Crosman Icon
Crosman’s Icon is a new precharged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle.

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This report covers:

  • The test
  • Sight in
  • Group 1
  • Group 2
  • Why not the Meopta scope?
  • Rotary magazine
  • Summary

Today I scope the Crosman Icon and shoot it for accuracy at 25 yards.


I selected the UTG Bug Buster 3-12X32 scope, as it seemed a good match in both size and price. Of course you don’t have to spend that much on a scope but I really think that this scope compliments the Icon.

I mounted the scope in BKL one-inch low rings, and they are a model that Pyramyd Air doesn’t stock. I only used one of the rings on the rear tube of the scope because the double strap holds the scope tight and the high magazine of the Icon gets in the way of the second mount. When you see the test results I think you’ll see that it worked.

The test

We learned in several tests that the Crosman Premier 10.5-grain dome is a very accurate pellet that this Icon likes a lot. So, why waste time with other pellets? 

I shot 10-shots groups at 25 yards. I didn’t put the DonnyFL on because in Part 4 it lead to slightly larger groups. I did shoot from the 12-shot rotary magazine because of the convenience, even though in Part 4 we saw that loading single shot is a little more accurate.

There were no thrown shots in today’s test.

Sight in

I shot the first pellet at 12 feet to make sure I was on paper. Then I backed up to 10 meters and shot again. From there I adjusted the scope to the right and moved back to 25 yards.

It took two more shots at 25 yards to get into the bull. I was careful to avoid hitting the center of the bull so my aim point would be preserved, but at 25 yards on 12 power the scope is about maxed out for precision. I can see the center of the bull but not the 10-dot.

Group 1

I know from previous testing that there are about 25 good shots on a 3000 psi fill, so two groups seemed like a good idea. The first group is 10 pellets in 0.331-inches at 25 yards. That’s not bad for a rifle at this price point.

Icon Premier Heavy group 1
In the first group the Crosman Icon put 10 Premier Heavys into 0.331-inches at 25 yards.

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Group 2

I refilled the magazine and shot again. This time ten Premier Heavys went into 0.366-inches at the same 25 yards. That’s pretty consistent.

Icon Premier Heavy group 2
The second time the Icon put 10 Premier Heavys into 0.366-inches.

Why not the Meopta scope?

I had planned to mount the Meopta MeoSport 3-15X 50 scope but the high rotary magazine got in the way. I’m not saying that it can’t be done, but I didn’t want to spend all the time figuring it out.

Also, the Bug Buster seems priced more reasonably for a rifle in the Icon’s class. And it fits the rifle well without taking either the front or the rear sight off.

Rotary magazine

There were no failures to feed in today’s test. I think the magazine is now broken in.


This has been an interesting test. The Crosman Icon performs very well, despite a few quirks. It’s accurate, powerful and gets a good 25 shots on a fill. 

The single-shot tray has feeding issues that were discovered and addressed in Part 3. The rotary magazine is very easy to load, but does require a little break in.

The trigger isn’t crisp, but it’s something a shooter can get used to. And a couple times I thought I cocked the hammer but didn’t. When that happens, remove the magazine, cock the rifle again, close the bolt and fire. You don’t want a double feed.

The bottom line is — the Crosman Icon is a PCP that’s worth the price. If you are getting into precharged guns, put it on your list to consider.