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Education / Training Diana 27S: Part 7

Diana 27S: Part 7

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Diana 27S
Diana 27S.

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A history of airguns

This report covers:

  • Diana peep
  • Sight base
  • Remove the rear sight
  • The test
  • Sight in
  • First group
  • Using the peep
  • JSB Exact RS
  • Discussion
  • Summary

I must love you guys to go through what I did this morning. Either that or I’m just as interested in this as you all are. Today I mount a Diana peep sight on the Diana 27S and test it for accuracy — at 25 yards!

Diana peep

Yesterday I wrote about peep sights. Well, getting ready for this article was what inspired that report — which has turned into a series! Chris USA asked me if I was ever going to discuss the high-end peep sights. That is what I’m doing today. Diana has had peeps of all grades. I showed you two of the lower grades yesterday. But today I’m mounting the top grade Diana peep to the 27S because this rifle was made for it!

two Diana peeps
Here are two top-grade Diana peep sights. The one on the left is older and on the right is the newer one. Notice that the older one is marked with German markings for adjustment and the newer one is marked in English. Both have structures made from aluminum with steel parts.

Diana peep apart
I’ve removed the central wheel for tightening the sight on the rifle. Note the small square piece that locks the sight to the rifle. Sorry about the depth of field in this picture.

Diana peep lock
Here you see the underside of the lock that joins the peep sight to the sight base on the rifle. Notice that it is threaded on all 4 sides.That’s how the locking wheel shown in the last picture presses it down onto the sight base.

Sight base

For decades I have called the raised dovetail that’s found on the rear of many older Diana spring rifles a scope base. It does work for that, but that is not what it was intended to do. It is actually a base to accept the Diana target peep sight that I am mounting today. The fine ridges along the top of base interlock with the ridges on the sight lock just shown to make the sight secure.

Diana sight base
The ridges along the top of the Diana sight base interlock with the ridges on the underside of the sight when they are pressed down by the big wheel.

Remove the rear sight

To use the peep I had to remove the rear sporting sight that was in the way.  It is held to the rifle by two Phillips-head screws.

The test

Okay, that’s a lot of work already, but this is supposed to be an accuracy test, so let’s get on with it. I will shoot from 25 yards today, but first I have to sight in. Since the peep sight is attached to the rear of the spring tube and this is a breakbarrel, there is great potential for barrel droop. I decided to shoot both Air Arms Falcons and JSB Exact RS pellets in today’s test, because they were best at 10 meters in the last test.

Stock Up on Shooting Gear

Sight in

After mounting the older peep sight I fired the first pellet from 12 feet. The first Falcon hit a half inch below the aim point (6 o’clock on the bull) which was 1.5-inches below the center of the bull. It will rise when I shoot from 25 yards, so I did not adjust the height.

I did adjust the sight to the left about 5 clicks. This peep is a German sight, and has the German word bei between L for left and R for right. Think of the word bei as meaning “too”. It actually means “of” but I believe it is an idiomatic German part of speech. If you think of R as “TOO Right”, then you will turn the adjustment knob in the direction of the R to move the strike of the round away from being too right and to the left. It’s the reverse of how we think of it in the US, but it works.

The second shot went into the first hole, so I adjusted another 2 clicks to the R. This time the pellet moved to the center of the bull, but still too low. 

First group

At 25 yards I knew the strike of the pellet would rise from where it was at 12 feet, but I didn’t know how much. The first shot landed even with the center of the bull but 2.5-inches to the right. Five more clicks to the R and the next pellet moved an inch to the left. Eight more clicks and the pellet hit inside the bull, slightly high. I shot  four more times without looking for a group of five. They are 0.507-inches between centers and slightly high and slightly left. 

Falcon 5 shots
The Diana 27S put 5 Falcon pellets into 0.507-inches at 25 yards.

Using the peep

I must comment that, although this rifle has a tapered post in front, it is really east to aim with precision. That Diana peephole is very small and it gives my sighting eye a tremendous depth of field. An aperture up front would be better, but I don’t think the difference would be that great.

I felt so encouraged from that first group that I shot another 10 Falcons at the next target, after adjusting the peep two clicks to the right and 4 clicks down. That was almost perfect and 10 Falcons made a 1.198-inch group at 25 yards. Nine of them are in 0.732-inches. There was no called pull but I do think that low shot was an aiming error. I think the other 9 are representative of how well this rifle can shoot.

Falcons 10 shots
Ten Falcons are in 1.198-inches at 25 yards, with 9 in 0.732-inches.

