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CO2 What do you like?

What do you like?

This report covers:

  • Diana 27
  • Are they accurate?
  • Diana 35
  • FWB 124
  • I don’t understand
  • What about air pistols?
  • The point
  • So — what do you like?

Today I just want to reflect on some of the great airguns I have known in my life. And I want to hear about yours.

Diana 27

My Diana 27 isn’t labeled that way. It’s a Hy Score 807. But it’s a Diana 27 all right. Diana sold airguns to many other companies and under different names throughout the last century. Hy Score was an American company that both made some airguns of their own — the 700 and 800-series air pistols — and also rebranded from others — mainly from Diana.

Diana 27
My Diana 27 is a Hy Score 807.

Before I describe the rifle let me tell you about my first encounter with one. I was living at Ft. Knox, KY in the late 1970s and had already hooked up with Beeman. I got their catalogs regularly, owned a copy of the first volume of Airgun Digest, written and edited by Dr. Beeman, and already owned a Diana model 10 target pistol, a Sheridan Blue Streak, a Webley Senior pistol and an FWB 124 that I bought in the Beeman store in Santa Rosa. What I’m telling you is I was already a snooty airgunner who thought he knew it all.

I was also a family man with two children and didn’t have a lot of extra money to spend — not on an Army captain’s pay! So when I wandered into a pawn shop in the local town of Radcliff, KY, one day and happened to see an old weatherbeaten Diana 27 for sale, I had to think long and hard. They wanted $20 for it and I negotiated like a middle eastern carpet salesman in a caravan to get the price down to $18 out the door. In other words, no tax (out of my pocket).

That pellet rifle was well-used, with no finish remaining on the wood stock and lots of rusty scale on the metal. The emblem in the stock said it was a Hy Score 807, but I was able to discover that it was really a Diana 27 in .22 caliber. The 27 also came in .177 and I have owned several of both in many different names over the years. For some reason I prefer the .22 — perhaps because it was my first.

I had some RWS Superpoints (as I recall — this was 1978) for my Webley Senior, so I had something to shoot. When I cocked it the first time I was amazed at how light and butter-smooth it seemed. Then I shot it for the first time. The trigger was long and not that crisp, but the firing cycle was very smooth. And, I hit what I aimed at. In my world that’s always a plus.

Well I gave that rifle to a friend when I left the Army in 1981, but at the first airgun show I ever went to in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in 1993, I found another. That one was also a Hy Score 807 and by this time I knew what it really was. I bought it for $110 and it’s the Diana 27 I still own today — the one pictured above. I have owned other 27s in .177 caliber and a few that were labeled Dianas. And I have a Diana 27S that’s a scarce variation of the 27. That one is a .177 and I rebuilt it for you in a 6-part report in 2020. Remember 2020 — the year that was stolen from us (I refer to coronavirus 19)?

Are they accurate?

Not really. Diana 27s are plinkers more than they are tight-group-shooters. I have owned accurate Diana air rifles but never one of the model 27s. So, what makes them so desirable?

I guess because they are slim, light and easy to cock they make shooting like eating potato chips. I don’t shoot at feral tin cans, but a dandelion in bloom is a living reactive target. And watch out grasshoppers and wasps — BB’s gonna getcha!

Diana 35

Now, I do have an older Diana 35 that I reported on six times in 2019 and it is positively lovely! And accurate! It’s everything the 27 is not when it comes to putting them where you want them.

Diana 35

This is an older Diana 35 that I purchased from reader Carel. It’s a .177 and is extremely accurate!

Diana 35 group
The Diana 35 put five Air Arms Falcon domes into a 0.194-inch group at 10 meters. It’s trimeworthy!

I tuned this rifle for you and it now shoots beautifully. But as nice as it now it, I still love my Diana 27 more.

FWB 124

Oh boy, do I have a lot of stories about this one! As I said in the beginning, my first one was one I bought new in the Beeman Store in Santa Rosa, California. I only got rid of it to pay off debts after a divorce in 1981. But I have owned several since that time. I think I’m up to seven or so. I buy them, tune them and sell them on after that, because all the fun has been taken out of them — or so I thought!

I have already written about so many 124s! One report was titled A shrine built for a Feinwerkbau 124 and ended in February of 2011. It was a 15-part report that probably turned many readers off because it went on too long. I vowed never to write about the 124 again, but that was before the 2017 Findlay Toys that Shoot airgun show.

