuner? If so, Pyramyd AIR is looking for someone to join their tech support department. That job isn’t listed on the page I referenced above, but I was told that such a position is available. If you’re interested, please send your resume to the email address listed on the page I mentioned before.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

127 thoughts on “Umarex Fuel air rifle: Part 3”

  1. I had the best results with rws superdomes in the np .22, they were awesome pellets and look forward to trying them in a strong .177 springer, like the new ruger impact from umarex,,, think you could give that one a testing for me when you get a chance? I’ve only seen it in .22 so I guess that’ll be the one. And, Reb, you there? I still have those jsb monsters, though I don’t think a pumper can really handle em, I guess a beefy pcp is needed, from what I’ve heard, but let me know if you (or the next guy) wants em.

  2. I can’t wait to see how this gun does at longer range. It has plenty of velocity in .177 and I think do hope they consider a .22 cal. to help slow it down and keep the power up. It’ll probably move very well in the newcomers’ market as is but I’d like to see how it does between 7-900fps.Interesting that the bipod is mounted so far forward, just seems to flaunt the artillery hold as we know it. Even after being neutered. I hope the leg’s healing well B.B.!

    • Reb
      You got that 953 worked out and shooting right yet. I just took my 853 apart to do the trigger mod and drill out the transfer port from 1/8 inch to 9/64 of an inch and used an 10×32 set screw to plug the hole. then just get the trigger mod and hammer anti bounce tab on the latch clearance for the hammer and then put back together and see what it does. It was shooting on the low 500 fps.

      I like the fuel a lot myself also, but I am not a fan of thumbhole stocks because they never seem to fit my hand correctly. I prefer a conventional stock. I glad to see that the bipod does not cause accuracy to suffer.

      Just got me a new Gamo whisper on sale for 102 bucks shipping included and can’t wait for it to get here as I have grown found of spring guns since my firepower /crosman clone that is a very sweet shooter and not real picky with the hold. I just hope the whisper is as good and has enough fps to explode the tannerite rim fire targets I got at gander mountain last week.


      • buldawg
        How is the hi-pac situation going?

        And you went ahead and did the transfer port mod I see on your 853.

        And that new gun I ordered is suppose to be here tomorrow. The one we talked about that is replacing the Monsoon that I sold to my brother in-law. Yep I went ahead and got that Evanix Speed in .177 cal. I figured I would give it a try. The Monsoon I had was a synthetic stock version and the Speed is wood so I’m interested to see how the wood looks. And I hope the electronics work out alright. Alot of the airsoft guns use electronics on their semi and full auto guns as well as the Drozd black bird. But who knows. I hope I’m not disappointed.

        • Gunfun
          Still waiting for an email from Alex on the hipac, but he said it would be 2 weeks before the new fine thread series were in and he may be waiting to contact me when he has them in stock.

          Yea I drilled the port out from 1/8 inch to 5/32 of an inch and tapped it for a 10×32 set screw to plug it with, then going to do the trigger mod and the hammer anti bounce removal of material from cocking arm latch. Then see if it made any difference on the fps, it was in the low 500s. I did not feel safe going any bigger than the 5/32″ ( I stated to Reb it was 9/64ths but it was late and my brain was fading out) and that was the only size set screw I had on hand that would fit as a plug so that’s is what it got. it should help some with the air flow. I will let you know some numbers, it is just a very accurate plinker and if it gets close to 600 fps it would do for a close range squirrel gun with peep sights.

          Still have not got tracking number on the Gamo as it is still showing pending on their site.

          Yea the Evanix should be neat gun, it is going to make you lazy though not having to actually cock it to shoot each round anymore. You need extra mags for it so all you have to do is switch mags and keep pulling the trigger. let me know how you like it and how it shoots when you get it.

          I am off to the post office to return a red dot sight I have had for a year and a half that just quit working so it can be replaced with a new one. then got to finish up my 853.


          • buldawg
            Let me know what velocity you get out of your 853. I think it was around mid to upper 600’s when I did my 953 but its been a while back and I don’t remember exactly.

            And I’m going to tell you something interesting about my 2240 with the hi-pac. I tryed filling it to 3000 psi yesterday. But I did it with my hand pump so I could fill it gradually. I did like 2 or 3 pumps at a time and stopped in between till I got to 3000 psi. And remember mine has the factory seal. And it is the fine thread version. I did let the air out and unscrewed the extension were the o-ring was at. I left the other part screwed into the gun where it seats on the seal. I went out and checked it. Still holding air. And I shot about 5 shots with it and my POI didn’t change from the 2000 psi fill. Didn’t have no more time to shoot more or chrony though. Probably will have to wait till the week end.

            • Gunfun
              I hope that is where my 853 ends up at in the 600s range, hopefully to the high end. I will let you know.

              When you unscrewed the extension did it have a relief cut in it for the o-ring to seal and not get pushed up by the threads, you did not state if it did or not. Glad yours is holding at 3k and remember mine did to all night long and then the next am when I was putting it back together the o-ring at the foster fitting tube to the next extension blew out past the threads in like slow motion as I watched it slowly start to come out then all the air came hissing out. Let me know if your fine thread versions had the relief for the o-ring or not OK.


                • Gunfun
                  Ok, but it did have some as mine the thread came right to the end of the tube. Maybe the fine thread being not as pronounced in the grooving of the tube as it would be with coarse threads is the trick that keeps the o-ring seated.

                  Keep me informed and still have not heard anything from Alex.


            • Gunfun
              I was just thinking about you filling your hi-pac to 3k today, and you said you shot it 5 times. Did it still have the stock hammer spring in it and it didn’t valve lock. You said the POI did not change from the 2k fill, so it would still shoot with the same POI with a higher fill without a stronger hammer spring. That’s is interesting, I wonder why the kit includes the stronger spring if it shoots just as well at 3k as it does at 2k with a stock spring. It would seem like the stock spring would be to light for 3k or at least the POI should be different because with it being the same you would actually wind up getting like twice the shot count going to 3k instead of 2k. Like I say I was just thinking about it and remembered you saying you shot it with the same POI at the higher pressure. Just does not make sense.