JSB Exact RS

The other pellet that did really good last time was the JSB Exact RS. I decided to shoot 10 for another group. The first shot landed 2.2-inches low and three-tenths of an inch to the right. So I put in two clicks to the R and 8 clicks to the H (hoch, German for high). At that point the peep ran out of right adjustment. The next pellet hit the bull at 6-o’clock, just inside the black. It’s not centered for elevation but I can see that adjusting it up would be very easy, so I left it where it was and shot another 9 without looking. In the end there were 10 pellets in 0.705-inches at 25 yards. Yeah! This Diana 27S is accurate!

RS 10 shots
Ten JSB Exact RS pellets went into 0.705-inches at 25 yards.


I am surprised that the 27S grouped so well. I expected groups of an inch, but as you can see, with the right pellets it shoots much tighter. The rifle is so smooth that it’s easy to shoot this well.

This rifle is a very accurate .177 Diana. Until I tested my Diana 35 I had not seen one of the vintage .177 Dianas that were very accurate. I never tested my 35 at 25 yards, but it doesn’t have the sight base. so I would have to shoot it with the sporting sights. I really think the peep sight made all the difference today.


This series has been a long, involved look at an air rifle I didn’t know existed until Carel informed me. It has an anti-beartrap device, but during my assembly I must have put a washer in the wrong sequence because it isn’t working now. I can uncock the rifle by restraining the barrel and pulling the trigger. That is exactly the way I want all my Diana breakbarrels to function and all the parts are in the rifle if I ever feel the need to make it operational again.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

122 thoughts on “Diana 27S: Part 7”

  1. B.B.,

    So our does really droop. Thankfully there is no problem like in scopes where you have the elevation dialed all the way up causing the reticle to float.


  2. Hi BB,

    That is some shooting. 25 yards is a long way for most people with open sights and an air rifle. Nice to see you got such accuracy out of this air rifle.

    Probably won’t hold up at 50 yards but with groups like this one does wonder.

    Best regards,


  3. BB,

    Peeps make accurate shooting look easy. Even I look good. I would like to have one of those old peeps, but none of the ladies could use it. Now one of the young girls could, but I have a FWB for her. Of course if one of those were to show up on my doorstep it would encourage me to adopt a Diana to go under it. 😉

    Using The Peep
    I must comment that although this rifle has a Perlkorn front sight post (a tapered post) it is really east (easy) to aim with precision.

    Speaking of Perlkorn, you did not show a picture of the front sight, is it a tapered post that comes to a point or a true Perlkorn?

  4. BB,

    Fine shooting at 25 yards. Glad you explained the grooves on top of the rail. No maker would do if they did not have a reason,… which as you explained,… they do. Make me wish I had a nice peep to toss on the Maximus for some 25 yard plinking.


  5. B.B.

    Great shooting! When I look at the sight base all I think about is, “Ruffles have Ridges”! lol.
    Sort of like a mini Weaver or Picatinny….
    May the Covad-19 virus bring out the best in Americans not the worst. Pearl Harbor, 9/11, this is what we face.
    Good weekend all,


    • Deck,

      Yes, they are actually interchangeable I do believe. You adjust the square post as “up” as you can and slide the sight onto the rail from the back. When it is in proper position you adjust the square post “down” until it engages the rail and the wheel pushes up on the sight, preventing it from moving.

  6. “It is actually a base to accept the Diana target peep sight that I am mounting today.”
    Well, they say you learn something new everyday, and that was my something for today…pretty cool!
    And it’s really cool to see that old gal shooting so well at longer range.
    Wishing a great weekend to all,

  7. B.B.,

    I can’t get enough blog entries when it comes to Diana 27 variants. With each one of these installments you make stronger the case that they were the ultimate low powered air rifles.


  8. I found a Winchester 450 (Diana 50 underlever) in a pawn shop that I had mentioned before in the blog. I found all the parts to get the sights useable, and discovered that it shot high, with the sights adjusted as low as they go. I ordered the peep sights from the recommended seller on eBay in Bulgaria. The first one had the dove tail grooves in the base removed for some inexplicable reason. The language barrier made it really difficult to explain the problem even with pictures, until my wife discovered that he spoke German. That helped, but she doesn’t have a lot of air rifle component vocabulary. We discovered that there are two bases also, one for a rounded fit, and one for a flat base. Both fit on the rifle , but the rounded base looked like it belonged. Anyway, still have the same problem, about 4 inches high, at 15 yards, with sight adjusted full down. Sometimes the dragon wins…

    • MMCM13,

      It sounds like you are left with two choices, three actually.

      First choice: Shoot longer ranges. Sooner or later the POI will drop to where the POA can be adjusted to match.

      Second choice: Carefully bend the barrel down in small increments. BB wrote about such a while back.


      Third choice: Just give up and let it retire to RidgeRunner’s Home For Wayward Airguns. It will be well taken care of. 😉

  9. Great blog, and good shooting.

    I’ve had a 27S for a couple of years. While I don’t much like it’s 70s styling or its 70s-style cost-cutting wood and metal finish, I forgive it because it handles well and shoots well. A little-known and excellent rifle.

