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    4.0 4.0

    By Brandon from USA on 2019-02-28
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    Things I liked: Plenty of power, accurate and attractive appearance. The fixed sites are bold and accurate. It's a break barrel .22 and it works honestly as simple as that sounds, that's enough of a good thing to get a high rating from me. If 5 stars is reserved for the one and only best break barrel then this is a solid 4. Prefer PCP but these are so fun and easy to use, it still gets a lot of use.

    Things I would have changed: Plastic "suppressor" on the end seems sturdy enough, but it is plastic. Like most airguns, I think it was tested with lighter alloy pellets, and I suspect I'm getting closer to 800fps (not a big deal) I have the Gamo Hunter Extreme in a .22 it for sure gets right at 1,000 with a lead pellet (Advertised as 1300) and there is a noticeable difference in power. 800 is still really good, but something to be aware of if you insist on 1,000 fps out of a typical pellet.

    What others should know: Mine seemed to WEIRDLY like the H&N barracuda greens the best for power. The H&N punched a hole in the stainless steel sheet I was shooting. The only other pellet to do this was a gamo rocket, even the H&N hornet only dented it. Both the Barracuda green, and the copper barracuda power pellets had a little more snug fit, and I suspect was able to build power by creating a better seal. Jsb exact best for accuracy.