              • buldawg
                I don’t have a stock spring in mine remember. I found a spring out of a assortment of springs I had and cut it to length to get the velocity that I wanted. So my spring for the striker will probably be more efficient at the 3000 psi fill verses the 2000 psi. Its probably hitting the valve to hard at 2000 psi. Remember my intension was to use the hi-pac at 3000 with the stock face seal.

                • Gunfun
                  No I did not remember that you changed out the spring so that makes more sense now. My mind is getting bad on short term stuff anymore and that explains why it shot so good. Ok let me know if it holds the pressure. Still waiting for a response from Alex.


                    • Gunfun
                      I lose the notes so that only works when I put the notes in my pockets, but then I forget to take them out and they get washed so its a hit and miss thing. It is a pleasure getting old most days and others not so much.


                    • Gunfun
                      Just got tracking number on the whisper and it is supposed to be here Friday. Hope it is so I can get it sighted with my hatsan and the firepower with 10.5 gr CPs. Bought a jewelry scale off ebay for 9 bucks to measure the pellet wrights so I can know what those Eley bullet shaped pellets weigh.

                      Hope you get your Evanix before you leave for work tomorrow and get to shoot it some, but if you got my luck it will come right as you are leaving for work.


                  • buldawg
                    You know what now that I think about it I haven’t used a stock striker spring in any of my Benjamin/Crosman gun’s in forever. The only two that are still factory original is my synthetic stock Mrods.

                    • Gunfun
                      I have always either changed mine or put an adjuster in the gun to be able to increase the tension and I always change out the valve spring in my pumpers to a lighter spring to get the full dump in the valve.

                      The only gun I have not messed with is my hatsan, but give me some time and I am sure I will look at playing with the valve or hammer in it..

                      I even added an extra length of a spring in my 853s hammer spring today to give it a little extra quick smack on the valve stem. Will have some numbers tomorrow for you and Reb.


                  • buldawg
                    So Friday for you with the Whisper. I’m curious to see how you like yours. And they say the battery comes not charged. So I hope I can at least get it before I go to work so I can get the battery on the charger.

                    And the 2240 was still up at 3000 psi. when I got home tonight. I shot 45 shots out of it but was shooting at 10 yards in the garage so I really couldn’t check to see very good when the POI started to drop off. And that was shooting down to 1000 psi. I filled it back up slow with the hand pump to 3000 psi and so far so good. I will check it tomorrow to see if it held pressure and try to shoot it outside to see when the POI falls off if I get time.

                  • buldawg
                    2240 holding air this morning. I did shoot the gun outside. POI did raise after about 7 shots with the starting fill at 3000 psi. So the striker spring is a little weak for 3000 psi. Or I probably need to come down to 2600 or 2700 psi and the striker spring will probably be good then for that psi. The shots stayed pretty level all the way down to the 1000 psi mark. Kind of a gradual drop off. So I can probably get away with filling it to 2600 I’m thinking with no problem. Didn’t get to chrony it but has to be shooting a little faster if my POI raised. And it only raised about 3/4 of a inch. So not much but the gun did pick up velocity a bit with the higher fill pressure but definitely got more shots per fill. So if it keeps holding air that will be the big question.

      • Buldawg,
        I really haven’t done much with my 953 since the mod. I’ll be getting some Daisy wadcutters before long though( can’t see using the pellets I have for use in my AM77 and QB-36 at such low velocity)@ over 8 grains for the Stoeger match and $15 per tin and almost 10 grains for the Winchester round nose, They’re just too heavy and hard to get for plinking through it with. But you should hear the pop when those Stoegers hit my rimfire target through the 36! They’re not completely vaporizing but close, almost like a match head loaded hollowpoint!


      • Forgot to congratulate you on your next springer. I have been watching the Whisper series because I keep hearing good things about them and really liked the CFR but until I get some funds rollin’ in that’s all I can do is read how others like or dislike theirs. 8 days and counting. It’ll probably be a while before I get back into the 953 for opening the transfer port up but something tells me that after the anti-debounce mod it should be as big as the die cast will allow and that should put it well into the 600’s with standard weight pellets(7.4-8 grains) I don’t know how much the plastic pellet mod will help but may also give it a go due to daisy’s design of the compression chamber being of such low volume already. It’s gonna be interesting!


        • Reb
          Glad to hear your 36 is working good and shoots hard too.

          Let me know when you get back into your 953 and see what’s wrong with it to be shooting so slow. I agree I would not waist the high dollar pellets in the 953, for just plinking out back with my 853 and g-kids guns I just use the CPs from wally world that are 3 bucks a tin.

          I made a mistake on the size of the hole I drilled in the transfer port on my 853. I told you it was 9/64 of an inch when it was actually 5/32 of an inch and then tap the hole just enough with a 10×32 thread to install a set screw far enough to plug hole but not go into the valve stem portion of the port. It was late last night and my brain was fading to black. Now all I have to finish is the trigger mod and put the 853 back together and see what it does.

          I got the whisper for such a deal that I could not pass it up, I can’t really say I am a fan of Gamo’s but we will see how it shoots and if I don’t like it I can sell it and make my money back because I got it for about half of what the normal price is so if I don’t like it I can always get my money back easily.
          I hope it shoots as good as the Firepower/crosman clone I got for 40 bucks because if it does it will be a keeper.


          • I’m sure everyone will hear plenty from me when I go back into that thing!The hardest part about the 36 was trying to figure out the trigger/sear spring, once I got the compressor built. It still has one issue I was in denial about that really needs attention though. It’s sitting in the stock canted a couple degrees to the left like BG Farmer’s was but I don’t have access to a drill press so it’ll have to wait until that changes. at 20-30 yards it’s not a biggie but when I start trying for 50 yards or trying to use mil-dots I’m sure it’ll present problems if I don’t fix it. I’m also considering 2 new forearm screws for it when I have to replace the trigger guard screw with a bigger one. Every screw head on it was rounded out when I got it , I’m sure that’s because the scope was bouncing all over the place. At least now the scope is locked down! and I have a fastener supply shop about 1/2 mile away that’ll set me up with the correct tap for the screws( although they machine their stuff in-house they still wear a smile when an individual comes in to purchase one-offs).