Pyramyd AIR brought a lot of vintage airguns to that show that they acquired when they purchased a local dealer’s inventory. One of the rifles they had on the table was this 124 Deluxe. I told Tyler Patner I thought it would be the first to go. I had already snatched a Beeman R8, and this 124 is an equally desirable airgun. I purposely did not buy it, to give somebody else the opportunity. Well, the rifle sat on the table for three-quarters of the show, and the price was reduced several times. I even told people about it and sent them over to see it!

FWB 124
FWB 124.

When I went by the Pyramyd Air tables in the early afternoon and discovered that it still was there, despite a reduced price of $250, I just bought it. I didn’t want it or need it, but when the stars align, you make your move. My late friend Mac taught me that.

Stock Up on Shooting Gear

I don’t understand

Here is what escapes me. A guy goes to an airgun show and spends several hundred dollars on the trip — especially now that Bidenberry juice costs so much. Then he finds exactly what he wants and he just stands there, not willing to pull the trigger. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen this. Guys, be prudent. Act when action is called for!

What about air pistols?

We sit around and whine, “If only ‘they’ would just build the dum-da-dum (insert model name here) again, I’d buy two! No — you wouldn’t. That’s why “they” aren’t going to build it again.

What about the Crosman Marks I and II? Those are two great air pistols that you’re never going to see the likes of again. But wait — you can still buy them today — USED.

Crosman Mark I
Crosman Mark I.

Yes they literally ABOUND! I just found 14 on eBay, alone. “But BB, I won’t buy from anyone I can’t look in the eye!”

Okay, go to airgun shows. The Texas Airgun Show will be held on Saturday, September 25, 2022. “But BB, I will be, no, wait, I’m not on vacation then. Let’s see… Oh yeah, we’re adopting a dog and we have to de-worm her that weekend. If only you had told me about this earlier this year!”

Oh, okay, you have a hectic schedule. BB understands. Well, there will probably be some airgun shows in 2023. Is that enough advance notification?

The point

The point is, your airguns don’t have to be brand new. Reader Ian McKee has shown us all how to reseal Crosman Mark I and Mark II pistols. The parts are affordable and available.

BB, I don’t want a sproinger and I don’t want CO2. I’m looking for a PCP.

Well then, BB understands. There are no used PCPs available anywhere on this planet. Forget eBay and airgun shows. They are lies. And the American Airguns classified web page is full of criminals who are all wanted by the FBI. No, you can’t get there from here.

So — what do you like?

Okay, I told you about mine; now you tell us about yours. As you know I have a lot of airguns to test and shoot. The ones I shared with you today are my favorites.

88 thoughts on “What do you like?”

  1. KISS is what I like. Keep It Simple Stupid are my words to live by.
    Hard to do in this increasingly complicated world.
    So any airguns need to be simple, accurate, and stupid like me. lol


    PS one of these days I will do a guest blog on my “new” Diana 10M pistol. I want to see if mine is more accurate than B.B.’s

  2. BB,

    As long as I can hit what I’m aiming at with the gun I’m with is enough for me. It might be old, beat up, with a trigger most people would turn away from but as long as it puts a smile on my face it’s ok by me.


  3. Both my Diana 52 in .25 and 350 in .177-Both will stack pellets. Incredibly accurate and very potent. Pistols-Zoraki ultra and Hy-Score 800 in .177. The Zoraki is amazingly accurate, the Hy-Score much better than I have read from others. There are 4 of my favorites.

  4. Well um, hmm, let’s see. I grew up on multipump air guns and semi-auto .22 rimfire and shot guns.

    I have plenty various pcp’s for different tasks. But I have a fair assortment of Co2 guns that work on Co2 and HPA (high pressure air).

    But I do have a soft spot for spring airguns too. I have a assortment of those now too. The very nice left hand walnut stock Tx 200, modified FWB 300s, Hw50s new style stock, Diana 54 air king and the most recent Hw35e which is my go to springer. I plink with it, pest with it and target shoot with it. To be honest over the last week or so it is the air gun that has been shot the most.

    And to say. I would like a 27-hy score and Diana 35 and FWB 124. I have decided that old springers is what I have been and going to continue to look for.

    • I’m shore glad that you like me. . . for you see, I’m indeed an old springer too. I just love my TX200 but can hardly wait for my Seneca Dragonfly to reach me. I love pumpers (damn spell check just changed “pumpers” to “pampers. I’m old, but not that old). too. Orv.

