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Education / Training Mosin Nagant M1944 BB gun: Part 1

Mosin Nagant M1944 BB gun: Part 1

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Mosin Nagant M1944 BB gun
Mosin Nagant M1944 BB gun.

This report covers:

  • Extremely realistic!
  • Can she cook?
  • Description
  • Dog collar sling
  • Sights
  • Operation
  • Best for last


Okay, that’s Part 1 of the report. I can quit for the day. But I won’t. Today I’m showing something very special and you have to read the entire report to find out what it is.  It isn’t what you think.

I’m looking at the Mosin Nagant M1944 BB gun that several readers goaded me into testing. Two days ago I was sitting at my table at a gun show, and the guy next to me had the firearm equivalent of today’s BB gun on his table — a genuine M1944 Mosin Nagant carbine.. It was so attractive and compelling that I considered buying it! But you don’t buy an M1944 Nagant without a lot of thought. They chamber the massive 7.62X54 rimmed cartridge that’s the Russian equivalent of our own 30-06 round. In a standard rifle it’s a kicker. In a carbine like the M1944 that also has a very short pull and a large drop at the comb, an M1944 is the firearm equivalent of allowing a prizefighter to punch you! He might not knock you down, but he’ll definitely ring your bell! Knowing that, I kept my wallet safely in my pocket.

Extremely realistic!

The first observation is that this BB gun is a very realistic copy of the firearm. When I first saw it in the box I was taken back to the M1944 I had seen at the gun show. The looks alone are enough to make it worth the price. Yeah — but can she cook?

Can she cook?

According to the readers who asked me to test this BB gun, it is very accurate. One guy said it’s almost as accurate as a 499 — the world’s most accurate BB gun! That would be something. If it tests that way for me I can see this BB gun becoming a favorite.


The description online, says the M1944 BB gun weighs 8.21 lbs., and my balance beam doctor scale agrees with that. Wiki says the firearm weighs 9 pounds, even. Of course that will vary with the density of the wood. This one should not vary too much because the stock is synthetic.

The overall length is 40.5 inches and the barrel, which looks full length, is really 15.5 inches long. There is a long freebore (space inside the barrel that’s larger than the actual bore) extending out to the muzzle. It makes the gun appear realistic at the muzzle, plus it keeps the weight down.

The gun has a realistic folding bayonet. It’s the most useless and yet intriguing feature of the M1944 carbine, and the BB-gun maker, Gletcher, was wise to include it. It probably detracts from the accuracy, because attached bayonets often do. But from the standpoint of realism, it puts the BB gun over the top.

Mosin Nagant M1944 BB gun bayonet
The folding bayonet looks and performs just like the one on the 1944 firearm.

Dog collar sling

The gun comes with a realistic web sling that’s as stout as anything the Soviets ever put on a firearm. It attaches to the gun by means of two genuine leather “dog collar” sling attachments that are perfect imitations of the genuine article. If they weren’t brand new and fresh I would swear they are military surplus.

Mosin Nagant M1944 BB gun sling
The two leather dog collars are used to attach the web sling to the M1944.

I’m going to attach the sling in a future report and show you what it look like on the gun. If you are fascinated by Mosin Nagant rifles, this feature will bring tears to your eyes!


Mosin Nagant sights are rugged and utilitarian. And they work well. There is no windage adjustment beyond drifting the front post sideways, and I’m not certain that can be done on this BB gun. But in my experience, Nagant sights are usually spot on for windage. Unlike military rifles from some other countries, including the U.S., the Soviets paid attention to their sights. I bet that is a remark very few of you have ever heard, but I once owned a arsenal-refurbished 1917 American Enfield whose sights were off by several degrees — rotated by the arsenal after refinishing and reinstalling the barrel.

I have never seen a Nagant that wasn’t arsenal refinished — some repeated times! Yet all of them had sights that were spot-on. This BB gun is just copy, of course, so we will have to wait and see.

Mosin Nagant M1944 BB gun rear sight
The rear sight adjusts just like the sight on the firearm. A slider runs up an inclined ramp to change elevation.


This BB gun is a CO2-powered repeater. It uses one 12-gram CO2 cartridge. Like many such airguns, most of the action (the parts that feed the BBs and the valve that powers the gun) resides inside this removable magazine.

Mosin Nagant M1944 BB gun magazine
The removable magazine is the heart of the BB gun.

The bolt cocks the gun, just like on the firearm. But it is FAR easier to operate! You aren’t fighting a massively powerful firing pin spring and cammed bolt lugs. All who have fired Nagant rifles know what I’m saying. Just know that this BB gun is very easy to cock.

This rifle even comes with what appears to be a cleaning rod — just like the original! This one doesn’t seem to want to come out, though. It’s cosmetic.

Best for last

Here is the best part of today’s report. There are only 200 of these guns in existence! Only 200 were made. Yes, it’s a $300 BB gun now, but if they don’t make any more, how much will it be worth in 10 years — or 20? I come across things like this occasionally and experience has taught me to act when the opportunity presents itself. In 6 months you may not be able to get one.

