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Education / Training Beeman R10: Part 4

Beeman R10: Part 4

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Beeman R10
Beeman R10.

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Part 3

History of airguns

This report covers:

  • The test
  • Scope
  • Sight in
  • JSB Exact RS
  • JSB Exact 
  • JSB Exact Jumbo
  • Falcon
  • 10-shot group of Falcons
  • Shootin’ machine
  • Summary

Welcome to the last report on the Beeman R10 that I tuned. This will be the accuracy test at 25 yards.

The test

I shot the rifle off a sandbag rest at 25 yards. I used an artillery hold with my off hand back by the triggerguard. I shot 5-shot groups to test more pellets and then 10-shot groups when I found a good one.


I scoped the rifle with a UTG Bug Buster 3-12X32 scope. It fit the R10 quite well, and when you see my groups I think you will agree that the scope worked.

R10 scoped
The Bug Buster fit the R10 well.

Sight in

I knew the scope was shimmed to take care of moderate barrel droop so I fired two shots at 12 feet and was immediately able to move back to 25 yards. Shots three and four were used to refine the zero and then I fired the first 5-shot group.

JSB Exact RS

Five JSB Exact RS domes went into 0.45-inches at 25 yards, with the last 4 shots going into a much smaller group measuring 0.108-inches. 

R10 RS group
Five JSB Exact RS pellets went into 0.45-inches with the last 4 going in 0.108-inches at 25 yards.

Stock Up on Shooting Gear

JSB Exact 

The second pellet I tried was the 8.44-grain JSB Exact dome. They didn’t do so well. Five made an open group measuring 0.622-inches between centers at 25 yards.

R10 Exact group
JSB Exacts that weigh 8.44-grains didn’t do so well in the R10. Five in 0.622-inches at 25 yards.

JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy

Next, the heavier 10.34-grain JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy pellets did quite well. Five of them went into 0.307-inches at 25 yards.

R10 Exact Jumbo group
The R10 put 5 JSB Exact Jumbo pellets into a 0.307-inch group at 25 yards.

H&N Baracuda Match with 4.52mm heads

After that came five H&N Baracuda Match pellets with 4.52mm heads. They made a 0.314-inch group at the lower left of the bull. 

R10 Baracuda Match group
H&N Baracuda Match made this nice 0.314-inch group at 25 yards.


The last pellet I tried was the Air Arms Falcon dome. The first shot went just above the 9-ring and then four more went into one hole at the bottom of the bull. The group measures 0.61-inches with 4 in 0.249-inches.

R10 Falcon group
The R10 put 5 Falcons in 0.61-inches with the last 4 in 0.249-inches.

There are five 5-shot groups fired from the R10. Three or four of the five pellets did well enough to warrant further testing, so I decided that since I had just shot Falcons, they would be the pellets I tested further. Because they were low on the bull I raised the scope by 5 clicks.

10-shot group of Falcons

I put up a fresh target and proceeded to shoot 10 Falcons at it. The first shot removed the 10-ring. Shot two was a called pull that hit to the right of that. The other 8 shots all went where the first one did. That’s 10 in 0.452 with 9 in 0.205-inches. I don’t care who you are — that’s a good group for a springer!

R19 10 Falcon group
Ten Falcons shot at 25 yards from the R10. The single hole on the right was a called pull. Group measures 0.452-inches with nine in 0.205-inches.

This target was so encouraging that I tried to repeat it, but alas without success. My second 10-shot group of Falcons measures 0.495-inches between centers and I figured that was it for the day.

R10 10 Falcon group 2
Ten Falcons are in 0.495-inches.

Shootin’ machine

No question about it — this R10 is a real shooting’ machine! The tune is still dead calm and the trigger is about as perfect as you could hope for. The Bug Buster worked well with the rifle and if it were mine I would think about leaving it on permanently.


Thanks to a reader we got a good look at a vintage Beeman R10. We also saw how a Vortek PG3 kit installs and performs.