  10. Well looks like it’s time to kick IT in the butt.

    Like I just mentioned to Buldawg at the bottom of the peep sight blog. Mine have been showing up in the promotions section of emails. Some even go to spam.

    So something weird is happening now.

    Hope it gets straightened out soon. Fingers crossed.

  11. Sorry guy I guess since I started back posting I must have dropped one of my wrenches in the gear box and got everything all jammed up and out of whack.

    Got fingers crossed as well.


  12. BB

    Hope Mrs Murphy does not see this and start messing with me. I have not had any delays getting emails for reader responses. I use an Apple IPad and Samsung smartphone. I do no social media except this blog.


  13. Everyone,
    Regarding not receiving email notifications, I found them in spectrum’s SPAM folder.
    I use a re-coded version of Outlook Express to download my email from Spectrum’s web server. The notifications were not downloading to my computer because of that. I have a SPAM folder in my email client but they were not downloading to that folder either. I logged into my Spectrum email on their web site and discovered the notifications in their SPAM folder. I marked the email notifications as “Not SPAM” so hopefully they will now download to my email client once again. Not sure why they suddenly were flagged as SPAM though.
    So, anyone using an email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or whatever, this could be the reason you are not receiving your notifications. You have to go to the web site of your selected email service, like gmail, Yahoo mail, and such to mark the notifications as “Not SPAM”. If you are only using web mail then the notifications could be in the SPAM folder there.

    • Geo,

      I said something similar a few days ago. My bill is Century Link,… but Spectrum and AT+T figure in there somewhere. At any rate,… my Spam folder showed 0 with Yahoo mail, yet when I clicked on it,… there was a bunch of PA blog stuff in there. I hit select all and marked not spam and it has been fine ever since. I guess???? that is something akin to what you are talking about???? Or not. 😉


      • Yes, exactly what I was saying. Strange that the Yahoo SPAM folder showed “0” though. In any case, I think you corrected the issue on your devices. Good job 😉

  14. BB,

    Just one request, please. Could you post a picture of what the rifle looks like with the new sight attached? We read all about it, but haven’t seen it.


  15. Just a note.

    My FWB 300 got a UTG scope today. Took the peep sight off.

    And again I learned why the 300 shoots so good with peep sights or dot sights.

    It seriously stacks pellets one on top of the other at 50 yards. Yes it was dead calm today. But that’s what this gun always does.

    Good grouping gun. Bad grouping gun. Sights will only matter so much.

    • Gunfun1,

      Dead calm days are only fun for once in a while ;^)
      Then you need to have some breezes to make you sweat that next pellet launch! When the POI was the POA that’s some easy fun; when POA was an MOA or more displaced that’s some real shooting.

      Pray for you to have some wind!
      Don’t want you to get all bored; or what was that other word? ;^)


      • Shootski
        I shoot in wind enough as it is. And very good at it I might add. 😉

        And yesterday I was thankful it was calm because I wanted to be close on my sight in with the new scope on the 300.

        Yesterday I prayed for no wind. And look what happened. 🙂

        • Gunfun1,

          I’ma not knowa watta to say!

          Other than wishing you and yours the best of health and a swift trip back to normal life! If the calm side helps with that I pray you get all you can!


          • Shootski
            I’ll take what I can get. I like life. Was glad it happened yesterday.

            And today back to normal. Got a 10 mph crosswind with 20 mph gusts.

            After all it is March. March winds as they say.

    • Gunfun1

      I’m curious to know your opinion on scopes with fine line reticles for targets vs larger reticles typical for hunting. When you are trying for small groups on paper, do you get better scores with fine line reticles at 25 yards when using an accurate rifle like your FWB300?


      • Deck,

        I do not know what GF1 will say on this matter, but I always like very fine crosshairs when shooting target or hunting. When in my teens I would hunt groundhogs with my dad. Since we ate them body shots were not allowed. Head shots only, a target the size of your fist. My dad’s .25-06 had a 12X Weaver with ultra fine crosshairs. At 500 yards those crosshairs were about ten inches wide.

        I really like the UTG scopes with the exception of those very thick reticles. I do understand why they make them that thick, they would break otherwise. Recently some of the UTG scopes have been coming out with glass etched reticles which are much finer and much less likely to break. I cannot wait until the BugBuster line switches over to them.

        My personal experience has been that they are only difficult to use in low light conditions, but with the modern illumination systems that is a moot point. The more precise (accurate) the shot placement of your rifle, the finer the reticle you are going to want. The thick UTG reticle is fine for one inch groups at 25 yards, is OK for 50 yards and can be used for 100 yards, but if your air rifle is capable of sub MOA you are most definitely going to want the finest reticle you can get.