There are more than 30,000 registered readers on this blog and easily many times that number are not registered. That many people can be reading this report. So if you want one, act now. That’s the very special thing I mentioned at the beginning.

I haven’t tested the gun for accuracy yet. If it tests as good as our readers say, then it’s worth the price right now. I promise you nothing, but watch this blog to see how it goes.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

34 thoughts on “Mosin Nagant M1944 BB gun: Part 1”

  1. BB—The Gletcher front sight and base is one piece. It cannot be adjusted for windage, like the real version. That is why I replaced my front sight with one from a firearm 1944. That is my only complaint re this fine, accurate BB gun. Removing the bayonet did not affect accuracy. Ditto shooting with it extended, or folded. It made no difference. I wonder about he “only 200 made” claim. Several dealers , including one or 2 in the UK made the same claim in their adds. Can you find out how many of these guns were made? I hope that you enjoy shooting your “44” as much as Redrafter and me enjoy shooting ours. Watch our for ricocheting bb,s! I got careless in my backyard, hit a rock and the rebounding bb broke one of my windows! It could have been worse, but I still have both of my eyes. Shooting only pellets made me careless. ——Ed

    • Hi BB and Ed . Ed I was hoping you would comment on this rifle. If the one BB has proves to be as accurate as yours I envision a shoot out between the Daisy 499 and the Gletcher. It sure looks like a realistic replica . Ed, maybe you ought to try some of those smart shot copper covered lead bbs .
      Have fun guys

      • I contacted the Manufacturer (SMG) and asked There are numerous sites as well as reviews that mention a production of only 200 world-wide. Can you confirm that this is a true statement?. This is the response. “The fact is that Gletcher actually had been to produce only 200 of the 1944 model, but due to its popularity we decided to produce more. We’ve never officially announced this limited edition, but the media became aware of our plans somehow and still use it for advertising. We suggest checking Gletcher website as a source of reliable information about our brand. Sincerely, SMG Customer Service Team Email: info@smgoutdoor.com Web: http://www.smgoutdoor.com Phone: 877-969-0909″

  2. We, the airgun shooters of the world, would indeed enjoy having a well made bb gun. I for one would very much like to have one made for adult shooters with nice wood and machined steel. I do have to admit that I adore my Daisy 99, but it would be nice to have one that was not stamp metal construction.

    The biggest issue with such is the ammunition. With the tremendous variances in diameters and the unforgiving hardness of the materials that are use in their construction, it is difficult to have a bore that is tight enough to provide the accuracy we would like. That is why the 499 is a muzzle loader. If the bb is too large for the bore, it will not load. If it was like my 99 it could possibly be forced into the bore and jam it, maybe even damaging the barrel.

    Maybe one day.

  3. Interesting gun from several standpoints. Realistic wood looking plastic stock. 200 limited? run. Most confounding is the 5″ barrel. What could possibly be the reason for that? That is basically just putting a pistol action in a rifle stock.

    I suppose from an historical stand point, that is a sales point. The 200 run,.. another. The price seems to be a bit on the steep side for what it is,… plastic, bb. I do hope it shoots well. Very well. For that amount of coin,…. it ought to “smoke” a 499.

    • Chris
      The 5″ barrel BB is referring to is the repro of the real 7.62 barrel that sticks out in front of the foregrip.
      The brass BB barrel is completely hidden under the forestock and goes from the back end of the repro barrel to the breech which makes for a length of 16″.

  4. ” The folding bayonet looks and performs just like the one on the 1944 firearm. “

    That statement begs the question, have you gutted a nazi with it yet? If so, please post the results of that test in part 2.

  5. B.B,
    Looking forward to that episode.
    Have you seen the movie ” Enemy at the Gates”.? I think this is the same rifle that was used in that film.
    Cat and mouse battle between two snipers.


  6. BB as far as the bayonet on a PB mosin being bad for accuracy I have found on mine and other rifles that extending and locking the bayonet in the forward position really helped with accuracy. If you think the rifle is long add in the bayonet lol. then I think I read somewhere that is was meant to be fired like that

  7. B.B.,

    This looks superb.

    O.K., I believe this is the fifth or perhaps sixth time I have made a comment here hoping Umarex (or heck, Gletcher, as they seem to be the most open to replicas lately) will produce a CO2 M1 Carbine and M1 Garand. The Carbine could have two Powerlets in the magazine and the standard 8 round circular Umarex pellet clip should fit easily in the action.

    The Garand could have a single Powerlet a la the Crosman 500 hidden in the forearm near the action or instead an 88-90 gram CO2 that screws into the buttstock. Again, the 8 round circular Umarex pellet clip would fit with room to spare in the action.

    And the long existing full-auto BB Uzi could easily be re-skinned into am Ingram Mac 10 with fake two-stage silencer.


  8. I like the gun. Hope it’s a good shooter.

    And I should mention I’m starting to see a advantage with the co2 cartridge combined with the mechanism that the bb’s are loaded in. If something would go wrong with seals and or the spring loaded magazine. A new assembly could be purchased and the gun could be kept shooting. Well of course if that clip or mag would be available separately. That’s one thing I like about my M22.

