by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

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Legends M712 Full Auto CO2 BB pistol
Legends M712 full-auto BB pistol.

This report covers:

• Accuracy
• Watch that selector switch!
• Range setup
• Loose barrel? — NOT!
• Rock ‘n’ roll
• Final impression

Today, we’ll look at the accuracy of the Legends M712 full-auto CO2 BB pistol. I’ll tell you right now that very few machine pistols have ever been accurate in the full-auto mode, and I don’t expect this one to be, either. In fact, given the poor ergonomics of the grip, this may be the worst machine pistol ever made. I won’t hold that against it, though, because it’s fun to shoot that way. Just don’t expect to hit anything.

Watch that selector switch!
After installing a fresh CO2 cartridge, I was going to take a single shot to get the gas flowing, but I forgot about the selector switch. One shot turned into 7-10 as the gun burst out as fast as it could fire. I can control an M60 machine gun to shoot 2-3 shots, and an M3 grease gun is a snap to shoot single shots, but I doubt anyone can fire just one shot with the M712!

Range setup
I shot from 5 meters using a rested hold on a prototype UTG monopod that I’ll be writing about in the future. The pistol was easy to control this way. I loaded only 10 Umarex Precision Steel BBs into the magazine each time, because I wanted to keep track of my shots. When a pistol shoots as easily as the M712, it doesn’t take much to get trigger-happy and shoot more than you intend.

Loose barrel? — NOT!
There was a LOT of discussion about loose barrels and how difficult this pistol is to get on target, but the test pistol worked just fine. I ran the rear sight elevator all the way down and used a fine sight picture (read this report for an explanation). I found that at 5 meters, the BBs hit the target about 1.5 inches above the front sight and in line with it. And bear in mind that Paul Capello tested this same gun for his video before I got to test it. So, it’s been shot a lot.

The trigger is so smooth and light that it was easy to shoot shot after shot from the rested position. The first target gave me a group that measures 1.525 inches between the centers of the 10 shots. This was the best group of the session, and it wasn’t the only one that was this good.

Legends M712 Full Auto CO2 BB pistol group 1
Ten shots went into 1.525 inches at 5 meters. It may look smaller than that, but one BB went to the left of the main group — hitting the 5-ring at 10 o’clock (lower left in this photo).

I thought the second group might be smaller, now that I was accustomed to the pistol, but it wasn’t. It is an identical 1.525 inches for 10 shots! That is just a coincidence that may never happen again, plus there’s probably a lot of measurement error since I am measuring BB holes; but that’s as close as I can measure it.

Legends M712 Full Auto CO2 BB pistol group 2
The second group was 10 shots in the same 1.525 inches at 5 meters. This may not happen again (2 groups the same size).

Rock ‘n’ roll
I didn’t want to shoot this pistol on full-auto at a target because I have shot hundreds of full-auto firearms in my life, and I know how they behave. I expected this one to open up and also climb with the recoil — and, of course, it did! Knowing it was going to scatter, I got to within 10 feet of the target and squeezed the trigger. Like every other machine pistol, the first few shots went to the point of aim and the rest went high and right. Because I was so close to the BB trap I managed to keep all 10 BBs in the trap and on the paper — but it was close!

Legends M712 Full Auto CO2 BB pistol group 3
Spray and pray! Shooting full-auto, the first 3 BBs hit the bull and the other 7 went wide to the right and high.

Of course, paper targets aren’t what you shoot using guns like the M712. This is a gun for rolling soda cans around the yard on a warm day. People will enjoy the experience and will not expect it to be a tackdriver — that isn’t even the purpose of the pistol. This is a fun gun — pure and simple. And if you’re the host of the shooting party, you better own stock in a CO2 factory, because this gun goes through some gas!

Final impression
I like the M712! Umarex doesn’t need me to endorse it — it stands on its own merits. All you have to do is fire one burst and you’ll understand what makes this gun one of the finest of the Legends series. If you have a hankering for a full-auto machine pistol, this one is the real deal. Get it and don’t look back.