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Air Guns Air Venturi Dust Devil BBs: Part 1

Air Venturi Dust Devil BBs: Part 1

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Dust Devil box.
Air Venturi Dust Devils will hit the market in a few months.

This report covers:

  • BBs rebound
  • Smart Shot
  • Weight
  • Composition
  • Accuracy?
  • Hard Target?
  • Do they work?
  • Acid test!
  • Application
  • What they will and won’t do
  • Long-term test
  • Summary

Today we are going to look at something entirely new — the Air Venturi Dust Devil BB. It’s a BB that can be fired at hard targets with little fear of rebound, because the BB disintegrates on impact. I have been playing with these for several months now, and they do deliver on that promise!

BBs rebound

Ask anyone who shoots BBs and they will tell you — BBs rebound from hard targets. They can come back at the shooter almost as fast as they went downrange. You may recall that little Ralphie Parker discovered that when he fired the first shot from his Red Ryder in the movie, A Christmas Story. Well, he wasn’t the only one! Little BB Pelletier busted his lower lip when a BB fired from an Anics revolver rebounded from 10 meters away. That BB left the pistol twice as fast as Ralphie’s — 500 f.p.s.! I shouldn’t have shot it into a steel bullet trap to begin with, but do as I say — not as I do. I said, “Aww — it’ll never come all the way back here.” Right! Reminds me of guys who shoot .22 long rifle ammo at golf balls and get surprised in exactly the same way.

Smart Shot

The Dust Devil isn’t the first safe BB we’ve seen. Remember when I did an extensive 6-part test of the H&N Smart Shot lead BBs in 2015? They just flattened out and fell to the ground after hitting a hard target. So, we’ve had safe BBs for a couple years. But at 7.4 grains, Smart Shot BBs are much heavier than conventional steel BBs that typically weigh 5.1 grains. They slow down a projectile that is already traveling at a low velocity.


Dust Devils are lead free and therefore lighter. I weighed a small sample (20) and found that they ranged from 4.2 to 4.6 grains, with the majority of them weighing either 4.3 or 4.4 grains. The packaging says they weigh 4.35 grains, so what I found is representative.

Dust Devil
A Dust Devil up close.

Air Venturi claims a 10 percent velocity increase that I will definitely test. I will also test to see if this allows some extra shooting distance.


Dust Devils are magnetic, so they are made from a ferrous alloy. That also means they will function with magnetic BB feeders.

I don’t have a clue how they are made, so speculate all you want. I’m sure the belt around the circumference is a big clue, but beyond what you see I know nothing. No self-respecting manufacturer is going to reveal their secrets when they are launching an exclusive world-beating new product. Heck — Crosman won’t even tell you how they make steel BBs, and that technology is close to a century old!

Just for fun I tried Dust Devils in my Daisy Champion 499. This was just a function test — accuracy will come later. I was scared before I loaded the first one that it might get stuck in the barrel and then where would I be? So I pulled out my trusty BBgage (Yes, blog reader Jerry Cupples makes a BBgage) and discovered that the Avanti Precision Ground shot that’s made for the 499 is larger than a 4.41mm hole, which is as large as my early gage goes (current BBgages go up to 4.4mm). But Dust Devils pass through the 4.39mm hole, which told me they are going to drop through the 499 barrel fast, and they did. I doubt they will be very accurate in a 499 because they are so undersized for the bore, but you know I’m going to test them!


Of course you want to know how accurate they are, and I will conduct several tests to show you. Air Venturi claims they are just as accurate, if not more accurate than premium BBs. That claim has to be tested with several different BB guns, so prepare yourselves for a long series.

Hard target?

This came up while the BB was being developed. What if the target is hard but also resilient? What if it gives slightly when it’s hit and then rebounds, sending the whole BB back in the direction it came from intact? There is no defense against something like that. It’s very difficult to set up the precise conditions in which that is even possible, but what it means is Dust Devils are ALMOST impervious to bounceback. Nothing is for certain every time — not even lead.

Do they work?

I’m going to do many tests of this BB, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to shoot some into my steel bullet trap. Naturally I was wearing good eye protection. Only a fool would shoot a BB gun without wearing protection.

Boy, was I leery at first! But my fears were unfounded. Nothing came back, or even got out of the trap, as far as I was able to determine. I can usually hear when pieces of pellets leave the trap and hit somewhere else in the room.