    • 90% of my shooting is casual target work with a single stroke pneumatic but I have given into temptation a number of times when it comes to the highly realistic BB replicas that are on the market nowadays. One thing I really like (in a practical sense rather than just the cosmetic) about the drop out magazine/CO2 units is that the gun can be made safe with the push of the magazine release. The BB’s are removed from the gun and the gun is “de-gassed” all at once and without needing to waste the remaining CO2.

      When BB describes the standard rifle as a kicker and wonders how the carbine would feel it reminds me of the time last winter when my friend took me to the range and let me have a try with his Mosin. I had been spending a lot of time with my FWB602 and had gotten to the point where I was familiar enough with it that I could actually feel the minuscule amount of recoil it produced – and it has all the force of a Chickadee’s breath. The first shot with the Mosin made me wonder if someone had set off a quarter stick of dynamite near me!

  9. BB et all..
    Thursday AM I’m in for the carpal tunnel surgery and this will be about the last chance for me to get in my two cents worth. I probably won’t be doing any typing for a couple three weeks.
    BB – when you do the accuracy test please make sure that one of your bb choices is Avanti Ground Shot. This bb cut my groups in half compared to Daisy Premiers.

  10. The rifle in “Enemy at the Gates” was a 91/30. Battle of Stalingrad was in 1942-1943 This is a Model 44 carbine which was produced starting in 1944. You can still buy a real Model 44 that looks exactly like this BB gun and was never arsenal refinished. After the war, Poland produced the Model 44 from 1951 to 1956 at Radom. The machining was superb and the blue/black finish was commercial in quality. The stock was “blond” in color. Polish M44s are still available on GunBroker.com in “unissued” condition. Due to their primitive, complex bolt mechanisms, most military rifle enthusiasts rank the Mosin Nagants design-wise on a lower tier compared to the Mauser 98 rifles, However, the Mosins were the “AK 47s” of their day and won the War against the Germans.. Mosin Nagants work reliably in sub-zero temperatures an are still being used today for hunting deer, elk, caribou, moose, seal and bear in sub-Arctic regions around the world.

  11. The technology to produce replica shell-ejecting bolt-action pellet rifles is available. D-boys already makes a shell-ejecting Mauser Kar 98K spring powered airsoft gun. Just add a rifled barrel, re-caliber the shells to .177 or 22 and add a CO2 gas system……and voila! My D-boys airsoft Kar 98K broke it’s magazine spring and I was able to replace it with a real Kar 98K magazine spring. It is that accurate a reproduction!

  12. Mounting a Scope ?

    Tried a real Mosin scope mount that is intended to slide into the rear sight and use the pivot pin .. NO GO in many ways.
    There are two pins holding the entire rear sight assy to the barrel. They go IN from the left side and tap out easy tapping on the right side. Under it is a dovetail that is NOT a standard size , too wide for any slide on dovetail mount.

    However … if you use dovetail rings or risers with engaging blades that tighten down with screws they may work …However there is not enough length to the rifles dovetail to fit a scout scope with the mount rings on both sides of the scope adjusting knobs, two on one side, ok.

    NOTE: The screw on dovetail engaging blades will be spread out beyond a normal fit, however some blades can be turned upside down to keep the blade or bar more or less vertical when tight.

    Best bet, use 2 small, (not slide on) one slot, 3/8′ ‘RISERS’ with any kind of dovetail one piece scope mounts or weaver adapters above.
    Those very low profile dovetail to weaver adapters will probably not compress tight enough, if you can get them on, for any Weaver mounts to fit on them ?

    Looks like the standard, 3/8″ dovetail short length UTG dual ring single offset mount or low cost 3/8″ to weaver adapter with an extended rail on one side will work if you do one or both of the following,

    1, Cut or file off some of the dovetail blades to allow the mount or adapter to extend aft above the barrel beyond the dovetail..
    2. Cut or file out the rear of the upper handguard (thin metal over plastic) for the mount to fit forward of the dovetails.

    Bob M

    • Follow up to the above …

      Since I already have a, now useless to me, Mosin scope mount, I decided to modify it to work by hacking off the front mount area with the pivot pin mount holes. About a 1/4″ back to clear the riveted sight adjustment spring in the front of the sight base part. That will allow the mount to sit flush in the base.

      I will then drill out and tap two holes in the scope mount bottom and two matching countersunk holes in the sight base bottom to accept some 10/32 countersunk machine screws. Problem solved and it can always be returned to open sights.

      Bob M

  13. I like the “look a likes” from the collectable and historic view, but I spent a lot of years wearing a badge and when someone does something stupid, an officer does not have the time to ask if it is a “counterfeit” or real! These “look a likes” have a very definite place, but even more emphasis needs to be placed on the safe use and even transporting of them. What you KNOW is harmless, could get you hurt in the wrong situation because the other person does NOT have your knowledge. In this day of ambushing of police, it is even more important to avoid misunderstandings!

    I have gone out of my way to let local law enforcement (who see me in my yard with a “scoped rifle” often) know that it is a pellet gun. When one slows to take a look, I break the action open and hold it in a non threatening manner so that they can see what it is. They always give me a thumbs up and continue.

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