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Laser Genetics ND3 Subzero Laser Designator, 1" Tube, 3 Mounts

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Laser Genetics ND3.

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  • Laser Genetics ND3 Subzero Laser Designator
  • Functions well in temperatures 40-deg. F or colder
  • Green laser with Rotary Optical Collimator*
  • Adjustable beam diameter & intensity
  • Micro-beam is visible up to 3 miles
  • Wider beam illuminates trails or "paints" targets up to 250 yds away
  • Water-resistant
  • Nitrogen-filled to prevent fogging (o-ring sealed)
  • 532nm laser
  • 18mW output
  • Class 2M
  • Uses 1 CR123V lithium battery
  • 1" tube
  • 6.75" long
  • 1.25" dia. lens
  • 5.37 oz.
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Made of high-tech aluminum
  • Anodized matte black finish
  • Includes one CR123A lithium battery, Weaver ring, binocular/spotting scope mount (9.2mm to 6mm long, 1.25mm threads), scope mount, remote momentary pressure switch, cleaning kit, hex wrench, lens cap & padded case

*The patented Rotary Optical Collimator uses a system of 9 fully multi-coated lenses that allow full adjustment and control of the beam diameter and intensity to focus light where it's needed most. Rotating the collimator ring to minimum creates a bright micro-beam green laser light visible up to 3 miles. Rotating the collimator to more open settings provides plenty of illumination to light a trail at night or “paint" a target up to 250 yds. away.

Do not stare directly into the laser beam or view directly with optical instruments. Viewing the laser light or a bright reflection may cause eye injury.

Item Code: BSA-LGND3SZ [PY-A-3966]

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By John from USA on 2014-12-20
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Things I liked: Quality is good - much better than most people have you believe. I have 2 now - both for a few months, and no problems yet.

Things I would have changed: The mounts it comes with don't do it justice - and as with several others, I agree that Laser Genetics should include the option for a mount for a 30mm scope (or maybe Pyramyd Air could start stocking them...) This mount isn't perfect - it wiggles a little when touched, but is adjustible and gets the job done - just not a precision mount. My XL (extra long) version has two batteries, and has amazing battery life. Can't speak for this one yet, but Laser Genetics seems to do a good job in the endurance department.

What others should know: Don't put the batteries in backwards! If I had to guess why people complain about this thing "breaking," I'd place my bets on the fact that they damaged it by putting the batteries in the wrong way. Positive faces to the back, not to the front as in conventional flashlights. Rats and other creepy crawlies will probably be afraid of the light, so just be sure to not be *too* close or to not have it on its full power settings unless at a huge distance. Definitely a worthwhile product - with care and knowing how to use it properly, I've shot several rats at night. Great little product!


5.0 5.0

4.0 4.0

By John from USA on 2014-11-15
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Things I liked: Just thought I'd try to help set the record straight about this product.... many reviews elsewhere may say it's a terrible product that malfunctions after day one, or that it was kept and unused for a year and then failed to work after the warranty expired. Rest assured, these reviews must be either from the *few bad ND3s* out there, or from people who put the batteries in backwards (positive points to the back). It's been great. Yes, it might scare some animals away, it might not. Really depends on the animal, though I can guarantee that they will fear a green light far less than they would a bright white one (rats won't pay too much attention to green, but run and hide from white). It's really a great product.

Things I would have changed: My only change would be that I should have bought it sooner instead of letting the bad reviews scare me. Works well in 28 degree weather (several hours rat hunting, and if it hadn't been for my poor shooting skills, I certainly would have got them). A later model allowing slight windage and elevation adjustment of the laser itself would be great, but it still gets the job done right now with its mount. Doesn't come with a 30mm mount, so plan ahead. The mount is ok.... bounces a little, but still good. Could be more secure though, but it's not like people should be using the laser to aim at the target - the laser *illuminates* it so that the crosshairs let you aim.

What others should know: Batteries go in with positive facing the user. My guess to the people who have lasers that don't work is that they put the batteries in backwards and broke the product because of reversing the polarity. For shooters (like me) who aren't particularly good at shooting standing with a sight, make sure to get separate 1" ring mounts that are slightly elevated and have an opening through the raised section, that way, you can see the target's eyes glowing while using the iron sights instead of constantly having to use a scope. Scope mounting works great too though, but as for me with close-quarter rat combat, I prefer good old iron sights.


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4.0 4.0

By John from USA on 2014-03-11
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Things I liked: I love the fact there is finally an affordable product to offer night vision.

Things I would have changed: I had to use the solid dovetail mount as the product only offers the adjustable scope mount for 1" scope tubes and I have a 30mm on my selected gun. An option for 30mm tubes should be offered.

What others should know: As I stated previously the adjustable mount included with kit is for 1" scope tubes only.


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  • yash from India asked:

    which one i shod select for my walther dominater .177 ND3 or ND3 40...??

    • Fred from USA asked:

      What is the benefit of a laser designator like this compared to a bright green LED flashlight that can be focused?

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        Extreme range compared to a flashlight. You can focus this one down to a fine point that visible 3 miles away!