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Air Venturi Power Booster 4500 psi Unit

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Air Venturi Power.

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This unit requires a shop compressor capable of a working output pressure of 60-90 psi. It is recommended that your shop compressor be capable of at least a 5 CFM flow rate. Less than 5 CFM will produce slower fill times.

This Booster should not be used for breathing air.

  • No electrical hook up required
  • Adjustable output pressure, up to 4500 psi
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Fill PCP reservoirs, SCUBA tanks, or carbon fiber tanks
  • Requires 60 - 90 psi input pressure
  • On-board oil reservoir automatically lubes internals
  • Onboard manometer tracks fill pressure
  • On-board moisture filter 
  • Male quick disconnect fitting on output hose
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Includes: Test plug and oil container

Approximate fill times with 5 CFM compressor:

  • Dragon Claw Single Tube (244cc): 0-3000 psi = 12 mins; 1500-3000 psi = 4 mins
  • Air Arms S510 (231cc): 0-3000 psi = 12 mins
  • Air Venturi 13 cu-in aluminum tank: 0-3000 psi = 11 mins
  • Air Venturi 90 cu-in Carbon Fiber Tank: 0-3000 psi = 1.25 hrs


The Air Venturi Power Booster creates independence from conventional fill sources.  Finally, freedom from the SCUBA shop!  The Power Booster is capable of operating in conjunction with an existing shop compressor to provide up to 4500 psi.  

The shop compressor acts as the first stage, feeding up to 90 psi to the Booster.  It is recommended that a shop compressor capable of delivering 60-90 psi at 5 cubic feet per minute (CFM) is used.  A compressor producing less than 5 CFM may result in slower fill times.  

The Power Booster is light weight, compact and far less expensive than a more conventional, stand-alone high pressure compressor.  No more traveling to a SCUBA shop and no more time spent operating a hand pump to fill your PCP air guns.  This Booster unit cuts out the middle man and (in the case of a hand pump) the physical strain.  Welcome to the era of Air Independence!   

Below are some links to compressors that will meet the recommended specs for use with the Power Booster:

NOTE: Shipping of the Booster may be delayed up to one business day.

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4.0 4.0

3.0 3.0

By Jeffrey from USA on 2018-04-05
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Verified Purchase

Things I liked: Quiet, simple, much quicker than hand pump. Since there are no electric parts and it is lubricated it will probably last a long time.

Things I would have changed: Oil definition should be communicated even ahead of ordering. Standard description that it is not included as well.

What others should know: Should be specific on what oil is needed. Used synthetic compressor oil. I am sure standard hydraulic would be bad as listed in the manual. Viscosity is significantly different for hydraulic oil. Pressure and CFM has to be enough to actuate the booster. 50 psi at least needed to get to 3000psi out on the booster so 60:1 boost. It is needed to be close to this pressure and at least 3 CFM available to make it actuate. You will need 75 psi at that rate min to get to 4500 psi and actuate, and it will be slow or you will use the booster on / off to build enough pressure and continue pumping. This will make it even slower. This is ok for me I already have the compressor and it is way easier than hand pumping. Unless I purchase a bottle I will likely never need to go above 3000psi at least with the guns I own now.


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By barry from USA on 2018-03-13
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Verified Purchase

Things I liked: Unit is compact and light and easy to use Works as stated

Things I would have changed: Include information on proper fill oil ( brand ,type) Include a small amount of oil with unit

What others should know: The unit requires a large amount of air to operate Do not think it will operate on a small compressor! It needs a high output shop compressor to be efficient If your compressor is less than 5cfm with a large storageyou will be disappointed


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Steve from USA on 2018-02-04
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Things I liked: It is simple to use. Works great for filling guns. From 1000psi to 3000psi takes about 1:32 to fill the Gamo urban.


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  • William from USA asked:

    Does this boost the same 90 psi air that's coming from the shop compressor, or is it boosting "ambient" air?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Boosts the air coming from the shop compressor

  • Sean from USA asked:

    Who actually makes this product? Air Venturi or Gamo? I see that there is a video on the Gamo channel with this same exact power booster. I find it strange that Gamo would be highlighting a competitors product.

    • Tyler from USA:

      It is not made by either manufacturer. It is made in China. Sold in Europe under the Gamo name and in North America under the Air Venturi name.

  • martin from USA asked:

    I just received the AV power booster, and would like to know what the two tools are that came with it. The manual has no mention of these. The first one is a t-shaped handle or wrench of some sort. The other is a cylindrical metal tube opened at both ends roughly an 1 1/2 " long. There is also oil in the reservoir already when delivered. Is ok to add compressor oil to it? The oil that came in it is clear. My compressor oil is amber colored. Not sure if it is compatible?. Any help please!

    • Tyler from USA:

      The tool/allen key should be for adjusting the output pressure. Not sure about the metal tube. You can add compressor oil, that should be no problem.

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