      • Hoppalong Doc
        I just got a email ad from PA saying they have a limited supply of Dragon fly II in stock now in .177 and .22 caliber. Maybe you will have one sooner than you think. 🙂

        Maybe me too. 🙂

        And yep darn spell check just changed your user name. I just corrected my spelling correct.

  5. Bidenberry juice! Good one! Have to share that one. Could be a good synthetic fuel brand, if a syn-fuel refinery were allowed to be built here.

    FM is happy with what he’s shooting, and that is thanks to the good enabling advice and the generosity of the members of this airgun family. Gunfun got me hooked on the Maximus family of PCPs, very manageable rifles, fun and accurate to shoot. Plus parts are readily available and there are people out there who know how to fix them come the day FM needs help because he’s over his pay grade if something goes wrong.

    The HW95 is definitely a keeper; hope to add an HW30 to the “arsenal” not too far down the road. Now all we need around here is a good airgun show; have noticed some local airgun vendors showing up at gun shows lately but bringing very limited offerings with them. At least it’s a start.

  6. The 13lbs D54, T01, with the Vortek PG4, brings a smile to my face with every single shot. Same thing with the Zoraki Ultra. My cherished one is the HW45, stainless with Hogue laminate/rubber grips although I still try to master it.

  7. From St.Lucia to airguns:

    On an all inclusive holiday in St.Lucia, not just food and drink were plentiful, but entertainment too. That is how I discovered fun with bow’n’arrow. It made me look like a good shot.

    Back home and while recounting my caribbean adventure to a friend, he said that, he too, had a target, set up in his back yard. An impromptu competitive bit of archery, showed me, what a good shot I was not, after all! 🙂

    Anyway, in the spirit of introducing me to another type of fun on his range (and more humiliation), he then produced a few of his air rifles.

    My plinking accuracy improved considerably (!) after he explained the apparent issue: I’m right handed but left eye dominant.
    This revelation had me hitting the smallest targets, like snapping little twigs from, oh, well over 20 metres, and so I became “hooked”… 🙂

    Now, I myself, own a variety of airguns, with which, when I feel like it, I plink on my 50 metres range.

    In the early days, I saw a Diana 27 milita for sale online (you know, the really old style, without a wooden forearm). On the phone I was told it was sold but that they had another pre-war Diana 27, about to be advertised. It was a 1935, later style airgun in .22” calibre. And it’s even better with good accuracy, etc, etc… Well, I bought it. And yes, it really was good.
    But I gave it away, which has taught me:

    Never let go of an airgun again! 🙂

    Having read today’s article, I’m wondering about my current Diana 27 which I bought because I missed my old one. But it is rarely used. Maybe there really is something to the calibre difference!

    Now I will have to look for a .22 version to find out… 🙂

  8. What do I like?? Ha Ha Ha!
    Why air guns of course! I have the new pcps for general shooting, But I love the old school springers why ‘cuz they’re as they say, steel lumber and hide. My newest (youngest) sprinnger is the Air Arms Camargue, the oldest is a 1936 Haenel model 1 with a custom stock.
    At this time I only have 2 air pistols. FN8 .22 with iron sights, that recently took down 2 crows. After 20 plus years it still holds air,, And an Armscor Squire Bingham bulk fill co2 that I won at auction bidding against Doc Beeman!
    The only pumper is an early Sheridan silver streak in memory of my friend Ted Osborne. In the past I’ve owned the supergrade , a Sharp Ace Hunter .20 and a daystate sportsman!
    My Hakim tuned by Tom for Wayne Fowler gets shot regularly. And the pristine HW35 with target sights from 1970.
    I can’t forget the Winchester 425 and the Daisy 250 are go to guns. Both capable of taking starlings at 25 yards. I luv the smell of dead starlings in the morning!
    My nod to the latest and greatest….I never thought I could luv a tactical bottle gun. But when it’s time to take care of business, the Brocock Sniper .25 is on the job. And the Daystate Revere let’s me do hunter ft and precision plinking.
    Although not the latest, 25 years ago it was, and still holding air. It’s the Falcon FN12 Lighthunter with the walnut thumhole skeleton stock. In .22 it only puts out 20fpe, but more than adequate for tree rats and scum beaks.