Acid test!

So next, I did a very childish thing. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME! I fired the BB pistol straight down at the concrete floor. It didn’t leave a mark on the floor and it vanished without a trace.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, Dust Devils will be the perfect BBs to use with action targets. That is their best application, I think. Their safety makes them equal to the Smart Shot BBs. Their higher velocity makes them possibly able to shoot a little farther. As long as they are reasonably accurate, these BBs could revolutionize the world of action air pistol shooting, since most action air pistols are BB guns! If they prove themselves, Dust Devils could be to action pistol shooting what precharged pneumatics were to field target — a game changer! I see it as my job to get started on that proof.

What they will and won’t do

Dust Devils don’t work in some action airguns with large magazine capacities. I wanted so much to open the testing with the Umarex Legends MP40 submachinegun. Wouldn’t that be fun? But Dust Devils don’t work well in double-stack magazines. The MP40 has a long double-stack mag.

I will try them in action BB pistols with shorter single-stack mags, so you get a good feel for what works and what doesn’t. I’ve already tried them in an Umarex Makarov BB pistol and they worked fine. And revolvers pose no problem at all. Haven’t tried them in a blowback gun yet, but it’s coming. Pyramyd AIR sent me a spreadsheet of the more than 50 BB guns they have tested them with and only a couple like the MP40 didn’t work.

Long-term test

I will test Dust Devils in a modern Red Ryder that has a gravity-feed magazine. Pyramyd AIR already did and it passed. What I can’t do and what we will have to wait years to see is how well a full magazine of Dust Devils holds up over 6 months of being in the gun while it’s being handled. I might be able to get a child, with his or her parent’s permission, to conduct this test for me, but I think the results are not that pertinent. Without a doubt Dust Devils will be priced as premium BBs and kids don’t shoot expensive ammo. Heck — some of our readers balk at buying pellets from anywhere but the discount store! Besides, the days of little boys carrying loaded BB guns around the neighborhood ended many decades ago.


Dust Devils are an exciting new type of airgun ammunition. I’m sure you readers will have things to say about them after you have read this first report.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

137 thoughts on “Air Venturi Dust Devil BBs: Part 1”

  1. B.B.,

    Beautiful close up shot of this new BB, although it reminds of a spherical lollipop. It looks like sintered steel dust. I wonder if there is a way to measure the exact amount of force required to pulverize one?


  2. It reminds me of the business end of a flail without the spikes.

    So, get the safety glasses, a hard surface, the new projectiles and a small hammer and see what they do under impact.

    I don’t think it would be possible to measure the force needed to shatter one without special instruments.

    As to compression test force, maybe a pair of pliers and a bath scale similar to the way you measure the force to cock a springer.

    But then you have to figure the actual force exerted on the projectile for the force imparted at the grip.

    They promised there would be no math…..

  3. The dimple pattern in a golf ball allow it to fly farther, and the Bernoulli effect can be used to make a sphere travel farther with a backspin imparted to the projectile (hopup in airsoft terms).

    It will be interesting to see how the band disturbs the flight characteristics of the BB.

    • 45Bravo
      The dimples don’t bother me. But that band does.

      I’m guessing that’s where BB measured the diameter at. And I guess he made sure that band is what went in the hole of the bb gage.

      But I do like how they disintegrate. I do hope they are accurate.

    • I wonder if obduration between the projectile and bore is a problem with the wide band? If the band were, somehow, perpendicular to the axis of the bore as it slid the length of the barrel, it might give a slight edge? If, more likely, it was at some angle or began to pivot in its barrel travel, it would seem it would potentially risk a loss of air.

      I look forward to the rest of the series. Jus when I was ready to lay out the big bucks for the copper-covered-lead ones, this comes along!

      I suspect that there is the potential for a line of pellets of this material, too, if the material is not averse to barrel life.

  4. -First note, the packaging looks a “retro”. I found that interesting. Great close up pic.. The band is fascinating as well as the surface appearance.
    -The plier/scale test (above) has some merit,.. it is at least a start.
    -Dissect one via Dremel cut off wheel?
    -Is there an intended purpose/function of the band? Or, is it feature that was forced by new manufacturing methods?
    -Is there other round projectiles (or something other than a projectile) that have this feature? If so, in what applications within industry?
    -If there is air blow by, does that blow by orient the band in a vertical orientation before it leaves the rifle barrel? Would that not act like a wheel (bike, motorcycle) the acts as a force for it to remain in the position? Increased stability/accuracy?