        Of course, if you are just out killing feral soda cans and such you want the thick reticle for quick acquisition, like some people like the glowy thingy sights for hunting.

        • RR,
          I have the UTG 3-12x44SWAT compact with etched glass reticles. I have this one mounted on my Gamo Urban. My only issue was that I was not able to achieve the needed eye relief with standard mounts. I had to order a set of BKL offset mounts which are very nice and fixed the eye relief issue. I have a Hawke 3-9×50 Sport scope with etched glass reticles on my Diana RWS34P too. I do prefer the UTG scope for it’s compactness and side wheel parallax adjustment. Both have illuminated reticles and the glass etched ones work much better than the wire reticles with illumination.
          I have read somewhere that the Bugbuster scope now has a model with etched glass reticles.

          • Geo,

            I have that UTG also. The one thing I do not like with the “compact” scopes is they are really not that compact. I have the 4-16X Bubble Leveler, but it is huge.

            I like the BugBuster,but they have thick wire reticles. The new one may have etched reticle,but it is a 30mm.

            I would be very happy with a little 3-9X BugBuster with a fine etched reticle. Who knows, I might live long enough to see it.

        • RR

          Thanks for your most informative reply. You mention that thick reticles are okay for 1″ groups at 25 yards. What about 1/2″ groups at 25 yards? The difference between 1/4″ and 1/2″ at that distance is the reason for my question to Gunfun1.


          • Decksniper,

            FFP or SFP?

            Regardless, is the issue the reticle covering the target POA? does the POA really need to be under the crosshair? Can’t you put the POA in the crotch of the vertical and horizontal crosshair or hashmark if doing holdovers/holdunders or holdoffs? If dialing what does it matter so long as you have the click values down cold for the various POA?

            Make sense?


  16. B.B,

    The German word bei in the shooting sense is used as: in case of.
    So on the Elevation knob: in case of T (Tief-Low) you turn toward the T to raise the POI. The opposite being: In case of H (Hoch-High) turning toward the H will lower the POI.

    On the Windage the letters mean Links-Left and Rechts- Right which made marking the knobs or turrets easy for the German manufacturers. The problem is the clockwise and counterclockwise directions are opposite of what Americans expect.
    Everyzing ist perfectly Klear now, Ya!


        • Col. Siraniko,

          I know naathting! Naathting about vatt Col. Tom is up to now!

          In all seriousness, how is the Corona virus being handled in the Philippines? Hope you make it through well!


          • Shootski,

            Government leader made a hash of the announcement leading people to equate Social Quarantine as Lockdown. Metro Manila is in Social Quarantine. We are enjoined not to go out of our homes unless necessary. No community gatherings allowed. That means even Sunday Masses which have gone online. There are checkpoints at major intersections with cops and soldiers manning them checking temperature of travelers and ensuring that only those that have proper business go out. Minor hoarding issues for now. Towns that have more than 1 case go into lockdown and the checkpoints turn into roadblocks. These are necessary steps to halt the spread of the infection. I am unfortunately a Frontliner (can’t enjoy the quarantine quietly at home and plink in peace) so I have little choice but to report for work and help screen those that are sick.


            • Siraniko,
              Wondering, are the people having any difficulty getting food and water, or other provisions? Most of our churches here in the US also closed and only offer online services. TP is at a premium, if you find it anywhere. Stay well.

              • Geo791,

                No problem with food and water or any provisions including TP. There are some surges from hoarders though leading to a limitation to the amount of 70% alcohol that may be purchased to 2 bottles per person. Surgical masks and other Personal Protective Equipment are already in short supply. Sad to say that China is our main source of disposable materials. Hopefully with the virus abating in China their production will be available for the rest of the world. I’ll be taking all precautions as much as possible.


      • Feldwebel RidgeRunner,

        Sargent Shultz vants you to kip an eye on Col. Tom! He needs to learn that the Perl means pearl…round things! Unt Korn means not corn but wheat kernel shaped front post! Apparently if you were well off it actually could be a real pearl affixed to the top of your front post sight.


        • Shootski,

          Many of the old front bead sights had gold plating on the bead. As it did not tarnish, it would show up well. A pearl would most definitely be quite a fanciful front bead and would work as long as it is small enough. I am quite certain that these tiny ones are common enough that they would be cheap. The one issue is pearls can be most fragile. Recoil could possibly break them.

            • Siraniko,

              Be safe, vigilent, and gentle;
              you will be doubly blessed for it.

              Hopefully you will get time to plink in peace soon!

              I’ll would think front sight beads have been made from many different types of ivory. R.R. is correct about Good wash, foil, and plating on iron front beads.