  9. B.B.
    This is a fun topic. There are so many good air guns out there, old and new! I’ll enjoy seeing what others put up.
    I have a 1995 Diana Model 24 that is a sweet shooter that I use with open sights. Not very powerful, but it’s easy to shoot well and isn’t pellet-picky. Your report on the HW30S with the Vortek spring kit made me think that I need one of those, but my more reasonable mind says that the Diana is almost the same, aside from the Rekord trigger and the rubber butt pad. Decisions, decisions. Does any one want to act as an enabler?
    Another really likable air rifle that I shoot often is my Crosman 362! Using the stock peep sight, it even stacks Crosman Destroyers at ten meters! Nothing else shoots those very well (just kidding, sort of…).
    The HW35E is an amazing springer, as Ginfun1 mentioned above. It’s a pretty one and is very good at letting me to hit what I’m aiming at.

    • Will
      I don’t know if anybody has been inside the Hw35e I have. And I’m not opening it up. But it is a smooth shooting and pretty easy and smooth cocking gun. And what I like even more it is accurate and flat shooting for. 22 caliber. Mine likes the Crosman Premiere hp the best.

      Oh and yes I like my 362 with the Crosman steel breech and William’s rear notch sight. It is a accurate easy to hold gun to shoot. It kind of reminds me of the old multipumpers I grew up with as kid.

  10. BB

    “What Do You Like?”

    My favorite like is the help I have received from both you and readers. This blog is an everyday event I look forward to each morning after first checking the NASA picture of the day ( got that from a reader too). This habit began 10 years ago so I got help from Edith too.

    I have way too many favorite airguns and shoot them all in rotation. Vintage match rifles, Crosman Custom guns with Lothar barrels, BB’s golden gun, Gamo Urban one holer, Weihrauchs, Diana’s, Hatsun gas spring that’s now a steel spring, even an accurate Ruger Yukon, Sig ASP20, Avantis 747 and 499, Feinwerkbau Sport and many others.

    There are two break barrel guns I wish to wax on about. One is my Diana 34 which has the same scope mounted for several years now. I’m an incurable optics switcher but this rifle delivers nice groups every time in spite of me so I’m not moving that scope. Cocking has smoothed out so much and shooting cycle is a joy (TIAT shows no sign of wearing out). The other will surprise readers, it’s a Benjamin Titan GP bought from a big store 10 years ago and my first airgun purchase. No Robin Hood’s here but hard hitting .22, pleasant shooting cycle, smooth cocking and built to last.


    • **I have way too many favorite airguns and shoot them all in rotation.**

      Pretty much the same thing here Deck. No “closet queens” in my gun cabinet 🙂

      The coveted “gun of the day” spot by the back door makes sure that all get equal time and attention. Makes it easier to choose and assures that there is no whining about favoritism 🙂 …Today is Maximus day.

      My “airsonal” is now officially complete as I have favorites for disciplines I’m interested in (and there is no more room in the gun cabinet LOL! ). It’s time to stop swapping scopes and enjoy each one – good that I have lots of pellets in stock.

      Dead calm today, coffee is done and I’m heading out to do some more shooting before the wind comes up!


      • Deck
        You just reminded me of one of my other favorite air guns I haven’t shot in sometime and I should have mentioned. My 499. That is a fun springer to shoot. I’m going to have to get it out and give it some shots. How did I forget about that one.

  11. Geez, Bidenberry juice! I love it! Should go with the T-shirt that says I identify as non-Bidenary. Anyway, I’m not sure how many air rifles and pistols I now own. Once I got into this sport, I caught some non-fatal disease. The gottahavethat virus. Which one is my favorite? Depends on the time of day. I know I should sell a few but everytime I make a decision, I find reasons to keep it and not all logical. As for why I don’t know exactly how many air guns I own, if the wifey asks I can honestly say, “I’m not sure. Not enough.”

    Fred formerly of the Demokratik Peeples Republik of NJ now Happily in steamy GA

  12. I have found much pleasure in buying used Crosman Mark I and II pistols, cleaning them up, fixing anything broken, re-sealing them, and then finding the “magic” pellet for them. Thanks to B.B. for enabling and to 45Bravo for all the help. One Mark I likes .22 Meisterkugelns and with my wrists on a sandbag can put 10 shots all touching each other at 10 yards (see pic). Another Mark II can put cheap H&N Excite Plinking pellets into a ragged hole as well. I like the ones with the hammer spring adjustment so I can “tune” them to their bast performance. I have six of them now and looking to use them as gifts to introduce folks to airgunning who may be looking for cheaper pistol practice.

