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    By Robert from USA on 2019-01-03
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    Things I liked: The ridiculous plastic receiver

    Things I would have changed: Everything internal... and I did! I replaced the plastic gearbox with one I built myself. Parts in this build: CYMA V3 gearbox shell and motor cage ZCI 7mm SS bushings SHS shims SHS 12:1 gears SS 2 teeth SHS HT 16TPA short motor Nanofet MOSFET Lonex red FMR piston Lonex poly piston head SHS Cylinder head Air-pads 70d pad Lonex ported Cylinder Lonex poly AK nozzle SHS tappet plate SHS selector plate SHS spring guide Guarder M110 spring CYMA hopup chamber with Mnub G&G green flat hopped bucking Madbull python barrel with Rhop This build shot at 370FPS at 32RPS. I brought it to Operation Pegasus X and received some funny looks as they heard it. Currently, I am building a new gearbox for this which includes a Retro Arms shell, Siegetek DSG gearset, and TITAN V3 Advanced. Electrical tape along the inside of the receiver is needed to block out light so the selector sensors may function properly.

    What others should know: For a beginner, there are far better options than this considering that all the stock internals are 90% plastic. The plastic will wear down and eventually break. For a tech, this is a hilarious platform for a sleeper gun since it is full V3 compatible and Marui AK spec.