  17. I use cableone.net as an email server/internet provider and was doing some digging into the different tabs at the top of the email page and found a preferences tab that when I clicked on it gave me all kinds of choices of mostly stuff I have no clue about but it did have a filters section and when I clicked on it I found two sections titled “filtered and unfiltered” In the filter section was the term “airgun blog” so I highlighted it and instructed it to be moved to the unfiltered section.

    I have not seen any new reply’s to any of my post yet show up in my emails as of yet but hopefully it fixed my problem and will report if I do start receiving new reply emails. My arthritis in my fingers is acting up so I sometime hit buttons on the key pad that I don’t intend to and strange things happen. My guess is I am feeding the gremlins in my finger after midnight recently.


    • BD,

      Test reply for you. Yes,… it does not take a whole lot clicking around to find yourself in a very strange land if you are not careful. At that point, I just back out of whatever corner that I appear to have painted myself into. 😉


      • Chris

        Test reply failed, still no email notices. UGGH

        Give me a car. bike or airgun and I can FIX it but darn PCs do not speak English as I learned it. 0s and 1s make no sense to me just like trying to add or subtract A< B<C<D H<J <F ETC.


        • BD,
          Which email service are you using? Is it gmail, yahoo mail, outlook (formerly hotmail)? Or, do you use you Internet service provider’s email, for example whoever@charter.net. For some reason, since WordPress updated their servers, there have been many little glitches to be worked out. One of these is that our blog notifications are being seen as SPAM, so they do not make it to our Inbox.
          Whatever email service you use will have some options to filter emails as SPAM, or NOT SPAM. You may have to find the email settings (Filters and Blocked Senders) and enter the email address (tom@pyramydair.com), and or, the domain name (pyramydair.com) in the Safe Senders area. Many of us are finding the notifications in a SPAM folder. If you select the notification emails which are in the SPAM folder and mark them as NOT SPAM, they will be moved to the Inbox. This may continue for a while until the email learns not to mark the notifications as SPAM. Hope this helps you fix the issue.

  18. Well folks, it looks like your reply emails to me are lost in the EtherLand somewhere. Ah well, it was a good run while it lasted.

    Just went to WordPress web. No place to contact them. They don’t want to hear it.

    Did a Contact Us at Pyramyd AIR. My auto reply from them came through Zendesk, not WordPress.

    Bery interestink.

    See what you started Shootski!

    • RidgeRunner,

      Your post and Gunfun1’s generated emails to my account! Don’t know how reliably but some at least seem to be getting through on my end.

      I’ma feela your pain!
      I’m changing my accent to Italian broken English in honor of all my Italian friends living through Hell. I saw a post that in Naples they are singing to oneanother in the evenings from building to building to keep Morale up!

      Way to Go Italians!


      • Shootski
        I’m getting them today again. But in the promotion section. Like where the PA and AGD adds and such come. And it’s been that way for some time when I do get them. And haven’t changed any phone settings. So who knows.

        And I guess I’m behind again on the news. What is going on in Italy?

        • GF1,

          For God sake man!,…. watch the news! Fox News Channel if you got it. NO ONE in the US should be asking what is going on in Italy. You and your loved ones could be very much at risk as well as lot’s of other mobility freedoms that you enjoy at the (this) moment. Might be time to lay down the air guns, dust off the lap/desk top and do some catching up. What you learn will change in 24 hrs. or less,… so it ain’t a one and done thing.


            • RR,

              I am up to speed. I am not a “cry wolf” person at all. Too many people in the US are asking,… “Italy?,…. What is going on in Italy?”. You get it.


  19. I’m really looking forward to two reports—the Swarm Fusion from January 8, 2020 /blog/2020/01/gamo-swarm-fusion-10x-gen-ii-air-rifle-part-3/ and the Bada Bang mentioned on March 3, 2020. /blog/2020/03/air-venturi-dust-devil-mk2-frangible-bb-part-1/

  20. Gunfun1,

    Italy is now number two to China in COVID-19 cases and deaths; at least of the countries that are reporting the best numbers that they can. I suspect there are those that don’t and won’t report honest numbers. The Italians are locked down n their homes throughout the country; to include not being allowed to take a walk in the park or play Boccie Ball!


    • Shootski,

      I trust 0% of what comes out of China. I do believe we have people on the ground there now,… so maybe the stats. are somewhat accurate? Then again,… recently Trump/US gets blamed in China for this at this late stage of the game,… so once again,… can they be believed at all?


        • Geo791,

          Unfortunately the genie is out of the bottle already. The disease has spread far and wide already. The best we can hope is that a vaccine is developed soon so we can get on with our lives without any fear. The disease starts out like the common cold so it’s easy to brush off as nothing. It later progresses to become something like pneumonia and if you are very unlucky you will need mechanical assistance to breathe. Fortunately about 81% recover uneventfully, about 15% will have complications before recovery and 3.4% most likely will die. Things are getting bad where I live so my entire city has gone into Social Quarantine. Metro Manila is the world’s most densely populated city with 42,857 people per square kilometer, or 111,002 people per square mile. If a town has more that 1 positive case the Quarantine becomes a Lockdown for that town and the Checkpoints become Roadblocks.