    Cool stuff. Looking forwards to more.

    Good Day to one and all,…. Chris

  5. BB,

    Fortunately, or maybe it is unfortunately because it can sometimes cost a fortune, I am one of those who does not balk at the price of pellets if they give me the performance I desire. I am certain that no matter what the cost I will have to give at least one box of these a try in my Model 99.

  6. BB,

    I will be the kid to give you a long term test. My Model 99 is gravity fed. I could certainly see where there would be a concern with such. Will the all the rolling around in the reservoir and banging and grinding against each other cause the BBs to break down over time and fill your BB gun with metal dust?

  7. Hi B.B.,

    Are these dusty or is there dust in the bottom of the box? Guess I’m going by the product name. Would these eventually clog up small mechanisms like triggers? That was my very first thought when you said “disintegrates”. They must disintegrate into SOMETHING!

  8. BB
    To add to Hiveseeker’s comment, the dust in the container would be an indication of how much material will be ground loose in a bb reservoir of a gun. Not to put you in danger but a piece of wood might cause them to bounce back. I have had a pellet bounce off a pine stump in my yard that I set targets on. When they do not have enough energy to penetrate.

  9. Interesting product. Really caused some excitement this morning 🙂

    I am guessing that the band is required for the manufacturing process to de-mold the product.

    The dimples are proven for golf balls, wondering if the band is going to enhance accuracy aerodynamically. Looking forward to the accuracy blog. Could the band, in contact with the smooth bore, impart a spin to the BB?

    From the numbers, the BBs are quite consistent in diameter. Would be useful if they was available in different sizes the way pellets are.

    Lots of questions. Curious how this product will fare in the market.


    • Guys,

      The average force required just to crack a Dust Devil BB is about 33 Kp (73 pounds) of force.
      This is a substantial amount of force.
      The particle size retrieved from an enclosed bullet trap shot at 10 yards, BBs having a muzzle velocity of 250 fps was:
      250 microns- 68.6% 177 microns- 31.1% 150 microns- .16% 100 microns- .14%

      Also, shot BBs in 10% ballistic gelatin and the overhaul penetration was very similar to steel BBs, frangible BBs did not crack. Velocities were between 250 to 525 fps.



      • RPL
        Ok so without all the math and numbers. Your saying that shooting something like a aluminum can that it’s going to go right through. Even with a powerful say pcp.

        Saying that. Then it’s going to need to be something pretty solid and hard for the Dust devil’s to disintegrate.

        • Yes, that is correct.
          The Dust Devil BBs will go thru a pop can with little effort but when these BBs strike a steel/iron plate having a thickness of .065″ or more, a rock or concrete, the frangibles will turn into a course powder even at muzzle velocities as low as 235 fps shot at a distance of 10 yards.
          Actually, I recently shot a soup can with these frangibles (muzzle velocity was 530 fps), the BBs went thru both sides.
          I guess this is the best of both worlds.



          • RPL
            Nice. But here’s where I’m going to ask a question you might not want to answer yet untill BB gets to that part of the review.

            They definitely work in various ways which is nice. But are they at least aluminum beverage can accurate out to say 20 yards or so? You don’t have to answer yet if you don’t want to.

          • Plinkerton.
            Supposedly that’s one of the purposes of the Dust Devil bb’s. For those people that shoot action target competitions and such. That way there will be less chances of ricochet than with steel bb’s.

            And of course us kids that like shooting bb’s at hard objects every once in a while. 🙂

                • I recently started converting an Air Venturi dueling tree to be used with BBs. It was surpising just how low energy BBs are. Anyway, I did away with the spring/ball toggle action, replacing each level with a pair of oppositly mounted magnets to recreate the compression toggle while reducing friction, reducing mass, and extending range much lower. I’m thinking interactive targets may need tweaking, or maybe not.

                  • Plinkerton
                    All sounds good. But also distance and what feet per second your gun is shooting at.

                    But yep with you on the the target you modified.

                    And stop in on the current blog today. And have you commented on the blog before? Sorry if you have. I can’t remember everyone any more.