I have always heard that Beeman R10s are buzzy, but the Vortek kit turns them into very well-behaved breakbarrels. This is a rifle to admire and, since the Beeman R9 is virtually the same airgun, the comments carry over to it, as well.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

131 thoughts on “Beeman R10: Part 4”

    • Siraniko,

      Are things ramping back up at work? Here (US) too. New “all time”? highs,… depending on what news you listen to. Reversal of openings too in some states/cities and further delayed openings in others. Mandatory mask wearing in some cities if going out,… which was (not) the case before.

      Take care,…. Chris

      • Chris USA,

        Cases are ramping up over here. Our government is treating it as a military problem not a health problem. Lost my cousin a few hours ago to this illness. Although I take all precautions you never know when the Lord will ask you to come home.


        • Siraniko,

          I am sorry you lost your cousin. With social distancing and mask wearing,… things would be/could be pretty good. In some states though (like all, in some cases),… there were/are hundreds of people packed in like sardines, with zero precautions (by choice). They are paying the cost now.

          Stay safe, (which you are an expert on)… Chris

          • Chris USA,

            Thanks. We are way more crowded here than anywhere in the world. Imagine tens of thousands of people living in 1 square mile. In comparison Ohio has just under 300 people per square mile. So it’s no wonder that this virus is going to spread. Praying that this storm in our lives shall pass soon.


          • Bob Ryan,

            Thanks. She was a heavy smoker despite being an anesthesiologist. Despite use of protective equipment she got infected. Probably put down her guard in an area she thought was safe to relax.


        • Siraniko,

          Please accept my Condolences on your loss of a family member to the Pandemic you have been fighting so valiantly. May the Good Lord grant you and all your family the strength to carry on living life to the fullest at every chance.
          God bless you!



          • Shootski,

            Thanks. She was a frontliner too. Her family sure needs the support. Hopefully her family won’t distance themselves from the rest in grief.


        • Deepest condolences on the loss of your cousin. So sorry for your loss and pain.

          Fred formerly of the Democratik Peoples Republik of NJ (DPRoNJ) now happily in GA

        • Siraniko,
          I am sorry for your loss of your cousin, but as you correctly said, “you never know when the Lord will ask you to come home.” Would that we all had the attitude of the apostle Paul, “We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord.” (2 Corinthians 5:8)
          Grace & Peace to you,

          • Thedavemyster,

            Thanks. The Lord is ever present in our lives. We may forget him at times, but he never forgets about us. Every day is a blessing from Him.


            • Siraniko,

              There are no words for the loss of those who are close to us. I pray the Lord will comfort you and your family as you grieve. She spent a lifetime helping others. There is no greater love, than laying down your life for others, as she did.


                • Siraniko, I am reminded of a quote by Billy Graham:
                  “God is the only source of true happiness, because He offers those intangibles that we mistakenly believe can be found on earth: contentment, security, peace, and hope for the future. None of these can be found in a job, human relationship, money, power, or position. They are God’s alone to give.” — Billy Graham
                  For as God told us in His word:
                  “For You are my hope O Lord GOD; You are my trust from my youth.” — Psalm 71:5
                  In these trying times, I find peace only when I meditate on the fact that all our hope for the future is in God alone; I pray He will bring you the peace that surpasses all human understanding.

  1. BB,

    Fine shootin’ for a springer at 25 yards. I think I got similar with the .22 TX200 and .22 LGU,… on occasion. While I remember shooting further,… I usually shot them at 30 yards. Like you,… I would get some absolute insane groups only to have 1 pellet ruin it.


      • Bob,

        Both are pretty equal. The TX looks better, of course because of the engraving and Walnut. The style of the LGU I liked more,… being a fan of the schnable.

        I put a Vortek HO tune in the TX, so it made a little more power than the LGU. The TX trigger was nicer than the LGU, but I did a “Yankee tune” on the LGU trigger and got it quite nice as well. I never touched the insides of the LGU.

        On accuracy,… they seemed to trade off. Both very good. Overall,… I would say the LGU would out shoot the TX more often than not,… but not by much or often. I guess? the lower power of the LGU might? explain that.


        • Chris,

          Which mark is your TX200?

          The TX200 has a beautiful stock, but the Minelli on the LGU is no slouch either.