  21. ChrisUSA,

    I agree completely, even 110%, with your sentiment about China! I know their is a saying, let’s see if I can remember exactly how it goes…”Chi prima la sente, dal culo je pende!”
    Every fox smells his own trail first. Which also applies to the distorted number of elderly deaths they claim are specifically caused by COVID-19! Some of the Social Media videos are exceedingly disturbing…how many millions will it be this time?
    History is not favorable to Chinese government(s) morality!


    • Shootski,
      Too bad China isn’t as concerned with factories polluting the air so badly that it’s killing their people. Remember when the Olympics were there and the government had to shut down the factories in the surrounding area? China is probably killing more of their people with pollution than with the Corona Virus. The US should boycott imports from countries without any environmental controls, like China and Mexico. By not doing so, we just exacerbate the problem.

      • Geo,

        How many of their own are they killing with a bullet in the back of the head? Of course many of those they do not consider their own. Everyone was real upset when Adolf Hitler tried ethnic cleansing, but nobody seems to care that Xi is doing the same thing.

  22. Everyone,
    I have two old Benjamin air pistols. The oldest is a Benjamin 137 which is in pieces. I’m not even sure all the pieces are there. The newer pistol is a Benjamin 130 which is a smooth bore for BBs or .177 pellets. I bought this one many years ago (?). One day I took it out of the box to shoot it and the pump was frozen in the bore. I removed the pump from the gun and that was as far as I got way back when.
    Recently, after a successful rebuild of my old Crosman 147 muti-pump rifle, I got to thinking about those old pistols and got them out, thinking I could possibly rebuild those as well. So far I have done nothing but lay them out and take a photo. I may be able to just re-lube the pump seal on the 130 and reassemble it. The older 137 is another story. I don’t know how old it is, or where I got it from. It appears quite old and after some research online, it appears that it would be very difficult to rebuild. It takes a special tool to remove a nut on the end of the valve and then another tool to pull the valve assembly out of the pistol. Parts also appear to be scarce. Baker Air Guns has some rebuild kits which cost $50 plus. I can not even find an exploded parts drawing to ascertain if all of the parts are there, or not. It not, it may not be possible to rebuild the 137.
    I don’t have a lathe, mill, or drill press so I am not able to make any parts or tools either. Would be interested to receive any comments, or suggestions, on how I should proceed with these old timers. Here’s a photo of them.

  23. My take on the corona virus is if it runs its course like the flu viruses do and its pretty much done and gone in a few months like by late spring /early summer such as the flu runs its courses each year then its just another mutated strain like SARS, MERS or Ebols was years back but if it lingers for months on end into the fall and winter of 2020 and beyond. Then it is a genetically modified manmade strain intended to do mass harm and cause panic among the worlds people.

    I do not trust china to not have created it to control their overpopulation situation in the from of mass genocide to reduce their population levels back to manageable levels. The fact that it is not staying contained to only china is of no concern to those in power there since they hate the rest of the world anyway.

    Time will tell the true story.

    Just my .2 cents worth.

    BD .

    • BD,

      Watch the news. The local is ok. That will give you an idea of your area and abroad. National news will give you a broader (but brief) view. Cable news like Fox News Channel is pretty much on it 24/7 and interviews all the CDC and other experts. That’s where the fact lay. Plus, you can get on line and follow the national CDC sites, the state level sites and the local sites response. The usual anti-Trump stations will have the same info. (hopefully) but be prepared for the politicization of it.

      As for a “plot”,… that is pretty well dispelled as there is far more deadly stuff that already exists (known about) that could be more effectively used.

      They do (not) know if this will let up in warmer weather like the flu. It will mutate and become weaker over time (they think). They do (not) know if you can be re-infected, even after you had it. The elderly are most at risk and anyone with pre-existing serious conditions with immune or respiratory. Youth seem far less impacted.

      Even the CDC say’s that most everyone will fine. Great. Wonderful.

      ***** Here is the thing you need to take away,… if this gets anywhere near what it is in Italy, for example,… there (is not) nor will be enough ICU staff, (equipment) or ICU rooms to care for the people that do get sick and do need ICU. Watch closely. They already expect this,.. while not stressing it. In the US, ICU units are 2 per 1000 people, if correct. The health care system at the front lines will (not) have the capacity. Hospitals are not allowing any visitors with the exception of family. That may have already changed. Nursing homes are allowing (zero) visitors. That is here in my small town.