                  • Plinkerton
                    What gun?

                    And you like shooting fast action? I do. That’s one of my favorite kind of shooting I do.

                    And for your distance and fps (feet per second). I think I would definitely shoot the Dust Devil bb’s over regular steel bb’s.

      • Aspenparis,

        Thank you for this information. Indeed you seem to have been able to get to the sweet spot of not too hard that it won’t shatter and not too soft and it will disintegrate on its own.

        The next question that comes to my head is that will it be affected by oils or water? Some people have taken to oiling their BBs for velocity/accuracy. If the BBs get wet or damp will they start to rust? Will the BBs become more frangible?

        Thank you for the work you did to make this innovative product.


        • Siraniko,

          Thank you for your reply.
          The Dust Devil BBs are treated with a non-toxic rust preventative,
          However, if one wants to tumble the BBs in their favorite oil, due the BBs’ porosity, the BBs will absorb the oil quite well.
          BBs should be stored in a reasonable dry area, water should be avoided as to prevent rusting.


  10. You know what I’ll be trying them in.

    For sure my smooth bore 760, then the QB79 as a air shot gun.

    I wonder if even using them single shot plinking if they will enter one side of a aluminum can and fragment then open a bigger hole on the back side of a can. If it does work that way then these Dust devil’s might just be the thing for pesting birds and mice at reasonable distances.

    And I wonder if they will stay in place in a 1077 or WildFire clip. Probably to small though I’m thinking.

  11. BB

    Your comment on the MP40, isn’t that a double stack mag? I know it’s not necessarily consistent in the way the BBs stack in the mag, but when I tested it, it was definitely double stack. The Dust Devils have trouble in the double stack mags. In fact, there are only three guns that they’ve been tested in that they have failed to feed in.

    ISSC M22
    Ingram M11 by ASG

    To this point, over 60 BB guns have been tested with these BBs and the above 3 are the only that presented issues. Of course, testing is never done…but that’s where they’re at so far.

    • Tyler,

      As you know I personally tested the Dust Devil frangibles for many months.
      As per single stacked magazines, the frangible BBs work fine even in high capacity single stacked mags found in the Umarex M 712 and Uzi.

      Dust Devil BB Inventor

          • RPL,

            I do hope that you stick around and we get to know a bit more about you. If you read the blog much, you already know a bit on the regular poster’s at least. I admire an inventor and even more so someone that put’s that all into motion into a final product. Much respect. We can always use another good thinker here. There is so much coming out that it is tuff to keep up with.

            It would be interesting to hear on some of what you went through to get to the point that you are at the moment. Maybe even a guest blog, if you are up to that sort of thing and feel that you are skilled enough to present a semi-finished/finished blog to BB.

            At any rate,… I at least hope that you stick around and become a regular. 🙂

            • Chris, thank you for the kinds words.
              Permit me to give you some insight as per who I am etc.
              I started a gun repair business back in 1981 and a custom bullet business in 1989. I should add that I “retired” from the teacher field in 1986.
              In the early nineties I developed and patented a frangible pistol bullet with hard penetration.
              The bullet patent was purchased by Cor-Bon Ammo (Peter Pi) in the 1999 and the ammunition as per was known as Beesafe ammunition.

              Also, I personally developed the lead-free core material used in the TNT Green bullets used in CCI and Federal ammunition . This can be easily verified by contacting Larry Head at Federal Cartridge.

              I have other BB projects I want to bring forward in the near future.

              God willing, I plan on sticking around for awhile yet.


              • RPL,

                Well,..that is certainly a very impressive (start) for “getting to know you”. Thank you very much.

                Very much looking forwards to hearing more from you, time permitting,.. in the future.

                You will not find a better and more “mature” bunch than you will find here.

                And of course,… the very best of wishes on your new venture. Dang,… now I might even have to go out and get me a bb shooter,… well,… other than the 499 and 75th Red Ryder I already have. Love that 499. The RR,.. well,… that could use some help. If you have the “inside track” on your bb’s helping out a RR,.. I would be most interested. 😉


                • Chris, as B.B. will verify, the Dust Devil BBs work fine in the RR at the intended yardage.

                  Have a great evening.


                  P.S. Later this week, I shall send you a pic of Larry Head (Federal Cartridge) and myself with an antelope I shot in New Mexico. We were testing a new type of projectile back in 2010.