          Am I right in thinking the cheekpiece is a smidgin higher on the LGU? If so, maybe that makes for a better cheek weld and slightly easier accuracy.

          • Bob
            I had one LGU and several TX 200’s in both calibers.

            Matter of fact Chris bought my .22 LGU. It was a nice shooter. It felt solid in the hand with good quality.

            One important thing I can say about them all. They was all good shooters.

            And question. Why do you think the cheek weld makes a difference? Is your scope reticle moving? If so you need to figure that out first before you think about the cheek weld causing accuracy problems.

          • Bob,

            The MK III,.. the current one. I do not have either anymore. I sold them to people here after getting into PCP’s.

            Comb height? Not sure since I do not have them anymore. The TX was dedicated L or R. The LGU was ambi..


      • Mildot
        The LGU in.22 caliber I sold to Chris was very accurate.

        I shot the JSB 15.89’s and 16.0 grain AirArms pellets in it.

        Thats back when I chronyed guns pretty heavy. It was at 595 fps like it use to be listed for velocity back then. I knew when I seen that it was going to be a good gun.

        At some point in time they changed to a synthetic stock and raised the velocity to 700 fps. I just wonder if they are still accurate in that configuration.

        • mine was 177 shot around 750 -800 fps I think. I would not buy the 22 figuring Germans excel in pin point accuracy with 177 rifles. they can and do make accurate 22’s but to me most of their skill lies in 177 due to the many match rifles they make I believe

              • Mildot
                I think they don’t make the wood stock anymore.

                I think they only make the synthetic stock version now.

                And I think its only .22 caliber though. I may be wrong though.

                What a shame is Ali can say. I really liked my wood LGU.

                It was a nice to shoot gun.

                  • Mildot
                    I checked this morning and I’m not sure if they even make the .22 caliber synthetic stock one anymore.

                    AGD still lists it but it shows out of stock. And no back in stock date.

                    The the place out west list them still but says to call for availability.

                    So not sure if they still make them now or what.

                  • Mildot
                    That is a good deal. I’m going back and forth right now if I should get one or not.

                    I would like to have one again for sure. But I have been wanting to get a .22 caliber 54 Air King. Been hoping to see a sale on one. I had one in both. 177 and .22 caliber. I have the pcpgunsi wantrightnowandi have a couple top end .177 spring guns so I would like to get a .22 springer. And the 54’s remind alot of how my FWB 300 shoots. So that’s probably where I’m going when the time comes.

              • Mildot52,

                I remember wanting the pistol gripped synthetic stock over the wood one. If I were to get another springer,… I would have to give that serious consideration (assuming they are still made). I prefer a more vertical grip. I also do not mind a synthetic stock.


                  • Mildot52,

                    I do not know. I think that even with a more vertical grip,.. a light/minimal hand hold is preferred. Much easier when doing bench rest,.. of course. The other school of thought would be the straighter the stock (for a springer),.. the better,… which I am not sure I would buy into.


                    • the reason I sold the LGU was because from a rest the underlever was a pain in the neck after I got in position had to go over the whole process again. my FWB if I have it rested well I can reload it standing without the gun moving and barely have to move it for the next shot

  2. B.B.

    Best day of the week!

    Is the one flyer per group due to pellet inconsistency or shooter inconsistency?

    Stay safe, stay sane and beware the second wave,


  3. BB,

    You have to get excited when you have a dead calm sproinger in your hands. It is so sweet to just touch it off and let it ride. There is something about shooting a sproinger that you do not have with a PCP, SSP or MP.

    Those are nice scopes. I have one that is looking for the right air rifle to go under it.

  4. RR

    I bought this scope based on your recommendation to me May 17th. It sits atop my HW30s and is the perfect size for this very accurate metal springer.


    • Deck,

      It is perfect for the light sproingers and PCPs. I also like the magnification level. I am moving away from the high magnification scopes as they are too powerful for woods work and most of my shooting is 100 yards or under.

  5. Great shooting B.B.!

    Being one of traditional tastes (an old foggy??) I would call the R10 a “real” rifle – a good looker and an excellent shooter! Doesn’t get much better than that!

