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Accessories AirForce Edge 10-meter target rifle: Part 6

AirForce Edge 10-meter target rifle: Part 6

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

AirForce Edge.

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AirForce Edge 10-meter target rifle: Part 3
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A history of airguns

This report covers:

Silencer out
Three pellets
The test
Qiang Yuan Training pellets
RWS Meisterkugeln Rifle
Qiang Yuan Olympic pellets
What’s next?

This series was a long look at the AirForce Edge target rifle. The links above will take you to every report that’s been written in this series about this specific air rifle. Today is the final report.

Silencer out

Today I shoot the Edge with the silencer removed. That is to determine whether the silencer affects accuracy. The best group in Part 5 with the silencer installed measured 0.161-inches between centers.

Three pellets

Today I’m testing the three best pellets from the previous test (Part 5). They gave 5-shot groups measuring 0.161-inches, 0.218-inches and 0.223-inches. Those three groups average out to 0.201-inches between centers. I will identify the pellet and tell the group that it got as we go.

The test

I shot from a sandbag rest at 10 meters. I shot 5-shot groups. As long as the pellets were in the black I didn’t care if they were centered, but I did adjust the rear sight as I went. Since the sight extension had to come off the rifle to get the silencer out, the sight picture changed a little. It’s bound to when the front sight is moved.

The beautiful trigger this rifle has allows me to fire each pellet with a perfect sight setting. There were no shots that were called as pulls. In other words every shot was a perfect one.

Qiang Yuan Training pellets

First to be tested were Qiang Yuan training pellets. In Part 5 with the silencer in they gave a group measuring 0.161-inches between centers. It was the best group of the test. I shot them two different ways in today’s test — seated thumb deep and deep-seated with a special tool. Ton Jones told me he discovered that deep-seating pellets made them more accurate in the Edge.

Edge Chinesze Training thumb deep
When they were seated thumb-deep, the Edge put 5 Qiang Yuan training into 0.338-inches at 10 meters

Edge Chinese Training deep
When seated approximately 1/8-inch deep the Edge put 5 Qiang Yuan Training pellets in 0.334-inches at 10 meters. That’s the tool I made from an Allen wrench to seat the pellets deep.

The difference in the group sizes is too small to be significant. It could easily be the result of an error in measurement. Nevertheless, I decided to deep-seat all the other pellets in today’s test.

I adjusted the rear sight down two clicks and right three clicks after this second group was shot.

Stock Up on Shooting Gear

RWS Meisterkugeln Rifle

The next pellet I tested was the RWS Meisterkugeln Rifle wadcutter. In the previous test 5 made a 0.223-inch group. This time 5 deep-seated Meisterkugeln  Rifle pellets went into 0.357-inches. That’s quite a difference!

The pellets struck the target is almost the same place as the group shot just before. They were a trifle more to the right and just about as high on the bull.

Edge Meister deep
The Edge put 5 deep-seated RWS Meisterkugeln Rifle pellets into 0.357-inches at 10 meters. 

I adjusted the rear sight down two clicks and right three clicks after this target.

Qiang Yuan Olympic pellets

The next pellet I tested was the Qiang Yuan Olympic pellet. In the previous test the Edge put 5 of them in 0.218-inches at 10 meters. In today’s test with the pellets seated deep five went into 0.212-inches. That’s too close to call.

Edge Chinese Olympic deep
Five deep-seated Qiang Yuan Olympic pellets made a 0.212-inch group at 10 meters.

After this target I adjusted the rear sight 5 clicks to the right.

What’s next?

I haven’t fully tested Ton’s theory that deep-seated pellets are more accurate in the Edge, but none of the three I tried today were. Also, every group shot without the silencer is larger than every group shot with it installed. That’s great because I really want to put it back in the rifle.

I thought I would give Ton’s theory one last try. Maybe by this point in the test I was in the groove and shooting better? So, since the Qiang Yuan Training pellets had been the best in the previous test, I gave them one more try. This time 5 deep-seated pellets made a group that measured 0.385-inches between centers. Oh, oh —that’s going the wrong way!

Edge Chinese Training deep
The final group of 5 Chinese Training pellets went into 0.385-inches between centers — the largest group of the test.


We have now checked the Edge eleven times. Five were as a hot-rodded gun and six were as a target rifle set to factory specifications. Only the trigger on this Edge has been modified to be lighter and crisper and will not be reversed. I will put the silencer back into the rifle and leave her as she is.

Although the Edge is a current air rifle I put this series into the historical section because I covered a lot of that history of the Edge’s development. I was there to see and to take part in some of it.

What comes next is a full test of the Crosman Challenger PCP. It’s not as flexible as the Edge, so that test won’t take as many reports, but it will be just as thorough. I will link the first part of that report to this series.

27 thoughts on “AirForce Edge 10-meter target rifle: Part 6”

  1. Hi BB,

    1. Paragraph above Silencer out second sentence, “thgis should be this”.

    This series was a long look at the AirForce Edge target rifle. The links above will take you to every report that’s been written in thgis series about this specific air rifle.