    • Tyler@PA,

      I have a half dozen BB pistols that use the following BB-stacking magazines (all compatible with the same CO2 BB pistols):





      Has this magazine been tested?



    • Tyler
      I missed this earlier.

      The M22 has problems feeding them. Bummer that’s one of the guns I want to try them in when they become available.

      I have a Steel Storm that I run on that regulated Air venturi bottle also that I like to try them in.

      Is that a gun that PA has tested them in yet?

      • Yes, steel storm has been tested and they work just fine in it.

        We were bummed about the M22 as well, but such is life.

        There’s plenty of guns they work great in and more exciting BB guns coming to test them in.

        • Tyler
          Not that I don’t trust PA because I do.

          But I’m still going to try them in my M22.

          My thought is that maybe they will feed in one gun the same as another of the same type or maybe they won’t.

          There might be tolerance indifferences from one gun to the next of the same type.

          Maybe not but still going to give it a shot. 🙂

    • Tyler,
      Hi, I was wondering if you would be interested in receiving a couple of spinner targets in exchange for your personal evaluation? I would be very interested in your opinion and also any input you might have with how to proceed from here.
      Thank you

  12. Could you smash one under controlled conditions, pliers or vice, and see what it looks like?

    My guess is these BBs start as 100% iron/steel powder and are then sintered together, or a similar method of only “welding” the outside layer together.

  13. B.B.,

    When I saw the topic for toda’s blog, I got very excited!

    I wonder if Air Venturi has received its cease and desist letter from the vacuum cleaner company yet. :^(


  14. B.B.,

    I was perusing some videos and articles last evening. I read a few articles from AirgunArena I had downloaded some time ago. I’m taking at look at the site right now. On the main page there is a photo of a handgun shooter in the lower right that looks suspiciously familiar.

    Here is a quick way to catch it out.

    Having read today’s blog, I will move my timetable up for ordering a few different pellets.


  15. BB or anyone who has tried them or wants to guess,
    How would they react to a rifled barrel? Maybe they wouldn’t be hard on one like a solid steel bb? Or maybe the rifling would “grind” away some of the bb, making it not accurate? Thinking of a pumper that takes bbs (say a Daisy 880) or a C02 with higher than 700 fps. WOW, exciting times, from a BB!


  16. Gunfun1

    Twenty yards is a “long pull” for a BB gun but would be nice to try though, with high velocity BB guns.
    Most of my shooting was done at targets around 20 feet away which I think is a good indoor distance for BB guns.


    • RPL
      I have actually got some pretty good results with certian air guns out to 20 bench resting using traditional round steel bb’s.

      All I can say is I have been surprised at the out come of things throughout time. Something’s worked way better than I thought. And others I thought would surely work didn’t.

      May favorite statement is get out there and shoot and get the real world result. You just never know the outcome till you try.

    • RPL
      I forgot to add.

      Two guns have actually surprised me in the past shooting steel bb’s. A smooth bore Crosman 760 I have. And the better of the two is actually my QB79 operating on a 3000 psi Air Venturi HPA bottle regulated at 1200 psi.

      And I should add that my 2 Daisy model 74’s are pretty good too.

      And of course that’s bench resting on a bag. And I’m talking accuracy that can hit a 12 oz. aluminum beverage can pretty much every shot at 20 yards aiming center mass of the can.

      And I should mention that my QB79 is successfully shooting 6 traditional steel bb’s through both sides of a aluminum beverage can at 20 yards with enough power to knock a spinner up. Here’s a video. And you can slow it down more if you click the dots on the upper right of the video.


      • Jim,

        I’ve enjoyed my Cowboy Action Target, at least until Mrs. Qwerty caught me setting up in the living room and shooting out through the back door to the target. Now I’m “grounded.” Her objection wasn’t the way I was set up but that I was trying to “heat the world” by leaving the back door open.

        I’m looking forward to trying the Dust Devils when they come out.


        • Jim,

          If you want to shoot indoors with the CA target, just put a cardboard, an sheet etc in front of the target and have fun shooting Dust Devil BBs without the fear of ricochet and the lost of valuable heat.