    For me, the thing about accurate rifles is that I can shoot with confidence knowing that if I shoot a good group that I can take credit for it and if I am all over the place, well, I can take credit for that as well – no excuses LOL!

    Happy Friday all!

  6. BB

    You were on quite a roll until that last group. One of the most difficult things for me to do is to confirm a splendid 10 shot group with another 10 shot group. Just knowing I am using the same pellet, hold, trigger pull technique, the group size should be the same. Maybe in my case it is simply luck that the first group was so small.


    • Deck
      That brings up a good point. I’m thinking we should throw out those groups that start getting erratic and start growing and just stop shooting.the gun.

      What I have seen is the gun will group different from day to day. That being point of aim to point of impact and group size.

      Wouldn’t it be nice to have a controlled environment 100 yard range. Heck I would settle for a controlled environment 50 yard range.

      But even so I know there would be uncontrolled variables that some point in time would affect the group size of the gun.

      But eliminating variables is at the top of my list to help group size shrink.

      Its a tuff airg gun world out there if you think about it. Oh what does it take to shoot a good group. Somebody has to know the secret. Don’t they???

      • Gunfun1,

        I am lucky and have that access to a 25, 50, and 100 meter indoor range. It is fine for bad weather (what’s that?) but it really shines for working up a new rifle, bullet/pellet or pressure level. Then it needs to go outside or it really starts to lose all the fun! The nicest range has rules and limits to what you can do before the RSO gets upset…. I like the wind and elements all the work it makes you do. That “work” simply makes you a better shooter.
        But you are right having a long range inside is a great place to start and return to when things stop working the way they did before!


        • Shootski
          Sounds like me and you need to swap shooting ranges for awhile. 😉

          A few days ago it was so calm I couldn’t believe it. I got like 7 guns out to shoot just to check my poi because it was so calm.

          I shot groups at 50 yards that I dare not post the pictures because people would swear I was lie’n.

          Most of my shoot’n is done in the wind for at least the last 4 years that it ain’t fun anymore.

          I have wind shot all my life. Even bird hunted in almost blizzard conditions it seemed.

          All I can say is when you get a very calm day like your controlled place to shoot it makes you say wow sometimes.

          • there is not a bird alive that would make me hunt them during a blizzard. worked outside for 50 years. I only took the cold better then most cause I was getting paid lol

          • Gunfun1,

            Days when the water is like glass at twilight, moonrise or just before the Sunrise! Not a ripple to break the reflections of snowcapped mountains! Yup! Just can’t bring myself to look at targets when it is perfect like that!


            • Shootski
              I use to always like watching the sunset on the lake when I was a kid.

              I go by our old farm everyday to work. Still get to see the sunsets. Still as beautiful as ever.

        • Shootski,

          “The nicest range has rules and limits to what you can do before the RSO gets upset”,……

          What?,…. No shoulder fired rocket launchers? What have you tried that ever got the RSO upset?


                • Chris USA,,

                  WELL NOW!
                  I got a box of .44 MAG STREAK ammo and caused one RSO to call SF and he accused me of shooting tracers! Tracers are FORBIDEN at the range. Unfortunately for that RSO the pro shop at the range had just started selling STREAK ammo. I was also cutting the targets in half with 12 gauge shotgun slugs when another RSO got upset because i was littering his range floor.. But the worst was the RSO who noted my box of .58 cal ammo on the bench thereby getting “caught” shooting .58 caliber when the range CLEARLY does not allow .50 caliber firearms…Lol. That RSO told me he was going to get me banned for life! I had permission from the range owner to shoot my .58 cal air pistol and air rifle. Those are the run ins with RSOs that i remember…give them a red vest and they become little tyrants…who typically miss people doing all manner of truly unsafe things that they should have been watching out for!

                  RULES & LIMITS…Bah! Humbug!

                  just another reason to set up outside on BLM lands and let the wind rip ;^)


                • Gunfun1,

                  Things are things! Had a drunk on a hayride keep saying that untill the team took the wagon into a drainage ditch…can’t write what he started yelling at that point…this is a family approved blog!