            • Reb
              Did you make some bushings for the front mounting holes that you said were worn out and that the stock was sprung at the front mounts. Is the rear mounting hole off center or bent. I am not familiar with a 36 so I don’t know exactly how it is mounted in the stock. So, I am just suggesting thing that could be a problem.

              Got my 853 done and back together today and it sounds much crisper and the trigger is like a whole new one I have it adjusted so fine that you just touch the trigger and it fires, I actually need to lengthen the pull some as the safety does not work the pull is so short that it fires before the trigger hits the safety. Will get some chrony numbers tomorrow to see if it has improved from before the mods.

              Just keep at it and you will get it done.


              • It was while I was trying to straighten it out via bushings that I discovered the true problem and admitted to myself that the correct fix would be to level it out. The screw is actually bent due to the recoil.
                It sounds like you may need to trim some more off the front of your trigger on your 853, I trimmed mine and test fit about 3 times before I got enough clearance to use the safety, I was hesitant to take it all the way down to the casting line as in the photo but that’s pretty close to what it needed,or just add some pull length. Maybe I’m misunderstanding how you have it adjusted

                • I got cut off after doing some editing and couldn’t even place a period or continue typing.
                  Edith, could this be the same issue Steve had while talking to GF1 earlier that caused him to have to split his reply in half and post 2 comments in order to fully answer his questions?
                  Anywho, i’m glad you got it back together! Now we wait for daylight so we can see some numbers 🙂 .

                • Reb
                  Yea having a bent rear action retaining screw would cause the action to be canted in the stock and no adjusting of the bushings in the front will correct that issue. Is the rear screw a special thread or head type of screw so that you just can’t go to a hardware store and get one to replace it with.

                  I have the trigger on the 853 trimmed right to the molding line like the instructions show but I think I have the trigger adjusted so short in the pull that it releases before it hits the safety tab when pulling the trigger. Or I trimmed the trigger back to far and it is not hitting the safety at all, no worries as I have another trigger that I can modify. My g-kids and myself will be the only ones shooting it so I am not that worried about it and I like the very short pull any way, I may play with the adjustment a little today to see if I can get the safety to work and still keep the short trigger pull. I got to chrony it to see what it is shooting and see if it is better than before the mods.

                  I will let you know. Hope you can find you a new screw for the rear of your 36 or get that machine shop you mentioned to make you one cheap.


                  • I’ve got mine adjusted to 1/4″ of travel and it feels much lighter and easier to control let-off than having it let-off at the beginning of the pull.
                    Star is the name of the shop I used to get the barrel band screw and nut for my AM77 and they were actually correct,the new nut worked with the old bolt, I just buffed off the plating and blued them. the total cost for 2 nuts and one bolt was $.29.

                    • Reb
                      I have mine adjusted to about 1.8 ” or less so that is why the safety doe not work probably. I can bang on the stock and it does not fire so I may play with it some while shooting it later when chronying it.

                      29 bucks is pretty good for machine shop work because most charge at least fifty as a minimum at best so I glad you have a good deal with them in what they charge you. Hope they can make you a new bolt for you 36 pretty cheap.


              • buldawg
                Keep it or sell it. That sounds like something I would do. I’m not much of a Gamo person but I did have to Whispers in .177 cal. First one I probably ruined because I was shooting the ultra light alloy pellets in it about 30% of the time. (you know I liked hearing the crack it made when I shot even though I couldn’t hit anything with the ultra light alloy pellets) The second one I got I shot nothing but 8 to 10 grn. lead pellets and the gun lasted good for the 2 years that I had it. I sold it. So after that I don’t know what happened to it.

                • Gunfun
                  Yea I figured for the price I got it for if it doesn’t do better than my 40 buck crosman clone then I will sell it and make some extra cash on it and get another crosman nitro piston break barrel as I have not tried a nitro model yet. Like I told you before and you agreed that it is nice to be able to just grab the pellets and go shoot without having to fill the gun or pump a bunch of times to just have some relaxing shooting time.

                  There is a crosman nitro venom on gun broker for 100 buck shipped that I am watching that has been listed several times and not sold, so if I get my whisper Friday and don’t like it. I may get the venom and sell the whisper so we will see how I like it as all the reviews say it is a good smooth shooting gun. I just want another one like the firepower because it is very smooth and accurate without being fussy about the hold. I can either just rest the forearm in my hand and lightly hold at the trigger area or rest on a shooting bag and hold with right hand and it hit my POA every time without fail. so if the whisper shoots the same it will be a keeper.

                  I am going to chrony the 853 today so I will let you know what it is shooting at and shooting it yesterday it is still sighted in because it was hitting right on target as it always does, so if it is not to much over 600 fps I will go up to the CMP range to fine tune the sights or see if they even need to be.

                  So the 2240 is still holding air and it is shooting even better at the 3k pressure if not a little lower pressure which is even better and 45 shots is a good number for the size of the cylinder. It sound like the fine thread is the ones I need to have and still no message from Alex, I will give him a few more days and send him another message. I wish I could get the correct parts for mine and get some shooting time and tuning in with mine.

                  Yea I remember reading that the battery is not charged when you get it new so I hope you do get before you leave for work to put it on charge for when you get home. Let me know how you like it.

                  Keep me informed on your hi-pac and how you like your new Evanix speed also. I am eager to see how the Evanix shoots with the electronic repeating system.


                  • buldawg
                    I like nitro piston guns better than spring guns. Well until I got the HW50s. That gun just shoots nice. I don’t know if I got lucky with it but its definitely a keeper. You should try to get that nitro piston gun if you can. I’m thinking you will like it.