  17. One thing I can say for the airgun industry is that it is much more creative than firearms. There are new exciting products coming out all the time whereas the firearms industry seems stuck on a few concepts which it keeps convulsing. It’s nice to have a bb that doesn’t bounce back thus eliminating a major cause of injury, but therein may lie a new problem. What happens to all the dust that it turns into? My own concern with my airguns was not so much rebounding as having the pellets disintegrate and leave lead dust hanging in the air. That’s partly my own fault for shooting high-powered airguns at 5 yards, but fortunately I think I have solved most of the problem with duct seal that will absorb the pellets. These new bbs are not made of lead, but that raises the question of just what they are made of. Maybe it’s something that’s even worse just the way nutrasweet is supposed to be even worse than sugar.

    Idaho, you’re right about the forward recoil of the springer being different from firearms and that raises the very fair question of just how it can improve general firearms skill. The claim that springers improve general shooting skill has been mostly in terms of an effect, and it’s not clear why this should be. How exactly does it work? The release of the compressed spring generates backwards recoil due to conservation of momentum until the spring contacts the piston which imparts forward momentum. Is that right? My own guess is that these two movements are so fast that that cannot be differentiated by the shooter. Instead, this rocking and rolling together requires more attention to follow-through. Robert Beeman himself said that airguns force you to hang on longer to your sight picture. And it is my sense that of all the components of the shooting technique, follow-through is among the most important. Without it, you won’t hit anything, and with it, it is difficult to shoot badly. So improved follow-through would be one benefit.

    A second benefit is based on a difference between an inaccurate gun and a sensitive gun which I don’t think are the same thing. And inaccurate gun is unpredictable no matter what you do. A sensitive gun demands additional technique but will reward it reliably. Springers and especially breakbarrels are noted for their hold sensitivity. I suspect that the general awareness that goes with using these guns can be adapted to other designs. It is paradoxical that the very feature that makes springers inaccurate for each shot can be the means of improving shooting skill in the long run. That’s my guess, anyway.


    • Matt61

      I think any shooting where one is actually trying to hit something has the potential to improve technique. And a concentrated effort to shoot a springer well with good follow through has to be a good thing.

      One thing for sure, if kids, or adults for that matter are to be given one to learn with, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing, they need to be taught how to shoot well with it. I wish I had known early on. I’d have made a much bigger dent in the small bird and squirrel population 🙂

    • Matt 61

      The composition of the Dust Devil BBs are made with materials that are acceptable in the manufacturing of non-toxic shotgun shot.Nothing bad.
      When the Dust Devil BBs strike a hard object such as a steel plate, the fragments/powder quickly falls to the ground. This is due to the density and size of the particles.


  18. Chris, as B.B. will verify, the Dust Devil BBs work fine in the RR at the intended yardage.

    Have a great evening.


    P.S. Later this week, I shall send you a pic of Larry Head (Federal Cartridge) and myself with an antelope I shot in New Mexico. We were testing a new type of projectile back in 2010.

        • RPL,

          Thank you for trying. Please come back and comment. Your technical expertise is always welcome. Many discipline’s are well represented here. We have a good mix of that type here and any comments you make will be much appreciated.


          • Chris,

            Gave it another try. This pic was under the 2.0 MB. It should go thru.
            I’m the one on the left, Larry Head (Federal Cartridge New Product Director) on the right.


            • RPL,

              Very nice. Perhaps at some time in the future, you could do a guest blog on the history of frangible projectiles? B.B. does accept guest blogs and further information on the topic would be of interest to all here. I am not asking for trade secrets, but what I have seen thus far, the concept has been around awhile. A “primer” on the topic,.. if you will. Just a suggestion.


              • Chris,

                That would be interesting.
                I was involved in a few projects as per the development of frangible projectiles used in rimfire and centerfire pistols and rifles.
                Some concepts were to be used in the personal defense sector, for hunting ammo and for training purposes.
                Today, we have an airgun BB that is frangible with hard penetration capabilities that is highly dependent on the target it strikes. Ricochet of steel airgun BBs was and still is a safety issue especially with young shooters, thus the concept of frangible airgun BBs became a reality.
                Of all the work I did on frangible projectiles in the past few decades, without a doubt, the development of the frangible airgun BB (Dust Devil BB) was the most difficult.


                • RPL,

                  It is worthy of consideration. If nothing else, it would further your line of products and make people aware that might not have been prior. After 4 years here, I can say that the people here appreciate technical thinking.