      • Gunfun1

        Weeding out variables is part of what makes shooting so much fun. But the worst one is me and shaking. Some days I”m much better than others. If I am having a hard time hitting the side of a barn I get out the old timer heavies with great triggers. The FWB300S needs no artillery hold and that trigger is so easy to work with. Even my Diana 34 T06 trigger rifle needs no artillery hold if balanced on a small bag in the exact same location every shot. Like you in your later comment today, I don’t much like the artillery hold. I get around it pretty well by getting the rifle to recoil the same way via bag placement. I have a couple of big store guns that do demand the artillery hold and a pair of pliers might be helpful to release the sear. But even they are fun if capable of sub one inch 10 shot groups at 25 yards.

        Have a good day and stay safe.


        • Deck
          Don’t ever, ever tell my FWB 300 it can’t shoot out at 50 yards.

          Its not a very happy gun when that happens

          You know what happens next?

          It shows off a little harder the next time around

          Everybody knows or they should know by now. You don’t mess with a FWB 300.

          Especially a Gunfun1 modded one. 🙂

            • Chris
              I know. I need to express myself more. 🙂

              Especially when it comes to the FWB 300.

              Trust me. You always want to make them your friend.

              Seriuosly!!! One day you’ll see. 🙂

              Don’t mess with the FWB 300.

              They are Bad Boys.

  7. Nice shooting BB! My new R9 in .177 is working out well. It was buzzy out of the box but a modest application of Tune-In-A-Tube got rid of all of it. Very Accurate.


  8. BB, thanks for making me smile more. Groups look very similar to what i get with mine.
    If I had to do it over, the R1 would be my choice because I like the milled receiver better,
    otherwise, this is my “reset gun”. I use it to remind myself about what I like about air guns.
    The Vortek kit solves the buzzyness well. If I dont reset the safty before I lay up the shot,
    I will for sure forget to remember to do so in time, but that’s probably for the best.

  9. BB
    Do most R10’s shoot this way.

    And a shame that it needs the dificult artillery hold.

    I’m not a fan of the artillery hold at all. But I guess if it helps the gun to be more accurat. Then I guess I can accept the artillery hold.

    • Doc
      I didn’t know about it either.

      Thanks for showing it.

      And I wonder if the Hi-Pak HPA conversion is still available. I would get one just to see. 🙂

  10. A change in course here. How many have purchased a Benjamin maximus and added a regulator to it? What kind of regulator did you add and what kind of shot count did you get after adding the regulator? I would like to get more than 24 good full-power shots out of my Euro Maximus.



    • Brent


      Up in the 30 shot count and velocity around 700 fps. But you got to know how to tune to get that with the Huma type regulator.

      I’m having much betrer results with the 13 cubic inch HPA regulated bottle and drop down adapter though. Same velocity with double the shot count and still good accuracy.

    • Brent,

      Count me in with the .22 Hunter and Huma reg.. At least 29 shots at 790 with an 8 spread from the 1st to the 29th. 15.89 JSB’s. It is my go to pest gun.


  11. “That’s 10 in 0.452 with 9 in 0.205-inches. I don’t care who you are — that’s a good group for a springer!”
    Yes, for sure; I’d be ecstatic if I shot such a group; what a sweet rifle! I give thanks to Jim for sending the rifle to you, and to you for doing this set of reports. In this day when PCPs seem to be all the rage, it’s nice to a quality springer who can hold her own. =>
    Take care & God bless,

  12. BB

    I’m wondering if the simple application of TIAT can result in equivalent affect on R10 accuracy vs a full tune. Do you want to offer an opinion?


      • Deck,

        I used TIAT on my Tomahawk. It went from a noisy vibration to a dead calm thump.

        Have I put a tune kit in? No. I do not need it right now. I am thinking of doing my own thing with it.

      • Decksniper,

        Gene Salvino stated that TIAT and Vortec kits don’t mix due to the tight tolerances of Vortec’s manufacture. TIAT is for use if you don’t want to go into the gun or before you decide to to go into a gun. It dampens the spring from vibrating violently after the trigger is pulled. I was satisfied with the change that happened in my gun (Webley in a plastic stock) that I decided to forego taking it apart.