                    And the 2240 does like the 2600 psi for sure. I just shot it some more. I got 30 shots that held good on the POI when I started to see it start dropping off a bit. I checked the pressure and it was at about 1300 psi. So I’m going to try to stay at that for a while and see if it is a good fill spot and to see if the gun will stay together. But I’m still curious what Alex has to say. So let me know.

                    And I’m all broke right now so I hope that Evanix speed works out. I have been reading a bunch of reviews about it and watched some video reviews and they all seem to be good so far. I have noticed that people are saying that they are getting close to 400 shots per charge on the factory battery and close to 40 shots per fill. I don’t know if that is usable shots before their POI starts to fall off though. And so far every review is saying its a well built accurate gun. But you know what happens when some body like me or you get hold of a gun. As I say; we will see.

                    • Gunfun
                      Yea I have been thinking about just getting the nitro gun also, but the boss doesn’t know about the whisper yet so if I get the nitro to it will really hit the fan. I just got to get some more stuff sold on ebay to keep her happy with me using only money from my other stuff I sell to fund my pellet gun addiction if you know what I mean.

                      I like the sound of getting 30 shots per fill on the hi-pac before the POI starts to drop. I am hoping that I can get around that many with mine at least in the 177 gun like yours because that’s is the one I want to use for the hunter class at the air gun club matches. The 22 one if I can get twenty I will be happy but I am going to tune it more for power than shot count.

                      I hope your Evanix makes you happy and lives up to all the good reviews and videos you have read and watched. That’s kind of what made me by the whisper also.

                      Let me know when you get home tonight if you get the Evanix in time to charge the battery on how it shoots and I will let you know what Alex says when I hear from him.


                    • Gunfun1,
                      Did you locktite any of the screws into your HW50S? Seems like mine is shaking them loose at around 200 shots. Yesterday the front sight fell off, glad I didn’t lose it in the grass.

                    • Randy
                      I have the sights off of mine because of the scope. I tightened the screw’s that hold the stock on after about 500 shots and still tight. I’m sure I got close to 2000 shots on it or more by now.
                      Hope you get this no where to reply.

                • Gunfun
                  I made up a 2 liter bottle with a tire valve in the cap and pumped up to 75 psi and it was rock hard, got to go out and see if it is still holding air pressure. If it is then I got my daughter saving her soda bottles for me as I don’t drink sodas at all only water and milk. but I am going to drill a couple hole in my shooting backstop to stand the bottles up in so that hopefully when shot the valve stem and cap don’t go flying and I can just reuse on a new bottle. Then fill with some talcum powder or flour with some food coloring in it to make a colorful boom.

                  It will put bug smiles on the g-kids faces along with the tannerite rim fire targets also.

                  I will let you know how it works out.


                  • buldawg
                    Cool. Use some duct/duck tape around the valve stem and bottle cap and bottle. That may keep it attached to the bottle. Let me know how that works out. That sounds similar to that thing PA sells that I wanted BB to review. And I see they have a video review now.

                    Here I found it.

                    • Gunfun
                      I was just going to drill some holes in the 2x4s of my backstop to push the valve stems into so that they would not go flying when shot, but I may make up a homemade setup like the use on the mega boom to hold the bottle cap and stem in place. They don’t use the caps and just use a rubber stopper in the bottle and tighten down two all thread bolts to keep the bottle on the stopper and the air in it.

                      I use a step drill to cut a 9/16 hole in the screw on cap and the rubber valve stem pulls right thru the hole and seals just like in a wheel and I used my bike pump to put 75 psi in it and it held it , I just have to go out and see if it is still holding although it only really needs to hold it for 5 to 10 minutes as it will be shot by then. I like the colored water trick, but think a colored powder would make a bigger cloud when shot. I will test it and let you know.


                  • buldawg
                    FedEx guy just came. Got to get the battery out and get it charging before I go to work. So got to go right now so I’m not late for work. Will talk to you later.

      • Well, if you are on blood thinners, kind of takes a little longer i have found. Wow ! Do I bruise easily, also..
        Terrific report ( …as usual..),thank you very much !

        • I’m so glad the only blood thinner they put me on was aspirin, Everything else they gave me for blood pressure were vascular dilators. Both my Father and Stepfather sported daily bruises with their meds.


  3. If it proves itself the inch at 25 yrds. and the way its built,it will be a great pickup truck rough and tumble kinda gun to have on hand for those snake head shots and just on the farm kinda gun when you need it.If it proves worthy in the 177 then they realy need to consider the 22 then I will consider it as a ATV packing gun for the off season. “Were is the spell check?”.

      • Edith,thats good on the spell check.Now you must understand that I’m also one who is not handy with a computer so why is my name missing from the name box and my E-mail address also gone after I send out a reply and I’m back to Anonymous? I just saw check spelling is back.

          • Edith,Steve here.Yes you may but lets wait and I’ll remind you next week and that is because my wonderful wife is gone on a business trip and won’t be back until Saturday and she took all the computer brains with her.In other words as I said before If I asked to do something here and they start throwing computer terms at me Then the hillbilly really comes out of me.I can do two things here on this computer.One is spend money at PA and the other is make a — out of myself when it come to computers.So For a short time I’ll take on Anonymous,kinda like that anyway and I don’t say that much here anyway so it won’t rock my world.

  4. OK. I’m back.

    I had to delete all of the cookies on my computer to get the new blogs. This place is still broke, at least in my opinion, but I can read the new blogs now. If you hit the “previous posts” link, it will take you back a couple of weeks and I see we still have the website fill in the blank slot, but I have figured out how to work around these issues.

    Hopefully some of this mess will get fixed now that the work week is here. And I still can’t fix my speeling.

      • It’s weirding me out man! I don’t think I can deal with it! OK, take slow, deep breaths.

        Another strange little event is when I go to the column on the right under Recent Posts and click on the link to “Buy the book!”, I get the comments for that article and have to scroll to the bottom of the comments to get the article itself.

        My world has been turned upside down!

          • As was previously stated, at least now that the work week has started you’ll have I.T. as backup. Lotta weird goings on today! Don’t let it get to ya, it ain’t worth stressin’ yourself out. I really do like having the comment you’re replying to readily available for reference,Thank You!