    I also just purchased what I think is a Milbro (Diana) 23, which is labeled as a Daisy 230 made in Scotland. The front sight is broken off. It was not on a dovetail rail parallel to the barrel, it is a dovetail perpendicular to the barrel. Anyone know how I can replace or repair it? I will take a photo and post to tomorrow’s blog. I think I can make a temporary front sight out of carefully molded hot glue, but want a more permanent solution. This looks like a great little gun. The owner was a very nice lady whose father and grandfather cut the stock down to a 1o inch pull so she could learn to shoot as a little girl, and I plan on using it to teach young’uns like my son to shoot as well. It is a cute little plinker!

  13. B.B.,
    I got the .22 HW30S as an attempt to replicate your Diana model 27, a nice light-weight plinker. But then (because I could), I wound up trying a peep sight, and finally a BugBuster scope. It turned out to be a wonderful rifle, and I do love it, but it wasn’t the little open-sighted plinker for which I’d set out. Then Frank offered me this little Haenel model 1; although it’s a .177, I like it a whole big bunch; it took me a while to “dial in” the open sights; but now it can hit half-inch plastic tubes or tinfoil balls at 15 yards…basically, it’s accurate enough to be a fun plinker; and it will stay Spartan and light-weight as it really can’t be scoped (nor does it need to be). 🙂
    This report, with all its replies, has been a great read; thank you!
    Take care & God bless,

  14. B.B.,

    I read today’s blog this morning more quickly than usual so I could run errands. Now back home from them, I started reading the comments. I couldn’t make sense of the “Bidenberry” references, so I wondered if I missed something in the blog itself, so I reread it, slowly this time.

    “A guy goes to an airgun show and spends several hundred dollars on the trip — especially now that Bidenberry juice costs so much. Then he finds exactly what he wants and he just stands there, not willing to pull the trigger.”

    I’ve been reading this blog every weekday for almost eleven years, and I never realized that it is a conservative political forum. I have been mistaken all this time thinking it was about air guns and related subjects. (2nd Amendment discussions are shooting related, so I have always accepted those.) I’m not terribly political, but even so, I can eventually realize that as a moderate I am in the wrong place.

    My apologies for trespassing all these years.


    • Michael,
      I would not say this is a political forum; both B.B. and Edith (God rest her soul) set the tone to be “family friendly” and I think they’ve done a great job of it. With reference to the USA, yes, as shooters, 2nd Amendment things will crop up from time to time. But this is a very friendly blog (unlike many I have seen elsewhere); apart from loving our airguns, the people here (many from other countries around the world…yay! =>) have diverse opinions on many things (as I well know, having politely responded to others’ also polite yet differing comments). There are these days few places like this blog, where people from around the world, people from different countries and diverse backgrounds, can share their love of airguns and related topics. There’s room for everyone here to share, so my hope is that you decide to stay (personally, I enjoy your comments =>). 🙂
      Truly hoping you remain,

      • Second that, ahem, no pun intended. FM is a stubborn conservative who nevertheless appreciates bipartisan, tripartisan or outright partisan humor which spares no one and no subject. There are certain jokes he would share only selectively and not for a general audience.

        And now FM will stop blowing air on the subject. Uh, by the way, the day was not Maximus…got home from work, spotted reptilian trespasser in backyard. FM hastily grabs Max .22; loads, moves to ambush position – target at 10 yards; aim – fire – miss – Ignatius Iguana runs for cover. Sure makes a difference when FM is not shooting from a bench rest position. 🙁

        • ” Sure makes a difference when FM is not shooting from a bench rest position.”
          FM, I have the same issue! I shoot great…from the bench…standing offhand is another story. 😉

    • Michael,

      Stay or go but don’t make it a case study in thin skin.
      During the Trump Administration and even now for years after Trump has been out of office his supporters have put up with Trumpian humor from the Left of the Political Spectrum. Most put up with it well and recall that what goes around comes around is fact based.

      You need to lighten up and go with the flow. It isn’t nearly as bad when taken with a pellet or two and washed down with the Political Berry juice of the month!


    • Hi Michael,
      Just wanted to let you know your comments here are appreciated. As soon as I read the political and divisive (and in my opinion, not very well considered explanation of energy costs) aspect of todays blog, I thought of you and hoped you would call it out for what it is. Thank you.

      P.S. I had to throw some support for a fellow six string enthusiast.