        • Siraniko,

          So you have a Hatsan built Webley also. I have the Tomahawk in the walnut stock. It is a nice looking air rifle I must say. I used TIAT on it and smoothed it right out and so far have left it alone. I do not know how much longer that will go on though. 😉

          How is the build quality of your Webley? I cannot say I was impressed with what quality control let go.

          • RidgeRunner,

            Not bad I would say. Poor choice in screw retention method that had a tendency to chew up the plastic stock until I put some flat washers. Trigger improved after instructions from Buldawg76. Miles away from quality when compared to Diana. Then again so was the price.


        • Siraniko and RR
          Thanks to both! My positive opinion of TIAT has been enhanced. I use it on any metal springer that needs a smoother shooting cycle. It seems to last. No idea how long.


  13. Road Trip!

    My grandson and I are heading up the road today to check out Blue Ridge Airguns. I might even take the camera along and get a few pictures. 😉

  14. IMO, the HW/Beeman R series spring guns are the best along with the Air Arms TX200. I also have a UTG Bugbuster mounted on my R7 and R9. These are fine little scopes even though many scope snobs poo poo them.

  15. GF1,

    (out of room above)

    Well,… which is it?

    “The pistol grip strait stocks work for me too.”

    A straighter, more conventional stock/grip (OR) one with a more vertical pistol grip? Straight (more horizontal) and vertical are separate in my book.


  16. I have a few slugs in .22 caliber that I thought I would share.

    The first one on the left is the FX slug in 22 grains. Next are the H&N slugs listed as .218 inches in 21, 23,25, and 27 grains. The 30 grain slugs have been sold out each time I tried to buy them. The H&N slugs also come in a .217 diameter.

    The H&N slugs length increases with weight. I would think that would mean a faster spin would be required for stability as they get longer. As they get heavier and longer at the same time they will have a lower velocity resulting in a lower spin rate for a particular gun setup. There is a sample pack for each diameter of the H&N slugs that have all five weights from 21 grains up to the 30 grains in the pack. That seems like the best place to start for finding the best slug for a particular gun. I don’t think a gun will be able to shoot all weights well without tuning for each weight, just my thinking. Have not shot enough and only in one gun so I don’t know for sure.

    So far the H&N 25 grain slugs have been the best in my RAW HM1000x. I have not tried the 27 or 30 grain slugs yet. Nor have I tried the .217 diameter yet.


    • Don,

      I have been interested in giving slugs a go too. Just not sure I want to start down that “rabbit hole” just yet though,… or maybe not at all. As you are probably aware of,… there is a whole host of air gun slug makers now.

      Like you say,…. what twist is ideal for what weight? How much fps do you need? Can I shoot them with a choked barrel? What diameter do I need? Will .217 actually be .217?,… (think pellet sorting for head size).

      At the minimum,.. I do not think that I would test them at anything under 50 yards. Can they do well at 6,7,800 fps? Do I need a rifle that can be tuned to 1000 fps or greater? Many questions with varied answers depending on what you read and who you follow.

      Keep us posted as you delve further,……. Chris

      • Chris U,

        I think the light weight ones may stabilize at lower spin rates. They may not have the radius of gyration as a pellet or the tail drag but may still be stable at less than 1000 fps in a 1 in 16 twist barrel. It is well over 100 deg F today so I may run a few chrony numbers if I can get my workshop cooled down with my swamp cooler.

        So far the 25 grain H&N slugs have been the most accurate in my limited testing with the RAW. The lighter slugs should of been stable with a higher rpm. I never had a calm wind when testing though so maybe the heavier slug did better in the wind. Like you said it is a rabbit hole for sure. I won’t be sorting just shooting that has more variables than I can deal with. Even when I have found a great pellet the next tin has turned out to be not so good a few times.

        Yep, if shooting less than 50 yds might as well shoot pellets and save some money.


        • Don,

          There has been talk (not so sure I agree with it),… of slugs being a bit “wobbly” out of the gate and “smoothing” out at further down range. That would be like shooting 1″ groups at 25 and then shooting 1/2″ groups at 50. As I said,… not so sure I buy that,.. but there has been enough talk about it that it might be a real thing. In fact,… HAM may have done something on that? It may have been on one of their slug test. Not sure. They have compiled their “airgun technical” section in one place.