            • Reb,

              IT isn’t backup. They’re the ones who made all the changes, and we’ve been online all weekend with them working thru the issues. Basically, nobody got a 3-day weekend. They’re working feverishly to correct everything. And, as a wife, I’m an expert at nagging til things get done 😛


              • Well,I like the way it looks and have tried a few of the features I had never noticed before with good results so please let them know their improvements are appreciated. And good job with the finger shakin’!


            • Reb
              Yea I don’t know, there was no reply button below Gunfuns last reply to me but when I replied to the post above his last one it put my new post in the right spot below the one I was replying to. But now yours did not have a reply button below it so I had to come up here to reply, it not stringing out like it used to but it does not have a reply button at times. I think they will take some time to get all the bugs worked out. We just have to bare with them and let them get it sorted out.


  5. B.B.,
    Don’t know if this will work. I would drill two holes( a little larger than the size of the bipod legs) in a piece of 1″x4″ Pine and clamp or screw it on to your shooting bench. That way you would know that the legs are in the same position on every shot. At least you would eliminate one variable or create another one. LOL!


  6. Drive buy update,#20 squirrel hit the ground this morning with the Airforce Escape and Polymags.This gun is doing just what it is designed to do and I took one yesterday a little over 180 feet head shot.That one was with the Baracuda Extreme 25 cal.

    • steve
      What scope do you have on your AirForce gun? And you have that .22 cal. Marauder also I hope I’m remembering right. What scope is on it? You might of said already but I forgot.

      • Gunfun1,Steve here,Yes its a Hawk Sidewinder on the Airforce.I color code the 4” wheel for distances.Green is hold under,yellow is on zero range and blue is holdover past 150 feet.I wright the mill dot # on the colors.The idea is not to have to read the numbers of milldots but know the distance by a quick glance of the colors.I lay a 100 foot tape measure out and set a can or what ever on a certain distances in feet then focus until clear then wrightdown the mill dot hold over with a sharpie pen on the wheel that has a sticky white paper on it.Then when every thing is colored and the mill dot number is correct I then take a piece of scotch tape and put over the paper because of rain etc.The hawk has seven mill dots or cross hairs so you would simply wright say 5, for mill dot five and it would only be in the green or blue area.Yellow would have no numbers on it because its in the zero range.

      • Gunfun1,This reply in two parts because I lose my replies if its to long.The Mrod 22 cal.has a Bushnell Banner with mil dots lighted cross hairs etc.I found it at a mom and pops country gun store for $40.00.I had to gamble on it for that price and turned out to be a good scope but would rather have one of the hawks.I have not went hunting yet with it this season.Ya wanta know why and this sounds crazy but here goes.ITs to Easy! The thing don’t miss.I getting to feeling sorry for all those squirrels I killed with it last year and the year before.At least with the Airforce you have to pay attention.But with that 24” barrel I bought I don’t have the holdover as much as the 12” barrel when it was the TalonP.It has to be because its much flatter shooting now instead of 900 fps.now 1100+ fps.Its not arcing as much.Its sighted at 60 feet and dead on at 150 feet.and about only a 1/2” rise in between that 60 and 150 feet.

        • Steve
          Yep I bet that longer barrel is helping flatten out the curve on the AirForce gun.

          And I remember you color coding your side wheel. I thought you said it was a Hawke scope. Was the Hawke scope a half mil dot? I got 4 of them now. They work out nice for me.

  7. As I was reading the report I thought the artillery hold would win out over the bi-pod but that last group with the Superdomes was nice. Darn those 3 flyer’s anyway.

    I will be waiting to see what you come up with on the bi-pod test the next time around.

  8. I didn’t like what just happened with the spell check.

    I made a reply to steve and where you comment shows up below the person that your replying to which I like. But I had to scroll down to the bottom of the page to get to the spell check.

    It should stay next to the post comment button so you don’t have to scroll back and forth like how it is if you just make a general reply.

  9. RidgeRunner,

    The IT department is concerned about the issue you had, and they would like to discuss what you saw, what happened, etc., so they can fix the issue and hopefully prevent it from happening to anyone else. May I pass along your email address to them?


  10. GF1

    The blonde struck again . We took the Captiva in for a bad driver side seat control panel . One of the retaining tabs broke off, and the panel was flopping around.
    She got to looking at a bigger Chevy SUV, and talking to the dealer. He showed her a Jimmy Acadia outside that was loaded with almost everything that can be put on one. A new 2015. She traded . The Captiva had not been through a full tank of gas yet. DUMB.

    I picked up a new kitten today . I was at the shell station this morning and as I turned to leave , a guy walked in with a tiger kitten that he found under his truck outside. The girls working in there liked it, but were hesitant to take it home. First thing I noticed about it was that other than being an ordinary looking tiger cat was that it is very special . It’s a polydactyl. It got it’s first ride in a Camaro a few minutes later. Sticks to me like glue .
    Some dirt bag had dumped it. happens a lot in that area.


    • TT
      How’s it going. I would like to see that cat. We have one cat and she stays inside with the inside dog. She’s a Norwegian forest cat. Long hair and mostly gray with brown stripes mixed in. Had her a bit over a year since she was a kitten. Follows me every where when I’m home. She lays on the couch in the breeze way when I shoot.
      Gets along good with the 16 year old dog that we have had since it was a puppy.

      And you got to keep away from them car dealership’s. You ain’t going to have any air gun money. And did you see what I went and done. I ordered me one of those Korean battery powered airguns. I know I’m eating my words right now but I just had to get me another semi-auto air gun after selling the Monsoon. I got one of those Evanix Speed semi-auto’s in .177 cal. I hope I didn’t make a mistake.

      • GF1

        Will try to get a pic of the kitty in a day or so. We have had just a few with extra toes over the years, but finally ran out.