                  That is interesting that the bb was the most difficult. Small size, sure. I would think that the fpe that firearms can generate would be much more of a challenge.

                  Do I got ya’ “hooked” yet? 😉


                  • Chris,

                    When I decided to approach the frangible BB project, I wanted to meet certain parameters.

                    1) frangible at low velocities (200 FPS)
                    2) Function in all or at least most BB guns
                    3) Hard enough as to not crack upon feeding or firing
                    4) Relatively inexpensive to manufacture
                    5) Accurate
                    6) High speed manufacturing capability
                    7) lead-free (non-toxic)
                    8) Residual particles to be large & heavy enough as to not become air borne inside a basement etc.
                    9) To be made in the USA

                    I believe I was able to achieve all of the above, not as easy as one may think!
                    Also, I think the future of hunting big game with air rifles looks promising.
                    You can therefore count me in as for future developments in this area which I like a great deal.


                  • Chris,

                    When I decided to approach the frangible BB project, I wanted to meet certain parameters.

                    1) frangible at low velocities (200 FPS)
                    2) Function in all or at least most BB guns
                    3) Hard enough as to not crack upon feeding or firing
                    4) Relatively inexpensive to manufacture
                    5) Accurate
                    6) High speed manufacturing capability
                    7) lead-free (non-toxic)
                    8) Residual particles to be large & heavy enough as to not become air borne inside a basement etc.
                    9) To be made in the USA

                    I believe I was able to achieve all of the above, not as easy as one may think!
                    Also, I think the future of hunting big game with air rifles looks promising.
                    You can therefore count me in as for future developments in this area which I like a great deal.


                    • RPL,

                      “Not as easy as one may think”,… for sure. Thank you for that power point presentation of the key factors into product development. I think that I will be getting some of your bb’s and look forwards to trying them. The only real bb shooter I have is a 499, so accuracy will not be an issue. I put a Red Ryder spring in it, so it is making 150 fps over a stock one.

                      Best wishes going forwards,… Chris

  19. B.B.

    Ok now I am confused, the Air Venturi site lists in the contact section the same street address as Pyramyd Air?

    Is Pyramyd AIR Air Venturi or do they just share the same house?


  20. RPL,
    This sounds like a GREAT idea.
    Why is the band needed? A more perfect spheroidal shape seems desirable.
    You might want to discuss gaging with me. pelletgage at gmail dotcom.

    • RPL
      I was wondering how the band width came about.

      And I hope your still reading today. I have a few questions or thoughts I guess I should say. And I believe some of this was mentioned above.

      What I’m talking about is a pellet made out of this process like your Dust devil’s.

      Here is where I get specific. I always wanted something like this for my .25 Marauder that was making 60 fpe. And this is talking for pest control. Like raccoons and such. A flat nose pellet for 50 yards and in. Or a round nose for distances out to a 100 yards. I would like to see similar pellets in .177 and .22 caliber.

      But here’s the other thought. Im thinking the pellet will make it through the hide. But if it hits a bone it could make it fragment. If so I would use these for when I pest. Of course they would have to be accurate. Next would not care about cost just because of this that I’m going to say. I have to watch for distance and energy and surroundings when I pest control. So if there is less chance that the pellet will exit the better. Pass through of the pellet on a pest is a bad thing in most of my cases.

      I just wanted to throw that out for you so you can at least give it some thought.

      • Gunfun1:

        This would be a very interesting project.
        However, I would approach this not using Dust Devil technology though, Beesafe technology comes to mind. You want to create the most hydrostatic shock as possible with limited penetration.
        One would need to know muzzle velocity/residual velocity, barrel twist and the maximum distance pests are being taken down and typical size of the pest (raccoons).
        What I have in mind,the stability of the pellet would be based on muzzle velocity, pellet construction and barrel twist versus the typical diabolo design.
        This would require a great deal of research but doable.
        Let me know as per.

        Best regards,


        • RPL
          Muzzle velocity around 500 to 800 for .177 caliber with 8-10 grain pellet. That would be starlings and mice around 10-30 yards.

          Around 700-800fps in .22 caliber with 15-18 grain pellets. This would be for squirrel and raccoon at 20-45 yards.

          Around 700-800 fps in .25 caliber with 30-35 grain pellet. This would be for raccoon and ground hog at 30-60 yards.