          Good luck and keep us posted. 100 eh? 77 here. 😉


  17. Any thoughts about using slugs in an FX smooth twist barrel?
    Ridges on regular pellets, skirt and head could conform to the barrel but it seems like a solid slug might be a bit too thick to be squeezed into the bore shape instead of engaging rifling.

    Isn’t that just the aftermarket steel breach kit with a dovetail on that 2240? Been around a long time. I have two of those installed already.

    Think I have come to a conclusion… 22 cal and up for anything that shoots over 1000 FPS or is powerful enough to use for pest control. Under 1000 FPS and only used for plinking and target shooting I’ll stick to .177. And I guess that includes most replicas shot just for fun.

    Think about this. If one person started this pandemic all it would take is another single person with it to make it happen again. This will not go away until we get a vaccine. Or everyone gets it and passes on or becomes immune. Now they think immunity may not be forever.
    They say that COVID-19 has developed new stronger spikes that infect easier and create problems that may never go away. Only a fool would take this thing lightly, like the person who just died after attending a COVID -19 “PARTY”

  18. Woohoo! Went to Blue Ridge Airguns yesterday. A large time was had by all! At least I had a good time. I now have a “local” brick and mortar airgun shop. Nathan Wenger is very experienced and knowledgeable and has met quite a few of the big boys in the airgun world, including our host.

    He has a real nice selection of some of the top end PCPs including, Daystate, the LCS SK-19 and the new RTI Arms Prophet. He also had some of the “low end” air rifles like the Diana Outlaw. In fact he sold one of those yesterday while I was there. He has a new shipment coming in that include a pallet of JSB pellets and the new AV Avenger.

    Due to the fact that he is a working farmer and his shop is not that big, he cannot keep an inventory like PA or that other airgun company in the SW USA, but if he does not have it, he can get it. I for one am going to be doing as much business with him as I can. Give him a try yourself.

    • RR,

      Well,.. very good! 🙂 It would be nice to have an airgun shop nearby here. Firearm shops are much more common. On average,… if you start talking anything air gun,… their eyes glaze over pretty quick.

      Is it a very long drive for you?


      • Chris,

        It is less than two hours away. He has a Red Wolf hanging in his shop. He also has the Safari Wolf and has a Delta Wolf on the way. Like I said, if he does not have it, he can get it pretty quick.

        Talking with Nathan, it turns out there are a bunch of airgunners around here. When it cools down a bit we are going to get a fun shoot together.

        • RR,

          That is great! A good day out,.. made some new friends/contacts, lining up a fun shoot,… etc. I did check out his site. A bit rough,… but at least he has one.

          You were taking the Grandson along too,.. as I recall,.. eh? If so,… did the youngin’ come back home with any new goodies?


          • Chris,

            Blake wanted to buy a LCS SK-19, but he did not have anywhere near enough money. He is going to have to be satisfied with “hand-me-downs” for a while yet.

            • RR,

              Ahhh,… the kid has good taste! 😉 A chip off the ol’ block. That thing would leave me grinning for days! Of course,… with the 2nd and 3rd job required to “feed” it,… I would not have much time to shoot it.


            • RR,

              I will say,… I do not like the magazine not being removable. Other than that,… it is awesome. I would expect a Gen. II to have a mag. that comes out,… maybe?


              • Chris,

                I seriously doubt it. The SK-19 is a repackaged Huben K1. The clip IS the chamber. I would just have it been left semi, but I guess a burst once in a while is OK.

                • RR,

                  Ok. I have (not) looked very hard at it. I was unaware that it is a “repackaged” and unaware that the clip was the firing chamber. So I guess that it operates on the same basic principle as the Co2 revolvers that use a removable circular clips? I had the impression that it was all new tech.. I had thought that a bolt/probe cycled automatically (pushing the pellet into the barrel,.. from the clip) and fired from the barrel,… and repeated.