        Don’t much care for semi auto. My first rimfire was a semi, but it shot better single loading . It chewed up the ammo to much in semi. Not really very often I could even use a manual repeater. If you miss with the first shot, you will often miss with any additional attempt. Hurried shots at critters that are moving out at high speed is pretty much a waste.


        • TT
          I bet it’s a cool looking cat. 6 toes. This is our second cat that we ever had at home. We had wild ones on the farm that hung out that were pretty friendly. But none with 6 toes.

          Not going to hunt with the Speed. I have been shooting the steel Caldwell spinners set out at different distances in the yard. PA sells them under s different name but can’t think of the brand off the top if my head. It has 4 steel spinners that are in a row that are about 1 and a half inch in diameter then it has the one on top.

          I was fast shooting at them in the yard from a bench with the Monsoon. The Hatsan QE repeater will do it but not as fun as a semi-auto. I was getting to the point with the Monsoon that as fast as I could pull the trigger I could hit all 5 spinners on that set and move to the next set of spinners. Pretty fun when you start ringing them off from one shot to the next.

          I’m hoping the Speed will shoot faster than the Monsoon since its electric. Suppose to be hear tomorrow but I have to charge the battery first. I ordered another battery but its on back order till tomorrow so I hope they get in stock tomorrow. PA says a 150 shots per charge. I looked at the manual on line and it says up to 500 shots per charge. And it takes 8 hrs. to charge. So I will definitely need two so one can be on charge and ready for when the other runs out.They say 26 shots per fill at 150 shots should be about 6 fills before the battery needs swapped out. I hope it goes more than 150 shots though. Will see how that all works out.

          • Gunfun
            I shot the 853 today and was somewhat disappointed as it was only shooting in the 490 to 500 fps range, so it really did not increase any and from what I remember ( you know what my memory is like ) it was shooting in the 550 fps area, but I may be mistaken. I just wonder since I drilled the transfer port out and have the plastic body mount pellet inside the spring that maybe it does not have enough volume of air to push on the back of the pellet all the way out the barrel. I just know I did not see any increase in fps and actually think it lost some. I should have got some chrony numbers before going into it, the trigger is much better now that’s for sure. I may check it again to see if the piston is going down against the valve and if not fill the head with JB weld to take up the space.

            I read you and TT talking about cats, my grandsons father in Florida got a baby kitten about the same way as TTs wife did. They were on the way up to GA to meet us in July to pick up his boy for the summer and at a gas station some jerk stopped on the side of the road at the entrance to the station and threw the kitten out in a puddle and my son picked it up and nursed it back to health. I don’t remember if we talked about the Manx cats I had on one of our conversations or not, but they are born without a tail and are a domesticated breed of a Bobcat or Lynx. The one I had back as a young adult was all black with white feet and weighed 22 pounds and would bring me home presents of half eaten birds, squirrels and fish. He could jump from the ground to the roof of a house or catch a bird in mid flight at 12 to 15 feet in the air. If I own a cat it will not have a tail because it was born that way. I think we did talk about our cats now that I have it wrote down.

            I am going to take another look at the 853 to see why it is so low in fps because a stock one shoots 500 + fps, I think I may have to remove the pellet inside the spring and build up the piston head some. I will let you know and let me know how the Evanix shoots tomorrow.


            • buldawg
              I forgot my wife’s off tomorrow and we got some stuff to do. I still have to mount the scope yet also. I think I will run out of time before I go to work.

              The cats that were on the farm when I was a kid didn’t have a tail.

              And maybe when you screwed your set screw in to plug the cross hole for the transfer port you went to deep and your blocking the passage. I stuck a Allen wrench in the hole and measured how deep to seat the plug I made.

              And if you didn’t put any sealer on the thread maybe air is blowing by the threads on the set screw you put in.

              • Gunfun
                I know the set screw is not in to far because I could see through the valve stem hole and made sure it did not go into it and there is Loctite on the set screw. if the set screw did go into the port to far the valve would not move freely because it would hit the set screw. I think It does not have enough volume of air or with the bigger port it is losing its velocity to fast. It still hits right on target so I think I need to check to make sure the piston is touching the top of the valve when the arm is in the closed position and if it is then it is the best it can do. They are not made to be real high fps guns anyway.

                Yea I think we talked about our cats now that you say that because I do remember you having cats without tails also.

                Man you got a new toy and going to have to wait another day to play with it, that going to be a long day for you bro. It will be worth it I am sure so don’t rush it and damage anything.


                • buldawg
                  I did shoulder the Speed a couple times before I left for work. It seems to fit nice when I hold it. It feels lighter than the Hatsan but heavier than the Mrods. I thought it was suppose to be around the weight of the Hatsan. I can’t remember right now. And I don’t have the scope on it so that could be making it feel lighter.

                  But the wood has nice grain and seams to be constructed ad good as the Monsoon. Everything is nice and tight and fits good. But yep taking my time with it for sure. I will get to shoot it soon enough.

                  • Gunfun
                    Sounds like you are going to have a very nice gun when you get the scope on it and everything dialed to your liking. I like wood on guns a lot, but the synthetics just seem to save that little bit more weight that make them easier to shoulder and shoot at least with the spring guns. I know the Hatsans are a bit on the heavy side or at least mine is with the longer barrel and then the moderator.

                    My firepower is very light and the whisper states it weighs only 5.28 LBs so it should be very light also.

                    Keep informed on how it does and I will let you know on the 853 and going to go this weekend to do some sighting on the Hatsan and whisper.


                    • buldawg
                      And you know that’s why I like the 2240 conversion because of how light they are. I haven’t weighed one yet but they are definitely easy to carry. We’re going to have to weigh one so we know.

                  • Gunfun
                    The 2240s are light and that is one thing I like about them also. Yea we do need weigh them or I should say you do as mine will not be together for awhile it looks like as still no word from Alex. I guess I have pissed him off by what I said but I am like that squeaky wheel that does not stop till you grease it. that is why I want to use the 177 as my hunter class gun because it is so light which should make it easier to aim and carry between stands at the matches.

                    I had to reply here because there was no reply button at the bottom of your last post.
                    We may have to move to the bottom or go to the 1077 blog to continue.