    • Michael, I had a long reply prepared, got distracted by domestic duties then went to bed. It sounds like piling on at this point, but all I want to say is, please stick around. No matter our politics, we can all respect each other here. I would be sad to see you go.

    • Michael
      I try to stay away from political topics on the blog. I just connect with the topics I like. Be it about cars, motorcycles, boats and so on. I try to ignore the political stuff.

      Let’s just talk about guns and other stuff. I’m sure it will be more fun to talk about then politics.

    • Michael, I hope you are still reading this blog; new cool things are being discussed here. For example, after 4 months of waiting, I finally got my Dragonfly Mark2…and it’s every bit as great as B.B. mentioned in his 4-part series on it:
      (my own review of this little beauty has been added at the end of the comments on part 4. =>)
      Blessings to you,

    • Michael,

      You probably have more birds of your feather here than you think.
      Don’t let the occasional half-witticism make you miss all the good info
      (and mostly good will) that abounds here.
      Stick around! 🙂

  15. Romin,
    That’s some nice shooting!! Wow! As to your broken front sight, what do you think about building up some 4-minute JB Weld in layers and then filing it to shape? You can paint it black and who’d be the wiser? Yes, it would be liable to snap off when you use the rifle as a hockey stick, but it’s a thought. Hope you can fix that sight!

    • Thanks Will. I will keep that in mind. Fortunately, I think I found a front sight at JG Airguns, cited above in my prior comment. I will probably use the same trick with painted hot glue as a temporary (and easily removable) measure until that part is delivered. If that part does not work, I may return to your JB Weld idea.

  16. 27 and 35 are great because of their balanced power for springers. Springers with more power tend to disappoint me at the accuracy dept. My dad had many Dianas, all springers. I liked them all. I don’t indulge in reminiscence though; 27 and 35 are gone and not coming back. The new Dianas are not the same. I want to try pumps or CO2s for a change anyway but sad to see the market is flooded with low quality products. It’s either the barrel, the trigger, or the sights; something is always cheaply designed.

    • Agreed! For example, I’m hoping Crosman comes out with a 362 Deluxe model with a crisp, adjustable trigger, a wood stock, and a slightly longer choked barrel with an integral silencer or threads to accept one. That would be a dream multi pump IMHO.

  17. Light springer plinker class: Yes, I like the Diana 27 (in either .22 or .177). I’ve also got Diana 24 and 25, Slavia 618, Haenel 303…Nice guns, all, but, I prefer the HW 30 over everything else. Mine happens to be in .177. The HW 30 might just be the best spring piston gun on the planet.

    Heavier Break Barrel class: There are so many to like! Diana 34, FWB 124, Marksman 70 (HW 95), and more. My favorite, however, is my Marksman 70 / HW 95 with the Rekord trigger in .177 (lucky me!).

    Heavy underleverl / sidelever springer class: Again, so many to consider; Diana 52 or 54, HW 77, HW 97, BSA SuperSport, TX200. I LOVE my HW 97’s, but my favorite is the HW 77 in .177…the first “adult” air gun I ever shot.

    Target Spring Piston Class: I really like my old Haenel 311. I can shoot that little gun all day. The Haenel 303S is pretty fun, too. Of course, the FWB 300 is fabulous, but the Diana 75 get’s my nod in this category.

    Target pistol class: FWB 65, Baikal 46, Pardini – Fiocci P10, Diana model 6, it’s a tough crowd! I’m going to pick the P10. Don’t have a PCP target pistol because any of these shoots better than I can!

    CO2 Rifle class: Hands down, it’s the Crosman 160. Wish I’d have found this gun when I was 12…I’d have been in heaven!

    CO2 pistol class: Oh, my! Crosman 150 / 157? Crosman Mark I? FEG GPM-01? Brno TAU 7? I gotta go with the FEG on this one.

    I only have two PCP guns, both Benjamin Marauders…one in .22 and one in .25. I just don’t have a lot of experience with PCP guns. I like the ones I have, tho.

    Choose one favorite from all of the above? I just can’t bring myself to do it.

    St. Louis, MO

      • Roamin:

        First, I’ve been buying and selling air guns since the early 1990’s. While I still own most of the guns I listed, I’m constantly “turning the inventory “. I most often shoot the more recently acquired guns, but sometimes I’ll see an article about some gun I have and I’ll dig it out and start shooting it again.