      Testing won’t be (soon will not be) an issue. Travel/movement will be, but we can deal with that. The biggest thing that (will be) an issue is we will (not) have ICU level capacity for the people that (do) get that sick. Just hope that you ( or family) do not need ICU level care in the next 2 weeks ~ a month ~ and near-further out.

      That’s it. No fluff and no hype. Anyone that is following this closely (already) knows all of this.

      I am pretty sure that most people here are of the older variety. I am just looking out for my fellow air gun “peeps”. 😉

      Take care all,………. Chris

      • Chris

        I do and have been watching the news daily as well as the CDC reports. Just consider me one that trusts in God fully and only a few others of which the news media and out govt are not anywhere on that list or will they ever be. I believe what i see and use common sense to guide me thru the rest. Which is why i stated if it runs its course and is gone relativity soon then its just a new strain but if not there has been some manipulation of it somewhere in the beginning.

        I agree there are many more deadly bugs out there that could be released as well so as i said time will tell.

        Actually it has been stated by the CDC and WHO that the virus does not like temps of 25/26C and above and hates sunlight so the summer months will be one of its worst enemies in natural form. Just start sunbathing 30 minutes a day and take long hot showers to Help keep it at bay. I take really hot long showers daily for my pain in my power back, water heater is set to 130 degrees and I bet I get up to 120 degrees after acclimating to the temp as I am in the shower.

        Agreed at this point are hospitals and support systems will be overrun if it gets to the points it is in China and Italy.

        Just call me antisocial for the time being and does not play well with others outside my inner circle.


        • BD,

          “Just call me antisocial for the time being and does not play well with others outside my inner circle.”

          LOL! 🙂 I have been that way for years! We should be just fine! 😉


          (That IS the reason for measures now,…. so that hopefully that overrun will not happen. That is what is really behind the expert’s words when you hear them speak. They want a more manageable, slower, more gradual situation,.. not the opposite and fall short in capacity for care)

          • Chris

            Yep will be just fine of we limit exposure to as few of people as possible for a couple months to let the virus burn itself out rather than getting new host to keep passing it on to even more and more hosts.

            Everything here in Alabama is pretty much shut down as well with schools closed till April 3rd, college classes online only and any who can work from home are required to do so. If we use common sense measure we will get thru this quicker than if everyone goes in to panic mode like it has been for the last week or so.

            Its going to get rough financially for lots of people and businesses but its got to be done to stop the spread of it.

            I to have always been one that does not play well with others for the most part.


      • Chris,
        I think the effects from the Corona Virus may be more serious than the virus itself. The way things are going right now, we may end up in a World recession, or even depression. They are saying things are going to get worse before getting better. We are all in standstill mode and the gears have stopped turning. This cannot continue very long without long lasting consequences. I am praying this situation is short lived.

        • Geo,

          The latest in Ohio is a 100% shut down of (sit down) bars and restaurants. Even Mc Donald’s. Drive through still ok for restaurants, like Mc Donald’s. I do not do either,… so no harm here. But yes,… you have a strong point.

          Hang tuff ol’ man,…..Chris (I can say that,… I am younger!) 😉

  24. Hey guys,
    After reading this report by B.B. /blog/2006/02/hy-score-800-spring-pistol/ I’ve always wanted to get one of these as a cool piece of Americana. I finally scored the one seen below about a week ago. As B.B. said, despite the marking, it is no target pistol; it’s not the thing to get if you are into 10-meter competition. However, this thing is quirky yet cool; and I have developed a love for it that it totally out of proportion to its power or accuracy. As it arrived from daisydoodlebug333 (eBay seller), it was in working condition, but it only chronographed at 266 fps with 8 grain pellets before being lubed. Once I did a little more research, and found I had a model with the old metal piston rings, and an oil hole through which to oil them, I added three drops of oil into the chamber and started testing pellets. I had 7-grain Hobbys doing 400 fps and most of the 8-grain pellets at 375; so, not a powerhouse, but it is in line with the designer’s claim of 400 fps for the .177 version. At 15 yards, I had some awful groups of 4.5″ all the way up to 8″. But in the end, I found a couple of pellets, old “Beeman H&N Match pellets (#3011) in 8 grain (? the box didn’t say) and JSB RS pellets at 7.33 grains that both proved halfway decent: I got one 2″ group with the H&N and one 1.5” group with the JSBs. Mind you, these were only 3-shot groups; I was shooting a ton of pellets just to see if I could find any that would be any good. The JSBs were not only the most accurate, but they also fed the best; those Diabolo pellets drop right in through that shutter and into the chamber, where many of the flat-head pellets would hang up, requiring me to bump the muzzle on the wooden bench to get them to drop in the rest of the way so I could close the shutter. So, what is this thing good for that makes me love it so much? Well, up to 15 yards, it’s good for getting rid of the over-abundance of feral cans we have here; but mostly, it gets used on the indoor 5-meter range for steel spinners and re-settable targets; it’s also good for plinking at .38 hulls at that range, but that requires a lot of concentration, much more so than even my Tempest. Yes, my .177 caliber Tempest is a quirky reward-recoiling gun that is not easy to shoot; and my .177 caliber Hy-Score is an even more quirky reward-recoiling gun that is even more difficult to shoot well. And I guess that’s why I love it; when I hit the mark with this thing it gives me a great sense of accomplishment. The gun is easy to cock and has a nice balance in hand; although, as B.B. noted, the trigger is tricky; even though the gun allows for “dry firing,” I find the dry firing to be quite different than the actual firing, which requires a lot of concentration, more than any other air pistol I have. Sometimes, I just like to hold it in hand, and think about the cool design work that went into it. How many airguns being made today will still work as well seven decades from now? It took me just 6 drops of oil (3 in the chamber and 3 on the pivot points) to get this 70-year-old pistol shooting back up to snuff…and I think that’s pretty cool! =>
    Wishing a good weekend to all,
    P.S. Here are some more links that discuss the design work behind this pistol:

      • Thanks, Chris; there was the tiniest bit of surface rust just inside the muzzle when I got it, but putting an oil-soaked Q-tip in there for half an hour allowed me to scrub that right out. And once I saw that the crowning looked good, and that the gun was within the accuracy range of the designer (1″ at 30 feet), I gave daisydoodlebug333 high marks across the board on her feedback; then I sent her a private message telling her about the situation, and said I was not going to ding her on the “item as described,” because she is not an airgunner, and to a non-airgunner, the pistol would indeed appear to be “working and in great shape.” *shrugs* She was appreciative, and at least she knows some things for which to look in case she ever gets another airgun to sell; she is a “100% satisfaction” seller, and I didn’t want her rep to be hurt by something about which she did not know. The way I see it, all the readers on this blog pick up vast amounts of airgun knowledge from B.B., and we have a duty to pass that knowledge along (in a friendly and loving manner) any time we come across someone who is not familiar with airguns yet is open to learning. Who knows? Daisy may become an airgunner one day. In the meantime, her pistol is in great shape from minimal effort…but that’s due to the things I learned on this blog (thanks, B.B.!). And thanks again Chris. =>
        Wishing good shooting and a blessed Sunday to all,

    • Thedavemyster,

      Fifteen yards!!!!
      Be kind to yourself close that down to at most ten right this minute! Learn to know and love that pistol before you demand long range out of yourself and your pistol.

      At my range I am always amazed at the folks that can’t keep it on the paper at seven…granted off hand but I bet some would still be off the paper using a gun vise ;^)



    • Dave,

      Nice. It would be welcome at RRHFWA.

      I am not quite certain, but if I am not mistaken Diana made these for Hy-Score.

      I stand corrected. It only looks like a Diana. I shall be duly and properly chastised for opening my mouth without knowing what I am talking about.

  25. Yes, the Covid 19 is very scary and best wishes to all here. Best wishes especially to Siraniko as you are exposed to infection while you do your important work.
    As to peep sights, I was so wrong about they’re no good on DIanas, which have the purpose-made peep mounting plate! I even knew about the mount from a previous blog. I do notice that there is no safety on B.B.’s 27 and my fat ol’ thumb is wide and look at how squinchy that little space is behind the receiver!
    I always see peeps mounted behind the receiver, so as to be closest to the shooter’s eye. So what I am learning is to mount peeps where you can and then see how they work. A bit of compromise is OK, as long as it doesn’t cause eye strain.
    I put the peep on the HW35E and it is shooting accurately. Look at the long distance between the sights! There has to be a name for the distance between the front and rear sights. Within reason, the longer that distance, the better the potential for good accuracy.
    I’m settling in today to do some plinking and model airplane work. Have a good day and may we be wise in avoiding/retransmitting this nasty bug!

    • Will,

      Dave is 100% correct. On Match Rifles both air and powder some add a barrel extension tube, two to three times the radius of the barrel O.D. that extends past the muzzle to increase the sight radius beyond barrel length limits and it is frequently referred to as a Bloop Tube.

      Sweet looking rifle!


      • Shootski,
        Bloop tube! Thanks for the added info Shootski. It must make a cool sound, otherwise they would have stuck with the more ordinary description, barrel extension tube.
        The HW shoots as nice as she looks! Thanks again.

  26. B.B. and Readership,

    My Mom and Dad taught us that it is usually the simple things that matter. When you hear about Hand Washing do you really believe it? Do you do it right? Do you use soap and water or hand sanitizer?


    Keeping this Airgun related: As an added benefit without all those salts on your hands your steel and iron will rust less!


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