                    • I see I’m not the only one still experiencing this today. I just got back and checked through all my e-mails but no word or questions from IT.Hopefully they’ve already figured it out but I’d like to know if we pushed the thread too far, I was kinda hoping that with the new layout those days were behind us.

  11. Ummm, am I missing something? No comments at 6:30pm? Is my thingy broken err somethin’? Well anyway, I found a different new umarex, which makes 3 including this fuel, following this styling, the NXG APX multi pump? Grabbed one today, just unboxed and will be testing it out. Id like to do a review if your like, B.B.?

    • RDNA,

      Please go to https://www.PyramydAir.com/blog/ and let the page load. Then press the F5 function key on your computer (I’m assuming you’re on a Windows computer). Or, you can just click the REFRESH or RELOAD icon/button on your browser. The current blog for Wed., Sep. 3, is located there. It’s part 3 of the Crosman 1077 test:

      Once you refresh the home page with F5, you shouldn’t have anymore issues. Pyramyd AIR fixed something earlier today, but your computer may not have caught up.

      Let me know if you have any other issues!


  12. buldawg
    I think the 2240 is to light to weigh on a bathroom scale. I had a fish scale that weighed in pounds and ounces. It was able to weigh a bluegill. It might of worked but I broke it. I will try the bathroom scale and see what I come up with.

    • Gunfun
      On a bathroom scale you may have to weigh yourself first then hold the 2240 and weigh again so it will read the difference. I don’t think it is sensitive enough to just weigh the gun. I know we have one of those new digital scales and it won’t weigh anything unless it can be placed where your two feet will go so I just have to weigh my self then hold whatever I am trying to weigh and find the difference.

      Sorry for the late reply I went to bed early as I had some stuff to get done this am for some extra cash for air gun money , got to keep fun money coming in when the opportunity presents it self.


      • buldawg
        Its been a busy day trying to get stuff done with the wife before I go to work.

        And I did think about weighing the 2240 like you said. That’s how we weighed or nitrous bottles to keep track of how much we had left in the bottle. So yep familiar with that. I will have try tonight when I get home from work.

        And I didn’t get the scope on the Speed but I did fill it with air and got the battery charged last night. So I did load the magazine up with some premiers and the other with the JSB’s and shot it in the back yard today with out sights just to see how the semi-auto action worked. Its not bad. A little different to get use to the trigger. I guess its basically a electric switch. Its got a different feel to it when you pull it.

        And the gun has a full shroud with a baffle system similar to the Hatsan QE. It don’t step up to the bigger diameter though like the Hatsan. But its the loudest shrouded PCP gun I have now. So that ain’t going to fly. I already took it off to see what was inside. And all I can say is they went through a lot of trouble to make it quiet but didn’t succeed. The hole diameter the pellet passes through is ten miles to big. I’m going to take some shim stock tonight and make about 4 of them to fit in between the ones they have in the gun but with the inside diameter only about .010” bigger than a .177 call pellet. That way it will have a .005” air gap around the pellet when it passes through the shim stock. There’s a chance of clipping but not if I make them right and the things they made are true. I may go a little bigger but not sure yet. And it has to be close so the air gets trapped and doesn’t pass the pellet.

        So here I go again. Messing with a new gun. But I just can’t let that go. If they took the time to design a shroud on the gun well it better work right or why have it on the gun any way. And it sounds like I’m aggravated but not at all. I just want it to work. And I do like everything else about the gun so far. Just got to get that under control and mount the scope and find out if its accurate. That’s the main thing.

        But got to go getting close to time to go. I will talk to you later.

        • Gunfun
          I got a question for you about your shoebox, it states in their website to use a oil less air compressor as the first stage compressor. Does it have to be oil less or can a good old regular compressor be used as long as it put out at least 85 psi. I know a good water.oil separator between the compressor and shoebox is a good idea also. But was just wondering if it has to be an oil less compressor for the first stage.

          Having a shroud on that Evanix speed for noise reduction that does not reduce the noise is just not real good design, I am interested to see if your baffles you make at work help and how much. I don’t know if .010 is going be enough clearance, if you can get them to fit perfectly centered it probably will be so let me know when you get it done.

          I sent Alex another email today and will see if I get a response back.


          • buldawg
            I’m pretty sure that they say use oil less compressors for the same reason as PCP guns.

            Not good to get anything petroleum based in side the hpa system. A bomb waiting to happen I would think. A dryer and separator would be for sure a good idea. But I myself wouldn’t take a chance with the compressors that use oil.

            And I’m just going to take a .030” thick plastic shim stock and basically make a plastic washer with the correct outside and inside diameter kind of like how you made those seals you sent me. And that’s the whole trick to making the mufflers work. The closer that diameter is to the pellet diameter the quieter it will be. But the whole problem is like you say. You could start clipping. Right now the hole they have in their washer’s probably .100″ bigger diameter than the pellet. Any hole smaller than they have in theirs is going to be better.

            • Gunfun
              That makes sense, the reason I was asking there was a shoebox on ebay with the belt drive and hardened piston rods brand new going for 545.00 and I was watching it. At the end it went to 600 and I bid 625 and got beat in the last 3 seconds with a bid of 635. if I would have got it for 625 it would have been worth it I think and that is why I was asking about the compressor. It just means I would need the shoebox and an oil less compressor because a good oil/water separator would cost more than a cheap oil less compressor as they state that on their website and it did not even cross my mind about the oil and HPA. I really could not afford the shoebox but if I would have won it I would just sell my 1200cc Wiseco big bore kit for my kawi I have had for a couple years and have not got around to putting it in and most likely never will now with my health issues, I just can’t push the bike to it limits like I used to and it is fast enough like it is anyway. I just got a great deal on the kit when I got it.