        St. Louis. MO

  18. I like my Gauntlet and Fortitude very much and the Sheridan 2260 is a good rifle sad to see it has been discontinued but may be brought back as the Heritage. Also a 2100B which is not too shabby for a BB/.177 rifle. And the classic 2240 pistol which is just wonderful in power and accuracy.



  19. Thanks B.B.!
    The Dragonfly Mark2 that I ordered after reading your reports on it back in FEB has finally arrived!
    Well, not at my house yet, but I did receive a notice from PA today that THEY have it in hand, and are ready to ship it out to me…yay! Hence, even though I don’t have it yet, I will step out in faith, and add it to my “like” list. 🙂
    Thanking you for all you do,

  20. Michael,
    I am great at going off topic. I enjoy communicating with people and perhaps at 74 I believe I have accumulated some wisdom in life and look forward to passing it on.
    I am highly analytical with a lot of common sense and had my perfect job for over 40 years as an aircraft maintenance technician and have succeeded in achieving my life’s goal. Please let me share my thoughts.
    First off this blog is involved with guns and it is well known that far left individuals are anti-gun and I will try to get deeper into that in a bit. It is my opinion that the last place far left people would be is on an airgun blog and I believe most here figure the same so we occasionally share derogatory insider remarks because they are infringing on our gun rights. For reasons that make no sense … to us.
    I firmly believe that people on the right have a propensity to favor the analytical side of their brain and the left favor the emotional side. It is determined at birth and perhaps life’s experiences can change that or balance it out for the best…. but not always.
    The right is usually unemotional, seemingly uncaring and the left has wonderful ideas that make them happy and think they can make the world a better place, but they can never figure how how to do it or get it just right. That requires the use of the analytical side of our brain. The result is things the left initiate for seemingly good reasons, in their emotional mind, once executed would solve the problems of the world or at least the one at hand and they blindly jump into making it happen.
    This always results in unintended devastating consequences. Like the creation of the welfare state instead of solving a poverty problem.
    As long as the left acts emotionally and the right acts analytically there will always be conflict between them. It takes an extraordinary event to get them to agree on something and it usually involves someone who has the ability to make the most of all of his brain,
    Someone with ‘Wisdom’ and understanding. .. Kinda like old Tom here.
    Derogatory remarks can offend emotional people and right wingers don’t pay attention enough to that. It’s the last thing on their problem solving minds and they will always push back when being forced to do something they consider irrational.
    Understanding and communication is the key. It’s the people in the middle that will solve the worlds problems. Tensions are high now with the world and patience is failing. Comments from both sides will slip out without much thought behind them.
    Stick it out, and as we used to say as kids, “Just consider the source and blow it off ! ”

    Oh, forgot Airguns. I always wanted a high powered, accurate, select fire assault pellet airgun, mostly for plinking and recently dropped the select fire wish after getting the Evanix Speed. Nice for fun but not used much. I don’t target shoot much after sight in, pest control is in for me and my FX Independence is my go to rifle. 4 shots and 4 furry engine wire eaters removed at 50 yards.
    The Semi-Auto Marauder in a RAI aluminum Chassis has made my day fulfilling my desire. Too many pistols to pick one. Would like a semi 2240 or MKI / II, enjoyed the Heathways Plainsman with adjustable power.
    BB, dump this if it’s too much.
    Bob M.

    • Bob M, I used to view the political Left similarly. However, since discovering Caitlin Johnstone, I have changed my views (she basically says that the Left is there to prevent leftward movement).

      The only animals I shoot, are mosquitoes, flies and wasps.

      Due to horses there are always rats and mice here. They have to deal with reptilian and feline predators. Any rodents that enter the house, are welcomed with a peanut in one of the waiting traps. And then have to take their chances again upon release a few miles down the road. 🙂

      • hihihi
        I live on the edge of civilization up here. ( 2700ft ) The only utility we get is electricity. There are a lot of rodents, rabbits and ground squirrels here that love to live in your vehicle engine compartment and chew on wires. Birds even make nests there. I can only fit five cars in my garage. The rest are animal play stations and snack bars.
        Coyotes love cats, … and dogs when they can trick them away and the owls like kittens. Bobcats never stick around for long. Not much help there with the gophers and snakes. The vultures need food too so I keep them happy.
        I have a slow water leak from a hose and I think every bird in the neighborhood comes to drink from it. There could be a dozen Quail waiting in line early in the morning. Wont fix it now with the drought.
        People up here still wave at each other and say Hi … even if they don’t know each other, especially when crossing paths in cars. Everyone knows what it takes to live up here and we all share the same experience. Politics rarely come into play. Live and let live is the way here.
        I don’t hate people who lean left. I understand their point of view and they probably keep society in balance. I just wish they would stop trying to force me into their way of thinking and behaving. We are the other half of a balanced society.
        Dread the thought of going all the way to the left or to the right. History has shown us what can happen.