    2. Silencer out section last sentence, “1.161 should be 0.161”.

    Today I shoot the Edge with the silencer removed. That is to determine whether the silencer affects accuracy. The best group in Part 5 with the silencer installed measured 1.161-inches between centers.

    John Carlisle

    P.S. Erase this if you want to.

  2. Hi BB,

    I had a thought on whether having the silencer baffles out would effect accuracy because of extra air space around the pellet therefore creating “turbulence”. i.e. A larger barrel diameter.

    I can’t remember whether or not this has been a topic or had been discussed in the past.

    Take care and be safe out there.

    John Carlisle

    • John,

      I do not think a larger barrel diameter would decrease the “turbulence”. It would make the barrel stiffer, thus reducing any barrel whip.

      The baffles act as an air stripper, removing the residual high pressure air from behind the pellet, thereby reducing the tendency for turbulence to be created. The closer the baffle system is to the muzzle, the sooner the air is stripped away.

      As for the volume around the barrel, the larger it is, the more contained room for expansion of the excess air helps to quieten the air rifle. This is why shrouding really helps with the noise level of an air rifle and the addition of baffles really quiets it down.

        • Mildot52,

          You need to define pellet gun. It may be that the edge doesn’t but that would require some testing to prove or disprove. The debate on barrel displacement during the shot cycle has been going on for ages and does not appear to be ending in the foreseeable future. People swear by and at barrel tuning devices and do extensive node testing of loads for the full spectrum of calibers in firearms. Airguns have been too for some time working on barrel/action harmonics to improve repeatability.
          With .177 10 meter PCP air rifle i might almost agree, but more powerful airguns (spring piston especially) have all kinds of barrel vibrations to include whip, twist, and ringing. As far as Big Bore airguns they most certainly have barrel movement caused by the shot cycle forces.

          My opinion and experience.


  3. BB,

    The resulting drop in accuracy after removing the baffles suggests to me that there is an excess of HPA. Perhaps the Edge would indeed benefit from an eighteen inch barrel, allowing this excess to expend its energy more productively.

    I do understand cost prohibitions of the longer barrel, but as an aftermarket change out with the baffle system it likely should help.

  4. Hi folks,

    is anyone shooting air pistols at 10m and counting their scores at the moment?

    I’ve been shooting pistols almost every day for the past few weeks and my scores are improving slowly but noticeably.

    The best results I got so far (all at 10 meters, one-handed, standard 14x14cm targets) were:

    91/100 / Diana LP 5
    89 /100 FWB LP 80
    89/100 Weihrauch HW45 / wooden grips with finger grooves, red dot sight

    I’m not measuring the “inner ten” as I have no way to do so. So a 10 is a 10. Not that I hit it that often anyway 🙂

    Also, funny how I got the best result with the LP 5 which is a great pistol, but not match-grade.

    Kind regards,

  5. BB,

    Are you planning to change the gun back to its original condition once you’re done with the testin? I liked it much better in its original configuration.


      • BB
        I have been screaming about this at the begining of your report about this gun.

        I personally think you messed this gun up trying to change it back to stock.

        It needs to go back to the way it was when you got it from RidgeRunner.

        If you don’t want to do it sell it to somebody that cares. I’ll buy it from you as is as long as I get all the parts that was on the gun now and as it was when RidgeRunner sold it to you.

        And yes I’m serious. If you want to sell it like I mentioned. I’ll buy it. You know how to contact me.

          • B.B.,

            Did Gunfun1 use all caps?
            Best i can remember this was a one off testbed that a Leading Light of the World of the Dark Side had some hand in. If it was a one off then it might one day be a highly collectible airgun with significan provenance!
            Must have been a quiet figurative scream of desperation!

            Just a thought ;^)


          • Although I have to agree with GF1, it is your gun, so do as you want. I have been looking at fly baits and trying different recipes. The Edge would be a perfect fly gun for 10 meters. My weather station shows 110 F I know it is a little high but the flys know better than to come out.

            I remember the Beverly Hillbillies show where Jed and Jethro were shooting flys. Seems like a good sport. With the hot weather my vinegar and sugar recipe is not working. Will give updates with different recipes.


  6. I grabbed my Benjamin Wildfire today just to give it some exercise. It had been setting for quite a while, I don’t remember the last time I shot it. It still had 1900 psi of air so no leaks.

    Some of you may remember the trouble I had with leaks at first. Once I was able to badger Crosman into selling me their upgraded gen 2 valve I was able to get the leaks fixed. The air transfer tube also had a groove in it at one of the orings.

    I think it is too bad Crosman did not come out with a gen 3 and get the materials and quality control covered. For a $100 repeater it was a very good buy for what it is. A good plinker; minute of can at 25 yards easy. The biggest complaint I have is the 12 shot clips/cylinder run out too quick and a tin of pellets don’t last long. Mine is now open original sights and that is the way to go.

    Just goes to show what happens with a good idea when the bugs are not worked out before going to market. They sold well at first but all the bad reviews finally killed it.


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