              If the baffles in the Evanix are .100″ bigger than the pellet no wonder that it does not quiet it that much. Although I just measured the end opening of mine on the Hatsan in 22 cal and it is right at .320″ so that is .100″ bigger than the pellet also but mine makes a huge difference. It is 8 1/4 inches long and has 6 baffles and is 1 3/16 inch OD. I don’t know how long the actual baffled part of your barrel is but you are right if you can reduce the size of the baffles by even half down to .050″ would help but I am like you start at .010′ and go up if there is contact between the pellet and baffle until no contact is occurring. it sounds like it is more for cosmetics than actual function. let me know how the mods turn out.


              • buldawg
                I got mine direct from the ShoeBox website. I got the base model with the harden rods and belt drive from them. If I remember right it was right around that price. Go to the site and check it out.

                And I made my washers out of a piece of steel bar stock. Made them .050″ thick and put a .215″ hole in them. I will try them out tonight.

                • Gunfun
                  I have checked out the shoebox site and the base model is 649 with the hardened shafts and the belt drive, so if I could have got that one for 625 it would have saved the shipping and 25 bucks because it was free shipping.

                  The washer you made sounds about right in the size so that the pellet should not hit them and hopefully they will help the noise issue.

                  I just got an email from Alex and he said the he took some from the same batch and pressurized to 3k and they had no issue and that the manufacture even stated the threading is not the problem if the o-ring is squeezing through. He said to send them back and he would see if he can repair them and if not then he would replace them.
                  I don’t think he really seems to understand the problem as he thinks it is because the tubes are not lining up correctly or straight, but I can take the o-ring off and they thread together perfectly even and with no gap. So I will send him another message.


                  • buldawg
                    I didn’t remember how much the Shoebox was. That’s what I meant by check out the website.

                    And Im not sure what would be a good way to go about the hi-pac. If he can replace them. I would let him. As far as helping him engineer the thing he ain’t paying you nothing you know what I mean. I don’t know what else to say.

                    • Gunfun
                      That’s is why I only bid 625 because I can buy a new one just like you have for 649 plus shipping, I could not determine shipping without actually going thru the checkout process.

                      On the hi-pac I have got two messages back from him and the first you know, the second he states basically the same thing except that he will only try to fix mine and if he can’t fix them they will be replaced with what he has in stock. I do not have the right to request what thread version I want. And I did not know about the two different versions until he told me in one of the very first messages. It states right on his site to state whether you have fine or coarse thread. I am going to fix mine myself so I know it is done correctly as I don’t believe he has a clue. I glad you got the fine thread versions as they seem to be of better quality control and design. I agree that I am not going to help him correctly engineer or do quality control of his products.


  13. This Fuel rifle seems to get more interesting as the reports go on. I’ve got an aesthetic bias against thumbhole stocks, but I’m also quite an advocate of “pretty is as pretty does”, and it’s getting prettier with time.

    I’m an unequivocal fan, however, of the built-in bipod concept, and I do appreciate your testing with that, B.B. I absolutely love that feature on my Steyr Scout, and unless a rangemaster actually makes me (it has happened), all of my “bench” work with that rifle actually gets done on my belly in “bipod prone”, in the spirit of using a field position for a field rifle.

    Between that thought and reading your testing methodology here, I started thinking about what we could learn from an extended test to look at point-of-impact behavior across several different factors that are supposed to affect it. Keep in mind that I am principally speaking from the perspective of a field user of firearm rifles, rather than being a competitor or benchrester, or rather than being primarily an airgunner. I’m sure there are several grains of salt to take there, so please do. 🙂

    Still…given a known rifle and load / pellet with a confident shooter that knows both, and using an appropriate target at an appropriate range, I would be fascinated to see a baseline point of impact straight off the bench, and then test the same rifle/load/shooter/target system with the following variations:

    – Artillery hold, for an airgun. (Although I understand its theoretical value, I still have trouble getting used to this practice, since I am long habituated to a firearm field rifle technique: shooting hand firm (not crush) grip, pulling buttpad actively into shoulder; support hand open (no lateral pressure at all) and acting simply as a fixed horizontal platform.)
    – Bipod prone. (I’d like to see this done using the firearm field rifle technique, with the support hand curled back to support the buttstock toe at the rear sling swivel stud.)
    – Shooting sling prone. (My preference would be for the Ching Sling since that is what I use exclusively, but for testing purposes a military loop sling would make the same point, I would think. The critical part is that in this test the shooter really is locked up solidly in that sling, with a distinct pull on the forward stud(s).
    – Shooting sling sitting. (As with prone, but with slightly less tension and sometimes slightly different angles.)
    – Hawkins/fist rest position. (Shooter grabs the sling right at the front stud and grips it firmly, anchoring the piece there; the shooting hand uses the usual firearm field rifle hold.)

    Presumably there might be noticeable variations as the different positions put different degrees and angles of pressure on different points of the rifle: the deliberately “floated” freedom of the artillery hold, then the rigid bipod legs, then the active pulls of the shooting sling, rearward when looped up and down with the fist rest…

    One of the things that drives my interest here is the field-shooting problem of balancing the best possible mechanical accuracy with the increase in practical accuracy that is provided by an available field expedient (i.e., bipod, sling, fist, post-rest, etc.). To put an example on it: if I know that my .308 rifle’s point of impact gets pulled down an inch at 100 yards when I’m looped up in sitting, but that looping up in sitting tightens my field groups by a full third…well hell, I’m gonna loop up every time, to get the hit. On the flip side of that, if I find that using a Ching Sling on a barrelband front stud (pulling directly on the barrel) causes such a change in point of impact that it might cause an actual miss at extended range…well, maybe that will decide me to use a post rest instead, or take the time to get a better position…

    I dunno, maybe this sort of test been done before, but I’d think there would be value in it. The comparison of bipod/artillery/bench seems useful enough here; I’d love to see some field positions thrown in too.


      • Understood there. Ideas can certainly get away from “idea people”.

        If I can suitably get my act together, I just might try to do a simplified test for myself. Of the rifles I own, only the Steyr has the bipod, but (theoretically) my 03 Springfield project is nearly done, and I’ll need to invent all sorts of reasons to go make loud noises with that one once it arrives… 🙂

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