        • Bob M, what an idyllic sounding world you live in, despite the challenging (!) fauna. Do you (and “..every bird in the neighbourhood..”) get your water from a well?

          • hihihi
            Of course, well / pump, 10,000 gal water storage tank, for my fire hydrant and house, and a water pressure pump with pressure regulator. All automatically controlled. Just have to throw hundreds of dollars at it for replacement items every decade or so. Rent a 2 cubic yard dumpster and have a septic system for water, and ‘other stuff’ to exit the home. Water comes up and eventually returns back down after going through my home.
            I have to maintain all the property, plumbing and electrical power coming off the 220v power line pole. from the meter on out to my home.
            Good part, no monthly water, sewage bill or mortgage payment. And … No car storage fees. One reason I’m here. Also, I can carry and shoot any firearm or airgun I want here.
            No police protection. They only come when called.

        • Bob,
          I’m not sure how many share my perspectives, but I don’t come here for religious instruction, political spouting, or exhibitions of superiority assumption.
          It is fair, I think, to feel confident that one is “a” smart person, …but the ice gets very thin when one begins to believe that he is “the” smart person.
          Many of your assertions are questionable IMNSHO, …but this isn’t the place to contest them, nor to answer them with my own.
          But please share your opinions about airguns anytime.

  21. FM loves these all-ecompassing discussions, not just limited to airgun matters. Still firmly believe a good dose of good humor is psychic medicine for the brain and helps people break the ice of partisanship. Not talking about extreme, insulting forms of humor which are more like assaults. By the way, have noticed that totalitarian types whether from the left or the right generally lack a sense of humor. That deficiency should be a red flag for voters when evaluating political candidates.

    • FawltyManuel,

      My Father taught me not to think of the Left — Right as being a linearity. He said that World View was a method used to fool us sheep into believing they are Polar opposites instead of the fellow travelers on the Totalitarian Path. His lesson was that the political paradigm is circular with moderate people at the top of the circle and the Totalitarian “LEFT and Right at the bottom. After much thought I have added to his lesson the idea that it is actually a globe or sphere with many paths to the opposite poles. Interestingly it is a long climb to be a true Moderate and an easy slide to the bottom.


      • That is an interesting take and viewpoint on the subject. Would say that reminds us of the pitfalls of binary – “either-or” thinking, although would consider most conservative types FM has known to sort of lean in that direction. In other words, black-and-white reasoning, which can be overdone, whether in the world of airguns or politics.

        We humans are kinda complicated. Guess that’s what makes us humans, even as we pursue the philosophy of KISS.

  22. I have only been really into airguns for a couple of years although there was always an old 880 in the corner. My favorites are the ones most fun to shoot and most accurate, so that would be my HW30s .177, Crosman 2240 .22 that i built up, Beeman P17, Diana 34 .177, AV Avenger .22 and my Sam Yang Dragon Claw .50 always puts a huge grin on my face.. Sentimental favorite is my Gamo Bone Collector Swarm .22 as it was my first real airgun when I got started.

  23. A good one 🙂
    To be honest, I think it is a bit like with the sound system (my another hobby). To be really happy you need actually at least 3 different-purpose sound systems. Like loud outside, HiFi for a high end details and fidelity, something in between which just makes fun.
    Airguns I categorized similar. Now I have 9 rifles and 4 pistols. So, loud is something like .22 in full power, like the diana two fifty or stormrider. HiFi is the FWB300s. Something for fun is HW30S, Tell220 in .22 cal., some cheap tuned china’s (but accurate), IZH-61 with those 5-pellets clips, CO2 BB blowback pistol, or the .177 stormrider on low power mode for just 90 good shots. If you are airgunning I think you will not be complete and happy with only one airgun. There are these different approaches and purposes.

    To be more HiFi I got this silicone left-eye-closer, as specified in the 10m competition rules:

    It makes FWB300S even more accurate as I do not close left eye, and so much more fun to shoot. 🙂

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