          Twist rate for most air guns has been around 1:16 is the best I can say. That’s the best info I can give. Hope that’s good for you. If you need something else let me know and I’ll try to let you know.

          Thanks though for considering. It would be very good if you could make it happen in some way. Thanks again.

          • Gunfun1

            I may have a solution as per your interest in a pellet having hard penetration with limited exit capabilities.
            About 28 years ago, I was experimenting with pistol bullets that would have a high degree of frangibility with hard penetration.
            After further thoughts on this, I am convinced this particular approach would solve this issue.
            I believe this technology is patentable so I want elaborate on any details.
            This new design would certainly satisfy a niche market, the only drawbacks is that these BBs would barrel twist sensitive (may not be stable when fired in barrels having conventional twists) and probably would need to sold at a “boutique” cost.
            Due to the high retail price, the minimal caliber would probably need to be .25, but who knows for sure right?
            I shall do more research on this concept later this year, will keep your posted!


            • RPL
              That would be great if you go deeper into this.

              .25 caliber would be great. But would still love to see something in .22 and .177 caliber.

              And without going much farther about this just for the purpose of getting it marketed. Could the product be diabolo shaped and made from the material your talking about. Or maybe even the back half of a pellet out of lead but from the waist of the pellet forward including the head of the pellet out of the material your talking about.

              But those are just some thoughts I wanted to throw out there. And we probably should stop talking about it just for the purpose of making it happen. Before someone else steels the thought.

              But I would greatly appreciate if you would reply back in the future if you get something figured out on this. I for sure will be waiting for a reply. And thanks again.

  21. curious what the pricing will be. Where these could really shine would be in Cowboy Action Shooting at steel plates. With the new 1894 cartridge fed 1894 and a brace of Colt peacemakers, bb versions there are a lot of possibilities for action matches. Not only can hits be heard ,but seen

  22. I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the Dust Devil BB’s for use at my indoor range (a cardboard box set in the corner of my bedroom… and yes my family hates it lol).
    I have a small collection of multiple platform rifles and pistols to test these with.
    If there is a way to obtain any of these as test subjects before release, I would pay for them.
    I understand if I have to wait like everyone else.

    Btw, this is my first post here but I’ve been lurking here for years reading the free education by the Godfather, B.B. Peltier and everyone else here!!!
    I NEVER make a Air Gun purchase without consulting these pages first…. ever.

  23. I always perk my ears up when I hear the term “action shooting”. I think of the complications of action shooting requires certain target, gun, and ammo considerations. I’m thinking accessories such as ‘can chukers’, ‘spinners’, ‘exploders”, ‘tree duelers’. Here is the one ‘rub’ I can see. It is really hard to design some things. Can chukers(rocket) need aluminum cans. Tin cans require more energy. Will the target disks still break up? Does the dueling tree operate?

    I say all this after converting a dueling tree to BB use, by getting rid of the spring toggle and using magnets to toggle the arms of the flopper, and making my target pieces out of cork. Reduced friction and very sensitive.
    Interesting also, how sensitive reactive targets are to projectile energy. Sintered steel

    I think the dusty devil might be a good boon to action shooting. Sintering is also used on breaching rounds.

    • P.D.,

      “breaching rounds”? As in bust through a steel door? or,… bust through a tank? I am not up on breaching rounds, so I just wanted some clarification.

      A door I would think. Minimal furthering of impact/travel, but still getting the job done,… entry.

    • P.D.,

      Chalk line dust would be nice. I made a .22 nail gun cartridge reactive target awhile back and that might just be the ticket to some nice visuals. Thank you for the idea.

      • Anything to ignite the powder chauk? My arcade, that only exists in my mind, would have piezo transducers attached to a sampler for sound effects.

        • And a way to keep score based on shooter and type of target. Not sure how that would work wing shooting, but the Rocket Shot is really a good challenge with a No 25.

          • PD,

            As you might have noted,.. I said above that I made a .22 nail gun cartridge reactive target. While not 100% sure, I am sure there may be a bit of “fire” coming out the front end. That might ignite chalk line powder, not sure. Grain elevator explosions used to be somewhat common and that is just grain dust/chaff.

            I shoot into deep, mature woods (32-100 yards),… which can be dry,… so I might want to try it out in the open first.

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