                  Still, it would be fun to lay down a hail of lead at a pesky ground hog that has been eluding you for months! 😉 I have no such critter issue,… just letting my imagination run a bit amuck. 🙂 2-6 shots connecting in quick succession (on anything) ought to do the trick.

                  I have been lucky and got 2 at 20-25 yards with the .22 Maximus in the past. Dropped them on the spot with the “perfect” between the eye and ear noggin shot. Them suckers like to head back to their holes/den if not dropped right away. Squirrels too. I only do noggin shots on them anymore.


    • RidgeRunner,

      I just checked on how far BRA is from our place in VA and in light traffic it is 2.5 hours door to door. I may need to do a trip on one of the days the shop is open.
      We once had more airgun shops in MD and VA but things have changed a bunch since the ’60, ’70, and ’80s.
      Must say that is closer than Utah Airguns from the Ski Shed! If they have a shoot we may get to see one another if it isn’t snowing out West or the Gulf of Mexico isn’t just right!


  19. B.B.,

    I have re-read this installment at least three times now, and smile more every time! I am so very glad you were willing to use this rifle to tune and write about it. I’m looking forward to shooting it and hope I can get results as good as you have shown here.

    For a little more background info for the readers here; I bought this rifle off the old Yellow Classifieds in 2016. I chronied it when I got it, just to make sure it was “healthy”. I thought it was, but as B.B. has discovered, it had problems. Who knows if or when I would have discovered that… I put it away back then and hadn’t made time to do anything with it since, never even mounting a scope on it. Sounds crazy, I know, but business and family keep my life pretty hectic. When B.B. tuned reader Geo791’s Diana 34 a couple of years ago and Geo still wasn’t getting the results he wanted out of that springer, I offered to buy it. He didn’t want to sell. (George – my offer still stands. — smile) That led to conversations with B.B. at the TX airgun show, and last winter we landed on him working on my R-10. I had ordered the Vortek kit and cocking shoe way back in November, but never got the rifle to B.B. until late spring this year. You have read the rest of the story in B.B.’s four installments.

    Thanks to B.B., and this blog, I have been able to “feed” my hobby for the past several years. For “sentimental” reasons, I wanted a rifle that B.B. had tuned / written about. Now I will have that. Hopefully my sons will someday appreciate my collection as much as I do. I have only sold one airgun since I got into this hobby, and it was a “big box” Umarex, so I don’t count it. (smile)

    Happy Sunday!

    Jim M.

    • Hi Jim,
      Now you know how I feel about selling my Diana 34. “For sentimental reasons, I wanted a rifle that B.B. had tuned / written about.” My Diana 34 is pretty special for the very same reasons. It would be very difficult for me to part with, even though I am not able to shoot it as accurately as I would like. It’s a piece of history now. 😉

  20. Hello BB and fellow Air Gunners
    I want to thank you for doing this series of articles on the Beeman R-10, or Weihrauch HW-85 air rifle. The HW85 in .177cal was my second major airgun purchase. The first thing I noticed was how much lighter the HW 85 happens to be compared to my Weihrauch HW97. I bought it new in 2010, and it has the four pins to hold the Rekord trigger system rather then the threaded piece shown by you in the article. When I received it for some odd reason it wouldn’t shoot a pellet through a cardboard box. After three more attempts at obtaining a decent pellet speed, I managed to lodge a pellet in the barrel. However, I added a couple drops of Crosman Chamber Oil on BB’s recommendation, and that seemed to be the end of my power problems. I have since added a new spring made by V-Max about 8 years ago, and I have had zero problems with speed, or power since.
    As I eluded to previously, in 2010 I asked BB a couple of questions regarding the history of the HW-85, as well as my problem with the extremely slow pellet speed, and power. I must say the information about using a drop or two of Crosman Chamber Oil BB provided was just what I needed. However, as luck would have it, Kevin also replied to my queries, and before I knew it, I was almost overwhelmed with HW-85 information. It felt wonderful to find two gentlemen so willing to share their airgun knowledge. I have faithfully read your articles, as well as the comment section ever since. Once again, thanks for showing the R-10 in such depth. It is an amazingly accurate airgun that I intend to keep for a long while.

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