by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Hatsan Sortie
Hatsan Sortie semiautomatic pistol.

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This report covers:

  • My attempts
  • Lots of solutions — think BKL
  • BKL Cantilever base
  • The scope
  • More solutions
  • An aside
  • Bottom line
  • Sight-in

My attempts

Today I will attempt to mount a scope and shoot the Hatsan Sortie at 25 yards. I say “attempt” because the Sortie’s magazine sticks out very high above the scope rail. Any scope you mount has to either clear it or be located behind it, a detail that you need to consider when buying this air pistol.

Hatsan mounted a holographic dot sight on the Sortie they brought to the Texas airgun show. It sat behind the magazine and seemed to work fine. I don’t own a holo sight — yet — so I had to do something else.

UTG scope and mounts
See the problem? The scope is mounted in UTG high rings that do not quite clear the magazine (because of the scope turret). On the other side of the gun, the ring jaws are not quite reaching the mount base, so this setup cannot work.

Lots of solutions — think BKL

When I started checking into mounting a scope I didn’t know what would work, but with a little investigation I found several solutions. Right off the bat I found two things. BKL makes a 2-piece high mount set for both one-inch and 30mm scope tubes that positions the scope about 1/8-inch above the Sortie mag, as long as the scope turret doesn’t hang down from the scope tube too far. Can you see all the things that must be taken into account? The photo below shows a BKL 301MB ring (one of a set of two).


BKL high ring
This BKL 301MB high ring (one of two) clears the magazine with a little room to spare.

BKL Cantilever base

BKL also makes a 4-inch 11mm dovetail-to-Weaver Cantilever Base that attaches to the Sortie’s base and elevates the mounts above the magazine. Since the Sortie has both a Weaver/Picatinny base and an 11mm base built into the Sortie’s receiver, this will work. Anybody’s high Weaver rings will work with this! This was the way I chose to go.

BKL Cantilever base
The BKL Cantilever scope base elevates where the rings will attach. It also converts an 11mm scope base to a Weaver/Picatinney. Very handy!

Sortie with scope
See how the Cantilever BKL base raises the rings so the scope clears the magazine? That is the same scope and rings that did not quite clear the mag in the second photo. This scope appears to be sloping downward toward the front, but I thought that was an illusion and testing proved that it was.

The scope

I selected a UTG 10X44 SWAT scope that appears to no longer be available. However, it’s a lot like their UTG 10X50 SWAT scope. When you look at the last picture you may wonder how anyone could use a scope that’s attached this way. I will show how in the next report. The scope actually enhances your grip on the pistol and in the field it becomes very handy!

More solutions

There are several other solutions besides these. One would be to mount a UTG Drooper base that’s designed for the Diana spring guns. It gives you extra height plus a Weaver or Picatinny base to clamp the rings to. It might stick off the back of the pistol a little but you can solve that with a hacksaw (Leapers — are you listening?). You also get some droop compensation which is never a bad thing.

An aside

I took the time today to explain all that I did with the Sortie because I will also be testing the Hatsan BullMaster semiautomatic rifle in the future. Its magazine is identical to the Sortie’s, so if I resolve things now I will save time then.

Also, the Sortie is an air pistol, and shooters find those much harder to use — especially in the field. Once you know how to grip the gun, though, it gets much easier! I plan to show you what I mean in the next report.

Bottom line

The bottom line is whatever scope you mount is probably going to be positioned high above the center of the bore. So cant will be a concern. Too bad Leapers doesn’t put bubble levels into their short scopes (Leapers — are you listening?).


After the scope was mounted securely I did a rough sight-in. It took more shots than normal for me — 8 in all. But now I’m ready for the 25 yard accuracy test. Next time.